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Wahl 79111-100 Balder 10-Piece Ultra-Close Haircut Kit
List Price: $39.95

Our Price: $34.99

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Product Description

Soft-Touch ComfortGrip clipper makes it easy to hold and cut at different angles Zero overlap, fine tooth blades for smooth, skin-tight fades Includes clipper, 4 guide combs, tapered fade comb, blade guard, blade oil, cleaning brush, clipper case,ard brush, and full-color English and Spanish instructions 5-year limited clipper warranty; 2-year limited trimmer warranty 30 day money back guarantee Made in USA

Keep your hair short without ever setting foot in a barber shop. Built with a powerful, cool-running motor, the Wahl Balder 10-Piece Ultra-Close Haircut Kit is the ideal at-home solution to short cuts and blends.

Now you can do ultra-close cuts and blends at home. View larger.

Exclusive Wahl Features
Exceptional even for its brand, the Balder is quiet yet powerful. It features "zero" overlap blades with PowerDrive to provide maximum cutting power. The fine tooth blades mean smooth, skin-tight fades every time. The Soft-Touch ComfortGrip clipper makes it easy to hold and cut at different angles.

Made For Your Hair
Line it up and blend it in! Some clippers do a decent job on different types of hair -- but few are specialized for your hair. With "zero" overlap blades for the tightest, closest cuts, the Balder is the perfect clipper fades and high 'n tight styles. It also works just as well for trims and outlining. For those with well-kept facial hair, the kit even comes with a beard brush.

Built To Last
Haircutting at home should be easy -- whether it's a slight trim a complete makeover. With its full-color English and Spanish instructions, you'll quickly learn to use this complete haircut kit to its potential. The whole 10-piece kit stores easily in the clipper pouch so you can bring it wherever you go. Made in the U.S.A. and built with quality products, this kit comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

What's in the Box
Clipper, 3 guide combs, tapered fade comb, blade guard, blade oil, cleaning brush, clipper pouch, beard brush, and full-color English and Spanish instructions.

The Wahl Balder Ultra-Close Haircut Kit offers:
  • Zero overlap blades provide smooth, skin-tight fades.
  • Included beard brush.
  • Powerful, cool-running motor.
  • Included storage pouch for easy portability.

  • 10-piece haircut kit ideal at-home solution to short cuts and blends
  • Soft-Touch ComfortGrip clipper makes it easy to hold and cut at different angles
  • Zero overlap, fine tooth blades for smooth, skin-tight fades
  • Includes clipper, 3 guide combs, tapered fade comb, blade guard, blade oil, cleaning brush, clipper pouch, beard brush, and full-color English and Spanish instructions
  • 5-year limited clipper warranty; 2-year limited trimmer warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Cuts close, but be careful
    The Balder Ultra-close clipper (the only part of the kit I use, except for the cleaning brush and oil) cuts closer than any other clipper I've used to do my head. I like it a lot. One caution: be careful -- it will nick you if you're not careful, especially around the ears. I've been using it about a month now, and I still do it once in a while. Overall, a good product. I'd buy one again.
    ...more info
  • close trimmer, just what i needed
    nice trimmer, seems better-made than my last one, and cuts REALLY close. i read the manual first, and good thing! it shows how the blades were to be aligned when cleaning and UPON machine was not adjusted acceptably when put together? yup. no biggie but why not put it together just right the 1st time? anyway, seems that after i bought it they finally restocked the look-alike of this razor with another brand name on it?---at wal*mart. i think the prices were close? i'm satisfied overall, cuz it does cut sooo nice......more info
  • Excellent
    Excellent product! Very sharp and not noisy at all. The best one I ever had. ...more info
  • wahl shaver
    Shaver came defective. Etronics was very reliable - sent it back and got a refund with no hassles. ...more info
  • Wahl Balder
    This item failed within the first 5 minutes of use, apparently from a faulty switch. Amazon, however, replaced it the next day (fantastic service!) and I could not be more pleased with this clipper. It cuts evenly and quickly, far outperforming the two Norelco trimmers it replaced. While the first one earned only one star, the replacement gets five stars....more info
  • It Sure Does Cut Close!
    My wife's been cutting my flat tops since I gave up on the barber's at Fort Hood in Texas. One of the problems she was having, was how to get the sides short and the fade right.

