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Ultima Online 9th Anniversary Collection
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Product Description

The Ultima Online 9th Anniversary Collection compiles all the expansion pack for Ultima Online. Explore a massive game world and everything it has to offer -- it's all available to you, for the first time ever. It also includes some all-new bonuses, including new furniture and housing styles. Samurai Empire brings ancient Asian mythology and folklore & the Tokuno Islands, along with two new character classes - Ninja and Samurai Ultima Online - Mondain's Legacy introduces the Elves and their all-new spellweaving powers - along with several new dungeons

  • Ultima Online - The Second Age introduced the Lost Lands & the first in-game chat system
  • Renaissance doubled the size of the game world, introducing new enemies & scenarios
  • Third Dawn brought in 3D gaming, with a new 3D game continent, Ilshenar
  • Lord Blackthorn's Revenge brought in darker characters, improved game AI, in-game help and more
  • Age of Shadows unveils the new land of Malas, with new character classes like Paladin and Necromancer & the ability to customize house designs

Customer Reviews:

  • *NOTE* This is NOT a DVD
    This product is actually 3 CD's and not a DVD as advertised above. *grumble*

    Other than that, buy it! It's fun! Corp Por!...more info
  • The best online rpg ever!
    This is a great game for the enjoyment for all ages! The ability to individualize the characters and go a your own pace and no losing, this is perfect!...more info
  • Ultima Online is the Ultimate in online gameing
    This is one of the clasics that never gets tired....more info
  • Longest Running MMO still worth playing!
    Ultima Online's 9th Anniversary Collection tells players one fact right up front: Ultima Online (UO) is the longest running Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game there is.

    UO in general offers several types of characters to choose from and dozens of skills that make each character template something unique. Players can choose to build themselves anything from a classic warrior to a stealth ninja, a wizard or a dark necromancer, or even just build a tailor to create unique pieces of armor to sell and trade with players from all around the world! Build and customize your home with classic building templates or unique building shapes of your own design! Craft clothing and armor to buy/trade/sell with other players! Join a guild for fun and social adventure to fight against powerful monsters, major quests, or even against other player-run guilds.

    The 9th Anniversary collection offers players all seven expansion packs (including the never-released-on-CD/DVD "Mondain's Legacy" which introduced a new playable race: Elves!), new housing sets of crystals and shadow items, as well as new servants to help you in the home or announce your arrival to fellow players.

    Ultima Online has a vast community of players around the world and there are ongoing plots leading up to the highly anticipated 10th anniversary in 2007. There are unique events run as well with an opportunity for players to collect highly sought after special items, clothes, and weapons....more info
  • Talk about addicting!
    I have played this game, off & on, for the past 3 years. I've always been interested in fantasy & this is the perfect type of game for me. It's so much fun creating & customizing characters. It's frustrating, at first, because your character doesn't have the skills to do much & you're not strong enough to wear the cool armor or you don't have the gold to buy the cool clothes. The process of builing up skills is pretty tedious & boring but once you're there, the world opens up.
    I have mostly played on free shards where things are a little more customizable. I have enjoyed building my own houses, collecting pets, & embarking on many quests. You can meet people from all over the world. This game can be soo much fun & soo incredibly frustrating, at times. I haven't played it for a while & I miss it but, right now, I really don't want to start from scratch, AGAIN. ...more info
  • Works well on wine in Linux
    This game is a very good mmorpg and one of the first. The 3d client has been patched out in anticipation of UO: Kingdom Reborn. The 2d client works great on Linux using default wine settings. There are now a huge number of quests in game and also with New Haven that came out recently its easier to raise your skills when you begin. Overall it's very fun to play and there is still a big community behind it....more info
  • Ultima Online
    This is one of the best overall online roll playing games. It offers play for every type of player from pvp to pvm to crafter. There are caves, dungeons, lost lands and so much more to explore. Lots of quests to challenge your skill and knowledge. A great community, join us for lots of fun....more info
  • Sorry, I just do NOT understand the game. There are no online directions for me to obtain.
    I am having difficulty understanding this game. There are no Online directions for this game. Often, when playing with the online characters, I have difficulty with learning character activities, such as how to fish, and other tasks for the game. I also have difficulty navigating around to the different cities. The small map, provided lacks readability, and cannot be seen very well, either. There are too many difficulties to explain. I am NOT enjoying this game, very much. I am STILL paying $ 12.95 per month for it, in hopes, that it MAY be improved, soon. Yet, if it isn't, I may be canceling the Online fees, and putting the game on a shelf, forever....more info
  • UO: 9th anniversary
    I was highly pleased at the shipping time, and the box and game were in good condition. I had no problems with the upgrade either!...more info
  • Great!
    That was the first MMORPG I ever had and it still makes a lot of fun. Not long before, the adventure thing got a little bit lost, but now again more people go out to the unending world of UO, and that makes much more fun again too meet people in dungeons...more info
  • WARNING - 3D No Longer Supported! BAD CS!
    This game used to be my absolute favorite game in the world. Now, it is useless. 100%, completely, utterly, useless.

    The developers took away the 3D client in anticipation of a new 3D client that was supposed to be released "Spring, 2007", but it is May and so far it has not been released, nor has any definite release date been set. This means that folks who enjoyed the 2D client can still play, but people who only liked the 3D client cannot. The 2D client may have it's "charm" for some players, but to me, it's difficult, nay, impossible, to use.

    Do those who don't know, if you get used to to 3D client for years, it is EXTREMELY awkward and clumsy to move to the 2D client later. Containers cannot be resized, meaning you can no longer find anything in them without spending HOURS (literally) moving items around in them. The size of the play screen can't be changed, meaning that on large monitors you have to struggle to see anything.

    The developers have removed EXTREME functionality in the game in anticipation of a new release that is not immediately forthcoming. I will NEVER trust EA for an online game again. Removing functionality from paying customers without a suitable alternative is unacceptable!

    I recommend staying far, far away from this. And I will personally never buy another online game from Electronic Arts as long as I live....more info
  • Live your character
    Ultima Online is a fun interactive role playing game where you get to live the life of your character. You improve your skills, learn a trade, sell your wares, join a guild, and build a house. It's a great game to share as a family, with friends, or make new friends from all over the world. 2D is way better than 3D! CAUTION: THIS GAME IS ADDICTIVE...more info
  • Excellent
    I left Ultima online when UO 3D was starting and didnt like it. I since have returned and love all the changes they have done to it. After a 5 year avsence it has been hard learning things over again but I have fallen back in love with the game....more info
  • Ultima Online
    I've played UO for 9 years and still enjoy it. The 9th anniversary has added only a few more upgrades, but it's still well worth playing if you enjoy MMORPG....more info
  • Played for 9 years . . .
    . . . and I still love it....more info
  • Ultima Online 9th Anniversary Collection DVD
    It's a good deal for all the expansions,but the game is hard to learn....more info