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  • A comic treasure
    Ben Stiller transforms himself for the audience in this incredibly funny supermodel spoof. The performances of the rest of the cast are also superb. You really can't explain the humor used in this film without losing a lot in the translation. The film is a refreshing leap out of reality, but maintains order with a well-defined plot, complete with good guys and villains. If you enjoy movies like Dodgeball and Airplane, you'll have fun with Zoolander. It's worth adding to your collection....more info
  • Really Funny
    This movie is another typical movie with no point to it, but that is what makes it funny. There is not point and they act so stupid it is hallariou to watch. People say it is stupid, well they can think that. It can be stupid if you were expecting to watch a serious movie but it is a comity so your aren't supose to expect it to be serious. The best part was the gasoline fight. It was really funny how dumb they were.

    I suggest if you don't like movies with people acting idiotic don't watch this but if you like watching people be stupid then watch it...more info
  • Magnum
    This is the film that started my love affair with films starring the so-called 'Frat Pack' (Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson et al).
    A parody of the male modelling world, there are some truly hilarious moments of the film - for example, when Zoolander and Hansel act like apes when trying to figure out how to turn the computer on, David Duchovny's cameo as a hand model and the school "For Kids Who Can't Read Good". The scene in the petrol station alone is worth buying the DVD for. Vince Vaughn makes a fleeting appearance, although it took me a while to recognise him under all the soot!

    When I first watched the DVD I was laughing uncontrollably. Stiller, as Zoolander, provides instructions on how to work the menu. There is a satisfactory Easter Egg hidden within the Special Features menu, as Stiller says "For all you Internet geeks that search the Web for these things" (I'm one of them).

    I really cannot fault this DVD. The film is extremely funny, and all the extras do not disappoint. If you have seen and enjoyed any of the Frat Pack's films, then this one won't let you down either.
    ...more info
  • Best movie ever.
    If you love "stupid comedies" like austin powers and movies like that then you'll LOVE this movie. ...more info
  • Some of the funniest scenes EVER
    Just like any comedy, there are some misses, but some of the scenes are the funniest you will ever see. When male model Zoolander returns to his home and family (father and brothers) in the "coal mining region of Southern New Jersey", you will laugh your blank off...more info
  • If it doesn't take much to entertain you..
    ...This would be the movie to watch. The funniest thing about this comedy is that a studio actually put money into this script and managed not to recoil in shame. It's cute, it's pointless, it's a perfect movie to watch when the tv screen is watching you, or a group of friends are not sober and bored....more info
  • Zoooolander vs. Hansel
    This film is super. The humor, and the persons in it. Hansel "he is so hot right now". Will Farell is great as usual. Ben and Owen outstandig. I could watch this movie every day. Buy it now and watch it over and over....more info
  • It's So Silly I Laughed The Whole Time
    Not many movies make me laugh; not many things make me laugh, but this one did. It was wonderfully and outrageously silly. It's been quite a while since I last saw it, and it still gives me a good feeling. I bought it for a friend, because she seemed to be enjoying it, while we were drifting through Myer-Emco. It still leaves me with a good feeling, and I think I am going to borrow it from her sometime....more info
  • Hilarious.Super Uper Duper Funny
    "Why can't you build a school thats not 1/4 of the size? " or something like that , is one of my favorite scenes, when a model replica of a school is shown. this movie is laugh out loud funny and very stupid funny....more info
  • "It's A Walkoff" ~ High Fashion Assassin
    I'm generally not a big fan of ultra wacky comedy films but the '01 release of 'Zoolander' starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson is definitely an exception to the rule. This is probably one of the most amazingly original, dementedly funny films I've ever seen. The hilarious physical comedy, off-the-wall dialogue and the clever, neverending parade of cameo appearances by the rich and famous will keep you glued to the screen.

