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  • Predictable, which is why we love 'em
    The Adam Sandler Sports Movie...whether he's cracking golf balls hockey-style, or cracking heads on the football field, there is little new or wrong with The Longest Yard. It has all the signature Sandler movie cliches, but with the strong supporting cast, I think was worth 2 hours of my time.

    Chris Rock makes the movie, period. His comic relief pokes fun at a movie that already makes fun of itself, adding credibility on some weird level.

    There are also some of the largest human beings I have ever seen on film in this one. "Turley" makes The Rock look like a preschooler.

    A good watch, very entertaining...really, I don't think I have seen a completely BAD sports movie. Except Major League 3, which stunk on so many levels I can't even begin to cover it here. Guaranteed you'll enjoy this one, or your rental money back, just go to Blockbuster and tell 'em I sent ya. ...more info
  • Good film
    I was not sure I was going to enjoy this movie, because I am a big fan if the original, but I did. It is very similar, the humor is a little more juvenille and it is definetly a little more goofy- but what would you expect from Sandler...

    Overall if you like other Adam Sandler movies and the original you will like this movie! I bought after having seen it, so that says something....more info
  • Not as good as the original!!
    Once again, Hollywood runs out of ideas and remakes a movie that doesn't need to be remade. Even with more colorful characters, there really is no need for this! Save yourself time and watch the original!...more info
  • this movie is cool.once again the critics are wrong!
    this movie is about adam sandler putting together a prisoner football team to play against the guards.well you know how regular football players look scary?theyd crap themselves if they saw adams team!its an all star cast including nelly,adam sandler,burt reynolds,bill goldberg,stone cold steve austin and a few more.adam sandler plays a cool guy not a aggravated mentaly handicapped guy with a speech impediment like he normaly does. it was a refreshing change.its one of my favorite adam sdandler movies with little nicky,happy gilmore and shakes the clown.theres a lot of bone crunching action.its really severe.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i effin loved it!id like to have seen more stone cold and goldberg but oh was really good all the same....more info
  • Very Disappointing
    For fans of the original you'll definately be let down. The main reason being that instead of doing like Oceans 11 did and take a good older movie and then write a different movie where only the prime concept is the same. This longest yard took the original script and made just enough changes to make it a bit more updated.

    There's already a lot of good descriptions about what was wrong with this movie (And Sandlier was definately the wrong pick for the "Wrecking Crew" He just couldn't sell it) so I'll keep mine brief. I guess the most striking aspect was that the movie tried to follow the original when it should have gone it's own way, but went it's own way in some areas where it should have followed the origina.....In particular the game itself. In the original they had a prison football stadium and patrons came to the prison to watch....In this one they had some of the biggest nastiest killers in the place just hop a bus and go play at a high school field that they strung a little razor wire around for security. Oh and a number of cops brought in for extra protection........Can you imagine any warden getting the go ahead for the thousands of dollars it would cost to put on such a game....Even if ESPN paid some of it? It was all too rediculus to even be probable.

    If you never saw the original, then you'll probably find this an alright movie.....But then you really should make a point to view the original so you can see how it was done right the first time......more info
  • Adam Sandler Plays More Football (In Jail)
    Adam Sandler plays "Wrecking" Crewe, a retired football player infamous for "shaving points" off a football game many years ago. He's a drunk these days, and in his drunkeness takes off with his rich girlfriend's car, where he ends up in a mad car chase and a colossal crash. He is sentenced to three years jail, in a prison full of wardens and guards who take a little too much pleasure in punishing the prisoners. The guards have a football team, and since Crewe was once a professional football player, they turn to him for advice. Crewe suggests they play a game against a weaker side and beat them to get their confidence up. The guard's agree and get Crewe to make the weaker team, out of the prisoners! Crewe agrees and convinces his cellmates (who he isn't too popular with) to try out. Will they agree to join the team? If they do, will Crewe force them to lose?

