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  • Don't waste TIME
    Get this movie it is really good. This movie makes you think about what it would be like if you could stop time. You will watch this movie so many times believe me!...more info
  • Clean movie, nice concept, family fun!
    I was pretty surprised when I watched this film. It was surprisingly entertaining and kept me riveted for the entire film. The acting by Jesse Bradford was very believable and the supporting cast enhanced the overall movie production.

    This is a movie for all ages and comes across as good clean fun with nice dramatic touch.

    Don't fear renting/buying this film! It's pretty good!...more info

  • I actually liked it.
    I didn't think I wouldn'tlike this movie but I was pleasantly surprised and it turned out pretty good. It was a fun movie to watch and I would probably watch it again.
    It's a fun and clean movie that the whole family will enjoy. Even the teen crowd may like it. Give it a chance and rent it out. If you don't like it then you'll know other than wondering if it's worth it down the road. :)...more info
  • fun movie, especially for younger teenagers
    I'm not so harsh a reviewer as some have been on this movie, I thought it was a fun way to spend 90 minutes. The plot concerns a research project headed by a government agent (Michael Biehn)that is supposed to develop a means of altering time. The concept , to speed time up so that an agent can do a mission undetected, works but has a drawback in that using it too much speeds up the aging process. Because of this drawback Biehn's projcet will be shut down unless he can find a solution. The kids get into it when the boy discovers that a watch his father had (sent to him by the other scientist)isn't actually a watch at all but a device that appears to freeze time except for the wearer or someone in contact with them. The viewer is 'treated' to a long run of scenes in which the boy and girl have fun with the device, these are mostly very well done. I can't remember how far you actually get though the movie before the kids come into contact with the first scientist from the project but they soon are drawn into rescuing the boys father(an associate of the first scientist, he was kidnapped to do what the other man could not)and defeating the evil Govt. agent and his crew. The plot is very thin but fun to watch, much better suited to young teens than their parents....more info
  • Great kids flick!
    This is a really good film for kids age 8 - 13. Just enough excitement without all the violence and language of other films. It's a little too high up on the intelligence scale for under 8 I think. It's a little too goofy for over 13.

    But in that range of 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders, it should be a big hit.

    There's just something cool about being able to stop time and only you keep going. The ads on Nickleodean were great. And the thing is, time isn't stopped, you only perceive it as stopped because your relative time is so fast. The moview will explain it.

    The acting was real good... Not great, but real good. Believable.

    Not too many extras on the DVD. Small interviews with the main characters. The TV trailers... Not much more....more info

  • Good movie for what it is
    Now, I'm not the type of guy who watches movies and rates them ridiculously with high expectations. In fact, I don't even watch any movie whatsoever with high expectations because I know very well that I'll always be disappointed. With that said, "Clockstoppers" isn't half as bad as all critics make it out to be. I will admit the fact that I was entertained for what they worked with. I do, however, have my set of alternative plot twists and other suggestions that could've made the movie better but that's just me. For what Jonathan Frakes dished out with the props used, there were some interesting scenes and French Stewart was great. The concept was nice and I got a few laughs from the scene where Zak first uses the watch and freezes that animal (a possum??) and ends up bringing it into the kitchen where Francesca is frozen too. There were some missing ingredients, yes, but I'm not gonna be some picky critic who sits there picking out all the countless amount of flaws in a movie rather than to just sit back and watch what has been made. Otherwise, movie watching isn't fun and instead, it'll be more like some kind of business venture or like a job of picking out fried wires from inside a comp unit. This movie is good for the kids and doesn't have to rely on mindless violence nor the sexuality that perverts always hope for. I don't even know why this is being compared to classics like the "Back to the Future" series. There's "Back to the Future" in its own and then there's "Clockstoppers" which is in its own too. Watch this as its separate piece. The story is simple, a guy named Zak finds a watch device that was sent to his dad from some scientist. Little does he know that the watch device has the ability to stop time and enable the user and anyone who touches the user to roam around in 'Hyper-time.' The scientist's boss wants to find Zak's dad in hopes of replacing him and getting back the watch. Anyway, give this one a chance and watch it without high expectations. If you're one of those picky hardcore film viewers who always needs rated R content or whatever, go watch something else. If you're one of those animated Disney movie freaks yet can't appreciate fun for just an hour, go watch something else. Otherwise, tune in!...more info
  • A good idea that goes nowhere (especially in hyper-time)
    The idea is attractive: what if you could move so quickly that everybody else would look like they were frozen? You would not be stopping everybody in their place, as in the old "Twilight Zone" episode, but rather you would be going at living in hyper-time. Dr. George Gibbs (Robin Thomas) has invented a way of making this work and put it in a witch, which ends up in the hands of his teenage son, Zak (Jesse Bradford). Of course, Zak sees this as a great way of impressing the new girl at school, Francesca (Paula Garces), but there is also the problem bad people in the employee of millionaire Henry Gate (Michael Biehn) are after Zac for the watch. To make things worse, Zac gets help from Dr. Earl Dopler (French Stewart), who has been trapped in hyper-time and aged by the process, and his father is kidnapped by the bad people.

