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When the DEA shut down its dummy corporation operation codenamed SWORDFISH in 1986 they had generated $400 million which they let sit around; fifteen years of compound interest has swelled it to $9.5 billion. A covert counter-terrorist unit called Black Cell headed by the duplicitious and suave Gabriel Shear wants the money to help finance their raise-the-stakes vengeance war against international terrorism but it's all locked away behind super-encryption. He brings in convicted hacker Stanley Jobson who only wants to see his daughter Holly again but can't afford the legal fees to slice into the government mainframes and get the money.Running Time: 99 min.Format: BLU-RAY DISC Genre: DRAMA UPC: 012569828490 Manufacturer No: 82849

Swordfish is a superficial movie, so let's address the superficial facts: Halle Berry was well paid to bare her breasts in this gratuitous cyber-action thriller, and while Berry's many fans will enjoy a cheap drool at the actress's expense, her brief topless scene doesn't justify this insipid parade of glossy violence from the director of 2000's Gone in 60 Seconds. Add yet another notch in John Travolta's bad-movie belt, and you've got Hollywood bankruptcy in full blossom. Go ahead, marvel at director Dominic Sena's biggest money shot--a 360-degree pan as a robbery hostage is blown to bits by a bomb that pelts a surrounding SWAT squad with deadly ball bearings.

The plot, as if it matters: Travolta's a slick, self-appointed antiterrorist who recruits a top-flight computer hacker (Hugh Jackman) to transfer a $9.5 billion government slush fund into a cluster of secret accounts. Berry's the curvaceous bait who lures Jackman into the scheme; Don Cheadle's an FBI agent hot on their tails; and an obligatory subplot turns Jackman's daughter (Camryn Grimes) into an innocent bargaining chip. By the time a hostage transport bus is airlifted in the film's not-so-thrilling climax, Swordfish will hold your passive attention or put you to sleep--it all depends on your tolerance for Sena's brand of derivative bloodlust. It's pornography of a sort, and efficiently mechanical, but you can bet good money that Berry and her costars didn't cash their paychecks proudly. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Another stupid delivery by Travolta
    This is the kind of movie that serves as an example for picturing the worst Hollywwod has to offer. Ok, sometimes it's good to watch a pop corn brainless movie, but at least we expect some sort of decent screenplay and coherence. This movie has none.

    The screenplay is a mess. It's a shame to witness Sam Sheppard and Tate Donovan doing absolutely nothing in three minutes of screen time at best...Travolta is at his usual bad performance, the guy is becoming a joke in the movie industry (altough earning a lot of money).

    Berry's part is also astonishingly stupid for an Oscar winner....more info

  • Intense Action - Intriguing Plot
    Swordfish has so many twists that you don't know who is going what and who is telling the truth. The casting was great. Hugh Jackman is lost in all of the confusion. Who are these guys he has been hired by, criminals, drug dealers or related to the Government as they say they are?

    Most interesting and intense is the scene in the bank. The movie begins with that scene and flashes back to the events that eventually get back to the bank. It is a very well done. It made wonder, there is an explosion, a very large one, it made me wonder if that is how explosions really are. Especially the ones of a murder bomber type.

    Travolta does a good job as the leader of the group, and Halley Barry seems to do a good job, a little silly at times. There is one scene that really was not worth being in there of a sexual nature.....however, such are our movies today....more info

  • First Viewing Was A 'Blast'
    John Travolta as "Gabriel Shear" was riveting as an anti-terrorist terrorist. The early explosion scene where people are flying sideways is awesome, particularly in the sound department if you have surround system. Oh, and yes, Halle Berry and her figure was on display in this film and quite a sight. Wowzer!

    Some of this script is a takeoff on Dog Day Afternoon, which Travolta's character re-enacts a role from that famous '70s film. "Shear" talks about that movie during the film.

