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Along Came A Spider
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  • Confused
    I'm confused because I have no idea why this movie is called "Along Came a Spider". Other then having few similar plot twists the movie and the book are two completely different things. I'm not going to go into a huge thing on all the differnces between the book and the movie (that would take forever) but its very dissapointing thing for two reasons: fans of the book are most likely not going to like it. You watch the movie expecting to see one thing and end up getting something you didn't really want to see. The book is soooo good so I don't know why so much was changed and left out. Secondly, the movie really is pretty good, but it won't get the recognition it deserves because of it's title. If you gave the characters new names and slapped on a new title it probably would of been a much more liked movie....more info
  • Along Came A Spider -- Popkorn Junkie's (and my) review
    "Along Came A Spider" is a prequel to the 1997 film, "Kiss the Girls" which also starred Morgan Freeman as detective Alex Cross. Detective Cross is a serial kidnapper profiler who becomes involved in a cat and mouse chase that ensues when the daughter of a US Senator is abducted from her high security private school. In order to solve the crime Freeman teams up with the head Secret Service agent in charge of security at the kidnapped child's school, a dubiously cast Monica Potter. Since I am only used to seeing Ms. Monica frolic about in lightweight chick flick films I was surprised to see her granted such a meaty role...but anyway.

    This is the sort of movie that is better if you know as little about it as possible so I will not spoil it for you by getting into details. I will say that, like a spider's web, the plot is as intricately woven and full of dead flies (just kidding about the flies). Some parts of the story are completely unpredictable and exciting while others are almost expected...but in the end you'll wonder about the expected parts...that's all I can say.

    Freeman does a fine job in his role...but he's had enough practice don't ya think ("Kiss The Girls", "Seven"). Potter, though at first seemed only cast for her pretty face, really pulls off her role well-I have to admit that I was surprised and as a results she's chalked up a few points in my book.

    Recommendation: This film is interesting, suspenseful, and well worth the watch. The people I've spoken with have given it mixed reviews. Like it or not (you'll probably like it unless you have ESP like my Mom...she always figures out the who-done-it's before she even sees the film...well, that what SHE says) you'll have a strong opinion and it will give you lots of fuel for debate. "Along Came A Spider" is no "Silence of the Lambs", but to give it a little more's also no "Kiss the Girls" (and I mean that in a good way). You'll be thinking about this movie long after the final credits have rolled (check out the credits for "man who can't answer the phone" and "potentially evil guy on train", I'm serious!)....more info

  • Great Movie!
    What I liked about this film is that it wasn't a photocopy of "Kiss the Girls." It wasn't predictable and it showed how wrong things can go for the good guys and the bad guys. Great movie. Highly viewable....more info
  • a thriller with a twist
    This is one of the best movies I have ever seen it had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.It has drama , suspense and a huge twist at the end which you would never guess in a million years.I throughly enjoyed this movie and would reccomend it to anyone....more info
  • This was great
    Can anything that Morgan Freeman is in be bad?

    The two characters that made this whole movie worthwhile were those of Dr. Alex Cross and "Mr. Sonneji" (I forget the name of the actor who played the role, but I have seen him before and he makes a great bad guy).

