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Wacom Intuos3 4 x 6-Inch Wide Format Pen Tablet (PTZ431W)
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Product Description

Intuos3 gives you the power to quickly and professionally edit photos and create digital artwork. Intuos3 tablet now puts ExpressKeys and Touch Strips right at your fingertips for convenient keyboard shortcuts, scrolling, zooming, brush size control, and more. And if you're using a widescreen display or multiple monitors, the Intuos3 is designed just for you.

  • Quickly and professionally edit photos and create digital artwork with this pen tablet
  • Cordless and battery-free
  • 1,024 levels of tip and eraser pressure sensitivity for control
  • Tablet active areas are optimal for use with widescreen displays
  • Strategically placed programmable ExpressKeys and Touch Strip for convenience

Customer Reviews:

  • Great product
    This tablet is great it installed in just a few minutes and it works flawlessly. I am proud to say that I am writing this review on it the software that comes in the box within is valuable and my sister Loves it so much I think that she needs to buy her own. Great product, Wacom has me for life...more info
  • Wonder Tablet
    Wacom Intuos3 4x6 Wide Format Pen Tablet ( PTZ431W )
    This by far the coolest tool to deal with, photos , graphics. Once you get the feel down, its a breeze.
    Photographer...more info
  • Excellent!
    I had to replace my Wacom tablet when I lost the pen and couldn't find a replacement that would work with my older model. I am so happy I got this new one! The pen, with a big soft wedge for easy-gripping, is a vast improvement over the original hard plastic ones. The pen even comes with a whole set of nibs in case you want a hard or soft feel to the penstroke. The tablet itself now has programmable buttons on it AND a scroll pad! The scroll pad is like what you have on a laptop - you just use your finger to touch it and you can scroll up and down webpages. The programmable buttons are awesome. There are 4 of them. I have mine programmed to open my web browser, my widgets, my calendar and as a shift key. Very nice quality. Wacom tablets are great if you have any carpal tunnel problems with your wrists because you can use them to scroll and select instead of always using your mouse. ...more info
  • WAY(cool)COM
    Works perfectly with a laptop. I love the size and the response. It has increased my productivity tenfold....more info
  • Great upgrade from Graphire
    I have been using the Graphire pen for more than 10 years. I just decided to upgrade since I work much more professional stuff right now. It is much more sensitive, smooth. The mouse works great, I just discard my apple mouse. A little bigger than the previous pen but it is worth it....more info
  • Incredible
    I love this product - I've been using Wacom products off and on for a while now and this one satisfies my desire to hand draw with greater precision....more info
  • Well worth it...
    I work in publishing and production, so I use the tablet for a lot of design and branding. But, I'm also something of a recreational artist, dabbling in things like comic art and caricatures.

    I had been thinking about buying a Wacom Tablet for a while. After browsing the reviews before purchasing the 4x6 Intuos tablet, I realized that the majority of the complaints were regarding shipment or poor costumer service on the part of Amazon or Wacom.

    I've had mine for about a month now and it's great. The size is perfect for a laptop in that you can pick it up and tuck it into your case if need be, but it's large enough to make it really easy to use. I don't use the mouse too much, but the pen is fantastic. To say it reacts the same as a pen or pencil on paper would be a lie, but it's as close as I could expect a digital counterpart to be. It's accurate and after, some getting used to, can be manipulated to do some pretty impressive things. In fact, the feel of it is so comfortable, I've been using the pen in leu of the touch pad on my laptop.

    I already had a brand new Adobe Master Suite, so I didn't NEED the software package, though it had some pretty neat stuff in it.

    My only complaint is that the sensor pad on the tablet is a little loose, so on occasion, when I pick up my hand, the corner of the sensor pad will come up with it. But, it's a relatively easy fix. Other than that, it's a great device....more info
  • Great for laptops
    I already had the Wacom Intuos3 6x8 on my desktop mac and wanted another one for my macbook pro since moving them around back and forth every time from school to home and vice versa was cumbersome. The Intuos3 has very high precision rate and repeatability. Also, if you're like me who work all day on graphic applications and feel that the bones in your index finger is about to separate, this pad is a great alternative. I decided on the smaller 4x6 and it fits perfectly for my 17" laptop. However, if you're going to use it on any monitor that's bigger than 19", go for the 6x8 or the 6x11. Using anything bigger seems to take up too much desk space. ...more info
  • Wacom. Best in the business.
    Easy setup. Nice included sotware. Works effortlessly on the pc or mac machine. Makes editing in Photoshop so much more pleasant. Although pricey, good build with ruged construction. Recommend using spring loaded nub easily changed, and remember where you stashed the nubs if you need to change them for a particular job. Highly customizable tablet buttons and fluid use makes this product a must for anyone doing serious art work on their computer or just wants the fun of a tablet. Works great with windows vista tablet program for writing script and pasting as text to ducument. Quick learning curve....more info
  • good for it's price
    bought this for my bf's christmas present and he loves it.. the tablet isn't limited to just the art programs but he can use the tablet to write down chords for songs that are written out in MS Word.. the only problem is that it can get buggy sometimes and the pen/tablet will freeze and stop working.. he usually has to restart his laptop to fix this problem.. but the problem could very well be caused by his laptop...more info
  • computor writer
    It seems to be what my son wanted... and is working fine with his lap-top....more info
  • mostly happy
    The pen and mouse work well on the tablet. I like the paper-like texture better than the slick surface of my last pentab. The forward and back keys on the mouse are great. My main complaint is hand discomfort from the hard,"sharp" front edge. Also, it takes a very long time now for the computer to start up as it apparently has to link every point to the display one by one. Overall I'm happy with it for the price....more info
  • Very Happy
    This was an excellent purchase. The tablet works great, and I received my order in a timely manner....more info
  • Wacom Tablet - Great Buy
    I just bought the Wacom tablet to help with my Photoshop class and it is so cool. It is nice to use the pen because you don't have the same feel when you are using a mouse. This was just a great purchase.
    James...more info
  • Turns Photoshop and Lightroom into Completely New Tools
    The Wacom Intuos3 4 x 6-Inch Wide Format Pen Tablet (PTZ431W) is an essential upgrade for any serious Photoshop (PS) or Lightroom (LR) user. Using PS or LR without the tablet is like driving a standard Subaru Impreza. Using PS and LR with the tablet is like driving the Impreza WRX STi. From the outside they look similar but you know the instant you hit the gas that they are dramatically different. Wacom's interface is completely intuitive and chores that used to be awkward with a mouse or touchpad are very easy with the Wacom Tablet. The programmed buttons on the pad and pen make PS navigation very efficient from zooming to changing brushes. The buttons aren't quite as useful in LR, but could be if you take the time to customize them. If you do anything serious in PS or LR you really need to get one of these tablets....more info
  • Wacom Tablet
    Greatly speeds photo editing. Using the pen takes a few minutes getting used to but with a bit of practice, it becomes much more accurate than using a mouse and helps prevent the repetitive stress issues of using a mouse on large numbers of photos.

    This would be a five star product if not for a problem with the drivers which require them to be reinstalled every time I reboot. If I didn't like the tablet so much, I'd have returned it when this problem couldn't be resolved. There are many references to driver issues on the net, I'm not the only one with problems.

    But all in all, the Wacom Intuos3 is a pretty cool product. ...more info
  • Wacom Intuos3 4x6 Wide Format Pen Tablet ( PTZ431W )
    I like it. It does occupy more desk space than the Pen Partner that it replaced. It matches the wide screen monitor I'm using....more info