    A few warnings: there is so much computer terminology that I was lost. However, if you find yourself in a similar spot, take heart because that that ends after that first 30 minutes and is no longer a problem. The film also has a strong left-wing bias (wow, what a shock), but it's still fun for at least one viewing. After that, it loses its appeal....more info
  • I watched it for Drea
    I rented this so I could see Drea De Matteo, and sure she has only a couple scenes, only a few lines, and so on, but I loved her in it. It's cute how they did the irony thing with her talking about parental fitness while she makes porn and drinks and can't even be there when her daughter needs a ride. Also, she get whacked (preparing for when Adriana gets it? HA HA).
    See this for her, and Halle Berry's boobies, and forget the rest....more info
  • Must have BlueRay DVD
    This blue-ray dvd brings all of the already excellent aspects of the original movie to new dimensions with better video and audio quality....more info
  • Counter-Terrorism a-Go-Go!
    Or, Blowing [expletive!]* up in Defense of Liberty is no Vice.

    Look: Stanley Jobson (Hugh Jackman, who has the greatest name in show biz) is an underemployed former uber-hacker who spent some time in the pen and squirms under the Mother of All Restraining Orders, forbidding him any quality time with his adorable little daughter, now the step-child of a California Porn-King (those Kali divorce courts, man, I tell ya!).

    Given that he bats golfballs off the top of his stinky trailer, situated in what looks to be a combo nuclear waste-dump/oil refinery/Hellhole, it doesn't take Hugh a lotta thinkin' to consider hopping back on the Hackery Horse, especially when the offer is ONE-HUNDRED-THOUSAND Iron Men, just for a meeting with his prospective Boss, the mysterious Gabriel (John Travolta & a Moustache).

    It doesn't hurt negotiations that Halle Berry (Ginger, but you knew that) shows up to do the, um, negotiating. Let's cut this short: Gabriel & his Moustachio want Jackman to dump a cyber-worm, a vicious little buggy program, into the cybernetic spine of a series of DEA bank accounts (you don't need to know), looting, raping, burning and pillaging about 10 billion bucks from Uncle Sam. Hugh lets his tappity-tapping fingers do the walking.

    That's not really why you see "Swordfish", though: this sick, nihilistic little sliver of cinematic Jagermeister is, to me, Happiness Incarnate, a film I can watch a zillion times and love all the more.

    Why? Because director Dominic Sena & Uber-Producer Joel Silver get it: I go to flicks because I want to see John Travolta (& freaky chin-stache) ripping out their SAW and taking down military black-ops guys while speeding down Wilshire Boulevard in a street-illegal Tuscan TVR-S. Yeah!

    Because they know I want to see Halle Berry shimmy it down to a wire & a G-string, and mebbe a magazine, dropped at the best possible moment. Because I want to see [expletive!] blow up. Because I wanna see helicopters, and police troopers in riot gear, and villainous cigar-chomping US Senators (courtesy, thank you very much, of Sam Shephard, who chomps and plots with the best of them) and little nasty steel ball bearings ripping through all of God's Green Creation, because when I go to an action flick I wanna see action, dammit!

    And because I wanna see Travolta in some weird Chin-Fu moustachio & a beret. Oh, and did I mention Travolta spends time a) kicking [naughty word] and b) taking names? And he really doesn't get around to taking names because he's totally swamped kicking [censored!]?

    There's also a kind of admirable ethos at work here---to say any more would spoil your fun---and it's always a joy to see a little Termination, with Extreme Prejudice, employed in the service of God and Country.

    Dominic Sena delivers: lots of [naughty word] blows up, Halle Berry lets it all hang out, Travolta tears around town in a bunch of exotics, smokes stogies, unloads whupa$$ with a fully-loaded-for-bear SAW, and spends quality time with his funky chin-moustachio. Oh, and someone gets bored enough to park a city bus atop an El A skyscraper.Catch and release in this stream, baby? Not a chance.


    *once upon a time you could use adult language on Amazon. No longer. As a result, this review has been self-censored, and as such its Lame-O-Meter factor has increased by a [bleep] of a lot.

    ...more info
  • If I could have received $9.5 billion for watching this film
    I'd have built a time machine to stop this movie from ever having been made, which would have created a paradox destroying the entire cosmos, but it's a universe better off for not having this movie in it.