    I remember back in high school, there was this really funny guy in our drama class. He was a fan of Adam Sandler, actually. Anyway, whenever we'd do improvisation, everyone would expect him to do something really funny. He'd end up just going through the motions, kind of a little tired and deadpan. It's kind of how Adam Sandler plays "Wrecking" Crewe. Maybe Mr Sandler's heart wasn't in this film, maybe making all these films are exhausting him, I don't know. His dialogue gives the impression that the character's kind of rebellious, but from Sandler's performance, I didn't exactly know why. Sandler's best acting here is when he has to get himself hyped up, like in the drunken car chase.

    Chris Rock, who plays the friendly cellmate Caretaker, is his usual chirpy self. The inmates are well cast, and are all interesting enough characters. Though they're criminals, they're likeable, and I ended up wanting to see them win. Being a Adam Sandler film, Rob Schneider makes a cameo, as he always does. Oh dear...

    I don't know that much about American football, but the football parts of this film were easy enough to follow. The teams strategize, play plays and such, and you don't really need to know what they are, which is good.

    Three and a half stars, but I'll round up to four. Worth a look for Adam Sandler fans. A little different, not his best, but interesting, even if it is a bit silly at times....more info
  • Decent remake
    There is always an interesting dilemna when remaking a movie. If the film maker adds a lot or makes major changes, the allegation will be that he ruined the movie, that he was not true to the original. If the remake is similar to the original, people will ask, "what was the point of remaking this movie? It was already done well the first time." In other words, the film maker is damned if he/she does and damned if he/she doesn't. This film is true to the original. If you saw the original, you have seen everything of importance that occurs here. Still, I enjoyed the remake. One thing I really liked is that Burt Reynolds, who starred in the original was given a major role here. In this remake, he was cast as a coach who helps discredited former NFL quarterback, Paul Crewe, played by Adam Sandler ,put together a prison football team to take on a semipro team composed of prison guards.

    If you saw the first movie, there are no major twists or turns here that will add any suspense. You know from the first one what will happen. You have the same driven warden who wants to win at any cost. The plot is almost identical in each version. Still, a very different star in Adam Sandler, as opposed to Burt Reynolds, adds a different sort of humor since their on screen personas are so different from one another. It wasn't really necessary to do the remake but, given the fact that it was done, it is worthwhile entertainment. If you are going to see one only version, I recommend either one equally....more info
  • Meek Machine
    From the people who brought you "50 First Dates" comes this synthetic remake of the 1974 Burt Reynolds-Robert Aldrich crowdpleaser. Instead of a hard-edged prison population, we get caricatures and stereotypes. Adam Sandler is far more convincing as Happy Gilmore than Paul "The Wrecking" Crewe. Though a brilliant stand-up comedian, Chris Rock has yet to find his cinematic niche. The only bright spots are Reynolds (in the Michael Conrad role) and Courteney Cox....more info
  • Worthless Remake and A Total Waste of Time
    I like how Hollywierd takes great classic movies like the original "The Longest Yard, with Burt Reynolds, and do worthless remakes with actors with zero talent like Adam Sandler. Give the public a break with rip-off movie's like this one. It was horrible!...more info
  • The Longest Yard (2005) vs. the Longest Yard (1974)
    The Longest Yard (1974) has been one of the most popular football movies ever made. Director Peter Segal undertakes a major feat to recreate this movie to fit with current times. He uses the same exact story line and most of the original dialogue. With a slight change of setting and characters, the movie draws in all audiences.

    In the original, Burt Reynolds plays the role of the main character, Paul Crewe, a former football player accused of shaving points and who ends up back in jail after violating his parole. Reynolds plays his typical macho man role. In the past, it seems that Crewe was a good, honorable man (shaving points to help his father) and later turned bitter. For example, in the first scene of the movie, he throws around his girlfriend during an argument. Shortly after, he assaults two cops trying to question him in a bar.