    Some parts of the movie stretched the imagination, but it was something that had a good number of twists. Enough to keep a viewer interested but not so many that a person would become confused....more info
  • Solid follow up to "Kiss the Girls"
    Morgan Freeman is back as retired detective, Alex Cross. After his partner dies on a sting mission to catch a serial killer Cross retires unitl a senator's daughter is kidnapped and the kidnapper, Soneji, calls him, in order to make him famous as he copies the Lindbergh child kidnapping and tries to be imortalized for the crime of teh century. After Cross looks at the details he is joined by Monica Potter, who is Jezzie, a secret service agent who was supposed to protect the little girl but failed. After tracking the kidnapper and almost catching him twice and stopping him from his real mission, to kidnap the Russian presidents son, they finally get him. As Cross goes over the details inhis head he realizes someone has been on to him and is double crossing him, as he knows Soneji doesn't have the little girl anymore, so after Soneji nearly kills Jezzie, Cross kills him. Thinking that he lost teh only lead to finding the little girl, Jezzie and the girl's parents are very angry with him. But Cross hown his details to the Secret Service officers who are also onthe case and they see that one of there own was following Soneji for a long time and knew of this, and kidnapped the girl from Soneji and took a 10 million dollar ransom. As Cross goes over more clues he sees the double crosser is now being double crossed by their partner and he rushes to a dramatic and surprising ending to save the little girl. A great movie to have for those who like the twisted movies that always keep you thinking and guessing....more info
  • Oh what a tangled Web we weave!
    I knew of two movies involving the character of Alex Cross: Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls. I've seen neither and was interested as to what this mini-franchise is all about. Plus I think Morgan Freeman is the bomb and was thrilled to hear he was the movie lead.

    The movie starts out with Alex Cross (Morgan Freeman) following his partner, a pretty female cop who is a passenger to a known serial killer. It's all a clever sting (oh the insect metaphors, I can't help myself!), but the plan falls apart when the serial killer decides he'd like a little pre-warm-up activity from his passenger.

    In an inexplicable moment of vulnerability, Cross' partner starts wailing that she doesn't want her face shoved into the lap of a serial killer. Which is understandable, but not what we would expect of a cop trained to go undercover as serial killer bait. Sure enough, the bad guy discovers the cop's ploy when he finds her earpiece (whatever happened to wires?) and things go downhill from there.

    The cop draws a gun on her companion, who freaks out. Or maybe it's the cop who freaks out. She shoots him dead, the car spins out of control and lands on the edge of a bridge (or a dam, hard to tell). She screams helplessly for Cross' help, who can't save her. She plunges to her death.

    This makes Cross understandably morose about his profession. What is his profession, exactly? It seems he's a cop. But he's written a book about serial killers, so perhaps he's a profiler. Since I'm writing my own book about this very subject, I found it curious that Cross' expertise is never fully explained. Every mystery author wants his good guy to be a Bob Ressler or a John Douglas. But it takes work to pull off these men as actual people as opposed to walking caricatures of Sherlock Holmes.

    Fade to...

    Children of important diplomats and politicians are sequestered in a high-security school known as the Cathedral. There, kids attend weird classes with projects like, "find Charles Lindbergh on the Web in the smallest number of hops." Get it? Web? Spider?

    I know, I was stunned by the connection too.

    As it turns out, the teacher of the class is actually a highly trained kidnapper, Gary Soneji (played by the gravelly Michael Wincott of The Crow and The Three Musketeers fame). Soneji's been buried within the Cathedral hierarchy for two years using latex appliances and an amazing device that conceals his fingertips.

    We're never told where Soneji acquired these skills. My guess is he was an ex-government agent of some country. But the movie deems those facts unimportant. What's important is that Soneji knows of Cross--he's read Cross' book, after all--and decides he will provide the kidnapping of the century by mimicking the kidnapping of the Lindbergh Baby. This of course means he makes an obligatory phone call, voice disguised, to Cross, thus dragging him into the plot.

    Soneji kidnaps poor Megan Rose (Mika Boorem), daughter of Senator Hank Rose (Michael Moriarty, of Law and Order fame, who only gets like three lines). But really, Megan's just a ploy to get closer to another, more important child (Dmitri Stardubov, played by Anton Yelchin) of a Russian diplomat. Imagine, if Soneji kidnapped the little Russian boy, there'd be an "INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT."

    Those words are expressed over and over. We're never entirely sure what the implications are, but they sound really bad. Why is the Russian boy in an American school? Why would it create an incident? Who is the kid's father, anyway?

    Bristling after the embarrassing loss of her charge, Agent Jezzie Flannigan (Monica Potter) is determined to catch the bad guy. That's JEZZIE, not JESSIE, for some reason I cannot fathom.