    As many critics have noted, with Travolta's opening lines, "You know what the problem with Hollywood is? It makes $#!*" truer words were never spoken. Rotten villains -- okay. Utterly incompetent villains -- eh. "Realistic" depictions of programming a worm include nonsense technobabble while Hugh Jackman -- a better actor than this movie deserves -- gyrates his hips in front of a computerized Rubik's cube.

    It tries to be both Sneakers and The Usual Suspects and ends up worse than Hackers. Don't rent this film, much less buy it....more info

  • Puzzling but Highly Entertaining
    This is a very good movie but a little hard to follow. The actors give great performances. The story works on several levels and that is what makes it stand apart from other films in this genre....more info
  • Your guess is as good as mine
    "Swordfish" wasn't as awful as I'd expected, judging from the poor box office performance along with the many critics who ranked it as one of the worst films of 2001.

    There was nowhere to go but up, really, as John Travolta himself lowers audience expectations during the film's first five minutes when his terrorist/counter-terrorist (huh?) character Gabriel Shear delivers a lengthy, Tarantino-esqe "Like-a-Virgin" opening monologue on the sorry state of current American cinema, and why a classic heist film like "Dog Day Afternoon" could never be made in today's world. For one thing, Shear says, if he had the chance to remake "Dog Day," the robbers would've gotten away at the end. From this point "Swordfish" dives unapologetically into the kind of explosion-filled bonanza you'd expect from producer Joel Silver ("Die Hard" "Commando" etc.).

    There are a lot of big names involved with this picture. I probably would've enjoyed watching lesser known actors go through all the chases, Matrix-style shootouts, and sexploitation, as I wouldn't have been distracted wondering about the embarrassment/paycheck ratio.

    Hugh Jackman plays Stanley, a super-hacker just released from prison on the condition he never touches another computer again. Halle Berry plays shame-proof flirt Ginger, a frequently scantily clad undercover DEA agent who recruits Stanley for Shear's robbery plan. (Note: Berry's much ballyhooed $$$$ poolside topless scene lasts all of five seconds.) In one of the film's goofiest moments, Ginger takes Stanley to meet Shear and his girls at a dance club where Stanley is given an "oral examination" at gunpoint to test his hacking abilities. (I guess this would be an amusing time to mention the director also did the remake of "Gone in 60 Seconds.")

    Don Cheadle plays Roberts, the FBI agent who originally arrested Stanley and is now tracking Shear. Sam Shepard makes an appearance as a corrupt Senator to finance his next play about his dad.

    About halfway through I got lost trying to follow the film's chaotic double/triple cross twists, frailly supported by Shears' smug musings on magic and misdirection, and decided to enjoy the film for the visceral thrills. "Swordfish" has two big action sequences -- a car chase near the middle of the film involving Stanley escorting a double-pistol toting Shears; and the more impressive finale, where Shears, Stanley and the hostages are in a city bus, chased by a long line of police cars. Shears tells Stanley he never liked the ending of "The Sugarland Express" and soon the bus is lifted off the ground by a transport helicopter, weaving in and out of skyscrapers, even smashing into a few windows for dramatic effect. Shwew!

    Also, if you enjoy seeing hostages tied up with C4 and ball-bearings blowing up city blocks in 360 degree slow motion camera sweeps, you'll definitely be entertained.
    ...more info
  • Overall a bad movie, but still worth checking out
    Ok, I'll admit that "Swordfish" is not a good movie when all is said and done. The one-star reviews here all make valid points. The script and plot are indeed beyond stupid, no question about it. However, I don't think this movie is completely worthless. It does have its good points. And what are those? Great action sequences and Halle Berry topless. There, the truth has been said. Accept it or don't accept it, it's up to you. But the truth is the truth.

    First off, the great action sequences. There are enough of them to keep anyone with a pulse on the edge of their seat. And the bullet-time shot of the hostage being blown up at the beginning is worth the price of admission alone. A rather cruel scene, but superbly done nonetheless. Even the people I know who loathe this movie all admit that this scene is truly spectacular. I would even argue that it easily rivals any bullet-time shot in "The Matrix" trilogy. It's that good. Another scene worth mentioning is when a helicopter lifts a bus full of hostages and flies it through midair in the middle of skyscrapers. All the other action sequences and stunts are great too although they're pretty much run-of-the-mill.

