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Antec Nine Hundred Steel ATX Ultimate Gamer PC Case (Black)
List Price: $116.99

Our Price: $91.97

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Product Description

Introducing the Antec Nine Hundred Ultimate Gamer case. Gaming hardware produces a lot of heat. That is why this case is built for maximum cool with a perforated front bezel, three 120mm fans with mounts for even more fans and a top-mounted 200mm fan. The versatile Nine Hundred is maximally customizable to fit your needs. The modular design lets you modify the placement of the front fans and hard drive cages. There's even a tray on top for your mp3 player or digital camera that you have lying around. Top mounted I/O ports for easy access Power supply mounts at the bottom of the case Fits micro and standard ATX Motherboard 7 Expansion Slots Top I/O - Power & reset button with blue LED, 2x USB 2.0, 1x IEEE 1394, Audio In and Out Advanced cooling system - 1 top 200mm TriCool fan with 3-speed switch control, 1 rear 120mm TriCool fan with 3-speed switch control, 2 front 120mm special black TriCool blue LED fans with 3-speed switch control to cool HDDs, 1 side (optional) 120mm fan to cool graphic cards, 1 middle (optional) 120mm fan to cool CPU or graphic cards 9 Drive Bays - External 3 x 5.25-inch, Internal 6 x 3.5-inch for hard Drive or External 6 x 5.25-inch, Internal 3 x 3.5-inch for Hard Drives or External 9 x 5.25-inch Dimensions - Length 19.4 x Width 8.1 x Height 18.4 inches (49.3x20.6x46.8cm)

The Antec Nine Hundred Steel ATX Ultimate Gamer PC Case is the ultimate case for hardcore gamers. Built for maximum cool, this PC case features a perforated front bezel, three 120-millimeter fans with mounts for even more fans, and a monster top-mounted 200-millimeter fan.

  • Unique Top mounted 200mm TriCool exhaust fan to cool the hottest system
  • Perforated front bezel for maximum air intake
  • Two front loaded HDD cages for up to 6 hard disk drives
  • The HDD cages act as air ducts to take air in more efficiently. Optional middle 120mm fan bracket to cool the hottest graphic cards or CPU
  • Two 120mm TriCool blue LED front fans to cool hard disk drives

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome cooling!
    - A lot of fans, lots of light, tons of slots, looks nice, fans are controllable.
    - Great case good design.
    - Fans are practically silent on low.
    - Good ventilation and plenty of room.
    - My Zalman 9700 nt fan fit even with the added side panel fan.
    - Great placement for PSU.
    - Top mounted connections (USB/firewire/audio)

    I love it.

    ...more info
  • Antec Twelve Hundred
    Lots of room, very well constructed. All fans have speed control and have an LED. The top fan (200) has a on/off switch for the its LED. Airflow is sufficient to help keep my AMD 940, and two GTX 280's cool while playing demanding games. Plenty of clearance between the board and the hard drives to install longer double wide graphic's cards, and lots of room between the top fan and the motherboard to install any CPU fan needed....more info
  • Outstanding
    Under full load the 4 fans keep my system temp at around 30 to 35 degrees Celsius. Also, the blue led fans look cool. I have recommend this case to everyone looking for one....more info
  • Spacious and Cool
    This is my first system build, so I wanted a case that looked nice and had enough room for all my components. From what I've experienced so far, this is a very good case for beginners. It's got plenty of space for several components, it's sturdy, and all of the fans help keep the interior very cool. My graphics card (GeForce 8800GT) does fit a little snug as the HDD comes close to bumping it, but I still had enough room for the power cables and SATA cables. I could do without the blue LED's on the fans, but I guess they provide a little bit of flair. I do like the side window as it lets me see what's going on in there. Overall, it's a nice case. The pictures really don't do it justice. ...more info
  • If you have a long graphic card, this is NOT your case
    I have built computer since 1986, in another word, I am good.
    - Quiet, even with four fans.
    - Provides excellent air circulation, system kept very cool,I'm running a Q6600 Quad-Core with a 8800GTX Video card, and 3 eATA HDD.

    - Not enough space on the inside, very tight when you have a long graphic card in the middle, and a lot of cabling you will need to shift around. It takes me about 5 hours to put a simple system together.

