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Smith & Wesson Galaxy 13 LED Flashlight (10 White LED & 3 Red LED)
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Product Description

Smith & Wesson Galaxy 13 LED 10 White 3 Red

Hailing from the famed firearm manufacturer, the Smith & Wesson Galaxy 13 flashlight is an ideal choice for aviators, law enforcement, hunters, campers, and members of the military. The Galaxy 13 is made from tough anodized aluminum, with 10 white LEDs (for general illumination) and three red LEDs (for seeing in the dark without losing your natural night vision). The white LEDs handle the heavy lifting, with a 30-hour battery life via three AAA batteries (included). The red LEDs, meanwhile, are particularly valuable for situations where you don't want to disturb a driver but still need to read a map, or when you're hunting in the early morning hours but don't want to attract too much attention. The red LEDs--which last for up to 80 hours on a single set of batteries--are popular among pilots, astronomers, truck drivers, military personnel, and police officers. The flashlight, which comes with a deluxe holster, carries a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Sturdy flashlight with 10 white LEDs and 3 red LEDs
  • Tough anodized aluminum construction with deluxe holster
  • Red LEDs let you see in the dark without losing night vision
  • Ideal for aviators, truck drivers, police officers, and more
  • 30-hour (white) or 80-hour (red) battery life; lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • All it's advertised to be
    I was impressed with the quality for the price. Great attention to detail and, for a flashlight housing 3 AA batteries, I was surprised how much it felt and handled like a "real" flashlight. The white LEDs are very bright and clear. I only wish I had the option to dim them and narrow the beam. The red LED's are surprisingly ample in lighting up an area. I'll be purchasing several for Christmas gifts. ...more info
  • AWESOME flashlight, AWESOME price!!
    What a GREAT deal for the money! Seriously, this is probably the BEST flashlight I have ever had... VERY bright light - and I love the red LEDs as well, which doesn't kill my night vision. I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone interested in buying it! It even came with a VERY handy belt pouch!...more info
  • Like the first one, so I got another
    I was looking for a good flashlight to keep in a car for safety and convenience purposes. I found it. It's lightweight, stores easily and is bright enough to illuminate the cargo area or tool box to find what is needed. I haven't taken it hiking yet, but the sturdy case should keep it safe & secure. The second one is for the other car....more info
  • Compact and effective flashlight
    This is a solid, well-built flashlight. It fits the hand well and the buttons are easy to use. While it does not cast a particularly long beam, it is quite effective in illuminating your surroundings. The separate controls for the white and red lights give you the option of using either or both. The compact size makes it convenient to carry....more info
  • S&W Galaxy 13 Flashlight
    Smith & Wesson Galaxy 13 LED Flashlight (10 White LED & 3 Red LED)
    Great item, has a long battery life and is excellent to maintain Night Vision by using the red led, and is great for the white beam excellent lighting
    ...more info
  • My husband loves it!!! A great gift for any man!
    My husband had been looking for an LED flashlight that has red bulbs (for fishing at night), but they were hard to find under $35-40 at our local stores. I found this one and it seemed to be a good quality light at good price - and it IS! He actually uses the red light more often than he thought he would - since it doesn't disturb your night vision. When using the traditional white lights, the flashlight is super bright. It's also a nice size - not too big and not too small. It seems as water-resistant as any flashlight could get. It being made of aluminum is great, too, as it shouldn't rust. A great gift for any guy!!! ...more info
  • Ir Really Works!
    After having read so many positive reviews for this flashlight on Amazon, I was very much impressed. My husband and I had always wanted a flashlight with red light, so we each purchased one. The positve reviews on Amazon mirror our esperience with the Smith & Wesson. We really are enjoying our new flashlights. They are not large, bulky and really heavy like some other LED flashlights I have come across. They fit nicely into your hand and give off just enough light to find an object by your bed in the middle of the night or lead you down a path in the dark. The carrying case that comes with the flashlight is really nice too. I haven't had my flashlight long enough to tell how long the batteries last....more info
  • good general light, great viewing light
    this flashlight is bright enough to provide general light for any pathway or dark street ahead. for trying to see what you're doing, it's the best flashlight I have ever used. reading, cooking, just looking at stuff- this light's great. viewing area spreads out quickly but not too quickly so as to hold the aimability we're used to with classic flashlights. all 13 lights are bright enough to leave a perfect image of their arrangement and color burned into one's vision for several minutes after taking a full hit from this flashlight's light, even from a distance. a single red light is just as bright as a white one.

    the whole item is decently lightweight, but has that thick well-built gunmetal feel. it feels strong enough to use as a hammer (though I wouldn't test this). the bulb glass remains clean easily and is highly scratch resistant. the diamond-grip handle is not too "pointy," but helps tremendously, especially if you have sweaty palms. matching ridges (though they may be offset depending on how tight you screwed the battery cap) near the LED's and on the end cap keep the light from rolling when you set it down.