    In contrast, Paul Crewe is played by Adam Sandler in the remake. Sandler has always played underdog roles (trying to take over his fathers company in Billy Madison, the younger brother trying to save his father in Little Nicky, etc.). In The Longest Yard (2005) Sandler tries to reach out past his normal group of viewers to become the lovable bad guy. In the beginning of the movie, rather than arguing back and being physical toward his girlfriend, he explains that he has a present for her and ends up locking her in the closet. When Crewe - played by Sandler - arrives at the prison, he is hated by almost everyone. He works to gain the approval of the inmates (unlike Reynolds in the original, who was not as hated by his inmates). For example, in order to recruit one the basketball players (Megget - played by Nelly), he is forced to play a brutal game of one-on-one with one of the inmates.

    One of the biggest contrasts is casting. The majority of the inmates, in the original, are black, and most - if not all - of the guards are white. Similarly, most of the football players on both teams are white whereas all of the male cheerleaders in the audience are black. Also, the main character and his best friend are both white. On the contrary, in the remake, there is a high amount of diversity among the convicts in the prison. In addition, there is a deal of diversity among the football players and the cheerleaders. An element found in the remake that would have been very controversial in the original was the idea that the main character's best friend was black (Caretaker - played by Chris Rock). The new movie reflects the social changes that have taken place over the last thirty years.

    Finally, the two versions of the movies draw different audiences. Though there are a few funny parts of the movie, the original is somewhat of a serious, purely entertaining movie. There are some good, well-known actors. The movie is rated R and draws the interest of adults. In contrast, the remake of the movie draws in audiences of all kinds. The cast of this movie is phenomenal: masters of comedy, NFL players, WWE wrestlers, rappers, and popular actors and actresses. Every member of the movie's audience can recognize someone. The new version of the movie is definitely a comedy packed with many one-liners and hilarious scenes.

    Both The Longest Yard (1974) and The Longest Yard (2005) are great movies. Trends and time periods are the only thing that sets them apart from one another. ...more info
  • thank you...!
    I have purchased so very many books, DVD's, and CD's through Amazon, and this is, unfortunately, only one of a FEW that actually is what it was purported to be....NOT A COPY.

    Thank you....more info
  • The Worstest Movie
    Lord have mercy this was bad. Obviously an ESPN club activity. This would have been MUCH more believable with actual actors. Way too over the top on the musical score, too.

    Romo, why?
    Salsbury? Please!
    Irvin? Aren't your fingerprints on a crack pipe somewhere?
    Burmese: You probably don't get the joke.
    Bosworth, ugh.

    I mean really, you guys should be ashamed.

    ...more info
  • This is the best Adam Sandler Movie!
    First off anyone who says this movie is boring or stupid has NO taste.Idiots is what they are and they need to shut up.This movie is hilarious and how could you not laugh at half of the stuff in this movie.It's one of the funniest comedies ever and the best comedy I own.People ignore those STUPID morons who say this is bad 'cause it's great.Buy it ...more info
  • A Good Movie For Casual Viewers and Sandler Fans
    Not one of Sandler's best films, but it isn't horrible by any means. This is mainly drama, but it does have it's side jokes. Having never seen the original film, I can only judge it based on the movie alone and it is good, but not great. Everyone in the movie is really good, but the story wants to drag in scenes. But, there are some moments I thought were really funny. If you are a fan of Adam Sandler, give this a try, but if you are a fan of the original film...there is a good chance that this won't live up to it. Very few remakes ever do. ...more info
  • Hilarious

    This hilarious romp in the gridiron is entertaining and memorable. If you haven't seen it, don't miss it.

    Several of the reviewers rated it low in comparison to the original. It doesn't need to be compared. It can stand on its own. However, if one must compare it, I liked it nearly as much as the 1974 version. It is updated for a new generation. Burt Reynolds even acts, which is another bonus.
    ...more info
  • Well....I Liked It!
    The negative reviews of this movie are the people that loved the original "The Longest Yard", and I can understand that,...but that just takes away the fun of the movie. I personally thought the movie was great and funny. The characters are likeable, Adam Sandler isn't the best actor but he is pretty believeable in the movie. Burt Reynolds was the main character in the original movie, but reprises his role as the supporting cast along with an celebrity cast with Chris Rock, Steve Austin, Nelly, WIllaim Fitchner, D12 and more. I don't know why people are saying these characters aren't likeable, they are 100% likable and I bet you the people that said that don't like black people. The football action is top-notch and Nelly would make a great running back in the NFL. The Longest Yard was one of my favorite movies in 2005 and nothings change, IT IS A GREAT COMEDY/ACTION MOVIE....more info
  • The Longest Yard
    I love the original, and I've heard good things about this one. I saw enough to learn the subtitles are unreadably Chinglish, and that I won't understand the dialogue unless it's loud. The video is low quality, as if some guy pirated it with a camera in a theater. So I'm going to pick another time to watch it. I'm not in the mood tonight.

