Kata Ergo-Tech Series Sensitivity V Personal Gear Backpack for Digital Camera and 12 Inch Laptop Computer, Black
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Product Description

Sensitivity V Backpack is the perfect personal daypack that can be used to carry and protect a 12" Laptop and Digicam or SLR + MP3/MP4 player + PDA + Phone and accessories. Two front U shaped flaps access top and bottom compartments separately and each functions as a flexible pocket. The main compartment is divided in two with a zippered division that can be undone to create one large space, and the ample internal and external pockets will store all your personal gear in addition to your photographic equipment.

  • Fits your digital camera or SLR, plus laptop PC and more
  • Divided main compartment can be transformed into a single space
  • Internal organizer for personal items
  • Elasto-guard sleeves; Flexi-Shield reinforcement
  • Two media pouches on shoulder straps

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome backpack, 2008 MacBook Pro 15" DOES fit
    Not much to add to other 5-star reviews, I just want to point out that 2008 MacBook Pro 15" fits with a little pushing sideways....more info
  • Holds a LOT more than I thought it would
    I received my Kata Ergo-Tech Series Sensitivity V pack today and decided to see exactly how much I could fit into it. I was concerned that I may have to leave a lens behind on an upcoming trip as others were only able to fit 2 lenses and a camera with an attached lens.

    Here's what is in my Kata pack now:

    * Canon Digital Rebel Xti with attached 50mm lens
    * 70-300mm lens
    * Fish-eye lens (in it's case/pouch)
    * 18-55mm (kit)lens
    * Speedflash (in it's case)
    * Diffuser for speedflash
    * Charger for Canon
    * Extra Battery for Canon
    * 2 CF cards
    * External CF card reader (for laptop) and cords
    * Lens care kit in pouch (air brush/ brush/ lint free wipes, etc)
    * My cellphone (fit perfectly in phone area - it's a Sony Walkman phone)
    * Ipod with headphones
    * Notebook sized laptop (10 in screen - fit great)
    * Cords/ plugs for laptop
    * Assorted lens filters

    I still have 4 pockets yet unused (1 each on the zipper sideways "u" shaped flaps) 1 on the strap and one on the side. I could also fit a magazine or paperback in with my laptop.

    It seemed heavy at first but on the back it feels fine. We'll see how it goes after hauling it all over the islands.

    My one minor complaint is the white logos showing you where things go (picture of a laptop, cell phone, Ipod). I'll be blacking that out with a sharpie as I don't care to advertise that I'm carrying those items. Also, for more security we'll be placing keyring loops on each of the zipper pulls so I can lock them together with a small padlock (since there are dual zippers on the top and bottom section).

    It is gorgeous! I'm so very glad I chose this one. After searching for days for the right pack for my gear, I kept returning to Kata and the Sensitivity V. I'm so glad I did!...more info
  • The best camera/laptop bag around. Period.
    After spending many hours researching camera bags online and in camera stores, I chose to purchase the 'Kata Sensitivity V' camera bag. I currently own a 15inch MacBook Pro and a Dell Mini 9 NetBook, so I wanted something I could carry my camera gear in, along with one of my laptops.

    The first impressions of the bag are spectacular. It has ample room for my D300, a 50mm lens, 10-20mm lens, 70-200 lens, hot-shoe mount flash, CF cards, cleaning rags, a snack, AND my NetBook laptop. It really does work well. I'm totally impressed and constantly get comments about its great looks.

    Despite what another review of this bag states, I could never get the zippers of the laptop compartment to fit around my 15in MacBook Pro. Nor would I want to force them. I don't want to break them, or mangle them in some way. So I would recommend 13-14in laptops are the max. The compartment is also roomy enough to hold a magazine or book if needed also.

    This bag does not give you 'instant' access to you gear, as you might expectdue to the zippered compartments. (Velcro will always be faster.) But overall its quick enough. The zippers and construction seem to be of the highest quality, and I would expect this bag to last for years. I use this bag primarily for longer trips, opting for my sling-type bag for around the town walking, etc.

    After a month or two with the bag, I'm just as in love with it now as I was when I got it. I would recommend this bag to anyone who has a 13-14in laptop or smaller, and wants to carry their photography gear around with ease and style. Enjoy!...more info
  • Superb camera bag for day hikers and weekenders...
    Compact, yet amazingly capable camera pack. Carries my Nikon D700, 14-24mm, 17-35mm, 70-180 micro lens, flash, ipod, cell phone, extra batteries and macbook air easily. Perfect weekend pack. Only wish it had a way to carry a full sized tripod and a waist strap to lessen the load on my shoulders. Otherwise-a fantastic pack....more info
  • Great
    Fits my Canon Rebel D-SLR with a 50 mm lens and 75-300 lens. Could probably fit another one also, but it would need to be padded to keep it from banging into everything else in the main compartment. Also will fit my MacBook 13". . . a little tight, but still well protected. "Phone" compartment in strap is way too small to fit just about anything but maybe a CF card. Good features for a great price. very satisfied. ...more info
  • Great bag
    Just picked this bag up. So far i love it. I have a dell d620 (13.4") and it does fit , just a bit tight. ...more info
  • Great Bag!
    After getting sick and tired of carrying two bags for trips, one for DSLR gear and one for notebook, I started looking around for something that would hold all my stuff that wouldn't be so bulky as well. I love this bag. A great part of this bag is that it doesn't look like a gear bag that could be holding thousands of dollars worth of gear. I wasn't sure if my stuff would fit in this bag but unlike a few others have posted, my 14" notebook fits. Here's what I have in it...

