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Linksys Wireless Internet Camera with Audio
List Price: $267.99

Our Price: $169.95

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Product Description

The Linksys Wireless-G Pan/Tilt/Zoom Video Camera sends live video through the Internet to a web browser anywhere in the world!The advanced MPEG-4 video compression produces a high-quality, high-framerate, up to 640x480 video stream. MPEG-4 encoding facilitates good video quality in varying bandwidth environments. WVC200 also supports MJPEG compression for video, providing good video quality at high bandwidth rates.The comprehensive video features include an IR filter cut which allow you to see the images in low or no light environments when an IR lamp is used. Snapshots (in JPEG format) of the image can be taken and saved. Snapshots can also be scheduled and sent to an FTP server.If you want the video to be visible from a remote location or from the Internet, you can open an appropriate port on the Router, and then create password protected accounts to manage access to the camera, or leave it wide open for the world to see. Support for Dynamic DNS lets you access your camera using an easy-to-remember "name", even while using a dynamic IP address. The Pan/Tilt and digital zoom function allows you to remotely control the camera movement and focus, giving you maximum flexibility remotely. Up to 10 simultaneous users can have access to the camera at any point in time. Software is included for multiple camera monitoring and recording to your hard drive with advanced search by time and date. Recording can be set up to record by motion trigger, manual or schedule recording and playback on Windows Media Player without the need for a proprietary player.You can also turn on Security Mode, which tells the camera to send a message with a short video attached to up to three email addresses whenever it detects motion in its field of view. You can then log onto the live video stream if the situation warrants. Wireless security features include WEP and WPA.

  • Former Linksys Business Series
  • Sends high-quality live video to your network wirelessly
  • Low-light sensitivity
  • Simultaneous dual CODECs make an optimal combination of video viewing and storage
  • Captures video and audio (with built-in microphone) to your hard drive

Customer Reviews:

  • another good product form Linsys
    Amazing product and very detailed instructions for setting it up. the camera is a big bigger than I expected but it works awesome!...more info
  • Good (but there's better)
    First of All let me say the Lynksys is Great! (Company and products)
    Now for the review: The WVC200 camera with audio has all the bells and whistles that a security camera would want to have. I never did get the (wireless) part configured and partly due to what was or wasn't in the packaged box. The installation CD was (Old) as I needed to get a newer version from the Linksys site, also I needed to update the firmware for the camera and although the help desk was very good in pointing me in the right direction to get the firmware and setup disks when it came to the (wireless) configuration they failed and I'm sure that happened because this camera (WVC200) needed retooled (tested) at the factory. I returned this camera and purchased from you the WVC54GCA Linksys and I'm happy to report it was configured in less than one hour (wired and wireless). I will get more of this camera but I need one with all the bell and whistles that the (WVC200) offered. Hopefully Linksys will put out another model to replace the (WVC200)
    ...more info
  • Dependable camera with good features
    I've had another wireless webcam (a very basic fixed camera from D-Link) before this one. I'm pretty impressed at the quality of this camera as I'm not a Linksys fan by any stretch.

    - the pan/tilt functionality works pretty well. You can program fixed positions to jump to automaticallys
    - decent low-light functionality. This camera is above my son's bed. The picture is pretty well illuminated even when the room is dark. I'm going to buy an IR Illuminator to see if this camera may even work at night.
    - the picture quality is pretty good. Much better than the fixed focus lense on my old camera.

    - you must have a username and password to access the video. That means you can't easily incorporate video into a personal website.
    - To view video in Firefox you can put together a online img tag in HTML but you need a much longer custom page in IE.

    Update: I've had this camera over a month now and I think it works great. I've setup an infrared illuminator and can now see my infant sleeping even in the dark, which is great when you aren't sure if you should help him at night....more info
  • Great internet cam (difficult setup - zero tech suppt)
    Camera is great & works flawlessly 90% of the time (wired and wireless). Needs an occasional reset. Wired picture seems better. Pan Tilt Zoom work well. Internet Explorer Only (once you get past the MS "unsigned" software hurdles). Snaps pictures. Emails 5 second video clips with motion detector feature.

