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Built NY 17" Laptop Sleeve - Black
List Price: $39.99

Our Price: $23.00

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Product Description

Composed of extra-thick durable neoprene, this laptop sleeve cushions and protects your laptop for maximum protection, while it safely slides in and out of your briefcase or luggage. Perfect for business travelers and urban nomads alike, this laptop sleeve conforms to the size of your computer. Its unique bone shape creates an instant built-in bumper system for extra protection. Its Shark Gill Grips on the sides makes gripping and handling slip-free.

  • Machine Washable and stain resistant
  • External Dimensions 16.9 in L X 11.8 in W X .5 in D
  • Made from 5MM Neoprene
  • Shark Gill grips

Customer Reviews:

  • 17" ????
    Ibought it and my 17" toshiba notebook doesn't fit in it... I sold it to a frien whit a 15" notebook, it was perfect to his notebook...more info
  • Not to Scale
    The laptop sleeve is great quality; the problem is the sizing is way off. I had read other review of this product which said that the laptop sleeve ran small and suggested that you buy a size bigger than your computer, and I did. I bought a 17" laptop sleeve for a 15.4" widescreen laptop and the Built NY 17" laptop sleeve was still too small for my computer or to be specific it was still too narrow for my computer. Amazon lists the external dimensions as 16.9 in L x 11.8 in W x .5 in D. The 11.8 in W measurement that is listed is from the ends. The hour glass part in the middle is around 10.4 inches wide, so if your computer is wider than about 9.5 inches don't buy this laptop sleeve....more info
  • Buyer beware
    Be careful... advertised as a 17" laptop sleeve, but was built for a 15.4." I have a Lenovo Y530, at 14.2" long, 10.3" wide, and 1.4" thick. The reason why I gave it 5 stars was because it fit my laptop perfectly, with no wiggle room, and slides into my Dakine Campus bookbag's laptop holder very well. I was going to get the 13-15" sleeve, read reviews that said to buy the 17" sleeve, and I'm glad I did. DO NOT GET THIS SLEEVE FOR ANYTHING LONGER THAN 14.5 INCHES. THIS WILL NOT FIT A 17" LAPTOP, ONLY A 15.4" LAPTOP....more info
  • Awesome
    I bought my sleeve in order to turn my favorite "messenger bag" into an optional computer carrier (for bike commuting). It works great for that, as would wadded-up newspaper, a towel, or a large serving of popcorn, as padding is the key. This provides that. What I discovered is that a padded sleeve this one provides the best way to transport your machine when a full blown laptop bag is too much. Relying on a fully charged battery, I have used my excellent Built NY sleeve to take my laptop along on flights, and I do so with confidence in the security of the machine (and going through security is a BREEZE without having to dig the computer out of a bag). One warning: make sure the computer is completely off and not just snoozing, because this is essentially an artic sleeping bag and you'll probably overheat the computer quickly if it is stored with the power on.
    Built NY makes these in a range of sizes - find the right one for you and enjoy....more info
  • like a GLOVE!
    My title review is simply that. Looking at reviews from past customers with what type of Pc they had, I new this was the right one. I have a HP 9600 series laptop 17". I was looking for a sleeve that was just clean cut with some simple flair and this was it. Great product... has zipper protection from the inside, machine washable, and the thickness of the neoprene just gives me some sort of security if i ever drop it from the bedside. Just make sure you measure your laptop. There is some leeway for you to play with cause it will def stretch since it is neoprene. ...more info
  • Very good
    I recommend this product if you need some protection to you laptop. It is strong and has a sleek design. However, I wonder if the 15" version would fit better my macbook pro 15.4" without leaving an empty space at the top. The width is perfect, though....more info
  • Works Great!
    It works great and fits very snuggly. I put it in backpack with other books and it helps my laptop from getting scratched. It was really tight at first, but as I used it, it began to stretch out a little more! Thanks A lot!...more info
  • Great Looks & Function
    The Built NY laptop sleeve was a good choice for the price range. I have a laptop bag with all the pockets, sleeves and multiple zippers, but I don't always need it when carrying my 17" MacBook to a meeting or to my house. This is a great sleeve for those trips where I don't need all the accessories or the big bag is too cumbersome. The laptop fits snugly and is easy to carry....more info
  • worth the money
    Very worth the money. protects well, fits the HP laptop really well. A little tight/difficult to get the laptop out sometimes, but it's not a problem...more info
  • Fits 17" MBP
    My only concern was if it would fit my 17" MacBook Pro. It fits perfectly so put your mind at ease if that is your question.

    Mike...more info
  • Easy to use
    This fits perfectly for my HP Pavillion 15.4 inch laptop with a 12 cell battry. Quality material and easy to use. Provides a nice padding for the laptop and keeps off from the dust....more info
  • Perfect fit for Lenovo T61P 15"
    I bought the 17" sleeve for my 15" Lenovo, hoping it would fit - expecting to perhaps have a little extra room, but hoping it wouldn't be too small. The fit? It's perfect. If you have this computer, or one similarly sized (14.1" x 10" x 1.4" - with the standard 6-cell battery... and I would think the larger battery would still fit this sleeve) you can be sure it will fit.

    The build quality is very nice. Exactly what I wanted, just a protective sleeve for my computer, nothing more. Big, durable zipper. ...more info