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  • A Step Above the Ordinary
    The Score is a standard heist movie with good direction (Frank Oz) and great acting. Although the plot is predictable fare for a high-tech theft caper, the movie is also a character study with an intelligent script and a cinematically interesting locale (Montreal).

    Robert De Niro, Edward Norton, and Marlon Brando's superb acting lifts this film above the rest of the genre. My favorite parts of the movie were whenever Brando was on the screen. Norton plays a hotshot usurper with pyrotechnic acting, while Brando plays a burnt-out old pro. Brando takes the acting awards by merely lifting an eyebrow or using a chuckle to punctuate a sentence. De Niro is the perfect bridge between these two interesting characters and effortlessly comes across as smart and meticulous. Perfect casting to match the roles in the script.
    The Shut Mouth Society
    The Shopkeeper...more info
  • Good flick !
    This is a robbery movie that has some twists and turns .. I think you will enjoy it.. With these two actors you really cant go wrong. DO not read much of the story-line because the ending you dont want to know... watch the movie ...!!!...more info
  • Great actors, needed stronger plot
    All of the actors in this film are great. And by great, I mean they easily disappear into their characters and become believeable. The chemistry between DeNiro and Bassett works as does Marlon Brando, who it's almost impossible to believe is an actor. Brando slips into character so easily that it's a little disturbing to see him in one performance to the next, he's both a presence larger than himself and at the same time invisible to being detected. As always Ed Norton is very good too as someone who is ultimately challenging DeNiro's character to break his rules.
    The problem with this film is the plot. There's a lot of characters here but the plot isn't as meaty as they are. I often complain about the letdown of the third act but somewhere there was distress in the secodn act, I believe and the third act balances the promise of the first but is lost to being a conenctive part to what the second should've built about. The heist is a little simplsitic and the double cross apparent in a formulaic way. I think that movies come up against the wall of Doing Harm to The Lead Characters as a plot derailer. By having to avoid the "hero" either losing or dying, films have to redeem him or her at the end in often flat ways. The desire for sequels must also permeate this thought as does the marketing perception of a movie. However it often costs really good casts assemblage making incredible movies.
    Watch thsi for the talent but not the story....more info
  • The Score
    Great movie. I dont understand all the hate towards this movie, but it has great actors with a great plot.

    De Niro says that he was already done, but there was ONE last big thing he had to do before then. This movie kept me entertained throughout the whole thing, because you wanted to know what he was gonna do next and so on. This movie has great actors, and Norton did a great job of playing 2 different characters at the same time. The story could have maybe been a little more fleshed out with backgrounds, but it doesnt take away from the movie at all in my opinion.

    The movie has very little action in the beggining, then it grows more and more as the movie progesses. The best parts of the movie are the planning of the heist, and the end when everything takes place. Also at the VERY end when De Niro and Norton are talking on the phone. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes the main actors, or just a great overall movie....more info
  • Delightful Heist movie starring De Niro and Norton
    The Score is a perfect heist movie, because it brings in a lot of character development along with some good, human drama. Robert De Niro stars as a man who is good at taking scores. He is not just good at his craft, he is the best around. Robert plays this character with perfection as a man who is meticulous, methodical and all business. He never takes a big risk until one happens to present itself from his friend. Soon there are multiple snags and setbacks that would scare off most amateurs, but again this man is the master of what he does, and that includes some mind games.

    Enter Edward Norton, playing the part of the man on the "inside" of the big job. Norton is superb in his character play of a mentally handicapped janitor at the facility where everything is going to take place. He also brings out the youth and arrogance that his characters needs to be the opposite of the man Robert plays, and that sets the stage for some tense moments at the end of the film.

    The humanity is the frustration of the person who is setting up the score, a man who knows his life is perhaps over if things do not go well. None other than the legendary Marlon Brando plays this character. De Niro's character also has a choice between a final take and a new life with a new love, a theme that is very similar to the one his character played in the 1995 Heist style film called "Heat" directed by Michael Mann.