    - Very mother board connectors for case fans. It means that your mother board can not control the fan speed.

    - Limitted front panel features, no lights for HDD

    If you're building a gaming or video editing workstation (especially with 8800 cards), I would not recommend this case. (You will definately need more space, and higher quality ports/cabling.)

    ...more info
  • Great Case for cooling, sturdy, and looks nice.

    This case has amazing cooling capacity. Not only does it come with one 200mm fan but also with 3 120mm fans: all with blue LEDs. The fans themselves are quite even on full speed; especially when compared to a processor fan. The processor will always over-spin the case fans creating excess noise; however, with the cooling capabilities of the case my CPU fan now runs at lower speeds. There are access ports for USB and sound conveniently located at the top of the case which which is an added bonus. In addition, the case is aesthetically pleasing and built sturdy.

    -Note: Don't listen to the fools that tell you that the power supply mounted on the bottom of the case blows hot air into the case and onto their video card. They are wrong; power supplies blow hot air from inside the case to the outside of the case. The way the case is set up, you have air blowing out at the bottom, top, and extreme top of the case along with two powerful fans at the bottom front of the case blowing cool air in. In addition, with the power supply mounted at the bottom, it leaves more air space for the CPU fan/heatsink, allowing for better dissipation and air flow: in tow, the two fans above and beside are more able to circulate air through and around the CPU unit.

    I also have a BFG 8800 GTX OC. This is a very large card and I had absolutely no problems installing it. The only downside, is that if you have a full length card like the 8800, you are unable to install the optional 120mm inside mounted fan that fits behind the front panel 120mm fan. This is not a big deal.


    The major problem I had was that I had to buy an extension cord for the 12v CPU power cord; my 24 pin mobo cord had no problem reaching its fitting. The 12v 4 pin extender for the CPU power was difficult to find.

    Another problem was that took a while to set up. You had to take both side panels off, remove and reinstall quite a few finger style screws to install your CD Rom and hard drives. In addition, it was difficult for me to hide all of my cabling, but I also have 3 hard drives and a CD-Rom drive; as such, this was to be expected.

    Lastly, there is no speaker or power LED, but the power LED is unneeded because if your case does not light up the room, its not powered. I wish Antec supplied a speaker for the case; speakers can help with diagnosing a problem in your setup. I may add one later, but we will see.

    Final note:

    I bought the case primarily for the cooling properties. But I love the way it looks, appreciate the top tray, and found the top mounted USB ports very convenient.

    Installation was not as easy as it could had been perhaps, but the design is extremely sturdy, and I think that was Antec's intent since gamers often haul their computers around. Overall I am very pleased with the case!...more info
  • A great case to keep your components cool.
    I finished building my machine about 2 weeks ago, and I am very happy with this case. The fans keep everything running cool, and the bottom mounted power supply adds stability to the machine. I like the top tray for holding small items, like an MP3 player, and the front mounted USB connections are very handy. I didn't mind the lack of a removable motherboard tray, I don't plan on swapping motherboards out very often, so for me, it was a non-issue. It would have been nice to connect the fans to the motherboard for control, but I am running all fans on low, and everything is still very cool (even the 8600GT video card) and suprisingly quiet. I am very happy with this case!...more info
  • It's reputation precedes it
    This case is as advertised, further supported by the preponderance of reviewers who rated it highly.

    I stuffed this case with a 750W Zalman PSU, 2 CrossfireX configured ATi Radeon 4830HD gfx cards, 4 HDDs, 2 DVD RW-ROMs, a 1.4MB floppy, tied to an ASUS M3A79-T Deluxe mobo, the AMD Phenom II X3 720 2.8MHz CPU, and 2 x 2GB OCZ RAM. I OCed the CPU to 3.6MHz on air.

    My point: in a 72F environment, with low CPU demand, CPU temp averages 46C; running Crysis, the CPU temp never goes above 52C. Mobo temp remains fairly constant at 34C. How is this possible?

    The PSU is mounted on the bottom of the case: heat not exhausted by the PSU fan rises and is exhausted either by the 200mm fan on top of the case or by the 120mm fan at the back of the case.

    Both HDD bays have 120mm fans in front of the HDDs. These fans blow air across the HDDs (which do not get THAT hot) air which is then blown across the gfx cards and PSU - further increasing the cooling capacity.