    And of course, we have Halle Berry's topless scene that will make you forever worship the person who invented the "pause" and "slow motion" feature. Enough said.

    Bottom line: "Swordfish" is a shallow movie with shallow characters, but what it lacks in intellect it more than makes up for in eye candy. The cast all turn out good performances, or at least as good as they can turn out with the sloppy script they're given to work with. If you're thinking about buying this I would strongly suggest renting it first. If you don't set your expectations too high you might just find yourself enjoying the ride....more info

  • Super Good Transfer
    Another great HDDVD transfer.Great color super tight resolution and great audio.Halle Berry looks super tight too....hahaaaaa......more info
  • Kind of loses steam very quickly
    Even though it's used by a lot of reviewers, I have to use it too. The opening scene has John Travolta staring into the camera delivering a monologue about how Hollywood creates **** lately. He mentions that it would be great if the bad guy got away in the end, then later in the film he talks about Harry Houdini and misdirection. Oddly, this film was produced by Joel Silver, who I can list as a creator, or at least a deliverer, of said Hollywood ****. There's only 3 reasons really to watch this film, none of which have anything to do with the story, which shows you just how the film is.

    Stan is a talented hacker who's been down on his luck since being released from jail. Dead end job, unkempt trailer and denied rights to see his daughter. Well, an opportunity comes when a woman, Ginger, offers him money to meet with a man. That man, Gabriel, is incredibly wealthy and will pay him 10 million dollars to create a computer virus that'll net him near 10 billion dollars. Of course, it doesn't help that the feds are after both of them

    Those 3 reasons? Well, the first is an incredibly awesome looking shot where we get a 180 slow motion pan (it is NOT a full 360) after an explosion goes off and we see it's aftermath. While the full version of the X-Men Last Stand shot found in the special features looks better, this is just as great. The other is at the end where a helicopter flies a bus all over the city and smacking into buildings while the 3rd is of course a nude sunbathing Halle Berry which apparently she was paid a handsome sum of money for each breast shown. However, that's kind of where the good parts end.

    The biggest problem is that it's an action movie based on the lowest common denominator. It's super-stylized and sleek and has some pretty big sequences but that's it. Some action films like Die Hard inexplicably hold up on repeated viewings. Here, after the first watch, you've probably experienced all you're going to see. They add in the daughter subplot which isn't as developed as it should be but it did resonate with me. The film does have its fan but it's hard for me to like something so....plastic.

    Should you buy it? I doubt it, unless you want a show-off disc for your home theatre, something that other films do infinitely better....more info
  • Good Cliched Flick
    There has been many people that add the fact that there are parts that are completely unnecessarily (scene with Hally Barry anyone?) and some that are very cliche.

    Personally, I believe this to be true. But that adds to the charm of this movie. It's always changing, and never the same. Without spoiling any of the plot (to do that would be a waste of a great movie) some parts could of been done better, with a bit more editting, but overall, I would recommend this to anyone that is open minded and wants a good deep movie and not just another action movie. ...more info
  • sword fish
    this movie is a really good movie one of my favorites....because it (...)is real realistic and stuff. i suggest seing this movie and buying it...more info
  • Not worth the price of the breasts
    Well given performances by Don Cheadle, John Travolta, Hugh Jackman, and Halle Berry, breasts notwithstanding (the woman does have undeniable sex appeal, and it's in full swing in this flick). The story does have a flaw when Travolta's character interacts with a certain governmental agent - it just doesn't work for me as a motive. Travolta's greed would have been a much better plot line. Jackman gives a fun performance as a dancing (!) hacker who wants to get his daughter back from, for all you Soprano fans, a very drunken and drugged out Drea. I love the music - Paul Oakenfold, who perfectly catches the action and the drama as it unfolds into the magic of misdirection....more info
  • Not a great film, but a great action movie
    This is another one of those movies that's best to see for pure enjoyment. I had read a lot of reviews about it beforehand, and that it wasn't very good, so I was hesitant to see it.