    This one is a classic and definitely a worthy addition to your private DVD collection....more info
  • Still Hot Right Now
    I love this movie. I don't think it did terribly well in the theatres, but similar to the Family Guy, the secondary markets kept this one alive till it blew up. It's a staple in any college kid's collection and a movie whose references have seeped into young adult culture. Although it falls under the "stupid movie" category, it's very intelligently written and is a wonderful satire on both the fashion industry and Hollywood. To try to describe the plot would be difficult, other than the major premise that for hundreds of years male models have been used as professional assassins, unbeknowst to them. It's a great movie and Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson shine. ...more info
  • ..... Blue Steel....
    This movie delivered what it promised...a funny and stupid comedy. Ben couldn't have done a better impression of a male model, I am a huge fan of "BLUE STEEL". I think that Ben Stiller really is a wonderful comedic actor, he is so funny. Will Farrell is awesome in this movie. He was very over the top, and unexpected. Coming into this movie don't expect Oscar worthy material, nor should you expect goofball humor. The characters ability to keep straight faces through out the movie amazes me. It shows their true talent as actors. Definitely a must see....more info
  • Better than West Side Story!
    The film Zoolander, despite it's lack of juanty musical numbers like 'I Feel Pretty', was better than West Side Story, which I just finished watching and found to be rather preachy and dull, which Zoolander most suredly was not. ...more info
  • Should be rated R.
    Too many swear words and sex scenes to be PG-13. I didn't finish the movie....more info
  • Good Movie but!!!!!!!!!!
    I love this movie the only problem was I received it and it was defective it skipped never played and I contacted the company I bought it from and They never contacted me back it took forever to get my refund! Note to others buy anything off of Amazon get it straight from them never buy from an unknown company don't buy from The Good Company they have bad customer service and as far as I'm concerned are real con artist I don't trust them so take my word for it!:) ...more info
  • Stiller shows himself convincingly versatile in portraying an male model who is anything but
    The 2001 film ZOOLANDER is a comedy about two male models, the eminent Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and the up-and-coming Hansel (Owen Wilson), who with the help of an investigative reporter (Christine Taylor) must thwart the plans of a megalomaniac fashion designer (Will Ferrell) to maintain third-world child sweatshop labour. Most of the humour in the film comes from Stiller's portrayal of Zoolander, a dimwitted manchild with a heart of gold, and the fact that the actor playing this male model isn't remotely glamourous. Myself, I really dig Hansel's character, the reincarnation of an Istanbul to Kathmandu trail hippie who resides in a festive warehouse flat with, among others, a Sherpa and a quartet of Finnish dwarves. The character is in some ways quite similar to that which Wilson played in THE ROYAL TENNENBAUMS, which appeared the same year. The supporting cast includes David Duchovny as a conspiracy theorist and Jerry Stiller as Zoolander's conflicted manager.

    What is really remarkable about the film, however, is the huge amount of cameos, with over 30 celebrities making brief appearances. Certainly the film will be thought-provoking for criticizing the rampant use of child sweatshop labor in the garment industry, while the Hollywood idols within it continue to support designer fashion.

    ZOOLANDER has entrenched itself into American culture, with quotations from the film popping up fairly often in the speech of my generation. While it is by no means a great work of art, it is sure to offer some laughs....more info
  • very funny film
    ben stiller awesome, and pretty ripped. didn't know that. i was shocked. a great piss up. with some good cameos....more info
  • Stupid movie, but the kids love it!
    Not in to this kind of comedy myself, but the kids think it's hilarious. Good for a gift...as long as I don't have to watch it again!...more info
  • FUN!
    Just silly, funny and you know they all must have had a blast when making this film! Watching it on regular TV is not nearly as fun as many words or scenes may be cut. Great cast and many cameos as who wouldn't want to work with Ben Stiller, as he seems to be quite the character. ...more info
  • 3 then a 4
    I didn't really like this when it came out. Then after it has run countless times on cable, I find myself stopping to watch it every time I flip through the channels and find it. Certainly a wacky plot and a fun satire on the fashion industry, this film features cameos from tons of celebrities. I thought Will Ferrells role was inspired insanity. This one is worth a watch or two....more info
  • I bow to the holy matrimony of Stiller, Wilson and Ferrell, a movie marriage made in heaven...
    There's something about `Zoolander' that just tickles every funny bone in my body. Aside from one scene involving David Duchovny I swear this to be the perfect comedy. The pairing of Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell is just brilliance, utter comedic brilliance. Ben Stiller has never been so funny as he is in `Zoolander'. Owen Wilson had a great year in 2001, with his performance in `Zoolander' as well as `The Royal Tenenbaums' he proved that he is comedic gold. I personally was never sold on Wilson's bankability until I saw him here and realized he has the goods. Don't get me started on Will Ferrell. The man is as obnoxious as the day is long but I can't think of a comedian as funny or as entertaining. As the evil Mugatu, Ferrell completely steals the show away from Stiller and Wilson.

