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Rubbermaid 1191 ActionPacker 35-Gallon Toolbox
List Price: $109.69

Our Price: $44.23

You Save: $65.46 (60%)


Product Description

Durable construction, a tough, latch and weather resistant material keep tools safe and dry with this 35-gallon toolbox from Rubbermaid. The unit comes with a handy bungee cord tie down. The latch is lockable (padlock not included). The unit is stackable for vertical storage with other ActionPacker toolboxes. And, when empty, the unit nests inside another empty ActionPacker for compact storage. --Brian D. Olson

  • 35-gallon plastic toolbox with latch
  • Tough, lockable latch (padlock not included)
  • Bungee cord tie down
  • Weather resistant construction won't rust, chip, crack
  • Measures 35-3/4 by 17.7 by 19.8 inches (length by width by height)

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Product
    I use these for camping gear, and they are perfect. Sturdy, easy to carry (unlike the larger models), stackable, and waterproof. I even use them as an extra chair... try doing that with any other storage container. I highly recommend these....more info
  • I wish every product were as good as the ActionPacker
    I've been using ActionPackers for hunting gear for at least 5 years with great success. The boxes usually ride in an open ATV trailer behind my truck and have proven to be rugged and weather tight. My ActionPackers are always packed and ready to go for the next hunting or camping trip.

    Because they stack so nicely, I plan to replace all of my other plastic storage boxes with these.

    The only downside to these boxes is that you cannot see what's in them until you open the box, so some sort of labeling system is useful. ...more info
  • Great Storage Container
    This is my second ActionPacker because it is a very useful storage container. I store my camping gear and emergency supplies in it. I take it when I go camping because it is extremely rugged and doubles as camping bench/table. It is made of lightweight material so the container by itself is not heavy. The lid is strong and durable. The latch provides an opening so that a padlock can be used for security/safety. Although, the latch is made of hard plastic so if someone really wanted to open the unit they'd find a way or I imagine they could just pick it up and take it. So, for added security it would be nice if the unit had some external handles or tie-downs for a security cable, but it doesn't. The unit is a decent size, but also fits in the back seat of my 4-door Saturn. The container, as far as I can tell, does not provide an air/water tight seal when closed, but when the latch is close does provide a firm seal. Overall, a great container and I would buy it again....more info
  • acceptable, hard to lock
    Does what it's supposed to do. The red latch is hard to close and not easy to padlock. ...more info
  • review
    only took a day to get i use it in the oil field as a coverall holder works great...more info
  • Its a camping Box
    I bought this box, and bolted it to my small 28 x 48 inch trailer that I pull behind my motorcycle. This box has amazing room, I can fit everything I need for a weekend camping trip in it. The inventory I normally haul is
    2 chairs
    2 Sleeping bags
    Coleman Stove and propane
    Pots and pans
    Rifle...more info
  • Just what I needed!
    I bought this for my son who went away to boy scout camp. We were able to pack a week's worth of clothes and all his supplies. It was water-proof and it was durable. People even asked where we got it....more info
  • Ideal Container for Indoor/Outdoor Use
    I was in search for storage on the tongue of my trailer. It's a long story but the usual storage boxes for trailer tongues don't fit my trailer.

    The containers are lightweight but durable. They seem to be water-tight, at least from road spray on rainy days.

    I cant imagine what else I could need!...more info
  • sturdy camping storage
    Holds folded down camp gear such as cots and chairs.

    You WILL wreck your back lifting this box by yourself using the end handles. This box wasn't designed for a one-man carry.

    Buy a couple of straps, wrap loosely around the box centered at shoulder width, and you have a safe one-man carry, even with a full load.

    Structurally though, it is a good box... stands up to rain, tie-down straps, and big dogs climbing around in the truck bed....more info
  • Rubbermaid Action Packers
    The item arrived in a timely manner and was exactly what was pictured. The total price with shipping was the cheapest price I found anywhere on-line. Very happy with the purchase....more info
  • Great for Storage
    So we are moving our family of four to Costa Rica and we thought these action packers would be great to get out belongings there safe and sound. They hold a lot of our stuff and they are super tough. They made the flight without a bump or scratch on our stuff and the action packers themselves look brand new still. They didn't get 5 stars because they weigh 13 pounds alone and that took away from the 50 pounds your allowed on an airline. Though I doubt they would be as sturdy if they were light weight. ...more info
  • Not rain proof
    The Rubbermaid Action Packer is not rain proof or water proof. The latches create an easy path for rain to come in and wet the contents.

    Except for that serious flaw the Action Packer is sturdy, and has convenient latches. I would not buy this for camping or other outdoor use....more info