    I was pleasantly surprised though when I walked out of it. The opening action scene is one of the best I have ever scene and really gets the film going. It's one of the first uses of "matrix-style camerawork" that I've seen that really adds to the film and isn't just something that "looks cool." The first explosion is incredible and by the gasps in the audience, most of the people in the theater thought so as well. The chase scene in the film is pretty spectacular as well.

    The hacking part of it is a little absurd, as are most movies involving hackers, but Jackman is a very convincing actor.

    One of the best things about this film is the originality in it. The plot isn't the greatest to come along, but it takes an original turn at terrorism.

    As with many thrillers, the ending of this film has a twist, fairly similar to "Wild Things," but my only problem was that I had no real clue what was going on after the movie ended, as did most of the people in the audience. We had to talk it out to figure out what the ending was really about, and IMO< this could have been explained a little more thouroughly....more info

  • Totally cool movie! It goes for BROKE!
    Amazing movie, you would never guess its THAT good when you first go in to see it! The start of the film was just not expected! That 360-degree slow motion turn was just SUPERB! Very, very cool, the best I've ever seen in a 360 shot! The sound was just great. Then there was that bus!:--- 'AIRBOURNE!', yeah I'm talking about the bus! This movie is priceless! The cast was all-great, but I don't think Don Cheadle did too well in this film.
    The story was great, pushed to a great extent and it turned out believable! Truly a classic, SWORDFISH! Great Action! Great Plot! Great Cast! Stands out above many action flicks!

    10/10! (In this case 5/5!)...more info

  • A Strong Cast, An Intense Movie
    Don Cheadle, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, and John Travolta star in this movie. Nice. Very nice. And what about the plot? It's there, and it's tight. This movie has an up front in your face style that doesn't let up for the entire length of the movie. You find yourself rooting for the bad guy because he's just so damn cool, but also rooting for Jackman's character because you want to see the good guy win. Riveting all the way to the end. Highly recommended....more info
  • Puzzling but Highly Entertaining
    This is a very good movie but a little hard to follow. The actors give great performances. The story works on several levels and that is what makes it stand apart from other films in this genre....more info
  • Hack Me!
    Swordfish: Many people think of this movie as the movie that they had to pay the most beautiful actress alive to go topless. She did and many men flocked to see it just for that reason...I was one of them.:) That made critics believe there wasn't much to the movie if they had to go to that extent to draw attention to it. The truth is...well, it wasn't that great a movie and had that little stunt never happened chances are I would not own the DVD now. The overall movie is okay. John Travolta's character is sinister and cold hearted. Halle Berry never looked better...she gets 5 stars.:) Hugh Jackman's role was nothing special. The movie was a pretty hefty letdown...it had a chance to be really good at times but just didn't click. There were some nice action scenes but nothing I haven't seen before...the hacking scenes were not believable and there was a lot of corniness to the film...including the ending. There was a cool scene in which a bus flies over the city...but overall this movie is nothing special. Special features include 2 alternate endings. It looks like they did choose the best of the 3 endings though....more info
  • Travolta Hates Terrorists
    SWORDFISH has everything a good action film should have - explosions, beautiful women, high-tech gadgets, guns, fast cars, spies, and golf. When compared with other Action films of late, SWORDFISH is almost perfect. At no point do you doubt the action authenticity of this film. Probably the only thing that doesn't lend to action legitimacy is the concept of a fairly clever story line with all the little twists and surprises of a classic. Meanwhile, there is also a terrorist element to the film that is guaranteed to make you cringe when put into today's real world perspective.

    The Basics: the essential synopsis of SWORDFISH begins almost in reverse with a fantastic hostage scene. Then it clicks back a bit to a computer genius fresh out of Leavenworth who will go straight back to the big house if he even touches a computer. But, he can't resist the enticing messenger sent to drag him back into the techno world of computer thievery. She's offering him money, a chance to be a hacker king again, and most importantly, his little girl. Of course, he has to deal with a madman and his underground, spy network all the while playing a dirty, little cat and mouse game with the FBI, DEA, and all other manner of government what-not. That's the basics.