    Today being Christmas Eve...and me in need of a haircut. I got one of my presents (mine?) early...along with a haircut. After the first stroke at the base of my neck...she was giggling. GREAT, I thought. I'm going to be "balder" for a month...she was just shocked at how much closer it was cutting than our previous fader, the Andis Pivot Pro that my barber had recommended.

    I any case, the haircut looks great. The instructions for fading must have been this is the best job my wife/barber's done yet!

    Highly recommended!...more info
  • The BEST product, No Matter What Your Budget!!
    You can stack this shaver up to the most expensive in the bussiness, and this one will blow them out of the water. I cut my hair every 3-4 days, and this shaver has made that very easy for me. Nice even cuts everytime. Thats right, I cut my hair perfect everytime, nobody helps me. It's not because I am that awsome, its because the Wahl razor is the best available....more info
  • For the first time in my life, I am proud of my self-haircut.
    Going to the barber just to shave my head down stopped making sense. No offense to the hair cutting profession, but all that time and expense just to do something so simple was impractical. I tried a bunch of options. Shaving with a razor/straight-edge did not work, because of nicks and cuts. Not interested in bleeding. Trimmers and wet shavers were also a bust. It took a ridiculous amount of work just to get my hair short enough.

    This product really worked. I got a very close shave, with a little stubble on my first try. Fine for me. I was not trying to be Mr. Clean, just needed something that is easy to maintain. The blades are SHARP, so my skin did feel tender the first few times. Throw some alcohol on that scalp to disinfect any cuts. The motor on this Wahl shaver is very POWERFUL compared to those of trimmers and wet shavers. Make sure you maintain a firm grip to avoid a scalp tragedy. This thing is HEAVY. You don't want to drop it. No joke.

    The item has paid for itself. I shave my head when I want, no travel or monetary overhead. It takes out the hair in one motion, minus minor touchups with my wet shaver. My scalp has toughened, so no more tenderness. It took a few months for my scalp to adjust. That is the price for trying something new on my skin. I shaved before writing this review. It went smooth like butter.

    Learn the basics of cutting hair so you can cut your own hair appropriately, with the grain, against the grain etc, etc. You need to develop a technique to get a consistent hair cut. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a smooth dome but does not want to use a straight edge/razor.

    Finally, the comments about the packaging are amusing. Given the American demographic most likely to shave its head, the marketing strategy makes sense/cents. I, however, based my review on the fact the product actually performs as advertised. Don't hesitate to buy it or give it as a gift just because the packaging is ethnocentric.

    ...more info
  • Balder 10-Piece ...Great price...USA MADE!
    Ive owned several wahl clippers over the years, they all have been great and held up well. I purchaced this to replace an older model ive been using for 10 years. this new clipper works great, gets real close and doesn't seem to irritate my skin like other clippers do. unlike other reviews, i did not have to adjust the blades, used the gauge in the instructions and the blades were in perfect adjustment. Also this is a really good price for these. Its also nice to have purchased a usa made product, its nice to be able to hold someone accountable ,if you need parts or service, instead of hunting for parts online. thanks wahl...more info
  • Best Fades but
    This buzzer gives the best fades as the title states. Problems? Well if you use it on your facial hair it pulls your hair on occasion. Second I wish it came with a 1/4 inch guard. It comes with a close guard, 1/8 and 3/16....more info
  • Good Buy
    I got this for my boyfriend and although he didn't like it at first now he doesn't even want to visit his barber!...more info
  • No major complaints
    My only two complaints are:
    1. The cord is about a foot too short.
    2. It's ugly.

    Personally, I like to stand in the tub and do the bulk of the hair removal and wash it down the drain (because the hairs are short, I'm not worried about clogs). The two bathrooms I tried this in, I could just barely get in the tub before running out of cord.

    As for ugly, it was ugly before I bought it and just never got any prettier. Others complain about the packaging showing black people on it. Well, the shaver is listed on the mfg site as being an "ethnic" product. The color scheme is also that ugly gold that seems to resonate with that same demographic. Oh well, I guess I won't take it to "show and tell" at work. The horror of having a few black folks on the packaging did cause me great emotional distress and I'm suing the mfg for the absolute horror and pain it has caused. I'm emotionally scarred, in case it's not obvious. Of course, the really funny part was that it included directions in Spanish. Those darned illegal black immigrants forcing Spanish upon us must stop!