    The movie has one problem, but it is big and ultimately undermines the entire film. Given this incredibly neat premise, script writers Rob Hedden, Andy Hedden, J. David Stem and David N. Weiss fail to exploit the comic potential to its fullest. The guy with the nose ring trying to steal the bicycle gets a nice comeuppance, but everything else is rather lame. Come this with what happens to Jim Carey's character in "Bruce Almighty," who is given divine powers and knows immediately what is on his "things to do" list when granted divine powers. We should all have our lists for what we should do if we become a god, can turn invisible, or move at super speed. At least Zac's girlfriend enjoys exploring the sense of wonder over their newfound ability.

    Most of "Clockstoppers" is not about using the hyper-time device but rather about getting control of the it, which means they come up with this great idea and then make it a minor plot device. Maybe the special effects budget was not big enough, but this is a film where the gimmick has to be at the core of the film. Then again, even without big money you should be able to come up with some good routines provided you have the IMAGINATION to think them up in the first place. Besides, thinking through the plot possibilities here was clearly too much. It turns out you do not have to be wearing the watch to be affected, you just have to be touching the person wearing the watch when they turn it on. I might buy warp drive and transporter beams because of what they do to facilitate the telling of a story, but this is too much for me to accept.

    Granted, there is one good joke at the expense of director Jonathan Frakes, but even the Nickelodeon age audience is going to figure out that the idea of "Clockstoppers" is much better than the execution. This is another one of those movies where all the best bits are in the trailer. Too bad the writers could not spend a couple of months in hyper-time coming up with better ways of exploiting their basic premise....more info

  • Cool sci-fi movie for teenagers
    I like this film. It creates a positive, energetic, optimistic mood.
    And it is so funny!

    The story is about a couple of teenagers, who acquire the ability
    to stop time. Imagine that you could press a "pause" button in the real life, similarly to the way you could press the "pause" button on a DVD player. And while life is stopped, you could manipulate it and do what you want while nobody can control you. That is what this movie is about.

    It's a very cheerful movie - no horror, just lots of amusement.
    It's a mixture between "Back to the Future" and "Terminator".
    In fact, the actor Michael Biehn from "Terminator" plays in this movie!
    That's so cool because I haven't seen him in too many movies.
    So, I strongly recommend the movie, because it is humorous, light-hearted and has nice special effects. Also, the director is one of the Star Trek actors, so he will not disappoint you....more info
  • Clock Stoppin' Good Time
    If you are looking for a Movie that is fun and entertaining to watch you've found it. The effects are awesome; the acting is great, and finally a movie where the dialog isn't corny.

    It takes a couple of times watching the movie to fully grasp what is happening, and that is why you can watch this movie over and over again without getting sick of it. You'll be amazed at how many times you can watch it and still find scenes and sentences you don't remember hearing.

    If you are looking for a movie that you can enjoy over and over again while still being interesting, then I strongly recommend this movie, you'll be glad you bought it....more info