    After all, it's thanks to her bumbling and another agent, Ben Devine (Billy Burke), that the Megan was kidnapped. Ollie McArthur (Dylan Baker), another agent, is put on the case, for the sole purpose of insulting Cross and then barking orders at people.

    The character of Soneji seems awkwardly conceived. Is her supposed to be a serial killer? We discover that Soneji did burn down his parents' house when he was young, a trait that's definitely evident in serial killers. He's most decidedly the "organized" type, capable of holding down a job, purchasing a boat, and doing a lot of other things that require an orderly, structured mind. But he's so one-dimensional, so utterly focused on being known as a kidnapper, that his later confession about his past seems forced. In essence, Soneji feels like a villain some writer (James Patterson wrote the novel, Marc Moss wrote the screenplay) whipped up to be a foil for our hero.

    It turns out the kids use "Stego" encryption to conceal the "equivalent of passing notes" in .GIF files that they send to each other in class. Megan and Dmitri use it and Soneji does too. He leaves clues to the kidnapping embedded in those .GIF files, revolving around Charles Lindbergh. One of those clues leads to the World's Clearest Webcam, which focuses on a patch of wall in Soneji's home (!).

    It's a sad statement about the movie industry that many of the plot points that lead to the real bad guys have to do with incompetence on the part of the authorities. There are several situations throughout the film where people don't do what they should to catch the bad guy, but the movie provides these moments as obvious, "duh, they were incompetent on PURPOSE," examples.

    See, I was far too preoccupied with the fact that Soneji walks in and out of peoples' homes unchallenged, that he seems to know where everyone is at all times, to start questioning other stupidity like security guards not reacting fast enough or shooting when they should. What's thrown out as proof of another, secret plan to make money off of a kidnapping is lost in the morass of confusing plot points. In other words, if you're going to use discrepancies in character actions to reveal the mystery, everything else going on in the movie better be sewed up tightly.

    It isn't.

    The person who carries most of the movie is really Boorem, who plays a clever, frightened girl quite capable of escaping on her own, thank-you-very-much. She manages not one but two major escapes from the bad guys without help from anybody. Boorem's scenes are the best part of the film.

    Potter is suitably nervous and frustrated as a pretty agent, but she's a little too severe to empathize with. That said, she has such a striking resemblance to Julia Roberts that it's distracting. She has the same smile, same drawl, same arching eyebrows. Potter just doesn't have the charm, but then again that might be appropriate for the plot.

    Then there's Freeman, who adopts the tired, world-weary narrative that he did better in Se7en and The Shawshank Redemption. At one point, Cross has to run all over town at the kidnapper's whim, such that the scene becomes comical rather than compelling. Freeman deserves better.

    Along Came a Spider tries to be serious, mysterious, action-packed, scary, and ironic. We know this because the music forcefully tells us when those moments are. But the movie just doesn't have a compelling plot to back it up. Even with the major twist mid-movie.