    the lights are arranged with 10 white LED's in a circle that can be divided 5|5 down the middle, and three red LED's in a pyramid at the centre. the red lights actually bring back much of the color robbed by bluish-white LED's, and make it easier to shine your light around a sleeping campsite without disturbing anyone. no more putting a hand over the front to limit light! the main lights do not dim when the red lights are turned on or vice-versa. no brightness is lost from power drainage until the very end of the battery life.

    the case is sealed tight. it almost seems waterproof. the top does not screw off because the bulbs do not need replacement, but the bottom cap does for the 3 AAA batteries. the batteries are placed in a slide-out compartment about the size of a C battery.

    button placement may seem odd at first, but makes sense as the tip of your thumb rests on the white light button while holding the flashlight and the red light button is big enough to press without moving that same thumb. both buttons can be turned on then depressed slightly to break the circuit again, presumably with the intent of signaling. it's very easy to control without worry of accidentally deactivating one of the light sets.

    it is possible to activate the light even when it is in the the black woven-nylon case, so be careful when putting it away not to accidentally turn and leave it on. accidental activation once the case is snapped with the light inside is not much of a concern. the case is the perfect size for the flashlight and contains a very small but adequately sized side compartment for 3 AAA replacement batteries. it has a belt loop and a velcro strap over the loop to secure the case around any other equipment or backpack strap.

    overall, this is a well thought out and well built flashlight. usage for general area lighting is good but not great where it's dark, but anything closer up (~10 feet or closer) can be ablaze with super bright light. the red lights are bright enough to take away night vision if you're not careful, but come in handy a surprising amount. battery life is good. a product for anybody who's ever needed a flashlight, this device could ride at your hip for the rest of your life and make it through easily, with durability to spare.
    enjoy....more info
  • Very very good for the price.
    Metal case, rugged, good quality, and the red leds is very usefull in some situations....more info
  • No wrist strap
    Nice light, well made. But why would anyone design a tactical-style flashlight without a place to attach a wrist strap. Not recommended for use on or near the water. ...more info
  • best medium priced flashlight
    wow! this is the best led flashlight i've ever used. the red light is great for the bedroom when you don't want to disturb the spouse. excellent build quality. it's feels great in your hand. it's a little heavy and definitely not compact size. i'm thinking about picking up a couple of their compact lights as well....more info
  • Great flashlight for camping
    I bought this flashlight to take on a camping trip. It's small enough to easily fit into a large pocket or backpack, and the holster that it comes with can easily attach to a belt or a backpack.

    The ten white LEDs are bright enough to help you find your way around the campsite at night time. They won't light up the whole campsite, but the beam is bright enough and just wide enough so you don't trip over something in the dark.

    The three red LEDs are significantly dimmer and much less blinding so they work great when you need to look for something in the tent at night. They're definitely bright enough to illuminate everything in front of you in a tent, but they won't blind everyone. I used red LED setting to look around my corner of the tent to find my water bottle or my glasses and it worked perfectly....more info
  • Great flashlight
    This is not as bright as sone, but it is a sturdy, brilliantly designed flashlight. Three things I love for duty care: 1) the size is perfect-not too wee, but not huge either; 2) on/off function makes it simple to use-no fumbling around; 3) the carrying case is great, especially with a nylon duty belt (but also works with leather). Great buy for the price!...more info
  • Solid light, but a little big for 3 AAA batteries
    This is a very nice solid aluminum light that offers plenty of light for LEDs and only three AAA batteries. The diameter is about what I expected (stubby), but it's about twice as long as I expected. If you're looking for a compact pockatable light, this isn't it. If you're looking for a good household or vehicle light, this is it!...more info
  • What a LED LIGHT!!!
    This s one great light! For those in Law Enforcement, Security, or other Public Safety jobs, here is the light you want! Other than it's big brother the S&W 28 LED flashlight (also sold here at Amazon), this light is what you want! It comes with 3 AAA batteries, and a holster to keep it in (belt adjustable). One button is for the 3 red LED, the other for the 10 white LED.

    One thing (I don't know where my brain was) when I took the cap off to put the batteries in, I thought the batteries just slid in the back. I'm looking for where to put them in, then turned it around and out falls the little piece where the batteries go! Luckily it did not crack on the floor.

    And the end is a waterproof! When you unscrew it, you can hear the air whoosh with the tight fit. Plus the ends are flattened so it does not roll when you put it down. And the flashlight has a good polished feel in your hand.

    The white lights are bright! The red not as bright, but the red does not screw up your night vision as white light does. ...more info
  • Best flashlight I ever owned
    This flashlight is both well-built and performs as expected. My biggest complaint: I wish you could focus the beam (you can't). You can only do that in LED flashlights costing a lot more.