  • Lame SF Comedy
    CLOCKSTOPPERS takes the premise of a watch that can stop time (from THE TWILIGHT ZONE) and combines it with the cutesy technogeek high school boy and girl (from WARGAMES) but manages to lose the quaint humor of the former and the credible interaction of the latter. Director Jonathan Frakes tries to infuse a lame script with catchy tunes, funky hip hop DJs, and some eye catching special effects in a tale that combines the usual government shadow agency bad guy (Michael Biehn) with the exciting premise that science can now halt the external passing of time while allowing a special watch-carrying agent to act normally within this hypertime. Jesse Bradford and Paula Garces are the two high schoolers (who by the way look far too old--Garces was 28 when she made this) who meet, fumble in their initial introduction, and go off on what is the same buddy relation that Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy did so much better in WARGAMES. French Stewart lamely plays the same role of the thwarted scientist that Christopher Lloyd had in BACK TO THE FUTURE. Films that borrow so liberally from other similar and more successful ones are usually noted only for a massive level of scriptual incompetancy. If the U. S. government really had such a hypertime device, I doubt if it would try to close down the very group that had it. Further, to cast the leader of the renegade scientists as a megalomaniacal thug is simply to plug into the Lame Scriptwriter's Textbook. CLOCKSTOPPERS is not a funny movie, nor is it a thrilling one. At best, one can ooh and aah only at the very occasional moments of dazzling lights. Prediction: This one will only be a footnote on the resumes of all concerned....more info
  • "I'm officially freaked out now!"
    The editorial review on Amazon for Clockstoppers (2002) starts out with the question `Who hasn't fantasized about being able to stop time and move things around?" Sure, I've fantasized about having the ability to stop time, but as far as moving things around? I've imagined of doing a whole lot more than just moving things around...but my own, perverse fantasies are probably not appropriate for posting on this particular product page (this film was produced by Nickelodeon, that network for kids...does anyone remember that show You Can't Do That on Television? Just wondering...). Directed by Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek: Nemesis), the film stars Jesse Bradford (Swimfan) and the very edible Paula Garc¨¦s (Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle). Also appearing is Michael Biehn (The Terminator, The Abyss), winner of the Whoopi Goldberg look-a-like contest Garikayi Mutambirwa (Jeepers Creepers II), Robin Thomas (he was the nerdy principal in the 1987 film Summer School), Julia Sweeney (It's Pat), and the French `I need a better manager' Stewart (Home Alone 4, Inspector Gadget 2).

    The film begins with a cool looking sequence that ends in such a way that makes no sense, that is until you get further into the story, and by then you'll have probably forgotten all about it, unless you are writing a review, and trying to remember how the film started, like me...does that make sense? Probably not, but if you see this film, you'll know what I'm talking about...anyway, soon we meet Zak Gibbs (Bradford), a guy I initially confused with that character Xander, played by Nicholas Brendon, from the television series `Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. He seems like kind of a tool as he rides around on his bike as if he owns the street, and also later for continual pestering his father about wanting to buy, with money he scammed off Ebay buyers by misrepresenting junk, a boss Ford Mustang which he could never afford the insurance on...we learn Zak's father, who's some kind of science genius and teaches at a local university, gets a device from a former student named Earl (Stewart), and is looking for help. Turns out the device, disguised as a watch, is some kind of accelerated molecular do-hicky that allows the wearer to move at such a speed (called hyper time) that it makes the rest of the world appear as if it were standing still...okay...the problem is, extended usage results in rapid aging of the wearer...also, Earl works for QT Laboratories, which is run by a man named Gates (Biehn), and the project, which was funded for by the gooberment, has now been terminated and Uncle Sam wants everything that has resulted from the research, but Gates is evil, and the potential for such a device so great he's unwilling to give it up. Zak finds the device, begins using it, but soon finds himself the target of Gates and his goons as they try to retrieve what has been lost, and end up kidnapping Zak's father to take up where Earl left Zak must figure out a way to break into a top secret facility and rescue his father...