    In a lot of ways, the film reminded me of the Watcher. And that's not a compliment....more info
  • ?????????
    This movie is one that really bothered me. Having read the awesome book, I was expecting an excellent movie. But....
    This movie was really bad. It was completely different than the book and was way too short. Oh, and by the way, for all of you people that are saying that this is the sequel to Kiss the Girls, it's NOT!!!! Along Came a Spider is the first and the sequel is Kiss The Girls!!!!
    The book was absolutely brilliant and kept you on the edge of your seat for the whole time. This movie strays far away from it and instead greatly reduces the story. The end comes way too abruptly while on the other hand, the book was a lot longer. The kidnapper, Gary Soneji, eludes the police numerous times in the book and does a lot more. On top of it, in the book, you never know if the killer has a split personality and it's not his fault because of his mental condition or if he's just evil and crazy. The movie isn't even that bad but it screwed over the movie. I think that the director of this movie only read the first 100 pages and then made a movie. A lot more happens! This movie is just way too short, and ruins an excellent book. My recommendation is to read the book and forget the movie. The book is excellent, thrilling and will keep you on the edge of your seat.
    Oh and by the way, Alex Cross was supposed to be a young detective not a 60 year old one! Morgan Freeman is great but that kind of ruins the books a little because there are a lot of books and this young detective meets many new foes. Forget any sequels after Kiss the Girls. ...more info
  • shocking just as much as KTG (Kiss the Girls)
    this sequal to Kiss The Girls
    is just as moving
    plot twisting
    and story innovative
    it gets more creepy
    more strange
    more puzzle like
    and makes you really wonder who is the killer fully?
    you can fully answer that when you see the whole movie
    I loved it from beginning to end
    Morgan does a great job at acting. I hope he got an Academy award for this one. he shocks, moves you at the same time with his thoughts and dialogue in the movie. brilliant movie. simply such a seducing scary thriller. it will be seen more times in my dvd player when i can. count on it...more info
  • Good ending but!
    This movie is based on a classical scenario. It is quite boring to see the same scheme again: a cop who feels responsible for the death of his partner and finds a new one. There are some flaws in the scenario: no adequate reason for the killer to call Alex, and the scene where ALex discovers the password of the PC in a short time is quite unbelievable. The final is well designed and worths watching the movie. Good DVD, fair sound, Digital surround adds not too much to the movie....more info
  • A nice movie
    It is a good movie, Morgan Freeman is a good actor. This movie is a good action movie....more info
  • Better than Kiss The Girls
    I think Morgan Freeman was superb, as always. I was pleasantly surprised with the acting of Monica Potter though. I think that the suspense was great, with plenty of twists through the movie. It was much better than Kiss The Girls in fact, a movie I could figure the "bad-guy" out before it was half over. The only bad thing I can say about the movie, is the car crash in the beginning. It looked terrible, and was too obvious it had been done on computers. If you enjoy drama/suspense films, you'll surely enjoy this one....more info
  • Underrated with unanswered questions
    In looking for cool new book ideas, I happened upon Patterson's adventure/detective novels starring Alex Cross. I had no idea that the movies (which I hadn't seen) "Kiss the Girls" and "Along Came a Spider" starring Morgan Freeman were movies made of Patterson's novels. So, I rented the two movies and bought the other books, to be read in order.

    Rotten Tomatoes bashes this movie with bad reviews galore. I wondered if I should have rented "Se7en" instead. After watching this film, I wasn't too unimpressed. In fact, there is a great deal to like. It's atmospheric, it's bleak, it's smart and well-acted by the always-dead-on, Freeman. He plays Cross, an embittered forensics detective who can't seem to get back into the line of regular duty since the death of his partner. Eight months later, a teacher kidnaps a senator's daughter and calls Cross to tell him about it. Why Cross is suddenly involved in this thing, not even he can figure out. The clues are laid out and the cops smartly follow them by the books. In fact, everything is pretty much by the book until the last half hour, which is brilliant, saving this average film.

    You might just find yourself asking various questions like, without giving anything away:

    1) Why would Sonji even know about the ten million dollars? Why would Cross try to trick him?

    2) In the barn, wouldn't the fork have bent beyond repair?

    3) When the killer goes into the barn loft, why not just move the bed and run out the door?

    4) Instead of throwing the thermos out the train window, why not throw some bullets out the train window?

    5) What are the Russian cops - stupid? A car is squealing away from the scene, tearing up the street with a flat tire and they train their guns on well-known cops while the killer gets away?

    6) How come cops always go off doing things on their own instead of calling other cops for backup? What would Cross have done at the barn if he'd lost the gunfight?

    7) Sonji is pretty laid back and cool throughout the movie until he suddenly turns maniacal in Jezzie's apartment. Why?

    8) Surely Sonji knows that tazer effects only last for so long.

    9) Let's get ahold of some station security cameras and find out who dropped a celphone into the trashcan.

    10) Wow, not so many celphones are so cool that they can work underground.