    The film is a major spoof on the fashion industry today, poking fun at the high maintenance, vain personalities of today's socialites. In the middle of this fast paced world of hair products and wax-jobs lies Derek Zoolander, quite frankly the most legendary of male models. Derek sits atop the world comfortably, that is until Hansel comes along poised to take his fame and respect. Hansel is the male modeling worlds freshest face and his `cool guy' persona and `no cares' attitude quickly make him a hot commodity leaving Zoolander jealous and emotionally shattered. In this state Zoolander is particularly vulnerable to the evil manipulations of fashion designer Mugatu. Mugatu is fed-up with the prime minister of Malaysia and his promise to end the countries child labor which would as a result create a huge dent in Mugatu's profits. He orchestrates an elaborate scheme to brainwash Derek Zoolander to assassinate the prime minister at a fashion show for his new line especially created in the prime ministers honor.

    In the meantime Derek also has to content with the intrusive reporter Matilda Jeffries and the sneaky Mugatu spy Katinka. Derek also has issues to work out with his own self esteem with regards to his father and the love and support his father refuses to give him because of his chosen profession. No matter how successful and famous he becomes he'll still only be a laughing stock to his father.

    That and the whole turning left thing.

    The film is filled with some of the funniest one-liners I've ever heard and has some of the funniest comedic performances to date. Ben Stiller is just effortlessly hysterical as Derek Zoolander, and he's only embellished by the great partnering with Owen Wilson who becomes Hansel in every way shape and form. Stiller's real life wife Christine Taylor appears here as Matilda and does a great job, as does his real life father Jerry Stiller who plays Maury Ballstein, Zoolanders agent. Milla Jovavich, Jon Voight and the rest of the start studded cast are excellent (except for Duchovny, I just didn't like him) but no one comes close to the brilliance that was Will Ferrell. One of his funniest performances to date! The film also features cameos by the likes of Donald Trump, Paris Hilton and Billy Zane just to mention a few.

    `Zoolander' remains one of my all time favorite comedies ever and is sure to bring a smile, a chuckle and a slew of full belly laughs....more info
  • zoolander
    What wonderful acting! It must be very difficult to act that aloof and keep a straight face. The Ben and Owen make a great team and Will is the ultimate supporting actor!...more info
  • One of my favorites
    This movie is ridiculously funny. If you're in the modeling industry, you may take offense to it. But I think anyone who can appreciate Ben Stiller making a complete fool of himself can appreciate this movie. In my opinion, this is one of Stiller's best....more info
  • Zoolander DVD
    This is an extremely funny movie! If you like fashion and comedy, I definately recommend this movie! It is nonstop laughs for 2 hours!...more info
  • Eugoogely
    I always hated male models. I would really hate Derreck Zoolander if he was real but fortunately he isn't; he's a wonderful character portrayed by Ben Stiller.

    The movie is full of funny bits and lines you will repeat to your friends or may even have heard before. 'Orange Mocha Frappacino!', 'Have I been taking crzy pills?' and 'Moisture is the essence of wetness' are not so funny now but they will be when you hear them.

    Ben Stiller plays a part he ususally doesn't, as a stupid male model. Owen Wilson is his usual smug great and Will Ferrell probably plays his best role apart from Ron Burgondy in Anchorman here....more info
  • excellent!
    I got the movie on time and it was in excellent shape. thank you...more info
  • More Fun than a Gasoline Fight
    When my neighbor brought this over for us to watch, I rolled my eyes. How could this obviously juvenile, brain-withering pile be amusing in any shape or fashion?

    Oh, how wrong I was!

    The premise is that Zoolander (Ben Stiller) is the world's Top Model. After being ousted from this position by Hansel (Owen Wilson), Zoolander falls from grace (snigger) into the clutches of evil Mugatu (Will Ferrell). Mugatu brainwashes him to become the perfect assassin in order to kill the Malaysian prime minister so that he cannot promote child labor laws. Sound ridiculous? Yeah. It is. It's the strangest, best kind of ridiculous I've watched since Oedekerk's Kung Pow.

    I laughed non-stop during this movie. It is ridiculously, hilariously stupid, unapologetically so. Will Ferrell is so delightfully over-the-top and so horribly dressed that I kept waiting to see him again. Ben Stiller is so adorably stupid -- something like watching a train wreck in slow motion. The only parts I didn't like were the sexual ones (specifically, the orgy scene, the massage scene, and almost everything relating to Ballstein), but quite frankly, that was just my personal taste. Even those things are so ridiculous that you can't take them all that seriously.

    The wonderful stupidity, the lines, the story -- it is all so ridiculous, so out there, so unique -- that you'll most likely find it a delectable treat. Oh, it's fluffy and has all the nutritional content of cotton candy, but what a joyride! Marvel at the gasoline fight accident! The Center for Kids Who Don't Read Good! The miniature cell phone! The mermaid... I mean, man! The icing on the cake is definitely the multitude of cameos. This is comedic gold and it never gets old.