    The Stars: John Travolta (PULP FICTION; STAYIN' ALIVE) does another fantastic job as a madman gone madder, Gabriel. While his work may not be a virtual act of genius (i.e. Kevin Spacey), he does have all it takes to play a variety of roles over large spans of film time and maintain a certain something that keeps him watchable (i.e. Tommy Lee Jones). Travolta has stood the test of time, and SWORDFISH is no different. Even though he's certainly not the good guy, Travolta is smooth, crazy, ingenious, and @$$-kicking throughout the film.

    Hugh Jackman (X-MEN; KATE AND LEOPOLD), you remember him as Wolverine from the X-MEN movie, is no joke himself. He's the hacker. Where his fingers were claws of adamantium steel in S-MEN, they are lithe and nimble in SWORDFISH. Many of us had our doubts about Jackman playing one of the greatest superheroes of all time, but he did no wrong as Wolverine and he continues the winning streak here. The first time he touches a keyboard in the movie, you know things are going to, er, heat up.

    Halle Berry (X-MEN; JUNGLE FEVER; BULLWORTH) plays Ginger, Gabriel's temptress, and you're never sure of her motives. She's certainly pleasing all over this flick. Don Cheadle (TRAFFIC; BOOGIE NIGHTS; ROSEWOOD) continues his own brand of smoothness as Roberts, the leader of a computer crime task force. Meanwhile, Vinnie Jones (SNATCH; LOCK STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS) is underused and underrated once again. He plays Marco, one of Gabriel's henchmen, and they definitely don't give him enough play. It was the same thing in GONE IN 60 SECONDS. SWORDFISH is no different. This guy is one of the most intimidating actors on the market. Sure, he can scare the holy hiccups out of you with just a look, but when he gets to talking all his smooth, British jive, he makes you want to dribble down your legs. He's scary in a delightful way.

    This cast is brilliantly supported by a careening plot and stunning effects. The underworld spy, anti-terrorist, if-the-American-people-knew-about-you, you'd-all-be-in-prison, organization led by Gabriel might send shudders up your spine, but at least you won't be bored with the storyline. Meanwhile, you may not dig hostages being turned into giant human claymore mines, but in this flick, their explosions are accompanied by special effects that are sure to wow any audience.

    The sounds, the styles, the technology involved, and the overall concept of this new Action-packed rental give it a flavor that may not be for everyone, but is certainly spicy....more info

  • "Log on. Hack in. Go anywhere. Steal everything"
    It seems to me that after "The Matrix" hundreds of movies came out trying to mimic the success of it. Either simply by creating slow motion sequences, or by actually establishing a "wana be" plot. Here in this mess of a movie we get a semi-interesting plot that is converted into an over glossed picture. Every scene in this movie looks like it was taken from "the matrix" not in the action so much, but rather in the picture quality. The frames and angles look very similar to it. Interestingly they add credits that also resemble "the matrix".

    In Swordfish we have Gabriel Shear (John Travolta) a terrorist/Bank Robber. Shear is interested in some weird way to help our nation maintain its cycle of war...to help somehow. I don't know it's weird. What I do know is that he needs a man named Stan (Hugh Jackman) to help him create a worm. This worm will be placed electronically inside a computer to steal 9,500 million dollars. Along with this we have undercover DEA agents, a custody battle and alot more filer to continue this mess.

    The issue here is that the plot is silly, that they try to make it interesting. The only way they knew how was to create similar contrast in picture quality to "the Matrix" even adding lines that sound like it come from there. In a scene, a character says "He exists in a world beyond your world. What we only fantasize, he does. He lives a life where nothing is beyond him. Ok... is it just me or this kind of sounds like "Morpheus". No?

    The plot could have been handled if they gave the audience some incentive on how exactly the hacking procedure works. Instead we see them clicking and clicking there keyboards over and over, accepting there cyber talk, which makes the viewer think the movie is somewhat smart...when in fact it isn't. The twist is so stupid...yeah sure, a little creative, but to far fetch. The twist was a manageable way to hide the irrelevant action scenes and stupid heist that barely makes any sence. Travolta however, as always, plays the baddie as we want him to. It's just feels as if they took a rotten apple and over shined it, so it could seem intelligent and creative...it's just a dumb tech action movie. Rent, not buy.

