AXIS Network Dome Camera 231D+ - Network camera - PTZ - color - auto iris - optical zoom: 18 x - motorized - 10/100 - AC 24 V
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Product Description

The AXIS 231D+ Network Dome Camera delivers superior quality Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 video in all light conditions. The camera also includes a complete set of network security features such as HTTPS and IP address filtering.The AXIS 231D+ Network Dome Camera is perfect for professional security installations at airports, railroad stations and prisons, as well as at warehouses, manufacturing facilities, shopping centers and school campuses.The AXIS 231D+ supports 20 preset positions and guard tour. As with all true domes, its solid design is well suited for continuous 360-degree pan operation. In addition, the operator can easily track objects of interest with fast and high precision PTZ control using a mouse or joystick.