    My only other criticism: if you're not careful, putting the flashlight into its holster can turn the flashlight on - even though you want it off when carrying it. In other words, I wish the carry case was designed as nicely as the flashlight itself.

    But for the money, this is a great deal....more info
  • Defective
    A vividly bright white and red light is what this flashlight projected the first night and a half of its use. On the second day both lights began to fade from dim to bright at random and periodically the buttons would not work. New batteries were tried with the same effects and the flashlight was gently handled the two days of its use.

    Reading the reviews of the other cheaper LED flashlights idetical problems can be noted. This leaves me to wonder if the same manufacturer in China also created this flashlight. On the package it shows that a Chinese based company made the light not Smith & Wesson....more info
  • Great LED Flashlight
    This flashlight is very well-made, is a good size for the hand, and throws out a ridiculous amount of light for it's size. There are 2 separate buttons -- one for the white LEDs, and one for the red LEDs. The body of the light is well contoured and textured, and the weight and balance are excellent. The unit comes with a nylon case. I am pleased with this purchase, and I plan on buying another to keep in the car....more info
  • Decent
    A decent flashlight, but the white light button broke on me a few months in. I managed to fix it with a little super glue and such, but the little thing that actually pushes the button inside the rubber piece slipped. ...more info
  • Galaxy Flashlight outshines the rest
    OK, so maybe it isn't quite that bright, but it has already been used many times in both white and red mode. It's helped us to find missing Legos under the sofa when in white mode and is very good for reading maps with in the dark when in red mode. Red mode is a night vision saver!...more info
  • Excellent!
    This product delivers on all counts! And, it costs much less than comparable products out there!!

    1) Brilliant LEDs
    2) Neat red LEDs which come in handy for looking at a map while assisting a driver at night
    3) Design prevents the flashlight from rolling when set on its side on the floor
    4) It has weathered the abuse of a 2 year old for several weeks now without any visible signs of damage!!!...more info
  • Great flashlight
    This flashlight seems well-sized for its capability, gives a positive grip and is comfortable in the hand. The placement of the two buttons allows for easy distinction without looking and the fact that there are two buttons is a nice feature.

    The flashlight seems well constructed and durable, not a cheap plastic flashlight that's going to break on you.

    Some people complain that the beam isn't super focused/ doesn't project very far. While this is true (it's a nice bright beam, but it's not going to light things up at 200 yards), I'd argue that this right really isn't intended for long distance use like that. If it was, it wouldn't be well suited for using indoors and at close ranges, because it would be too bright or too narrow. But yes, it's not a very long distance flashlight, but still sufficient for moderate range outdoor use.

    The presence of the red LEDs is a major plus, both for night/dim use and because of how much more they get out of the battery. That's another major plus: 30 hours on white and 80 hours on red, now that's some battery life (especially for 3 AAAs). I wish there was a way to turn on just one of the 3 red LEDs, for very low light use, but that's not a mark against the flashlight.

    I'd highly recommend this as a good medium size, average application flashlight....more info
  • LED flashlight
    Up front I am a big fan of LED lights, since my first one in 1999, lets say I have a few, this one the Smith & Wesson is the best of both worlds, what I mean by that is the white and red led's, the technology has come so far since '99, this light has 10 very powerful white led's but the red light from 3 led's is what I am talking about the advancement in light output from just 3 small led's.

    The housing is very impressive alum the two button switches is a vast improvement over the more simple single button to select either white or red, which makes one cycle through the light you may not want or need, I keep this model next to my bed, if I have to get up anytime at night, I reach for it, knowing the bottom push button is the 3 red leds, it's great not to grab your eyes when switching on a electric bulb and holding a hand over your eyes while finding your way down the hall, there is so much light out of those 3 red leds one can see anything in one way, great for outside at night to keep one "night vision" but also just a touch switch away for more white light just in case, a great light for people walking a dog, using the red light you have enough to see and the benefit of not blinding the dog when the dog looks up at the owner and gets a face full of white light.

    Powered by just 3 small "AAA" alkaline batteries, I am still on the first 3 I got with the unit ! it's been months of course that is the other benny of LED's very long battery life.

    It you want this kind of light with a choice of white or red, in a very well built unit, and the fit and finish was a surprise when I first opened it, and with a outstanding price, go for it.

    ...more info
  • Super bright, small, and durable
    We bought this because of the higher than normal LED wattage.

    It is exceptionally bright and my husband loves it.

    Very compact and durable.

    Would definitely buy again....more info
  • Great item
    One red LED is not working but thats ok, it's super bright and light weight and the pouch makes a good fit for my belt. Using it to play paintball in an gutted truck depot at night....more info
  • LED flashlight
    excellent light. If red leds light and white do not there is nothing wrong with light, you need to replace batteries. Takes more current to light white leds than red ones, because there are 4 times as many. ...more info