    It starts outside prison, which never happened in the original, and with Adam Sandler being difficult to watch as usual. If you've seen this, and if you love the NFL the way I do, tell me the truth. Is this crap?

    Oh, and let me share the cover blurb with you. "Protect is a red very a fit of occupation rugby contestant ever, but was closed into because of a certain reason jail. The jail grows the cool love rugby, however born nature Endure. He hires the exclusively those excel the jail that play the rugby, letting them proceeding with prisoners' game." Yeah, I think Roger Ebert wrote that.


    The first eight minutes reminded me why I hate Adam Sandler. Actually, I didn't need that long. That's just how long it took to end the drunken party of a sort that only happens (I hope) in Hollywood movies with overworked stereotypes, and the car chase with cops who are overworked stereotypes. And Adam Sandler, himself an overworked stereotype portraying a character who is yet another overworked stereotype. Convinced that this was the only scene he and his peeps felt compelled to splice onto the original movie, all of which happens IN PRISON, I ejected the DVD and got back to it three days later.

    Segment three begins with Sandler's arrival in prison. However, it isn't a real prison. It only exists in Hollywood movies. It's where they lock up the cliches. I waded through ten more boring minutes of prison guard violence, brutal crotch hits and so-called wisecracks. The movie got better when Chris Rock appeared.

    "The movie got better when Chris Rock appeared." I never thought I'd type those words.

    At last, the movie. What came before was backstory in the original film. I dunno why they felt they had to show it now when they were only going to tell it later, since it was too boring to show. Oh well.

    When this film got down to the football itself, that's when it got real. This one isn't for the girlie girls, okay? Since there were many NFL players in this film, football is what they know. Kinda surprising the prison wasn't more realistic, though, since many NFL players know that subject as well.

    I enjoyed the hell out of its juvenile humor in a testosterone-charged way. I appreciate what it has to say about football, prisons, violence, and whatever else it's on about. How brutal was the original? So brutal that this one was less so in spots. They tinkered with a few bits, but in a good way. A homage not a copy, they say. I agree. It's excellent. I'll keep it and watch it again, skipping the first 20 minutes or so, and I'll love the hell out of it. It's a damn shame to think everything else Sandler makes will probably suck like the parts of this movie I'll keep skipping.
    ...more info
  • funny
    this movie is great. the beginning is really funny. This will keep you laughing even when it's over. actors did an amazing job....more info
  • the longest yard
    just like all of adam sandler's movies, this is an instant classic comedy! the laughes come right off the bat, no boring beginnings here. i will admit though, that the middle did drag a bit when they were practicing. but they did stick in a few laughes and made it worth while. ...more info
  • Not his best.
    I am one of many big Adam Sandler fans, and I must say I was not impressed by this film. Most people expected a non-stop laugh out loud film, sorry to burst your bubble but this one does not live up to Sandler's other big hits. Compared to Billy Madison or Big daddy, the Longest Yard just doesnt cut it. The Longest Yard just doesnt have the laughs that the other Sandler films have, or the lines that everyone remembers. I saw this one in the theatres, not worth the 8 dollars. I recommend not buying this one but maybe renting it on a boring night....more info
  • The Longest Yard (DVD)
    Although less a review than a basic analogy, Peter Segal's 2005 remake of "The Longest Yard" is to Robert Aldrich's 1974 prison football epic as 2005 star Adam Sandler is to 1974 leading man Burt Reynolds.
    While Reynolds' Paul Crewe was a trademark '70s anti-hero, a pigskin-chucking sibling to the pragmatic rebels played by the likes of Jack Nicholson or Gene Hackman, the only real antecedent for Sandler's Crewe are the actor's own highly financially successful string of athletic loveable misfits, a character more intellectually gifted than Bobby Boucher of "The Waterboy" and more sedate than the title character in "Happy Gilmore." Reynolds could play self-destructive and willfully belligerent, a man who could demand and receive respect in the most precarious of situations. Even if he's trying to play a superstar jock, Sandler is a benign doofus, an Everyman as comfortable in a maximum security prison as Britney Spears would be at a Mensa meeting.