    - 14" WS Notebook (Dell Vostro 1400)
    Bottom Compartment...
    - Canon 40D w/Tamron 17-50 attached
    - 580EX Speedlite
    - Canon battery charger & extra battery
    Top Compartment...
    - 70-200mm 2.8L IS
    - Logitech VX Nano Mouse
    - Dell notebook charger
    - extra CF cards
    - lens pen

    I also have other miscellaneous stuff like business cards, card reader, 8GB Zune etc that is in the bag. I'm pretty much maxed out on the bag, except maybe adding the 50mm 1.8. If I got a batterry grip on my 40D, I'm not sure how that would fit in the bottom compartment either, probably would have to take it off when traveling. This is a very well designed bag and it's amazing that it can hold so much stuff while being so sleek. My minor gripe would be not really having a place to put your documents.I think what I'll do is put documents in a folder and put it in the laptop compartment. Also I think making it a tad bigger to fit a bigger camera with battery grip would be nice. The advertised size for the laptop compartment is 12" but like I said earlier, my 14" Dell Vostro fits, zips up and everything....more info
  • Very good but could be improved.
    Laptop compartment slightly too small. My laptop with 14" screen will fit in there without zippering it closed though. Loading and unloading the camera and lens is slightly cumbersome due to the velcro system that it has in the lower compartment. Very good though for it's size and looks....more info
  • Fits my back perfectly
    I purchased this Kata Bag after reading reviews here on Amazon and I love it. I was a little concerned about whether the material would be too hot on my back, but I used it on a two-hour hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains with no problem. Fits my back perfectly and makes my camera gear easy to carry, even when using hiking poles.

    I carried my Nikon D80 with 18-200mm lens attached, along with an extra wide-angle lens. My HP 14-inch widescreen laptop fits in the computer pocket.

    My only (small) complaint is that the webbing on the shoulder pads is a little rough, but only when putting the pack on or taking it off. On the shoulders it sits well and feels great. The straps are very easy to cinch up, and the size is roomy enough for gear without being too bulky to carry on a plane. My thanks to the Kata Sensitivity designers!...more info
  • Very comfortable and great for day trips
    I recently went to the Pacific Northwest for vacation, and tugged along my Canon Digital EOS Digital Rebel XT, 18-55mm lens, Tamron 11-18mm lens, and Canon 400mm lens.

    I put the large 400mm lens in the top section, the camera body and two others in the bottom section. Inside the top section is a small zippered pouch where you can put small items, such as a lens cloth, brush, etc. I had a large lens stored there which took up 95% of the space, but if you don't have such a big lens, you can use that area to store an external flash, and a few smaller lens.

    The laptop section is rather small, so you can only fit a 13" sized laptop or smaller. For my trip, I just used it to hold small pamplets. The external pouches are rather small and for my purposes, not very useful. They are very tight, so they can't really hold anything large. They can't even hold lens filters very well. I put a stock Hoya plastic lens case in the side pouch, and one of the sharp corners of the lens case actually left a mark on the bag. If I had left it longer, it probably would've punched a hole through.

    The material is very soft to the touch, and can withstand light rain. However, I wouldn't take this bag out in a thunderstorm, as it is not waterproof. The bag is very stylish, and quite comfortable even lugging all my camera gear for hours. It does get a little hot in the back, as there is no ventilation.

    Overall, the Sensitivity V is suitable for hauling a limited amount of photo gear. Don't expect to pack a lot into it....more info
  • AWESOME!!!
    Just the most comfortable bags I have ever owned! Get complements all the time! a very practical bag. Fits everything i need. Macbook Air, D40, external hard drive, all the cables..........
    A steel at this price....more info
  • Excellent bag, but shoulder straps could be better
    I recently purchased this bag to become my day-to-day backpack, so that I could carry laptop and DSLR confortably and securely.
    It fits amazingly on the bag, very secure and confortable. I walk a lot with it and I don't even feel it's there! There's tons of space and the divisions are wonderful, you can put anything you want in there, because everything is pretty much customizable.
    The only thing I wish they'd rethink are the shoulder straps. They're too wide to allow me to cross my arms, for example (something I do a lot while waiting on traffic lights). They're also very rigid, so it's very difficult to put any kind of mobile or mp3 player on these pockets and retrieve it quickly -- I broke a fingernail trying to remove my mobile from it.