    Depending on how many HDDs you install, you can add another fan at the rear of an empty HDD bay (Antec blue or red LED 120mm fans: $15) for additional cooling. You can also mount an additional fan (which I have done) in the side panel that blows air across the gfx cards and CPU.

    I believe the case design, with its large 200mm fan exhausting air through the top of the case, greatly contributes to the relative coolness inside the case (which is what gamers, particularly, want) by not allowing hot air to pool at the top of the case.

    Finally, I was a bit perplexed by a review that was critical of the space. This case is about 1/3 bigger than my ULTRA ATX case even though both are advertised as ATX mid towers. In other words, there is plenty of room for components and PSU cables. One advantage to the Zalman PSU is that it has a modular cable design, i.e., in addition to a half dozen or so permanently attached cables, it has an additional 6-8 HDD, OD, SATA cables that can be attached (or not) depending on the installed components. Regardless, there is ample room between the PSU and the HDD bay to bundle and store the cables.

    A great, roomy case and an excellent value for the price, especially considering it comes with 3 120mm LED fans and one 200mm fan. If cooling is your primary consideration (without having to resort to liquid or gas cooling) I do not think this case can be equaled.

    ...more info
    The only reason I don't give this review 5 stars is because of the size inside. I can't fit more than one GTX 260 or Radeon 4870.

    I love this case though.

    I have a small boutique PC gaming lounge in So. Cal. and have over 20 systems built using this case.

    It looks clean from the outside, which is important for my lounge, and it is well ventilated.

    I love the fact that there is a large fan on top over the CPU cooler as well as the fact that it uses rounded edges so I don't cut my hands when building a new rig.

    The design is clean and sleek.

    The Blue LED fans in the front only add to the asthetics of my lounge and actually serve a purpose by keeping my hard drives cool.

    On 5 of these systems, I have a large 1000w Power Supply from Corsair and it still fits with the hard drives backing up against the cables.

    All and All, I absolutely LOVE this case!

    Amazon is doing a great job at selling components and I'm buying here more and more!!!...more info
  • sweet
    I love mine. A nifty case. No problem with fitting everything, including a gtx280 and a Zalman 9700 (which works real well oriented with the large top vent). It's handy, roomy enough, not too big, plenty of air, and not loud with all fans on low. I experimented a lot and the cooling wasn't really better with the fans on high.. I tried lots of combination's. Low speed gives good consistent airflow with minimal drag and noise. I have an E8600 at 4.5ghz 1.41v and it gets up to about 50C under Crysis, about 60C under stress test. Idles around 30C. ....more info
  • The best case under $150
    This case is the closest to being perfect among the numerous cases I've looked at. It has near perfect airflow consideration. Antec has put lots of very careful thoughts in it. The topmounted 200mm fan and the bottom mounted power supply is a great design to increase the airflow efficiency. This is because this unique design results in a combination that forms a complete airflow path from the bottom to top, and goes out from the top to the outside. Besides, having the weight of the power supply at the bottom of the case increases the stability of the case. This is a true innovative breakthrough in case design. I believe the reason why the original computer case design went for top PSU mounting was because it intuitively went for a more convenient location for the power switch. The upper back of the computer can be reached by a user more easily. There was really no consideration of airflow in relation to the position of the PSU until more recently. The convenience of the better power switch placement of top PSU mounting still holds true today, but compared to the significant advantage of airflow of the bottom mounting design, it is a very minor trade-off. To me, about the only time I need to physically switch off the power on the PSU is when I am doing some kind of fixing on the computer and really don't mind reaching the bottom side of the computer in that circumstance. In normal use, I seldom even turn off my computer in the operating system, much less physically power off the PSU.

    Unlike most other cases, the two front fans are included. And they are pretty quiet (not silent however). If you use a hot CPU, these front fans are necessary. All fans have their own three-way manual control of speed.

    For those who are not familiar with the computer cooling, the airflow of the case has a substantial impact on the cooling efficiency, this being in addition to the CPU cooling itself. Speaking of the CPU cooling, I strongly suggest that you use a CPU cooler (such as Zalman CNP9500) that laterally blows the air outward to the rear of the case (instead of vertically blowing the air down to the CPU or away from the CPU). For a given size and amount of material used, the former is a vastly more efficient than the latter.