    11) What happened to the Lindbergh connection???

    12) Why does the class consist of which kid can find Lindbergh's website the fastest?

    13) How come the Russian kid gets off scott free without any cops asking him why he went to the payphone? How about we see if we can trace his messages back to the killer?

    14) Jezzie sure is doing a great Julia Roberts impression, isn't she?

    There are a few more of these questions that have to run through the viewer's mind, but they don't absolutely kill the movie. They just don't help....more info
  • Another Taut Thriller From Morgan Freeman!
    Some of the best sequences in this bewildering thriller come at the very beginning, with a sudden and dramatic turn of events send a Corvette convertible off a bridge with such terrifying and fateful results. Yet this mind-boggling and somewhat implausible thriller brings back Morgan Freeman to reprise his role as the brilliant forensic detective Alex Cross that he played in "Kiss The Girls" to such an electrifying effect.

    Of course, this whole opening sequence just lays the groundwork for the premise of the film, which is that Freeman's character has been sent into a tailspin, feeling personally responsible for a colleague's death, and this self-enforced "retirement" from active casework becomes one of the provocative elements energizing the action in this thriller. thus, when an influential senator's daughter is kidnapped in broad daylight from an exclusive Washington private school, Cross is pressed into service in order to generate more ink and electronic media interest.

    Of course, some of the gee-whiz aspects of the plot are implausible, like Cross using advanced computer technology to virtually explore the topography of a suspect's room via a photograph, thereby discovering mind-boggling clues from that photograph that strain the credibility of the plot, but not to worry. We are quickly sped on our way toward another aspect of the developing story.

    Like the previous movie, there are a number of unanticipated plot twists here top keep one's interest, and the action sequences are very well done. The two aspects of rapid-fire action and a number of bizarre plot turn-arounds have one guessing right up to the end just what the blazes is going on. Like the prior film, it is also an interesting travelogue of the area in which it was shot, this time primarily around the nation's capital. After these two outings, one hopes to see Alex Cross (played by Freeman, of course) will return to truly establish this franchise with a while series of such movies. This is one for a rainy Sunday afternoon, folks. Enjoy!...more info

  • And bored Miss Muffet to tears
    Along Came a Spider sells itself as a "suspense" movie and point-blank fails miserably. The pacing is irregular, speeding up and jerking to a halt with no effects on the viewer than mild annoyance. The "twists" are at once so predictable one could deliver the lines right along with the actors having had no prior information about the film and at the same time farfetched, and always unexplained. Rather than challenging its viewers, it leaves us feeling like the filmmakers decided that they were too tired to fill in the blanks and decided to let the audience figure it out on their own. And of course it doesn't matter why the characters do what they do, because we don't end up caring about them at all.
    Still, when you don't feel like dissecting a movie, Spider takes you on a ride that is fun if completely illogical. Monica Potter (Head Over Heels) is terrific and young Mika Boorem (Riding in Cars with Boys) delivers an impressive performance. Boorem's character is not [stupid], either - she's conniving, clever and is one of the only characters who weighs the consequences of her actions before carrying them out. It's nice to see that respect given to a child's role. Morgan Freeman (The Sum of All Fears) as Det. Alex Cross is somehow still captivating, despite an annoying, unsympathetic character.
    It's an enjoyable movie in its way. Just don't think too hard....more info
  • movies
    I found that the movie came in record timing and in excellent condition, thanks ...more info
  • Nightmarishly Entertaining! Wouldn't Change A Thing
    Senator's daughter kidnapped,... blah blah blah. You won't want to be disturbed while you watch this, so turn off the phones. You are in for a treat with this genuine suspenseful tale. Try to keep up with the detective as he discards false leads and picks up real clues during this thriller.

    MORGAN FREEMAN is the reason I watched this movie. Loved it! Every time there's an "Alex Cross" novel-movie available I watch it. Driving Miss Daisy, Seven, High Crimes, Shawshank Redemption, Glory, Million Dollar Baby, and all those many other movies are excellent, still, Morgan Freeman as the outright leading character are the height of entertainment!