    BUT - Almost impossible to set up without someone who knows what they are doing to walk you step by step through the whole process. Or a few hours of fine tuned research on how to configure the router & cam to play nicely with DDNS. Linksys Technical Support was no help whatsoever (however they are good with a basic router setup).
    For camera - router - ddns set up help - go to [...]...more info
  • WVC54GCA
    The Camera set up easy within my own network..... However it took some help to actually find my video over the internet. It looks really great once you find it over the internet. And you can log into this camera over the internet to make changes remotely to it. There is no need to use any of the paid modes to view it over the internet. Its just a matter of figuring out what the URL is for your own camera web page. This is not as easy at it would seem. But once you find and put it in your favorites its a really cool camera. I am planning on putting it on line when I am away from home. I have experimented with putting a digital read out thermometer in the view of camera so now I can read what the current temperature is in my house. The resolution with proper lighting is clear enough to easily read the numbers.This is really satisfying when away for longer times and pays for itself with the peace of mind I know that the home heating is maintaining house at the low temperature setting I chose in order to save energy. I also put an old analog hands style electric (not battery) clock in the view. The analog clock should read the current time...If the time lags I can tell that the power was off for the amount of time the clock is lagging in time. I also see the second hand sweeping so I can see the updating take place. Video updates every 1/2 second. I was also considering using the audio as a way of hearing if my home burglar alarm was actuated via A special lamp that would then trigger the email to send an alert!. Or I could set the clock and thermometer on wall next to my home burglars systems control panel and actually see if all the windows and doors are shut! With some imagination this camera is fun and Useful. I also run the Camera power thru a simple timer like the ones for Lamps this way it power cycles once a day to rest the camera. I have not found this to be needed but it helps knowing if camera did lock up it would be reset after 24 hours. If Linksys would really have documented this camera on the CD manual in more detail it would be a perfect camera (not well documented). You really need some tech experience to get it all up and running. It is not plug and play. I can foresee the next generation having servo motors in the base so one could pan and scan over the internet. I would buy another one like it if I had the need to monitor another location. I am very happy with it!

    ...more info
  • Nice idea ... technology is too new ... wait on this purchase
    The concept is nice ... 802.11g camera. However there are some fundamental flaws with the design.

    The streaming of the video is too heavy-weight for the 802.11g. A simple ping shows hops in excess of 800ms. As soon as I stop streaming, it is about 16ms ... which means the cams processor is overloaded.

    The stream is very choppy.

    As for pan / tilt ... only works 25% of the time. The video always streams (which means there is connectivity), but when I issue pan/tilt commands, only 25% of the time does it respond to my commands.

    I bought this as a toy ... to put in the front window to see who is there, while I am working in my home office. I don't see how someone would / could use this for practical monitoring. The picture is very choppy, not very clear, and doesn't respond to commands.

    Considering Linksys is owned by Cisco ... this hit the market without any real quality assurance. This is hardly useable.

    2 thumbs down. Come'on Cisco ... get your act together. You are leaving room for someone to come in and do it better. I will be returning this, and may buy the panasonic....more info
  • Nice camera
    I bought this camera to check on my apt while I am working. So far I am quite satisfied with it. Setting up the remote internet access is a bit tricky, but - I guess- it is always like that with these gadgets. I have a "standard" wireless network at home (w/ a Gateway 2wire router).
    To do so, in brief, you have to open a new channel in your network firewall. This includes a port forwarding of the camera to a channel other than 80 (like 1024).
    I am also using a linksys software (sololink) to track the dynamic IP address of the camera on the web, but you can use other freeware softwares for that, as well.
    Pan/tilt function is great, color is OK. I'll try w/ an IR soon
    In concluson this is a great camera for this price....more info
  • Don't bother!
    The color of the image is WAY off (greens and blues display as red) and there is no way to adjust them. Don't expect to display the output on a web page without giving the caller your user name and password and then just PRAY they don't modify your setup! The image itself shows a "fish-eye" effect. Linksys has not addressed these issues in spite of the many complaints on their support forum. Nor will they provide any documentation on how to program the camera for a web site. My $50 Logitech web cam does a far better job....more info
  • Bad Experience
    As others have noted, this item is way, way too hard to install. I'm very computer oriented, build my own computers, taken college level computer courses, etc., and I could NOT get this to work even though I've gotten other similar units to work with minimal effort, D-Link version. Although, again, while it worked flawlessly "wired," it was also a minor challenge getting it to work wireless... but I could never get the Linksys to work at all... I have nothing against Linksys equipment, in fact, I have their WRT54G router and it's a great product.

    However, this Internet Camera is NOT a great product......more info
  • Setup difficult
    I bought a couple of these cameras to set up a home system and setup is a pain. Although overall nice cameras very buggy.

    I use a Linksys WRT600N router with TKIP and was able to set up one camera wireless with no problem. The other 2 to no avail.

    In the end the problem boiled down to shorten the security key to 8 spaces which was no problem with the first camera... Strange.

    If you like to tinker this is for you.

    MS...more info
  • great camera, few problems common to most
    I had the earlier version of the linksys video camera, the one that had a fixed lens. That one you could never get to work wirelessly period. The PTZ at least is doable - you can get it to work wirelessly with considerable effort setting up your router and the occasional reboot but bottomline these cameras at best are flaky when used wirelessly. And even if you can get them to work wirelessly it will be only after getting them to work wired for an extended period of time first. That said this camera when used wired is very reliable and I have been very happy - especially with the ability to remotely aim the lens which is something you will definitely want if you happened to work with the old fixed lens type....more info
  • Wireless doesn't work, picture quality is poor.
    I spent two days and couldn't get the wireless to work. With the camera configured using wired ethernet cable, the unit worked fine. Picture quality is poor and doesn't work in low light. I used two infrared light sources and the camera doesn't pick up a picture. PTZ is kind of cool, but it doesn't provide any value if you can't get a decent picture....more info