    For your reference, the system I built recently uses the Antec 900 case; Intel QX9770 Quad Extreme, and Zalman CNP 9500 CPU cooler. Without using any additional case fan, the system runs 32กใ idle. This is when all fans are turned to low speed setting to make the system as quiet as possible. This is unbelievably good. QX9770 is one of the hottest CPUs. If you have an average case and an average CPU cooler, you'd be lucky if it idles below 65กใ. The case design and the CPU cooler makes that much of a difference, essentially a usable system and an unusable system.

    This case has a lot more to offer in addition to its outstanding airflow design. The case is a lot better looking than the picture would suggest. Unconventional yet absolutely non-gimmicky, a very rare combination. The all-black look is solid and striking. I never liked those strange looking so-called gamers' cases. I was a bit concerned about the use of several blue LED lights, and thought that they may be distracting and "superficial", but ended up liking even these. They are beautifully rendered with a low-key appearance, nicely blended in with the all-black design of the case. The LED light in the back actually gives some necessary illumination for the case inspection.

    The external communication ports (such as USB connectors) are on the top face of the case. I always believed that this is the only place that these external connectors should go. The word "desktop" in desktop computers is really a misnomer. Desktop computers are mostly standing on the floor. Placing the external connectors on the front face as most computers do today requires you to crouch down to plug in a device. Because sometimes you need to look at the orientation of the connector, it is not uncommon that one needs to get into a position that is even more difficult than crouching down. I once had a Dell computer that had a front USB port not only near the bottom of the computer, but also pointing 45กใ downward, requiring you to literally lift up and turn over the computer in order to reach the USB port. With the Antec 900, all that awkwardness is gone.

    Another advantage of placing the external connectors on the top side is that it is much less prone to damages. This is an improvement over the common front USB access, which makes it quite easy to bump over a connected USB and damage the port.

    However, I found that placing the power switch buttons on top together with the USB connectors causes a bit of inconvenience. I have a habit of resting my leg on the top of the computer. Well, with Antec 900, I better change that habit to avoid accidentally restarting the computer.

    I tried hard to find any flaws of this case. I'll list several things below which I think could be improved.

    (1) The audio jacks on a top panel of the case are poorly designed and have noticeable static. I believe it is caused by improper grounding and/or shielding from interference. Sadly, all four Antec cases I've used in the past have the same problem. I don't think they are doing any rigorous test of the quality of the font audio. It is not terrible and is certainly usable, but for high quality listening experience, this is not acceptable. I would not mind making a phone call or something like that using the headphone connected to the the headphone jack on the top panel, but to listen to music would be a different story. But this problem doesn't matter that much to me personally because I don't use headphones that much at all, and even when I do, I never listen to music over the headphones on my computer. I've got a pair of fairly good speakers for my computer to take care of that. Also, I'm not sure how much blame Antec deserves in this aspect, because based on what I heard, this is a very common problem among cases using a front (or top) panel for audio, and also among those add-on audio panels.

    (2) Without any modification, this case is not among the quietest cases, and certainly not a "silent PC" type of case. Even if you don't add extra fans, the four case fans are quite audible in a quiet room even when all fans are set to the low speed level. For reference, Antec 900 is noticeably (although not annoyingly) noisier than Antec Solo, which by the way is a very quiet case. However, unless you are a silent PC freak, it's unlikely you will be bothered by the noise of this computer. Most ready-made computers you can buy in stores are noisier. Also, unless you are a crazy overclocker, it is hard to imagine that you will need to turn the fan speed higher than low. I use one of the hottest CPUs you can buy on the market today, and I have a cool computer when all fans are set to low. But that is partly because I use an excellent CPU cooler.

    (3) It doesn't have a removable motherboard tray, so installing the components can be slightly more challenging than those cases that have this feature, because you have to put the board in first before you install any components. But unless you modify your system frequently, this is a one-time trouble, and really is not that big a problem.

    (4) The case uses small-sized thumbscrews, which are very difficult to unscrew without a tool. In fact, the first time I needed to open the case, I simply could not unscrew all of the thumbscrews in the back and had to go find a screwdriver, defeating the purpose of using thumbscrews. With such a stingy size, these thumbscrews cannot be tightened firmly without causing difficulties to unscrew. This is a marked downgrade from the excellent generously-sized thumbscrews in the previous Antec cases. But interestingly, the thumbscrews for the driver bays are more generously sized than the four exterior ones on the two case side plates. If anything, it should be the opposite because the four exterior thumbscrews are the most frequently screwed and unscrewed.