    The film has great action as well as breathtaking moments, whether it is high tech surveillance or the snatch and go itself, The Score plays out with some nice surprises till the very end. With an excellent cast and strong direction, it finishes out as a very tight, character driven film.
    ...more info
  • A Film Worthy of its TOPKAPI antecedent
    THE SCORE delivers. All the ingredients of a fine escape story are here - an impossible technical theft, an exploraton of the minds of heisters, visual tension that is matched by a fine musically scored atmosphere. Add to this mix the bravado acting talents of Marlon Brando, Robert DeNiro, Angela Bassett, and the amazing Edward Norton and you have a terrific little diversion of a film that is reminiscent of that fine film standard TOPKAPI.
    The twists and turns of these very real characters keep you on the edge of your seat, and what more can be asked of films of this genre?...more info
  • Hi my Name is Willy
    i like to play games and eat cheese i normally don't watch none moving picture shows but my big sister larry made me watch this one i laughed the whole way through you ought see this sho...more info
  • The great cast raises it from it's mediocre plot
    The Score doesn't offer anything new to the heist genre, but the three generations of great actors coming together here makes this one worthwhile.

    In many ways, the plot of this film is weak. A professional thief (Robert DeNiro) decides to do one more job before retiring from the business (that hasn't been done before, now has it?). His girlfriend (Angela Basset) is eager for him to put it behind him, but his boss (Marlon Brando) needs him to do the job of stealing a $30 million scepter to pay his way out of trouble, and enlists a cocky amateur (Edward Norton) to help his man.

    The film, directed by Frank Oz, then follows the rules of the genre, creating no new surprises, no unique twists, and only one thing that truly keeps your interest: The opportunity to see Brando and DeNiro together for the first time, with Norton in the mix. The three great actors from different generations coming together raises this mediocre film to another level. Sure it's a novelty device, but sometimes novelties are just so much fun.

    This is a three star movie with a bonus star for the cast. Just don't expect anything too great along the lines of plot....more info

  • Music is great - movie is too long
    Ok, my impression is that this movie should be shorter. After some time you can predict it. There is no movement.
    But what a great jazz music they use: Casandra Wilson, T. Monk, Conanball Aderley, Diana Krall. I think I watched to the end of the movie just to lissten to this music. Good test Mr Oz, thank you....more info
  • the score
    this movie was good BUT"" they did the dumbest thing i have ever seen. they went to all the trouble of making it suspencful until the end then they really messed up.tward the end of the movie ed norton grabs danny the head janitor and he should of knocked hem out or killed him because now he can identify stupid can you be??'...more info
  • Hi my Name is Willy
    i like to play games and eat cheese i normally don't watch none moving picture shows but my big sister larry made me watch this one i laughed the whole way through you ought see this sho...more info
  • DeNiro Scores Again
    I love the movie.......i loved the twist and turns of the a big Deniro well as Ed Norton......DeNiro always delivers...I was very surprised by the way the picture ended.........I also enjoyed seeing Deniro with a girlfriend.....not some cupcake but a real woman....Angela Bassett made a wonderful companion for him....liked the interplay between them....cant wait for the DVD to come out.......more info
  • Disappointing Is A Compliment
    I had high hopes for this movie, Marlon Brando, Robert DeNiro, and Edward Norton, how could I go wrong with this movie with a cast like that? Despite the cast this movie sinks under a terrible script. The film is often tedious and the characters never seemed very realistic to me. This was a poorly contrived and at times silly film. The tension never really builds even though the filmmakers try. Embarassing for all involved. I only give it two stars to be nice to the cast....more info
  • Not Deniro or Norton's best work .... but still pretty good.
    This is a film about two thieves who have been hooked up together by a common benefactor (Marlon Brando). Robert Deniro plays the aged veteran thief looking for that one final score to give him enough to retire on. While Edward Norton is the "new blood" who's worked his way inside of the installation with an absolutely brilliant performance as a mentally handicapped janitor. Norton really showed how good of an actor he is, he rivaled his performance from Primal Fear.
    But this movie is sold on Deniro's acting. He carries the ending, it's great. You realize how good Deniro is when sells the ending perfectly. Brando's performance is decent, although he was a little difficult to understand at one point....more info
  • The Score: Smart With Heart
    The Score is hugely entertaining. Set in Montreal, Canada, the environs are familiar yet slightly foreign. Robert De Niro's gentleman thief character Nick is likeable and believable. His day job is owner of the NYC jazz club.