    Glossy where the original was gritty and raw, silly where the original was scabrously funny, cartoonish where the original was dangerous and threatening, this new "Longest Yard" aims only to be a diverting summer lark. With the help of a game and eclectic supporting cast and a spunky (but never convention-challenging) attitude, it succeeds admirably.

    Sheldon Turner's adapted screenplay stands by Tracy Keenan Wynn's original script down to the tiniest of plot details, lifting every twist and many of the most pointed conversations. Sandler is Paul "Wrecking" Crewe, a former NFL MVP quarterback booted from the league for allegedly fixing a game. He bottoms out in an elaborate escalating traffic violation that lands him in Allenville Federal Penitentiary, the personal fiefdom of Warden Hazen (James Cromwell), a martinet passionate about his prison football team and his own political aspirations. Distressed by his team's recent stumbles, the warden entrusts Crewe to put together a squad of inmates to go against the guards in what he assumes will be a season-opening rout. What he doesn't understand is that for the Mean Machine, this game will be a chance at revenge and vindication.

    Buried amidst the portrait of a disparate group of men bonding in adverse circumstances (a trademark Aldrich theme), the original "Longest Yard," also questioned the rehabilitating possibilities of the penal system, with an interesting racial critique on the side. Sandler's version strips away most of the thematic richness, sprinkling cheap laughs on the already fertile framework like so much natural fertilizer. None of the changes in this new version is more telling than the reimagination of the warden's secretary, a lusty young Bernadette Peters in 1974, a randy and perverse (and hilarious) Cloris Leachman now. Throw in a gang of cross-dressing cheerleaders (led by Tracy Morgan), prison sodomy jokes galore and repeated references to the prodigious size of wrestler Bill Goldberg's, um, Gold-member and this "Longest Yard" isn't better, but it's probably funnier.

    Chris Rock assists with the wisecracking humor as Caretaker, one of those obligatory prison movie inmates who knows all of the loopholes and catches in the system. Rock's acerbic one-liners are sharper than anything else in the film conveying the impression that nobody forced him to stick to the script.

    The easy interplay between Rock and Sandler probably helped create a comfortable work environment for the cast's legion of non-thespians. The reliable character actors (Cromwell, William Fichtner), genuine football stars (Michael Irvin, Brian Bosworth and Bill Romanowski) and professional wrestlers (Goldberg, Steve Austin) blend perfectly. None of the non-actors embarrass themselves and Cowboys' great Irvin, stretching as a star wide receiver, and rapper Nelly, as an unstoppable running back, are big screen naturals. Less successful are the appearances by various ESPN personalities, particularly Chris Berman, who proves to be even more ingratiating when his shtick is written for him than when he works off the cuff.

    Reynolds shows up in an extended cameo and he even gets the movie star entrance, striding in purposeful slo-motion with the sun setting behind him, but his presence is mostly a reminder that even at a mind-bogglingly spry 69, he's more convincing as a sporting legend than Sandler.

    Although he and Sandler have had hits with their previous collaborations ("Anger Management," "50 First Dates"), this is easily Segal's most accomplished film. Much of the credit probably goes to Oscar-winning cinematographer Dean Semler ("Dances with Wolves"), who works with Segal to deliver vigorous football action -- set, often music video-style, to an assortment of classic rock favorites and hip hop -- to accompany the comic scenes and even one or two moments of actual pathos.