    An update:
    I made some modification to make the computer even quieter. I went ahead to further reduce the speed of all case fans using a fan speed controller. The computer is now as quiet as Antec Solo. It is still not a silent PC, but good enough for me. In a very quiet room, you can hear its soothing whispering of the fans, but nothing disturbing. You can't hear it even sitting close if the AC is on in the room. I used a simple Zalman Fan Mate 2 fan controller plus a 3-pin to 4-pin Y splitter to make connections to the fans. However, I'm considering to use a more dedicated controller such as Silverstone SST-FP32-B to have access to the controller from outside of the case.

    It should be noted that there is always a "heat cost" you have to pay when you reduce the fan speed (otherwise, those case fans would be completely superfluous, which they're not). But thanks to the excellent air flow, this case has a lot of room to reduce the fan speed. In my modification, it only raised the idle temperature from 32กใ to 35-37กใ, still excellent. This again speaks well for the excellent overall air flow of this case. ...more info
  • Great case, but you gues need to lower the price
    Great case, well said: Pros:

    This case has amazing cooling capacity. Not only does it come with one 200mm fan but also with 3 120mm fans: all with blue LEDs. The fans themselves are quite even on full speed; especially when compared to a processor fan. The processor will always over-spin the case fans creating excess noise; however, with the cooling capabilities of the case my CPU fan now runs at lower speeds. There are access ports for USB and sound conveniently located at the top of the case which which is an added bonus. In addition, the case is aesthetically pleasing and built sturdy.

    Cons: You guys need to come to the future, the case is no way near this price, please lower it if you want it to sell, wake up and lok around ....more info
  • Antec 900 Awesome Case
    I run highend graphic card and highend Mobo & Processor which produces heat this Case has excellent cooling with its 3 120mm and 1 200mm fan on top comes this why stock right out of the box and not to mention it looks great. Best Case I have ever owned!...more info
  • Wow! What a case!
    Amazing how quiet and cool running this case is. With all the 3-speed fans set to low its just a whisper and my oc'd Q6600 never goes above 49c/120f running stress tests(with my water cooled cpu setup). My only gripe is that the led's on the fans have no on/off function so if you keep this case in your room turned on all night like I do, the 9 led's from the fans make a potent night-lite. Plus, my Rosewill 750watt Power supply, Evercool WC-202 and Logitech G-15 v1 blue backlit keyboard all have matching LED's which makes for a very sharp setup.
    I ended up modding the fans in front of the case with a switch so that I can disable the LED's for movie watching and much needed sleep....more info
  • Best case at this pricepoint period.
    I have been putting systems together for 10 years now and this case is pure joy. Its not too large and not too small. The airflow is excellent and with all the included fans set to low I can only hear the one on my 8800GT. (thinking of replacing vga cooling now!) Simply moving my rig into this case from a no-name mid tower resulted in my cpu load temps dropping from 50-55c to 45-47c max after hours of gaming. Ambient temps followed suit with 5c or so off mobo temps and another 7-10c drop on my 8800. The packaging was robust and arrived in excellent condition despite UPS shipping. The included case hardware is fantastic with plenty of motherboard standoffs and assorted screws etc. Also, all of the drive bays are outfitted with thumbscrews which is a great combination of true 'tooless' designs and the security of screws. No plastic snap in drive mounting and pci slot retainers here. One con is well known with the 900 and that is cable management but that can be addressed with clever positioning of the hard drive racks and some zip ties. My PSU is not modular so I had to spend the extra time to reduce clutter. Also, if you run crossfire or sli setups you may have to be more creative with the drive racks to make sure modern vid cards will fit. However it can be done. The top mountd USB,1394, and audio ports are great and easy to connect. All and all oustanding purchase.
    AMD x2 4800+ CPU, 2gb corsair ddr800, corsair 550 PSU, LiteOn DVD burner, 2 Sata HDD, 8800GT, Gigabyte GA-MA790X-DS4 mobo f6 bios. --ready for AM3!...more info
  • Ice Cold
    This thing not only keeps my system cool, I dont even need to turn the AC on in my house. I'm freezing! Did i say "IT OWNS?" Perfect size, i'll never buy a full tower case again. Mid size is more than enough room. Super easy installation for a first time builder, makes my $500 upgrade look like I bought a $1500 PC.