    In a memorable scene, Nicky offers rock solid middle class advice to would be hot shot Edward Norton's character by advising him never to take longshots or high risks. "Make a list of everything you want and take the next twenty years to get it." Sounds more like a stock broker than a master thief.

    The Score's score is superb. Jazzy and atmospheric.

    The actual theft and escape scene is creative and well orchestrated.

    Great movie with a great twist....more info
  • A brief comment
    This is a smart, well-crafted heist movie, which I enjoyed much more than the earlier The Heist (which was just too overly clever what with all the back-up plans and the self-consciously cool dialog). The three main actors, Brando, Norton, and De Niro all turn in exemplary performances, probably the one and only time all three ever worked togegther. Watching De Niro use all his safe-cracking skills is fascinating, something most of us probably know nothing about. After all, one doesn't meet high-level safe-crackers every day. :-) The safe-cracking scene with the thermal torch made for some spectacular cinematography what with all the sparks, and the way De Niro figures out how to open the safe so quickly is inspired. In the commentary on the DVD, they mention that's the way it actually happened when they filmed it, and it's another spectacular scene, but I won't say anything more so as not to spoil it for you. But you'll see what I mean when you come to it. The ending is also a surprise, and the unobstrusive musical score adds drama and some nice mood touches where they're appropriate. Overall a good flick and worth your time and money....more info
  • A Waste of a Brilliant Cast
    I saw this movie because of the dazzling cast only to find out they were wasted on a luke-warm script and a less than dazzling heist. Everyone seemed to be walking through there parts, with the possible exception of Edward Norton. Though it has immense potential, the result is annoyingly flat. If you want to see Edward Norton preform in a movie you'll actually enjoy, try Fight Club, American History X, or Primal Fear....more info
  • Nice Change of Pace
    I watched "The Score" because it was one of Brando's last movies. That was as good a reason as any although Brando was not much of a presence in the film. The two main characters were De Niro and Norton. These two played very well off each other and elevated the movie (along with a great plot and script). There were ample twists and turns that drew me more and more into "The Score". The ending was excellent and my time was well spent. However, the movie had a fault or two. The main one was the romantic aspect. It really didn't fit the film. This is a cerebral action movie with no time for examining a tenuous relationship. Yes, we needed to understand De Niro as a man who was after one last score and with a vision of his future and the partner to share it with. But why give us a partner who seemed so unworthy of that supporting role? Oh well, to each his own. I appreciated a good fast-paced movie that kept me thinking after all the complex dramas I've been watching lately. I liked the Montreal setting too. ...more info
  • Done Before But Still Engaging
    Heist movies are really tough to do today. Pretty much everything in the world has now been officially robbed according to American cinema. Also, there are no new ways of robbing things, as every trick in the book has been done to death in the movies already. So, therefore, it is risky to take on such a weathered and repeated genre. However, with some good actors, a taut storyline, and a series of tense grab scenes, you can have yourself a pretty decent little thriller. And that is what The Score offers. No tricks, you know what is going to get stolen, you are pretty sure you know how it will be stolen, but you watch with excitement anyway. The wonderful performances of Deniro and Norton, along with what I thought was a clever little twist at the end make this an enjoyable movie.