    Just get all the "Alex Cross Detective" movies starring Morgan Freeman available and watch them four or five times. The movies share titles with novels, but don't let that delay your viewing.

    An avid reader, I had never heard of James Patterson until I had seen "Along Came A Spider" AND "Kiss The Girls". Thus, I had the benefit of not being concerned as to whether the movie script followed the novel to the letter. Who cares?! If they differ, it is most likely because, duh, one is a MOVIE while the other is a BOOK. Reviewers who complain about the differences must not understand that what makes a good chocolate cake doesn't quite make a good chocolate ice cream. To achieve the same flavor, you've got to change some key ingredients.

    Morgan Freemam MADE the character Alex Cross worth watching. When you need an actor to literally CARRY a movie, you've got to get someone with a reputation for doing the heavy lifting. Freeman has long since done that in "Driving Miss Daisy". Recently, though I don't know why he bothered to do it, unless as a personal favor to his friend Clint Eastwood, Freeman did all the hard work again in "Million Dollar Baby". Come on folks. I like Eastwood as much as anyone, but there's a REASON he's been directing movies and not acting in them for decades now, and "MDB" is a painful example. Hilary Swank? Well, if you get "packaged" between Eastwood's direction and Freeman's acting, cleary people will mistake you for an actress! At least partially reminds me of Driving Miss Daisy.

    When you search "DVDs" for "Morgan Freeman", it lists 'related searches' as "Denzel Washington", "Mel Gibson", and "Tom Hanks". Those guys are listed as RELATED to Morgan Freeman! You should really see this movie. And also see "KISS THE GIRLS", which I've also reviewed....more info
  • 3 stars for the movie, 1 star for Monica Potter.
    I could write a bunch of stuff here trying to convince you that I'm smarter than you but that's pretty much a waste of my time and yours. I like this movie in spite of a few flaws and glitches, to me the overall product is often more important than the parts it's comprised of. The story line has interesting twists, it has actors in it I like. So I give the movie itself three stars and toss in another star just because I get to watch Morgan Freeman act and Monica Potter be cute as hell (I just REALLY REALLY wish she could act but cute will do). Not a bad way to spend an hour or two....more info
  • Nothing but curds and whey
    Morgan Freeman returns as Det. Alex Cross and teams with Secret Service agent Monica Potter to find a senator's kidnapped daughter. Hollywood churns out yet another safe adaptation of a blockbuster best seller. The plot lurches along, introducing characters and abandoning them (Jay O. Sanders), and wrapping itself up with a tidy conclusion. Freeman is outstanding, as always, but the rest of the cast cannot back him up. Tamahori's direction is fine, except for a terrible CGI car crash in the opening minutes. The surprise ending is okay, but I read the novel and knew what would happen. No vision, no suspense, no repeat viewings. The little girl is filmdom's smartest kidnap victim, but Michael Moriarty and Penelope Ann Miller are utterly wasted....more info
    What a waste of Morgan Freeman's talents! This film is so muddled that it had to be written by a committtee. It is riddled with hoaky surprises and strange plot twists. The kidnapped child ("Meagan") is so obnoxious that one wonders why her parents would ever want her back. It is pure third rate suspense....more info
  • Along Came a Spider to Little Miss with Too Entangled Story
    After the success of "Kiss the Girls," Morgan Freeman makes a welcome reprise as Alex Cross, infallably cool, intelligent, and most of all, very human detective. However, let me set the record straight. It is "Along Came a Spider" that really is the first of the now popular series by James Patterson, not the other one, so perhaps you should consider this as a prequel, not a sequel.

    As if to show that fact, this film opens with a botched undercover invetigation that ends with a miserably bad result. (And, let me say, so CGI generated car crash scene is.) Flash forward, and now, feeling guilty of this failure, Alex Cross is thinking about retiring when he is forced to join in another investigation about a kidnapped girl of a senetor in a prestigeous school. Then his partner turns out to be an FBI agent, who also experienced bitter taste of failed protection service, now feeling guilty as much as Alex. They start to search for the clues about the girl's whereabout and the criminal's true purpose together until coming to a very unexpected ending of the story.