    All in all, it's a strong shaver. The three guards provided are extremely short, so this is for people who either have buzz cuts or shorter. It blows cordless trimmers away.

    Back to the emotional distress, I was pleasantly surprised that the shaver didn't turn me black. From some of the comments I'd read before purchasing it, I was afraid I'd become a rapper or something just by using the darned thing.

    ...more info
  • Cuts great. Well built.
    This cuts great - the guides are only for very short cuts. It seems well built for home use. The guides have stayed on just fine for me. ...more info
  • Closest Shave You'll Get
    Great clippers with adjustable blade so you can make it as close a shave as you want. I actually shave my face with it with no attachment and it leaves me with barely a five o'clock shadow!

    Has great attachment array. 1/16", 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" and up so you can fade with precision.

    ...more info
  • Great clippers at a great price
    I love these clippers. They are solidly built, fit comfortably in my hand, and cut my hair very easily and efficiently. I've been through several clippers over the last few years and none of them come to close to these....more info
  • Good for close cuts
    Good unit if you want a very close cut (what my barber calls 000). Heavy metal construction and appears durable. Attachments are cheap. Good unit for the price. Don't buy unless you want a bald look - as the name implies....more info
  • Item not as pictured.
    I ordered through a link for Wahl's. The clipper on Wahl's has an adjustable lever. The clipper that I received did not have a lever. ...more info
  • Balder by Wahl
    I shave my husband's head; he does the beard. W use it to shave just about bald, not for a haircut. Seems to work great. Only have used once, but didn't need to align the blades. It is quiet and a clean shave. The combs aren't the same as others and so the beard trim was shorter than usual, but he will use the next size up next time and expect it to do fine. A bit heavier than other trimmers, but still manageable....more info
  • How embarasing
    i bought this for my 16 year old white son. the packaging had afro-americans all over it no pictures of white people.... it came the day before christmas so i had no choice but to give it to him. the product might be good but they should seriously reconsider their packaging and amazon should seriously think about putting a picture of what the actual packaging looks like. i would have chosen one of the other wahl clippers if i would have known what the packaging looked like. wahl should know what this clipper is not for black people only. offended?? you bet....more info
  • Wahl - Still the best
    The last pair of Wahl clippers I purchased are more than 15 years old and still running strong. I'm expecting more of the same....more info
  • very nice
    I'm impressed with these, they are the best and third pair of WAHL clippers I've gone through. They are quieter than the other two I've had. A word of warning to never drop your clippers or the blades will get out of alignment, and always put the oil on the blades after cleaning the hair off.

    The package seems to market to African Americans but they worked just fine on my Caucasian son's hair. A really wonderful product, I'm so pleased....more info
  • Razor sharp
    Wahl makes the best pair of clippers and this model doesn't disappoint. One of the closest shaves I have ever gotten without a razor. Great for fading as well....more info
  • I liked it so much... I bought it twice!
    This set of clippers work great at cutting hair very short. I have had these for a few months and have used them weekly during that time. You'll notice the blades are smaller and sharper than the average clipper blades.

    I managed to break these recently by dropping them from a considerable height onto the hard floor surface of my bathroom - not Wahl's fault. However, I liked them so much I am buying another set.

    Only downside is the attachments - they seem a bit flimsy. I would've given the product 5 stars if the attachments had been a little more rigid.

    Finally, other reviewers have commented that the packaging features African American males only. As a pasty white guy, I can attest that these clippers do not discriminate. So get over it! ...more info
  • Razor
    Super sharp blade. I have the classic male pattern baldness thing going on, so I want a close crop every other week. You'll want whomever is cutting your hair to have a steady hand. This was a good purchase....more info
  • Nice!
    A great clipper that does a nice job. Replaced a China made clipper with this one. My only complaint is that I had to realign the blades before using. Well worth the extra money! ...more info
  • Well-made and effective
    I have only used the Balder once, but I was completely satisfied with it's performance. The other "consumer" sheers I have purchased to cut my hair were not well-made. Nor did they cut as well and as close as the Balder. When using the Balder without an attachment your cut is just short of the results you could get with a razor. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants THE SHORTEST HAIRCUT YOU CAN GET WITHOUT A RAZOR. ...more info