    At some point this summer, a literate independent film will be released with an R-rating because of a fleeting glimpse of a nipple or because characters discuss a sexual relationship in an emotionally honest matter (something in the "Raising Victor Vargas" vein), preventing responsible young adults from seeing the movie. When that happens, I hope those filmmakers point to "The Longest Yard" and its PG-13 rating as a sign of the MPAA ratings board's ongoing hypocrisy. Whatever the limits are for casual verbal obscenity, crass dialogue and jokes about sexual deviance, this movie pushes them.

    Sandler's core audience of young male teens and frat boys will love this movie, but the Boys Club tone (Leachman and Courteney Cox, in a fleeting cameo, are the token females) may turn off distaff viewers who would rather see the funnyman romance Drew Berrymore than do hard time....more info
  • The Longest Yard
    When you think of remakes you think of movies that don't strike you the way the original did. Most remakes are so bad that they disgrace the original. Others are just average. This is the exception. I've seen the original so I'm not just basing it off the remake. The original is okay. I didn't really like it all that much. Don't get me wrong, its a good movie but it just doesn't appeal to me being from a younger generation. That's why we have remakes. To appeal to younger audiences. The remake has most of the same dialogue in it with more jokes. The characters are funnier and I believe the actual football game is longer. The remake shows more practicing than the original also. The characters are all there but they either have more dialogue or are funnier. Overall this is a great remake....more info
  • Not the Burt Reynolds version
    Let it be known that I would be one of the first to stand up against all the Hollywood remakes. This is actually the first time I've wanted to see a remake, and I caught it the weekend it came out. And I must say, I was entertained the whole time. I think if you look at this movie as a football comedy, and not try to compare it to the Burt Reynolds version, you'll enjoy it. I think a lot of people are turned off by this movie for that reason, and because they see this as being nothing more than "The Waterboy Pt. 2". But it's not, despite the cameo by Rob Schneider (sp?), which honestly, I could've done without. The characters could've been a little more developed...I mean, why should we root for the "Mean Machine", other than the fact that the guards were really corrupt? With no character development, it just seemed like we were rooting for the lesser of two evils. The library racism scene w/Nelly was a nice start, but there could've been a few more scenes like that. Like I said, it's a pretty entertaining movie, once you realize that 1) it's not the Burt Reynolds version, and 2) it's not trying to be. If you're a football fan, you'll like this movie. The game will probably get you energized, especially the last moments of the game. I usually don't like a bunch of gratuitous split-screens and camera shots, but for a movie like this, it works (in this case, it almost seems like a homage to the original)....more info
  • You gotta protect your McNuggets!
    Let's face it. Hitting refs with a football in their own very personal foul areas is just funny. Fortunately, there's a lot more funny stuff where that came from in this comedic remake of The Longest Yard. I was never a big fan of the original, so I can't compare and contrast the two here. What I can say is that the remake, which milks as many stereotypes as it can find for all their comedic worth, is a genuinely funny movie. There's no effort to make some kind of sociological argument here. The Longest Yard is just a comedy, pure and simple. Even the one serious moment in the film doesn't really hit you with anything more than surprise at what just happened.

    With the tandem of Adam Sandler and Chris Rock leading the way, you know you're going to do some laughing. Combining two such heavyweight comedians in one film, though, is a handicap in some ways because your expectations may be too high going in. That's probably why some viewers don't think the film is funny enough for their liking. I think the inclusion of Burt Reynolds in the cast was a bit of risk, but the role of the old veteran really fits in perfectly with the script. The rest of the cast is a hodgepodge of surprising faces: Cloris Leachman as the warden's lecherous (and thereby disgusting) secretary; professional wrestlers Bill Goldberg (who, like Burt Reynolds, did play college FB), Kevin Nash, and Steve Austin; former NFL players Michael Irvin (Michael Irvin as a prison inmate is perfect casting, if you ask me), Bill Romanowski, and Brian Bosworth (who was in the NFL only long enough for my man Bo Jackson to run him over on Monday Night Football). With Sandler serving as executive director, you have to wonder how this motley crew of individuals could have been held together long enough to actually make a movie. You can't argue with results, though.