    Deniro plays the familiar role of semi-retired criminal, so en vogue in movies nowadays. Sure, in the past, or last week, he was breaking into high-class mansions dressed as a helium balloon man, then making away with two hundred thousand dollars worth of jewels, but that was then. Now, Deniro enjoys the honest life of nightclub owner in Montreal, where he lives a good, smoky life of beat jazz and moderate alcohol intake. He has a serious girlfriend, he's got plenty of illicit money, and all is right with the world. That is until Marlon Brando, his criminal boss and antique spotter comes to him with a proposition. One job, five million dollars. All you have to do is break into the Montreal Customs House, the most guarded building in the city. The plan is the brainchild of a brash new burglar, played by Edward Norton, who has engineered a very good plan to make the score. They just need someone with the experience and expertise of Deniro's character. So, he goes in, and the rest is our movie (what, you thought he would turn it down?).

    The strengths of the movie, to me, were obviously Norton and Deniro. I really liked Nortons character, it was a very multi-layered performance as you could never truly figure his persona out. This leads to a delightful amount of friction between him and Deniro, as the veteran that Deniro portrays is loathe to take some of the chances that Norton takes. Deniro is his usual solid self as a man who is tired but can never say no to adventure. The storyline concerning his girlfriend, however, was just a waste of time, as it never really added anything concrete to the storyline. Marlon Brando is little more than distracting in his role, I did not really buy his angle or what he was trying to do. It's just a wash with him. The story is tight, and the buildup to the finale is pretty intense. The big score at the end is very thrilling, as is the tricky little twist slipped in at the end. All in all, The Score is a faithful tribute to all the heist and caper movies that came before. It has little new, but what is has has apparently aged very well....more info

  • Three Generations of Crooks
    Yes, the plot is familiar, BUT this one has three-generations of stellar actors: De Niro, Brando, and Norton who all deliver blue-ribbon performances.

    World-weary safecracker De Niro agrees to one last job for old pal Brando's sake who is in a bind with the highly dangerous local crime syndicate. The "inside" man is young, untested Ed Norton, a janitor at the Montreal Customs House where a priceless scepter is being stored. De Niro is tempted by the potential six million dollar payoff so he can retire to just being the owner of a jazz club. The setup is complicated, the execution nerve wracking and the conclusion has a marvelous twist.

    Brando as the opulently wealthy infallible set up man is wonderfully clever in his role. To me, the chemistry between he and Norton was stronger and better balanced than between Brando and De Niro. Always a danger when performing with Brando, De Niro seemed to fade a little when Brando was in the scene. Norton is flat out brilliant as an icy young criminal. He convinces his coworkers at the Customs House, he is a harmless, slightly palsied and retarded youth. In this guise, he is lovably cheerful and guileless, a beautiful contrast to the cold, cynical crook that lies beneath. De Niro gets a workout having to carry out the incredibly complex robbery where the tension level goes through the roof. Angela Bassett does what she can in a somewhat stereotyped role as De Niro's girlfriend.

    This would be a 5-star caper movie except it has 2nd act troubles. It sags a little in the middle and wanders off course. When it finally gets to the nuts and bolts of the actual robbery, the film is gripping and tension is unremitting ably assisted by a fine musical score. Don't miss it; the movie stands on its own. Brando delivers not just a cameo or a walk-through for a paycheck, but a fine thinking performance. (How does he always make it seem so effortless?) De Niro is fine and gritty, if a little subdued and Norton is superb.
    -sweetmolly-Amazon Reviewer...more info