    -200mm fan on top
    -Mp3 holder/cup holder on top
    -I love how the PSU is on the bottom
    -Slidable 3 slot hard drive compartments with 120mm cooling fans (ownz)

    Spend some time doing cable management or it will look ugly in there!
    GPU is upside down. Looks funny hah...more info
  • Great mid priced case!
    This is a great overall case: great looks with blue led fans, easy to access sides, and cool perforated front panel. Top tray and USBs are handy for phones and I-pod storage while interfacing. It has metal panels, sides and frame, but plastic front rails, switch interface and top fan grill. Well made case with decent build instructions and hardware. Everything fits well. Great ventilation and lots of fans, but no filters. Pretty quiet with the 3-speed fans on medium.

    Mid size case will accomodate two full length gtx 200 video cards but will limit your build to only three hard drives due to size (depth) limits of any mid size case.

    ...more info
  • Awesome cooling!
    - A lot of fans, lots of light, tons of slots, looks nice, fans are controllable.
    - Great case good design.
    - Fans are practically silent on low.
    - Good ventilation and plenty of room.
    - My Zalman 9700 nt fan fit even with the added side panel fan.
    - Great placement for PSU.
    - Top mounted connections (USB/firewire/audio)

    I love it.

    ...more info
  • Awesome case, my final case.
    Case stays very cool and the drive mounting system is very usable. Only thing I dislike is when you remove the optional fan mount for the side window/screen, the screen wobbles and is not secure....more info
  • Nice Study Case
    I needed to find myself another case since I was building a new computer I needed one where heat would be less of an issue. My current Cooler Master is longer but I needed another case for my new items. Though this case is not as long as my last case it wasn't really an issue. This thing comes with a nice variety of fans with two in the front, one big one up top and the other on the back. I put a new fan on my motherboard the Cooler Master V8 and had to take the spot on the left side of the case off just to make it fit. I do like seeing inside with the clear window and all the blue lights make it look nice. Everything fits but its relatively tight. My EVGA 8800 GTS 640MB fits good as well being the fat monster that it is. The wires are kind of gathered at the end of it though and now that I have everything installed that part of the case looks like a mess. This thing will fit a SLI configuration easy for me so when I get around to getting another card I will be setting it up.

    A couple of issues I had was with the power supply fan facing downwards into the case (being the power supply goes on the bottom). My PSU just can't breathe and when I feel under the case where its located on the outside it is extremely hot. I couldn't figure why they wouldn't put an opening on the bottom to let it breathe a little. The fans on the case have adjustable settings and at full blast are relatively loud but if heats an issue than noise probably isn't top priority. I kind of wish I went with a full case over this one since I have so much stuff inside and I have so many wires its impossible to hide all of them. Another problem is I thought it was the type that didn't require tools for some reason which isn't a big deal but would of simplified things a little more than having a box of screws. Overall with a few nuances I found this case to be enjoyable to build into and it has a great look. Though I would recommend a full case if you're on a budget like me than this is the way to go....more info
  • Good Value - Great Performance
    Purchased this case to house a fast graphics rendering system, not a "gamer". The issues normally associated with a rendering box are somewhat similar to the gamer in that running the quad cpu, drives, memory, and graphics card for long periods of intense computing can allow damaging or life-shorting heat to build up in the components. This case provides excellent ventilation and air flow along with plenty of space for drives. I could live without the clear side and blue led's but it still gets the job done well at this price. The "on top" controls work well if you set it on the floor and are very convenient, this is a well constructed, sturdy case....more info
  • Great buy
    I am suprised. I thought it would be smaller! This thing is huge. It lowered the tempatures of my computer by 10 degrees freinhight. Fans at full speed makes a noise but its not annoying. I play music at loud volumes so it is not noticeable to me. I am happy with it. It looks different then in the picture. In the picture it looks like the front is grey but the whole thing is black. Led fans have a pleasent light to them. The inside is lit up also. The fans light up the whole inside and it looks kind of mysterious. I would buy again....more info