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A Christmas Celebration
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  • Track: 10: Panis Angelicus,
  • Track: 11: Don Oiche Ud I Mbeithail That Night In Bethehem,
  • Track: 12: O Comes All Ye Faithful,
  • Track: 13: The Little Drummer Boy,
  • Track: 14: The Wexford Carol,
  • Track: 15: Let It Snow Bonus Tracks,
  • Track: 1: O Holy Night,
  • Track: 2: Away In A Manger,
  • Track: 3: Ding Dong Merrily On Hight,
  • Track: 4: White Christmas,
  • Track: 5: Silent Night,
  • Track: 6: Christmas Pipes,
  • Track: 7: The Christmas Song,
  • Track: 8: Carol Of The Bells,
  • Track: 9: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
    Media Type: CD
    Artist: CELTIC WOMAN
    Street Release Date: 10/03/2006
    Genre: XMAS VOCAL

    One of the more impressive things about A Christmas Celebration is its glowing immediacy. The record's rich vocals and colorful instrumentals create a concert-like setting, reprising the season's most loved hymns, carols, and pop standards, along with a Gaelic version of "That Night in Bethlehem." Unexpected numbers such as "Christmas Pipes" and "Carol of the Bells" (here led by the spirited fiddling of Mariread Nesbitt) only enhance an already engaging disc that finely weaves between the piety of classical music and the playfulness of pop. Chloe Agnew, Orla Fallon, Lisa Kelly, and Meav Ni Mhaolchatha combine their Celtic voices against orchestral arrangements and sparser settings--spiked with the traditional Irish fare of uilleann pipes, harp, and ancient choral harmony--to deliver an assortment of reverent but lively arrangements that wouldn't be out of place at a church, concert hall, or good Irish celli. --Martin Keller

    Irish producer/arranger David Downes, the creative mastermind behind Celtic Woman's chart breakthrough and burgeoning international success, here conjures up an inviting holiday showcase for his neo-superstar crossover quartet. He pushes the group's crowd-pleasing formula into more expansive arrangements with the Irish Film Orchestra, supplemented by a strong core of featured instrumentalists, including Downes himself. If the ethnic folk influences that gave the group its name are sometimes less pronounced, the result is a collection whose dignified, pop elegance often transcends national boundaries. The vocal performances are expectedly polished, with the quintet breaking off into smaller units and solo showcases such as Lisa Kelly's Broadway-lullaby take on "The Christmas Song," a neo-classical "Panis Angelicus" by Chloe Agnew, and the muscular orchestral/choral setting for Mariead Nesbitt's earthy fiddle on "Carol of the Bells." The quintet (backed only by Nesbitt's spare strings) harmonize richly on "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and bring their trademark neo-Celtic charms more fully to bear on intimate translations of "Silent Night" and "The Wexford Carol" as well as a glorious take on the Gaelic traditional "That Night in Bethlehem." Perhaps to remind fans of their true range, the swinging, big-band bonus track "Let It Snow" closes the collection with upbeat flair. --Jerry McCulley
  • Customer Reviews:

    • Celtic Woman Christmas
      These are without question the most wonderful female voices I've heard! I'd give them 10 stars if I could. I have seen them live and loved every minute of it. They're awesome!! The harmony, staging, and everything about their production is first class....more info
    • I took Celtic Women home at last.
      For several years I have listened to the Celtic Women perform on our local public television station in Chicago. This year I decided to buy their album. This was not the latest one of their performances but its pretty good listening for the holidays and beyond....more info
    • Why do all their album covers look the same?
      Celtic Woman is a group of female Irish singers. They do not play traditional Irish music, they are closer to adult contemporary music with an Irish flavor. Here, they are performing Christmas songs in their style. The songs are well performed and quite enjoyable if you like their type of music. There is a "special bonus song", which is "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!". I guess this is called a bonus song because it isn't done in the same style as the rest of the album. Instead, it is done as a traditional pop song, like the kind performed by Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett....more info
    • Great Price
      I saw this advertised for about twice as much; was a great deal and the music is beautiful....more info
    • very pleased with CD
      great music to listen too, i love all the Celtic woman CD , very enjoyable and relaxing to listen too, ...more info
    • Great CD!
      I purchased this CD for my sister for Christmas. It came quite quickly and she called to say that she really liked the choice of music on this CD and particularly liked the musicality of the singing. Great choice!...more info
    • Beautiful Christmas Music
      I fell in love with the music of Celtic Woman the first time I heard it. This Christmas CD is just as lovely as the women and the music on their previous albums which I also own. All my favorite Christmas songs are here and some songs I'd not heard before which quickly became familiar. ...more info
    • Satisfied Customers
      Ordered 25 copies, kept one and sent the rest to customers.
      Wonderful voices, violin adds a nice twist to the typical Xmas CD....more info
    • Exactly Right
      My husband watched a Celtic Christmas Celebration on TV and was enthralled with the music, so I thought I would try the CD to see if it was as good as the TV program and it was exactly the same songs and sounds. My husband was very pleased to receive this as a pre-Christmas gift and played it throughout the holiday season!...more info
    • Holiday Classic
      I heard their songs on the radio and had to buy this CD. I love it!! It instantly gets you in the holiday spirit. They have amazing voices - they sound like angels! BUY THIS CD!!!...more info
    • Better than Expected
      I expected more unfamiliar strains, shivvering strings and beautiful
      harmonies, but I was delighted at this collection of traditional
      Christmas songs done better than others have recorded. Pleased....more info
    • Wow wow chubbzy
      I love Christmas!!! and I love Christmas albums!! Don't argue with me on that one. If you do, you are staring a roundhouse kick in your face. Do you want that with the holidays approaching? I didn't think so, so back off. What's that? Did you just roll your eyes at me? Oh, it's on now at a level you don't understand. The barrage is coming!!