    If anything, this sure was a slick looking had some really nice special effects, during the time standing still parts. As far as the story, well it just felt like there wasn't a whole lot there, and I wasn't even expecting much. The film is filled with plot holes, like when Zak was trying to break into the high security facility and finds unbelievably easy access via some incredibly large air vents, but I wasn't really willing to subject the film to harsh scrutiny as it appeared it was mainly a just for fun movie, one you kind of coast through and just enjoy. I did find the character (or actor) of Zak to be a little annoying, perhaps it had something to do with the ease at which he hooked up with that babe played by Paula Garc¨¦s. One aspect I will comment on that I found a little too outlandish was the use of liquid nitrogen (I think) as a weapon to slow down those who are in hyper time. I gotta think getting sprayed with this would do more than just slow you down, causing extremely severe tissue damage, but I'm no doctor (although I often play one on TV). I guess if I had to pick the weakest element of the film (the special effects are probably the strongest) it would be the story. Frakes moved the story along well, and presented things well (I guess directing those various Star Trek eppys paid off), and the actors all seem capable, but they weren't really given much. Take Biehn's character as the evil Gates...he was hardly even there...when he was, he was decent, but he didn't have the involvement or menacing presence I normally look for in an on screen villain. I believe Biehn's certainly capable, but his material was lacking. Stewart provides a few laughs, and his character really gets the beating throughout the film, but he also seems to have so little to work with...personally I would have gotten rid of Zak, his family, and friends (keeping Garc¨¦s cause she's hotsy), and had Stewart be the main character...perhaps not as it was written, but I thought there was a good deal of extraneous stuff that could have been lost or worked out...but then who would the younger viewers identify with? So it depends on who the film was marketed to...probably not so much myself...all in all, the movie's fun, but forgettable...oh yeah, I did like most of the music which featured artists like Smash Mouth, Fenix TX, Third Eye Blind, Blink 182, New Found Glory among others....I thought the remakes of songs Abracadabra (2002 Ralph Sall Remix) with Sugar Ray and Time After Time with Uncle Kracker were pretty good...

    The widescreen anamorphic (1.85:1) picture here is sharp, and the audio, available in Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround comes through clear. Special features include a making of featurette, two music videos, promotional spots and a trailer.

    ...more info
  • Not exactly Back to the Future for a new generation
    Clockstoppers got fairly good reviews, but if this movie were made for a PG-13 audience, it would've been a hella lot more appealing.

    I'll admit, I've wished for the ability to move at such a speed that time would be frozen around me. We see quite a bit of that happening in the movie.

    One of the movie's weakest points is that while the whole time-stopping element is good, the storyline is a little weak....more info

  • Fantastic picture quality and good sound
    This DVD can be used as a benchmark for your plasma monitor (or large-screen LCD).

    ... and aside from the excellent photography and good sound, its actually a good movie....
    if you happen to like teenage films (and I do).

    Check the scene in the consulates mansion on the first date... particularly the honey bee in flight against the
    pink flower petals.... the "frozen" water of the sprinkler... the close-ups of the faces
    in the kitchen scene.... the rat scampering along the tiles.

    From the point of view of lighting, focus and high quality imaging it
    deserves 5 stars

    I watch a LOT of movies... and I am also a professional photographer...

    trust me, this disc is just the thing you need to restore your confidence
    in your home theatre setup.... after watching all the "other" movies !!...more info
  • I Love Clockstoppers
    That movie is good it is also 4 stars because it is:

    N-Not stupid
    N-No kidnapping
    Y-You will love it

    My favorite part was Meeker's pants feel down because it was so funny I laughed my pants off! I also thought Meeker was right because Zak's watch was off the hook. I still think that Meeker is a dofus....more info

  • Frakes -- did you just dupe me?
    It could be the handful of hours rest that I am currently working on or the pathetic excuses for film that I am currently enjoying, but "Clockstoppers" didn't anger me or make me smile. This was a near-perfect example of a film that played it safe, worked with the teen audience, and boasted special effects that honestly, were appealing to the eye. "Clockstoppers" won't win you awards at the company Trivia Night, nor will it impress your co-worker's mind at the water cooler the next morning, but it doesn't make you go into a fit of rage either. The script is loose at best, the acting fits well into the predestined can of clich¨¦, but it is the special effects that really make you sit and watch this film from beginning to end without fits of rage. This may be surprising to my loyal readers, but I could not willingly sit here and bash a film that honestly engaged my inner boredom as much as this film did. "Clockstoppers" was a film dedicated to hitting the median, not going above or below, and wildly succeeded.

    "Clockstoppers" is one of those simple PG plots which involves a boy, a watch, and no need to corrupt the system. A kid, unlike you or I, finds a watch from his super-genius father that can literally slow down time (actually, speed up his molecules so that time seems to be going slower). Instead of stay in that time forever, growing old and experiencing the powers of "invisibility", he uses it to win over the heart of an unknown girl and stop the world from catapulting into utter annihilation. Yep, something I would do if I could stop time. Like any other film of this nature, I am sure you know what ultimately happens in the end. Helmed by "Star Trek's" very own Jonathan Frakes, "Clockstoppers" boasts the talents of Jesse Bradford, Michael Biehn, and French Stewart - with a cast like this, who needs enemies. Using amazing CGI to bring this story from the page, where Frakes falls short are the characters and his inability to grapple with the technology he is filming. I am not going to cover my issues with the molecular speed-up, because I am sure they have been nauseatingly been said before, but they did force you to consider the unmentioned possibilities. Why wasn't this whole film done with slowed time? How could some inanimate objects fly through the air in slow time, while others fit into the pattern of going slow? Why didn't Bradford fall through the floor? Age issues - don't make me go there! Again, this could be a whole topic of conversation, but instead, lets talk about the other pivotal downfalls of this film, and how they related to me feeling decent after watching this.