    There's not much to the story. Paul Crewe (Sandler) is a former NFL MVP whose career ended with a point shaving scandal. Now, six years later, he seems determined to ruin his life completely and winds up in the big house, Texas-style. The warden wants him to help get his prison guard football team in shape for the upcoming season, and he ends up recruiting a team of convicts to take on the guards in a pre-season game. All of the inmates hated him at first, with the exception of Caretaker (Chris Rock), so he's got his work cut out even fielding a team, let alone teaching them how to play. There are some bad dudes in the joint, though, and the opportunity to crack heads with the hated guards can be a pretty powerful recruiting tool. The game itself turns into a big event, as ESPN2 and Chris Berman come in to broadcast it nation-wide. You know everything that's going to happen, but it doesn't matter one iota. The closest thing you get to suspense is your natural curiosity over the possibility of Burt Reynolds' overstretched face popping at any given moment.

    Is this Adam Sandler or Chris Rock at his best? No, not by a long shot. Still, it's a consistently funny film, and you just can't go too far wrong with a combination of comedy and football - not with male viewers, anyway....more info
  • Fairly Amusing, But NO Originality Whatsoever
    The 1974 prison movie is remade AGAIN. The first remake was the 2001 film called `Mean Machine' staring soccer player-turned-actor Vinnie Jones, and now here comes another `The Longest Yard' with Adam Sandler. Both remakes are reasonably amusing, with the original story kept basically intact, plus the reasonable supporting cast, but I still don't know why the four film companies Columbia/Paramount/MTV/Happy Madison had to remake this film now.

    Adam Sandler plays the role of ex-NFL player Paul Crewe, who is sent to the jail in Texas after being arrested for `stealing' his girl friend's car and his reckless driving. The warden of the prison Hazen (James Cromwell) asks - or orders - Crowe to organize a football team for the inmates. The warden's idea is, the inmates' team must be so horrible that the guards' semi-professional football team can beat them easily, feeling happy and more confident.

    But you know, the inmates refuse to be losers. After enlisting a help from `Caretaker' (Chris Rock) and Coach Nate Scarborough (Burt Reynolds), Paul Crowe's team named `Mean Machine' get stronger than he had expected.

    The director is Peter Segal, whose approach to the material is alarmingly silly at times (inmates' cheerleaders, for example), and as a result the tone of the film is at best very uneven. William Fichtner appears as sadistic prison guard, but his violence is soon forgotten in the following slapstick scenes with supports like Bob Sapp. All in all, the actors supply funny moments and the sports stunts are convincing. Chris Rock and Burt Reynolds are good, if not great, and the brief cameos from Cloris Leachman and Rob Schneider provide amusing scenes, but Sandler is least interesting, far cry from '50 First Date.'

    The overlong remake has little to offer except several funny scenes and amusing cameos. In the final chapter the film delivers the goods, but you have to go through the long road to reach that....more info
  • "Good"
    A comedy and sports movie in one. Great fun. The ending was obvious but was worth watching....more info
  • Adam Sandler pumps out another mediocre movie
    The movie the Longest Yard staring Burt Reynolds is an absolute masterpiece, a movie that didn't need any remaking. This movie, the one starring Adam Sandler is a true shame to the original. The movie could have been made better with anyone but Sandler at the helm. The inclusion of Burt Reynolds was a litter different, don't know if he should have even had a role in the remake, was good for him to score the touchdown. This movie did have some laughs but overall I don't think that I see myself ever watching the travesty that is the remake of the Longest Yard, I'm off to watch the original and remind my self as to how much this Sandler garbage ruined it.

    Brian Bowen...more info
  • Better than the original!
    I first have to be honest and say I hate adam sandler and usually avoid his films but I love chris rock so I watched anyway. I am glad I did as this film is a classic!

    Being that I like this film so much I rented oiginal and it suprised me how close the remake followed the orignal plotline. What was a greater surprise was that I did not like the orignal as much due to the violence towards women and its brutal nature.

