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OEM 4GB MINISD Mini Secure Digital (SDHC) miniSDHC Card 4 GB
List Price: $79.99

Our Price: $21.50

You Save: $58.49 (73%)


Product Description

The miniSD memory card offers all of the benefits of a standard SD card, but in a much smaller size. In fact, it is over 60 percent smaller than a full-sized SD card. The miniSD cards are used to store digital images, video, MP3 files and other data in mobile phones.

  • All of the benefits of a standard SD card, but in a much smaller size
  • Store digital images, video, MP3 files, and other data in your mobile phone
  • 4096 MB (4 GB) of storage space
  • Built-in security features let you download, store, and play secure content
  • SDHC format - your device MUST accept SDHC cards to use this memory

Customer Reviews:

  • It's a theft case
    Don't be mislead, this is a theft case. The case comes empty without any memory at all. No body makes a 4 GB miniSD so don,t get be fooled by it....more info
  • bad news
    Bad news all the way around. Card does not work, could not get response from seller....more info
  • Product is not real.
    After i received the item the so called 4gb mini sd card i put the card in the card reader and it read 0 a big 0 and i tried to find to 4gb but nowhere to be found. I sent an email to the seller and am now going to send it back....more info
  • half star review....didn't work
    This product did NOT work in 4 different new media workstations (one of the pre-packaged gateways that are supposed to be able to handle all common portable media), my moto-q, my gateway laptop, or my friend phone...

    Seems ALOT of people have had the same problem. I'm trying to return it for either a replacement, or swap it for 2- 2gb normal mini-sd cards.
    ...more info
  • The card works for my phone!!!!
    I bought the card for my XV6700 phone and it works fine, i didn't have to format or anything. Well, the card does not work on my Vaio laptop's card reader, probably it's not supporting 4 gb cards. So, make sure your device supports 4 gb cards, then buy it. And there is a difference between miniSD and miniSDHC, so make sure which one your device supports, most devices use miniSD. Good luck!!...more info
  • mini sd 4gb
    This memory really i dont recomend because it doesnt work on any device even on my pc and lapto i dont know why and i returned and i bought a sankdisk and that one is pretty nice...more info
  • Has Worked Great for Me for Over a Year Now
    I bought this over a year ago and it has worked great. The only complaint is it seems to be a little slow writing data to it. This may be typical for MiniSD cards. This is the only one I have worked with so I have nothing to compare it to....more info
  • blank
    it's a blank mini sd, nothing recognizes it. I tried it on my laptop, a mini sd reader on my desktop, and on my pda; doesn't work. it's either defective or just a blank case with nothing in it.

    i'm trying to return it now. such a waste of time....more info
  • It did not work
    I had to return the card because it did not work. Not sure if this was a fluke or represents a larger problem with this provider....more info
  • well it worked..4 me
    I have a ipaq hw6515c, and I have tried about 10... yes 10 different brand names in my ppc and none of them worked. i thought I would try a mini sd, instead of a regular sd.. and this card works for me. I am not sure if i am just lucky and got the good one, since so many responded that they had no luck with the cards. But this has been log awaited.. now i have 4gb on my phone !! I am thinking about getting another one :-) Good Luck to everyone! ...more info
  • Didn't work for me -- But seller promised refund.
    I purchased this product and couldn't get it to work on a PC, laptop, or pda (cingular 8125). Not only does it not register in any SD/MiniSD card reader, but the craftsmanship appears to be suspect as well. I am currently pursuing a refund....more info
  • Works great!!!
    Just installed the 4gb mini sd card into my pda phone. Works like a charm. Great product and price. ...more info