    You are to notice that the virtue of the film lies mostly in this unlikely pair of Morgan Freeman as Alex, and Monica Potter as his parter. In spite of given little chance to reveal their inner characterizations before the audience, their highly convincing acting succeed to enhanse the value of the whole production by several notches, letting us forget the incredible happenings and prediatable settings in the script, which actually, differs radically from the original book, so don't tell anyone about how the story develops even to any of writer James Patterson's avid readers. (For example, villainous 'Soneji' meets another fate in the film version.) Whether or not you've read the original, it is certain that you will be surprised to find the truth behind the kiddnapping case.

    Or you might cry out, "You gotta be kiddin'!" in which case, I agree, you are not to blame. The story itself, if you write down on paper to summerize it, would be as believable as scientific theory in "Independence Day" or incredible disguise of Mr. Soneji's face -- didn't any one of the teachers there notice his cheesy make-up such a long time? -- but, there you are, you find yourself pretty much entertained by this train of thrilling set-pieces presented with a moody camera.

    After all, it is Lee Tamahori who is officially selected to do the next 007 series, not Tamanori who directed in his earlier days ruthlessly tough dramas. This is, as a conclusion, a good timekilling thriller, as thrilling as the Mother Goose song, on which the title is based. Enough to frighten away Miss Little Muffet away, but too much entangled for us to believe in the story....more info

  • Surprisingly entertaining and suspenseful
    The idea behind "Along came a Spider" is that the director, Lee Tamahori, wants to manipulate and surprise his audience...he does this perfectly. "Along came a Spider" has more twists (exclude the pun) than a spider web. This, of course, makes most people want to go back and check out each character and see how it all envelops in the end. It's very confusing, but makes almost perfect sense...well, almost.

    "Along came a spider" is the sequel to "Kiss the Girls"...or maybe it's a prequel? You don't know. The one thing you do know is that Dr. Alex Cross, the shady and ruthless detective, is back, reprised by the talented Morgan Freeman. The beginning of the film is kinda farfetched and silly, when a car flips in the air like a board game dice and holds on by a thread over a dam. It almost seems like the car has a mind of it's own! Anyways, Dr. Cross has filed for retirement after his partner was killed in that car, after a sting operation went very bad. Meanwhile, a international catastrophe goes out of control, when the daughter of a US senator is kidnapped by her teacher and posted as ransom. The kidnapper, named "Mr. Soneji" (played perfectly by Michael Wincott) has unknown objectives to the kidnapping. Meanwhile, Dr. Cross is thrusted back into action when Soneji calls him at home, wanting to play a game. Cross is partnered up with a special agent Jezzie (played by Monica Potter) who's is to blame for Megan's (the girl) kidnapping, due to lack of security. The two go out on the case, searching for Soneji, while the really plot starts to unveal about half-way through the film.

    ACAS is thrilling and suspenseful. The only problem is that much of the climax doesn't exactly explain anything. Most of all, the reason I said it was a "international" catastrophe, was because around somewhere in the film, Morgan's friend is the son of the Russian Embassador. Obviously the Russians are stuck up and act like all of them have a stick up their [end]. In this case, in one scene, Alex and Jezzie stop Soneji from taking Morgan's friend from outside the Russian Embassy. They almost have Soneji while he's getting away, but then the Russian Embassy guards come out and go postal on the two detectives, as if they were the assisins! Nevermind....more info