    ...more info
  • DVD's
    John Travolta plays such different roles and this is one that you don't see very often. It has good acting and drama...more info
  • A tour de force thriller!
    If not the best picture into this category in this year, at least should be included among the three most representative ones.

    Sparkling action with a lot of dynamism, clearly enrooted in the great tradition of the Noir films.

    Watch it carefully, there are many riddles to solve and many rivers to cross. 100% entertainment. Wonderful locations, mesmerizing stunts, admirable special effects, a very clever plot and respectable cast obligates us to consider absolutely recommendable. Don' t miss it.

    ...more info
  • Best computer movie ever!
    Travolta and Mrs Berry. Thats all you should need to no. If your in to computers this is a must see. ...more info
  • Swordfish
    I have tried to download this for 11 days. The process stopped and re-started 4 times. do not use UNBOX VIDEO it is customer un-friendly and the support people can't even understand or speak English! It's quicker and easier to go to the video store and buy the movie!!!!!!!!! WARNING DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE IF YOU VALUE YOUR SANITY...more info
  • Amazing on HD-DVD!
    I was able to do an A and B comparison of Swordfish on DVD and HD-DVD by switching from one to the other on my TV.

    The DVD's colours were off. There was too much green and blue in the picture and not enough red, which made the whole movie over saturated with those colours and gave flesh tones an unrealistic look. Colour bleeding was also evident on certain scenes. Futhermore, the image was soft and blurred. The soundtrack was good but seemed to lack an umph feel to it.

    Switching to HD-DVD, what a difference Colours are accurate, flesh tones are natural and there is no evidence of colour bleeding. The image was very sharp and this was with the sharpness on my TV turned completely off. The Dolby Digital Plus track was bumpin'. It was extremely directional and powerful with my subwoofer getting a good workout.