    If you like simple violent john wayne type films get the original but if you like a film the teens can see with the family get the remake.
    ...more info
  • nothing special here.
    I can't believe people are giving this five stars. An excessive portion of this movie is devoted to the football game, and it just gets repetitive and boring. The laughs are few and the classic Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison esque humor is not intact. Some of the scenes in this movie are so unrealistic that I wanted to vomit. Like the scene when steve austin shoots that gun, and the pellets ricochet across the room for an unreasonable amount of time. Also, Adam Sandler's reckless behavior that gets him arrested was not very realistic either. The deficit of humor in this one solidifies my negative assessment. Stick to a good Adam Sandler movie. ...more info
  • The ORIGINAL is a classic this is a bore ....
    The only reason I gave this poop 2 stars is for the role oc Chris Rock .... unfortunately he doesn't make it through the wole movie ..... I mean what they should have done is gotten rid of the guards, the warden and Sandler himself .....

    Even Burt Reynolds performace was below standard .... I saw ther original and the charaters no matter how mean and nasty had some redeeming values and that is what made this light hearted movie great..... In the remake the mean charactrers actually came across as mean trust me no comedic value of any kind type of mean ....

    If you hear anyone lagh during this film it's probably cause they are reading messages an their Blackberry !!!...more info
  • Better than I Expected, But No Bargain
    THE LONGEST YARD, while not as horrible as it could have been, is still not the film it could have been either. Rather than live in the shadow of the original film, THE LONGEST YARD manages to set up a decent comedy of its own, despite being formulaic and cheesy at times.

    By now, you should be very familiar with the plot: Paul Crewe (Adam Sandler) is a former NFL star, who was indicted for throwing a game and has been recently picked up for reckless driving. He gets the opportunity to round up a bunch of prison misfits to form a "prisoner" football team, set to go head-to-head with the prison guards. Crewe's rag-tag bunch does remarkably well and the warden of the prison begins to worry about his chances of winning. In turn, Crewe is faced with a moral dilemma: throw the game again and save his skin or play the game and risk his life.

    THE LONGEST YARD is the very definition of a formula comedy, but I still managed to eek out some entertainment from it. The supporting cast is really quite superb if you take a close look at it. While the not the greatest film I've seen all year, it does provide the people with exactly what they want: mind-numbing entertainment. Just don't spend $20 on it. Trust me. You won't like it that much....more info
  • Worth Watching
    I have never been one to enjoy sports movies, so I hesitated to watch it when my friend rented it...but since I'm a HUGE (and I mean HUGE) Adam Sandler fan, I decided to watch it... man am I glad I decided to!!! It was so awesome and incredibly funny!!! Two thumbs way, way up! I can't wait to go buy it!

    Chris Rock definitely upped the comedy for this movie.

    Also Recommended: Anchorman, Bad Santa, Old School
    ...more info
  • What a great flick!
    Ok I didn't see the original of this, so this is based completely on this version. I saw this in the movies, and about half the way through, i knew i would own this movie. Personally, not a huge fan of Sandler or Rock, but they are excellent in this movie. It is very funny and touching at times. Get a group of friends over, pop some popcorn, and sit down and watch a great movie that will have everyone laughing....more info
  • Better Than the Original
    When movies come out with a remake it is usually not as good as the original. The remake of The Longest Yard is more entertaining than the first. Some of the sexual jokes may not be suitable for younger audiences. As compared to the original with Burt Reynolds, the remake is much funnier and more enjoyable to watch. The director also did a great job of introducing the characters and gets viewers to really dislike the guards with use of racial discrimination and abuse to Paul Crewe. Adam Sandler along with Chris Rock makes this a great comedy for all teenagers. The chemistry of these two actors showed in this movie. They were why this movie was so funny. Sandler did a great job of playing Paul Crewe and was a huge factor of why this remake was better than the original.
    Movie technology played a big role in why this movie was so entertaining. The final football game was intense, humorous, and fun. Camera positioning and cutting made one feel as if they were in the game. This not only occurred in the final game, but also throughout the entire movie. This remake is one that can be watched over and over because the comedy never gets old. It is a great movie and everyone should buy it, or at least rent it.
    ...more info