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Media Type: CD
Title: AWAKE
Street Release Date: 11/07/2006

Josh Groban is making it hard for anybody who can't say "classical crossover" without smirking to maintain an acceptable level of snobbery. Awake, his third studio disc and arguably his most personal--he co-wrote four tracks and favors his native English over Italian--boasts as many bold names as any tricked-out hip-hop disc: Dave Matthews, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Imogen Heap, and Herbie Hancock contribute in various capacities, and a slew of behind-the-scenes collaborators best known for their work in mainstream pop circles deepen the dimensions of a style widely considered claustrophobic. For all the studio doors that got opened to create Awake, though, Groban's signature sound never once slipped out to take the air; "the voice"--that hypnotic, spun-silk wonder of an instrument--is as concentrated as ever, and Awake, in addition to showing off its many splendors, serves as a vehicle for parading its versatility around. While "Un Giorno Per Noi," the deeply romantic theme to the 1968 film Romeo E Giulietta, delivers the Groban that fueled the sale of 16 million previous discs to soft-hearted fans, "Machine," with Hancock, gives up a new form of funk: dignified, classy, and surprisingly unstiff. --Tammy La Gorce

Customer Reviews:

  • Love Josh
    Josh Groban has a voice for the ages. This CD really showcases his variety of talents with sweeping instrumentals and emotive vocals. A lovely CD I throughly enjoy listenting to....more info
  • The Best Voice
    I bought this Josh Groban CD as a gift for a friend. I have all his CDs and think he is the best.
    ...more info
  • Amazing, as always
    There's nothing about Josh Groban I don't like. His voice is enough to captivate even the hardest of audiences, and his songs are interesting enough to keep that interest going.

    His newest album is no different in that, even if it is different in style. At first it was slightly disconcerting, but after a few times through the CD I was won over. Kudos to Josh for expanding without losing his signature sound that we all love him for!...more info
  • Josh is branching out...
    I'll admit, when I first heard this CD, I wasn't immediately sure what to make of it, but upon repeated listenings, I began to love it. Josh was asserting himself: he was taking chances and testing new areas. Quite frankly, with a voice like his, he can't go wrong. I had the pleasure of seeing him in concert this past March at Madison Square Garden, and while I was a wee bit disappointed that he didn't do a few more of the "older" songs, he did do practically the entire "Awake" album, and let me tell you, the man sounds exactly the same in person as he does on CD and he made converts out of the people around me who were still on the fence about the album. And when Ladysmith Black Mambazo came out to do "Lullaby" and "Weeping," the roof was practically blasted off the place! There are many entertainers who don't quite sound live like they do on their recordings (Madonna comes to mind), but Josh is not one of them. This album is certainly a departure from his first two, but I think he was right to take the chance. He proved he can sing anything. My favorites off the album are "In Her Eyes" (one of the best things he's ever done), "Mai," "Weeping," and "You Are Loved." This album is fresh and interesting. Besides, it's Josh. He could sing the phone book and have you begging for more, right?...more info
  • Josh Groban at his best ... love his music!
    Josh Groban will always be one of my music choices. His songs touch my soul. I love music; good music. Music that makes my heart sing, and my spirit soar!...more info
  • Rapture.
    This was a Christmas gift for my mother. I knew she would love Josh; and, she does! Especially the Don't Give Up song....more info
  • Great music!
    I just love Josh Groban's music. Each time he comes out with a new cd, I can't imagine how it could be better than the previous one. But I have to say, this is the best one yet. I just never tire listening to this cd. And I probably won't until his next one comes out. Even my 10 year old son loves this CD!...more info
  • It grows on you!
    I'll admit I was a bit disappointed when I first listened to this CD. I loved his first CD. It took some time for me to grow to love the Closer CD. Awake has also taken some time. I recommend that you keep an open mind and listen to Awake a few times before you make a decision whether you really like it or not. After some time, I found myself singing these songs during the day: Mai, You are Loved, February Song, In Her Eyes(which is my favorite song),Now or Never, Weeping, and Machine. These songs are all awesome! I wasn't impressed at first but now think this is a fabulous album and am glad I purchased it. I think if Josh only sang "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" I would absolutely love it. His voice is so rich and pure. He is still very young and has every right to experiment with his music to see exactly what best defines him as an artist. A true Josh Groban fan will listen to all of his music and give the guy the benefit of the doubt when unsure of what to make of his choice in music or style. I found this CD to be refreshingly different, unique and beautiful. Listening to music is sometimes like eating a new food, you must taste it at least 10 times before you can really decide whether you like it or not. Give it a listen. The music will grow on you!...more info
  • uplifting
    In these days of disappointments around every corner, this is great to have in your cd player in the car or at home and it really is upbuilding to listen to as you go about your daily activities....more info
  • Good but Not Magical
    Josh Groban possesses a rare vocal richness, and this CD showcases that as does all his music. Yet this one largely lacks that "je ne sais quoi" of his first recording. The musical genius is all there, but something of the way his music can pierce the soul is missing.

    "February Song" and "Un Giorno Per Noi" touch that magic, but "Weeping" and "Machine" seem experimental misfits to this type of recording, a style that certainly Groban is capable of producing, but better on a separate release.