    I must admit, Frakes does a decent job behind the camera. He has learned from his acting lessons and can tell a complete story. Without the science fiction plot holes, the story itself for "Clockstoppers" was pretty clich¨¦, yet straight forward. He didn't try to overdo it, while his actors might have attempted to gobble every line they could, Frakes kept the story simple and the CGI impressive. I have to applaud him for his work here, he could have made this a very dark story, but instead kept it suitable for a teen audience. This wasn't the original "Agent Cody Banks" in any way, but it did attempt to stand on its own, and I must applaud Frakes for his attempt. The acting, as mentioned before, was horrid. French Stewart was possibly at the lowest point of his career with this film. His attempt to be a honest scientist was goofy at best. He was never mad, just loony with his approach to this character. Jesse Bradford was middle of the road. Consistent with the standards of this film, he never went above where we wanted him to be. Oddly, his Ebay selling reminded me of another character from "Transformers", but I don't want to think the two films plagiarized. Julia Sweeny, well, just don't make me go down that tunnel. Paula Garces was middle of the road as well, she played off Bradford with ease because there was nothing they needed to attach themselves to. Could I be any more vague? When I finished watching this movie, I wasn't feeling upset or happy about the results - this was a mediocre film, and I can applaud it for staying within that genre.

    Sometimes I listen to music half my age - this film is a prime example of music that is half my age. There was an attempt to take it even further up the tween channel by employing the music of Blink 182 to heavily dominate the scenes of joy, empowerment, or victory. There was the overuse of Smash Mouth, which seems to plague every tween movie today - but oddly, that was allowed this time. Typically, I find myself yelling about how one-sided these releases tend to be. Focusing their marking towards a singular audience instead of just pushing the boundaries, but with "Clockstoppers" I felt their average outing calmed me. It worked I shouldn't have worked, but it did. Frakes subdued me, and I cannot argue with him. The special features surrounding this film were pathetic as well, staged "behind the scenes" which only showed how "fun" a film like this could be - it was disgusting. The music videos didn't fit, and the Saturday Morning interruptions also included were vile as well. See this language, yet I am going to give this film at least three stars. See, Frakes did dupe me.

    Overall, I gotta stop this review before I stick myself in a deeper hole. Agents with no names, bad villains bent on total domination using everything in their arsenal outside of the weapon of choice, a cool watch that may have sold well over the holidays, and plot holes the size of Miami. I hate these features on a film, but again, "Clockstoppers" filled a hour and a half of couch time well for me. I never laughed, but I never got bored with this story. Call me a quitter or a lacky to the cause, but "Clockstoppers" never came out of its shell, and I am happy for that. It was pathetic, but delightful in the same sense. I cannot suggest this movie to friends, but if it rained one afternoon and we needed something to kill the time - I think "Clockstoppers" would find its way back to the DVD player! Thank Frakes - you duped me again!

    Grade: *** out of ***** ...more info
  • some good fun
    I must say, I was overly surprised by how much I enjoyed this movie. I didn't think it was great or anything, but I had a fun time watching it. It sure beat the socks off the new 2002 movie The Time Machine. And also, my five year sister enjoyed Clockstoppers as well....more info
  • I wish there were real watches like that !!
    This movie isn't the best, isn't the worst. I like the storyline. I wish there were real watches like that, that would be really cool. I like the part when Zak stops time, them he and Francesca have some real fun.. they take a stilled dog with its leg up in the air, and they put it in the front seat of a police woman's car. They also did a whole bunch of other things, but that was my favourite. I recognized most of the cast. Jesse Bradford plays Zak. Jesse is in a new film called Swimfan. I highly recommend Clockstoppers!

    This DVD has 2 music videos, the making of, movie trailer, etc......more info