    All in all, a great bag, but the shoulder pockets have been inutilized....more info
  • Nice Bag!
    This bag has all the room I need for packing light. It will hold my xTI body and a couple of extra lenses. The "top" portion of the bag has space for memory cards/sticks, which is nice. I really enjoy the bright yellow interior, it helps you acquire items quickly. The camera stays snug with the velcro / elastic strapping system.

    I would have given the bag 5 stars, but unless you have a macbook (13"), its probably going to be a tight fit getting your laptop in there. I also would have liked for the material against the back to not been neoprene, or at least have some moisture wicking properties. The bag gets a little hot on your back, especially if your hiking....more info
  • Best camera, computer bag I have ever seen
    My wife loves this bag, it holds her MacBook and our Nikon D70 with lens and accessories....more info
  • Cool multipurpose backpack
    Comfortable because the laptop is flush against your back and high up. Extra compartments can hold a camera, lens, lunchbox, or anything else. Flexible, trendy, and a great price....more info
  • This bag is great!
    This bag is great! I have purchased several other camera/laptop bags trying to find the perfect one. They're just always too big. This one is the perfect size. Here's a list of what I have in it right now:

    Laptop Compartment:
    * Toshiba Portege M400 Laptop

    Bottom Compartment:
    * Canon 40D SLR (won't fit with the battery grip attached)
    * Attached lens (Canon 28-135mm USM IS)
    * Canon 50mm 1.8 lens
    * Canon 430 flash

    Top Compartment:
    * Laptop charger (on of the big ones with the black converter attached)
    * 3x5x1 compact flash memory card case
    * Logitech wireless mouse
    * Canon digital elph point and shoot camera
    * Battery charger for the digital elph
    * Battery charger for the D40
    * Two Circular lens filters in square hard plastic cases

    Zipper Pouch in the Top Compartment
    * Two USB cables - (in the internal zipper bag)
    * Two USB memory sticks - (in the internal zipper bag)

    Velcro Flap Compartment in the Top Compartment
    * Extra battery for the D40
    * Extra battery for the Digital Elph

    Velcro Pen Compartment in the Top Compartment
    * Two large fountain pens

    Velcro Top Outer Compartment
    * Empty

    Velcro Bottom Outer Compartment
    * Two microfiber lens cloths

    Side MP3 Zipper Pouch
    * HTC Touch Cell Phone

    There is plenty of extra room in the top compartment and in the laptop compartment for some papers, magazines, or a thin book. As you can see this bag can hold a lot of stuff and it's still really small. The bag completely full is about the size of the Lowepro SlingShot 200 AW. It also conforms perfectly to the back. I think I've found the perfect bag.

    I do expect that as I use it more I'll find that it will make my back a little sweaty as the material doesn't look like it breathes very well. I also expect to need one of my bigger bags for an extended trip or when I need to carry more lenses. Other than that, no problem. Oh and it looks really sweet!
    ...more info
  • Back review fits macbook
    Bought for my son, and the laptop area is small but does fit his macbook 13". He uses it for his camera gear and ipod etc when traveling. It works ok but he found out you have to strap the items in as they have a tendency to fall out quite easily if not strapped in. For his medium build it worked perfect, not sure on a bigger person....more info
  • Excellent Bag
    I used to carry everything in a regular backpack made by Tumi, but I've replaced it with this bag. Being a lover of well-designed gear, I really appreciate the Kata Sensitivity. It holds my MacBook, Nikon D70 and 18-200mm lens, flash and another lens in the lower compartment as well has having an additional compartment on top to hold even more gear. I also like the small profile. Though very spacious, it is much smaller than a normal backpack, and as others have said, I don't hit things with my bag any more when I'm wearing it in a crowded place. There are lots of useful compartments, including one without a zipper that I use for my phone. My phone, a Treo 650, however, doesn't fit into the phone pocket on the strap. I don't have any problems carrying this on one shoulder using only one strap. Also, it is very comfortable when using both straps and carries the load sufficiently high, even when fully loaded, that I don't feel off balance. All-in-all, an excellent bag, I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Great Small Pack
    I spent quite awhile searching through a variety of reviews on bags that I could use that would be versatile enough for my day-to-day life. I am a full-time IT professional and a part-time student. I wanted a bag that I could always carry my MacBook (13" screen) comfortably, while exchanging the content in the front compartments. The internal compartment is great for storing the Nikon D50, 2 spare lenses, and all the cords and connectors that go with the Mac and the Camera. I can also pull out all the camera gear and cart around a notebook, small textbook and dictionary.

    The bag is extremely comfortable to carry and does not pull down like many other bags do. I am very excited to use this bag on a regular basis and I've already received many questions because of it's unique styling....more info
  • It fits
    When I was considering buying this bag I could not find out anywhere if my laptop would fit. Now I am happy to report that both my T61 14.1 widescreen with the 4 cell battery and my wife's Dell D620 with the standard battery fit. The fit is a little snug, but since Kata's material is stretchy, it feels almost custom-made and very secure. Proved to be a PERFECT airplane carry-on for a short trip with a laptop, DSLR and a digicam....more info