  • Score is a 3 star movie but ends too soon
    It's your classic theif on his last job movie. A good companion to David Mamet's "Heist" which was better than this. It's about Brando's character and his last job for the thief, played by DeNiro. Ed Norton (no not the one from the Honeymooners) plays the young crook on the rise to the top hoping to one up DeNiro's big score. It's fun to watch and has one good twist that I guessed right away. You don't have to watch too many movies to see how the ending came out. All in all it's still a good movie to see DeNiro,Brando's performance (who could have been played by any character actor)and Edward Norton...who is the wild card in this movie.......more info
  • DeNiro is amazing in this movie, and Norton shines, too
    Now, Robert DeNiro has made a lot of great movies, nay, god-like movies. And while it may seem sacreligious, I believe that The Score ranks among the best of DeNiro. Norton is amazing, if slightly offensive playing a disabled janitor inside the museum that is the target of the heist. Great acting all around, and the computer geek scene is one of my favorite dark comedic scenes in a long time...more info
  • The Scepter Caper
    The score is about stealing a scepter. Robert DeNiro, Ed Norton, and Marlon Brando scheme and plan to steal a King's scepter in the Montreal Custom House. Norton has a janitorial job there to help them get inside. Between wondering how to make the job work and wondering who they can trust there is a fair amount of suspense. Fans of movies like "The Italian Job" and "Foolproof" should enjoy it. Very good acting in this movie and you will appreciate Norton's ability especially as once again he shows another personality as he did in "Primal Fear". DeNiro and Brando are excellent as always. I highly recommend this crime caper movie....more info
  • The French gangster film goes to Montreal.
    Montreal is an inexpensive pace to film and can be made easily to resemble a confined space. It's also beautiful. And French.

    In construction The Score owes a good deal to Jean-Pierre Melville's Le Cercle Rouge, and although it's in color, the feeling is black and white. The story centers around what is to be DeNiro's last heist, a 17th century French sceptre worth a bundle. He works the job with the ever chameleon like Edward Norton. Their boss is Marlon Brando, and Angela Bassett plays the highly believable love interest.

    The movie avoids cliches; the characters develop; and the action is arresting from the first. I confess I'd never even heard of this movie when I found it on cable one night. Too bad for me; it's terrific.
    Director Franks Oz, the dark side of Sesame Street, does a fine job of creating a taut gangster flick, making moral judgements on a case by case basis rather than providing an overarching moral atmosphere a la francais.

    If you've never seen The Score, you should. If you've wondered what a non-overblown American robbery movie looks like this is it. Oz's great accomplishment here,though, is letting the actors play their parts rather than imitate former screen incarnations. No mean feat in itself and a 'helluva' movie into the bargain....more info
  • Boring, predictable, tired score - see Thief instead
    Total waste of talent. DeNiro looks tired through the whole movie. A jewel thief for 25 years, he still has debts to pay and needs one last score to allow him to retire.

    The Howard Shore musical score is unbeleivably boring and contributes to the movie dragging.

    Get Thief with James Caan and a dynamite Tangerine Dream score to see how its suppossed to be done....more info

  • The youth against the experience!

    The score is film with a double reading. On one hand is an electrifying and chilling story of a specialist of first order and a very young newcomer (Edward Norton in an extraordinary performance as the young defiant). This double speech will intermingle in order to convey us one of the most breathtaking movies of this year.

    You will realize how you can make close affinities with that old cult movie. "Cincinnati Kid" . This was, on the other hand, the last Op. of Marlon Brando, too.
    ...more info
  • A Score to Settle Between Combatants.
    Edward Norton has come a long way from portraying the weird-looking punk, Jack,in this movie to the handsome, debonair Illutionist of 2006. The story of a jazz club in Montreal run on dirty money was by Daniel Taylor. Frank Oz directed. The music was selected by Howard Shore. I enjoyed M. Allison's song at the piano in the Club most of all. The ending was the only surprise, but it was predictable.

    There were a few complications with their planned theft. Norton was a good actor as a handicapped employee (with symptoms of a stroke) who worked on the inside to help with the heist at the House of Commons. He's sneaky but no one pays any attention to him, and he has access and keys to important places. He was actually Jack Teller and not Brian at all. Now, that took acting! They made it look complicated as they avoided the security cameras. Nero in that silly mask especially with the goggles, was almost comical. It was all done by computers. I wish I had more tech savvy and maybe I'd know how to restart my computer some hacker knocked out. It was long and drawn out and I really got tired as it was not suspenseful, a lot of damage and sparks flying, but he was double crossed by Jack.

    Or was he? Jack was left hight and dry without so much as busfare to get out of town. He was a con man, albeit a super smart one, but he was out-foxed by a pro who'd switched bags. And, thus, the treasure was headed to the right place while Jack to jail most probably....more info