    Despite the lack of "magic," Josh Groban is one of the most gifted vocalists of our time, and any recording he makes is necessarily good music. 4 stars....more info
  • Josh Groban has another winner
    There is quite a bit of variety and catchy songs in this musical piece--songs in Italian, Spanish and English from the romantic to quicker pace. And if you can catch this talented 26-year old in concert, you will have a perfect combo. I'm proud to see young talent recognized by both young and more mature audiences from 20 to 60!!!...more info
  • Disappointed
    Josh Groban is great no matter what he is singing. I am disappointed by the choice of songs on this CD....more info
  • Voice of an angel
    Some musical artists come along once in a generation. Josh Groban is one of them. This artist has natural talent that was developed as a child then sharpened to a point by performances all over the world. His arrow sharp style and accuracy will penetrate your soul and lift you up spiritually. No one can walk away from his music and still feel down. A Japanese musical expert used scientific data to prove Josh Groban's voice has healing qualities. This talent is a gift from Heaven. No, Groban may not be perfect; he is a man and people are not perfect, but it is my personal opinion that God placed Josh Groban here for a purpose. So, as Josh Groban makes a "Joyful Noise" enjoy!
    PS All people can enjoy his music, young and old, religious and non religious, women and men etc. Uplifting music is meant for everyone!...more info
  • Utterly Magnificent
    This album is superb. I have seen this man live. He barely opens his mouth and the most wonderful sounds in the world come out. The same is true for his CDs. I am very pleased....more info
  • Not the best
    I thought Josh's first two CDs were fantastic. While not terrible, this one was definitely a step down. His voice is as beautiful as ever, but most of the songs didn't work for me. Neither did some of the stylistic choices. The inclusion of Ladysmith Black Mambazo as a background chorus, for instance. Not that their singing is bad, but it isn't a good stylistic mesh with this type of music. This is particularly evident in "Weeping." When the chorus suddenly jumps in two thirds of the way through, it feels so random and out of place it's almost silly. It works a little better in "Lullabye," but even then it feels a bit heavy-handed and intrusive. It's as if the CD's producers no longer trust Josh's voice and music to stand on its own, they have to dress it up somehow. Personally, I thought these songs would have been better without the extra singers and stylistic frills.

    Other songs ("You Are Loved," "In Her Eyes") are competently written, yet feel somehow lifeless, as if they're just going through the motions. To be fair, I guess they're no more cliched than some of his earlier songs, but those earlier songs had some indefinable quality that made them come to life, made them the kind of songs you could listen to over and over without getting bored. I still listen to his first two CDs, but I have a feeling I won't be listening to "Awake" very much in the future.

    I will still buy any future CDs that Josh Groban makes, and his voice is always a pleasure, but this one was just an average listen for me.

    ...more info
  • Music! The Universal Language For Which Josh Is A Master Communicator
    Incredible. A word so often over used in todays society and yet that singular description speaks of Josh Groban's music. This album is perfect for long road trips. Ensconced in that new car, the world outside muted so that not even pot holes in the road interrupt the peace inside, this album is all one needs to while away the miles.

    What a blessing it is to find Josh Groban on CD. Otherwise that gifted voice would be kept all to himself. ...more info
  • You cannot miss this one !
    In Josh Groban's tradition this CD brings new songs with the wonderful Josh's voice. If you liked his first CD, do not miss this one....more info
  • awake from josh gorban
    very beautiful voice and i love his songs, i just wish they were all in English. Good price for a new CD...more info
  • One of his best
    I bought this CD after hearing some clips on Amazon and, as a Josh Groban fan, thought it sounded good. When I got it, I popped it into my computer and listened while working. I was thoroughly enjoying it but when it got to Un Giorno Per Noi, I was enthralled! I had to stop what I was doing as I was fully immersed in the joy of the musical experience brought to me by Josh Groban's rendition of the Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet. This song alone is reason for 5 stars but the rest of the CD also lives up to the excellence we have come to expect from a performer of the caliber of Josh Groban. I highly recommend this CD!...more info
  • Groban's "You Are Loved": Among the Masterpieces
    "You Are Loved" may be one of the most lyrical and gorgeous ballads of the year. Lyrics that speak to the fundamental experience of love and belonging, the desire for connection within all of us, set against a beautifully balanced arrangement--and made a classic by Groban's extraordinary vocals.
    Like X-Patriate's "The Cost" and "I'd Rather Close My Eyes" from Greetings From Lafayette Park, or S and G's Bridge Over Troubled Water, sweeping music combined with a deep and powerful voice that creates shivers up my spine. ...more info
  • Breathtaking voice - touching songs
    Awake CD is Breathtaking and Touching..

    Josh Groban has once again demonstrated why people refer to him as The Voice. This young singer, only 26 years old, has managed to rip our hearts out again with his powerful voice on this CD. Experimenting with different types of music - Groban is creative, imaginative, sensitive, and brilliant - taking us to places we haven't even considered with these songs.

    This CD has drawn thousands to the huge arenas just to hear him sing them. Which I might add, is an experience one would never forget. I traveled to two different states and one country just to hear him. His voice - although it was already breathtaking - has matured to an even deeper beauty since his last CD.

    We can always depend on Josh to give us something new and wonderful through his music - sharing part of his soul with us. I can't wait for his next CD.

    Be sure to check out Noel too - even if it is past Christmas - I'm still listening to mine.

    ...more info
  • Groban CD
    Not as good as his Josh Groban CD, but a must listen for a Josh fan!...more info
  • Magnificent Josh Groban never disappoints
    I have loved all of Josh Groban's CD's but I have to say this is one of my most favorites. He shows more diversity with his song choice and more control than ever in using his beautiful vocal instrument. It has very moving ballads such as " So She Dances" that can bring a tear to your eye, along with his music he shares with the Afrikan Boys choir. Very Charming. The man is definitely growing more each time with his musical prowess. Buy this'll be pleased forever!...more info
  • Josh has a hit on his hands!
    Josh's new CD is spectacular. Some of the songs on this CD are a little surprising coming from Josh. He still pulls it off with his pure and magnificent voice. I cannot pick a favorite song on the CD I Love them all. A must have for any Josh Groban Fan!...more info
  • Josh is fabuloua once again!
    Josh Grobans awake album is another great album from a awesome talent,he is up there with the best of them....more info