      I like this CD a lot. These women are really good singers. I love christmas music!! Are you arguing with me again? That's it, roundhouse!!

      I really like the version of little drummer boy on this album. That and "do you hear what I hear are my favorite christmas songs" You know what I hear? I hear you poppin off again!! The people's elbow is warming up in the garage and you are about to get a piece of it.

      This CD is really good....more info
    • Women's Music
      Celtic Woman is some of the finest, purest music out there. I would highly recommend any of their CDs....more info
    • Wintry ,Wonderful And Peaceful !
      I Love this Album. I was not sure at first I would like it .
      It surprised me ! Every Song is Amazing . Upbeat for the Holidays and Beyond The Wintry Months. Does Not Disappoint.
      I would Highly Recommend This Album To All....more info
    • Okay..not the greatest
      I didn't end up caring for it but my aunt did - would neither recommend nor discourage....more info
    • Genuine worship music.
      This Christmas concert is a beautiful addition to my collection of holiday tunes to stack on the carousel come December. This entire group under the direction of David Downes comes up a winner in helping the world celebrate Christmas. ...more info
    • angels' voices!
      Classic Christmas songs, lovely voices. When my 3-year-old asked me who was singing I told her it was the angel's voices - because they sing SO beautifully - and she still calls them the "angels singing" when she hears the CD. I have never heard such beautiful, clear voices singing my favorite Christmas classics. It's not very often you get the original rendition of the classics, but this one has few variations from the originals. I have tired of most of my Christmas CDs, with their trendy renditions of the classic songs, but I don't think I'll ever tire of this one. If I could change one thing, I would make separate CDs of the religious and secular songs. I'm so glad I stumbled across Celtic Woman; it is so beautiful it takes my breath away every time, and often brings a tear to my eye....more info
    • Hauntingly beautiful cd!!!
      The voices of these women are almost surreal in their beauty. This cd has become an instant Christmas staple in our house. ...more info
    • The Very Best
      Celtic Woman Christmas Celebration is just plain fantastic!!!! I just can't rate this high enough. Their music is second to none....more info
    • Nice CD
      This CD is 48 minutes and 56 seconds long. It is a nice, but not great CD. I would of preferred more Celtic Christmas songs or if they sang some of the songs in Gaelic. I just thought is needed more of a Celtic twist....more info
    • Can't get enough
      Simply put: the purity of these voices can indeed bring tears to one's eyes. Lisa is superb in "The Christmas Song" and others. A knockout. However, the entire performance is so perfectly done that it is very difficult to elevate one over the rest. They present that to be their goal, and have succeeded....more info
    • Wonderful Christmas CD
      I have to tell you the first time I listened to this CD, it was like angels were singing. It brought tears to my eyes. I've always loved O Holy Night and theirs is a beautiful rendition of it. There are tracks that I find myself skipping over at times but all in all it's a gorgeous Christmas CD....more info
      This CD is awesome and their voices are just heavenly!! Really rings in the Christmas spirit!...more info
    • Offensive, as usual!
      Has there been an album by Celtic Woman that hasn't offended me? No. But I've always bit my lip and shrugged it off. But this album really pushed me over the edge. I heard it at my cousin Bike's Christmas party last year- I couldn't believe what I was hearing! Are they deaf?, I thought to myself. I guess no one was paying attention to the lyrics- this album is filled with filthy innuendo! I am offended and disgusted! And they call this a CHRISTMAS ALBUM? I guess Christmas has changed... sigh....more info
    • Another hit
      If you are a fan of Celtic Woman and like Xmas music with an Irish twist you will love this CD. If you are new to Celtic Woman, you don't know what you have been missing....more info
    • beautiful
      Celtic Woman members all have beautiful clear clean voices and their arrangements of Christmas favorites are just like you want to hear them. Once I heard them sing I could not wait to get my own CD....more info
    • Angelic Voices for the Christmas Season
      They are magnificent. However, the popular traditional Christmas songs, I thought, detracted from the wonderful tone they set with the Celtic-type music....more info