    All of this said, I completely understand why some people would give this one star. You'll either really hate it or you'll really like it -- it depends on whether or not you enjoy stupid humor....more info
  • Make it stop!!!!!
    Don't get me wrong, I normally love Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, but I found this movie to be absolutely DIRE. The humor was so stupid that it went way beyond the realms of funny stupid humor and just in to plain stupid and boring. Ben Stillers acting was appalling, he insisted on using the type of voice a 14 year old boy uses when he's trying to pretend that he's stupid (the duuuuuuuuuh voice) and it gets extremely grating after about 10 minutes and just not funny. His character is so badly portrayed that you have no sympathy for him and just want to turn the movie off so that you don't have to watch this moron anymore, instead of wanting to stay to watch the movie so you could see what happened next to the 'sweet endearing moron' as I guess it was supposed to be

    I tried to watch this all the way through, I had to turn it off twice for a few hours to steel myself for more as you might to if you have to visit the dentist for multiple fillings. But despite my mental health breaks, I couldn't bring myself to finish it

    Truely awful...more info
  • Waste of time
    This movie is so bad I couldn't sit through more than 20 minutes. please don't buy or rent this horrable movie...more info
  • Review for the buyer's that can't read good...
    Ben Stiller, the model. This is a great stupid movie. I really enjoyed it. Ben Stiller does a great job playing the empty headed supermodel. Also, the Center for children that can't read good? What a great idea! There are several memorable scenes and quotes in this movie, an it is a must watch....more info
  • Absurd and Hilarious
    With preening self-importance and pouty narcissism already baked into the industry's DNA - torturing couture fashion almost certainly lacks good sportsmanship. Fashion has always been a satirists Pi?ata party so I was pleased that Zoolander went well beyond the clich¨¦d "dumb model" premise to focus on the countless small affectations that make fashionistas well, fashionistas.

    From the first scene where the shadowed, dimly recognizable outlines of fashion icons Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour and Donna Karan conspire to assassinate the Malaysian prime minister (whose new government threatens to outlaw clothing sweatshops) it is clear that the producers will gore every detail in the search for gut-busting comedy. Yes, Ben Stiller (Zoolander) and Owen Wilson (Hansel) are terrific as the vacuous supermodel savants who become unwittingly enlisted in the assassination plot - but, it is Will Ferrell and Ben's father, Jerry Stiller who steal the show. As an actor, Ferrell's trademark has been a glowering self-absorption that makes even his bad films worth the effort. As fashion-scion, "Mugatu" ("a defrocked member of `80s club band, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and inventor of the piano tie.") he is clearly at the top of his game and caused more than one of my friends to spit their drinks when he appeared on screen. His performance is classic and alone justifies the cost of the DVD. Finally, there's Jerry Stiller - wrapped in a designer jogging suit and 50 years of borscht belt shtick - Jerry's turn as "Balls" Model Agency Owner, Maury Ballstein is so Catskills lowbrow that not laughing is virtually impossible.

    Escapist fun - highly recommended.
    ...more info
  • Can't get enough!
    This was the last movie we bought on VHS. We quote this movie so often that we finally had to buy the DVD. This is a great role for Ben Stiller, just as famous as his role in Dodge-ball. Owen Wilson rocks the screen as well. Zoolander is a must see for anyone who can appreciate wacky humor. And don't just watch it once...it gets funnier every time. You actually catch things you didn't get the first time. Definitely a favorite in our household of kooks!! ...more info
  • Eugoogely
    I always hated male models. I would really hate Derreck Zoolander if he was real but fortunately he isn't; he's a wonderful character portrayed by Ben Stiller.

    The movie is full of funny bits and lines you will repeat to your friends or may even have heard before. 'Orange Mocha Frappacino!', 'Have I been taking crzy pills?' and 'Moisture is the essence of wetness' are not so funny now but they will be when you hear them.

    Ben Stiller plays a part he ususally doesn't, as a stupid male model. Owen Wilson is his usual smug great and Will Ferrell probably plays his best role apart from Ron Burgondy in Anchorman here.

    ...more info
  • DVD doesn't play
    I love this movie, but the DVD didn't work. What a bummer. I must say Amazon did refund my money w/in two weeks after I returned the damaged item. It's just a pain to reorder, especially when you have to spend twenty extra bucks or pay for shipping....more info