    HD-DVD has arrived, and Swordfish does a great job showing off what HD-DVD can do....more info
  • Password: STUPID.
    Dominic Sena' Swordfish will go down in history as the movie where Halle Berry was topless for the first time onscreen. Sadly, that's the only thing people will ever remember about this awful movie.
    Swordfish is supposed to be about this ex-con computer hacker (Hugh Jackman) recruited by Gabriel and Ginger (John Travolta and Halle Berry) to hack into a government computer system and steal billions of dollars in seized drug money. At least that's what the plot is roughly supposed to be. Somewhere after Halle Berry's gratuitous and unnecessary topless scene the plot becomes totally incoherent in its attempts to create twists and turns to shock the viewer. These logic-bending turns make an already weak story turn into a logic defying brain-mushing pile of drivel. There is no structure to the story and how it's set up; the scenes don't come together to make sense or even make a cohesive story. Stuff just happens because the producers wanted car chases, shootouts and explosions in the film even though there's no reason for them to be there. This film is for the short attention span crowd that likes XXX and The Fast and the Furious; trying to figure out why things happened in this mindless movie will give you an aneurysm.
    Long story short, there are shoot-outs with guys in black SUVs, He hacks the system and gives them the money, Gabriel flies out in his helicopter to shoot senator who was helping him Afterward, there's a bank robbery they take hostages, Big explosion from opening scene explained, Gabriel hangs Ginger, He hacks system to get them money in bank, Gabriel shoots Ginger, hostages get on bus, For no reason, helicopter picks up a bus, malfunctions bus lands on building, Hostages fall off building and blow up, more stuff blows up, Gabriel gets in a Helicopter flies away, Jackman blows it up with a rocket launcher even though he has never used one in his life, Gabriel is confirmed dead, BUT HE'S NOT GABRIEL! He's an INTERNATIONAL TERRORIST. Jackman gets his daughter and drives off into the sunset. In the end, Ginger and Gabriel (who somehow survives being blown up in a helicopter) goes to a foreign bank get the stolen money and ride off in their yacht into the sunset while a luxury liner explodes behind them. Did that make sense to you? It didn't to me.
    I have to wonder did a chimp with ADHD write this script? And did the same chimp with ADHD have friends with the same disability to greenlight this disaster? I can't believe in this day and age someone with a college education and works for major movie studio would spend over $80 million dollars to deliberately make a movie with a story as ridiculous as this one. Most of the money must have gone for Travolta's salary and those unnecessary CGI effects are added for absolutely no reason at all.
    A five second shot at Halle Berry's topless chest isn't worth having to deal with this brain-numbing drivel calling itself a movie. (...) At least you'll get what you pay for. For an exciting crime caper movie get Ocean's Eleven, The Thomas Crown Affair or The Italian Job....more info
  • remember 9-11
    I saw this movie the sunday before Sept 11 2001, and if you remember the arguments it's really interesting, probably this movie would be a blockbuster if it was released after that incident or with good marketing (remember "wag the dog" in the Clinton sex scandal). Just remember that more billionaries got richer after 9/11 than ever in the history of the US, not one important company was present in the two towers when the planes crashed (so that means that only in the twin towers the people got to work after 10am!! give me a break!), etc. So if you are a believer of all the CNN scenario of the 9/11 incident don't watch this movie 'cause your going to laugh, but.. if you think that the truth is yet to be relased WATCH THIS MOVIE....more info
  • Clever Blockbuster
    "Swordfish" was a much better movie than I expected. While the plot was a bit contrived as was much of the action, I was able to overlook them because the movie was just so smooth. "Swordfish" takes you into a fake world of corruption and violence with John Travolta as the tour guide leading the audience with Hugh Jackman (fresh off X-Men) into it. While Travolta is his usual shallow self, Jackman acts admirably well and manages to carry the movie. In small roles, Halle Berry and Don Cheadle are their usual impressive selves. A lot of chaos ensues throughout the movie but, as long as your not hoping to be intellectually stimulated, the movie is worth a watch....more info
  • A Great Mix
    More action movies like this should be made. Outstanding cast. Travola at his best. It seems that he had a string of movies that established him as a super star. Too bad he is not making more....more info
  • Swordfish
    Nice! This is an excellent movie of the type where you start at the end and relive the story (Pulp Fiction style). I often think about this movie but have trouble remembering the name - maybe they should have called it something else. Everyone remembers that Halle Berry "came out" in this movie (her breasts did), and she hasn't looked back since....more info
  • Trying to be cool
    This is a seriously flawed movie. It so wants to be cool, but misses the target by a long way. Sure its fits the critera of a high octane movie, but it has no soul. That said, for its time (2001) its not without intelligence. The concept of external non-government privately run organisations in the U.S. being involved in taking out terrorists etc is now a virtual fact (Blackwater).

    Furthermore Travolta IS cool, especially in the riveting opening sequence. Halle Berry looks great and overall Hugh Jackman probably gives the best acting performance. But these plus points are spoilt by an over-reliance on car-chases, explosions and gun fights. This has all been done before and so much better, and with a lot more style. See Michael Mann's Heat for one.

    Overall then its an average, but hugely overblown blockbuster. If you like that sort of thing thats fine, and if its cheap you'll probably buy it. I would rent first... ...more info
  • Popcorn Fodder
    Not really a four star movie but it is because it just transcends its restrictive prospects - i.e, this is film to see how Hugh Jackman could handle a leading role and if Travolta could make another comeback in a B-movie plot with a little more brains than usual with some bigger bang bucks in the budget.

    It is cliched but still you don't care. You just slap this one on and you get your monies worth but nothing that memorable. The premise is simple. Hacker is hired by some sort of a pseudo-bad guy with questionable good motives to do a bank job. Cue lots of hacking, Halle's boobs, Travolta with big guns shooting up things and Hugh Jackman trying to play the leading guy. Truth is that Jackman is a good actor, looks a tiny bit freaked out though, and Travolta can do the bad guy well with more than a hint of Pulp Fiction here and certainly the producers blow up lots of things along the way with a plot that will keep your attention but ultimately you can see through this movie for what it is - Halley' boobs and big explosions.

    Nothing wrong with that I guess......more info