  • MUCH better than Kiss The Girls...
    I actually didn't mind Kiss The Girls because of Morgan Freeman. He saved the day in that movie. Plus, I'm always intrigued by serial killers and weird psychos. That always peaks my interest. But Ashley Judd's performance was just terrible in that (not that I think she's very good in anything I've seen but whatever). That's why I was delighted to find another thriller along those lines with Morgan Freeman, still playing Alex Cross, but thankfully without Ashely Judd (a better name for her would be Ashely Dudd but that's my opinion). Along Came A Spider was not only an interesting storyline, it was also very well acted. There's some twists of course which I won't spoil, but one I did see coming and the other blindsided me. All in all very enjoyable, especially for the low price I found this at. The little girl who is kidnapped in this, played by Mika Boorem, is terrific. It was kind of neat seeing her in this as I had just watched the movie Sleepover recently (also reviewed it...cute little movie...check it out) where she's more grown up. Hopefully we'll be seeing more things with her. Anyway, I found this engrossing enough and most times you can't go wrong with Morgan Freeman (except if Ashely Judd is in a scene with him, but that's not his fault) as he's an exceptional actor. Obsessed with serial killers, psychos and the like, just as I am? Then you will have a good time getting tangled up in the web of Along Came A Spider....more info
  • "Intriguing"
    This was a great movie. Kept me in suspense. Buy it.
    ...more info
  • An effective slight of hand.......
    ALONG CAME A SPIDER is another nice installment of the Alex Cross series of mysteries. The book has truly translated well onto the screen.

    Morgan Freeman does an excellent job; he plays the character of Cross much less stiffly than we have seen with other genius detective types. Most of the time, they're so clinical and absorbed (sometimes self-absorbed) that it's difficult to watch them. At least Denzel Washington was supposed to be stiff in THE BONE COLLECTOR.

    The strength of the movie relies heavily on a quick change-up surprise which occurs at about twenty minutes from the end of movie, which is good, because once you figure out that not everyone is quite as they seem (and we all know who's going to win), a resolution shouldn't be drawn out too long.

    I was impressed by Monica Potter's performance. Most critics called her a copy of Julia Roberts, which isn't a bad thing necessarily. There is one scene in which the character Soneji is finally killed, and we see some good acting from her, but not only is she a good actress, her character is a good actress as well. I won't leak too much information, but when the turning point comes, the movie relies much less on Morgan Freeman as a power-actor and turns the spotlight onto Potter. Michael Wincott, as Soneji, and Mika Boorem, as Megan Rose, also do fine jobs.

    The movie's not a classic, but the surprise twist does spin your head a bit, and you will definitely not see it coming, unless you've read the book and you know the Alex Cross formula. It's a palpable thriller, and I can't wait for the next installment in the Alex Cross mysteries....more info

  • Police Drama
    A good movie with an excellent cast. Recommending this particular movie adult audience fans of both Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman....more info
  • Wonderful suspense movie- Morgan Freeman- what else can you want?
    This movie is FANTASTIC. I'm not a big fan of spiders and I don't like scary movies (I've never seen "Kiss the Girls" that this one is compared to by other reviews). I was initially a little leery of watching it, but I'm thrilled that I did.

    There are a lot of other reviews on here stating the plot, so I just want to add that Morgan Freeman's acting is fabulous, the story line keeps you guessing and you'll be very glad to have seen this if you're in the mood for a great drama with some action thrown in.

    I've watched it over and over, as it's just that good.

    Happy watching!...more info
  • not that great
    I just finished reading the book by James Patterson, which was great, so I had some high expectations for the movie. The movie wasn't all that bad, but it was lacking. There is so much action in the book and I just don't understand why they didn't put more of that action into the movie. If half of the action scenes from the book were included in the movie, I guaruntee I would have given it at least two more stars. The worst part of the movie, in my opinion is when Alex Cross just so happens to guess the completely improbable password for Jezzie's computer. Not only that, but she has a picture of her rental house and all its information on her computer. Who does that?! Since he got all the information about the house on Jezzie's computer, he goes to the house and saves the day. That scene ruined the movie for me. If you liked the movie and haven't read the book, I strongly recommend reading it. The book truly puts the movie to shame....more info
  • Along Came A Spider
    This movie is exciting from the beginning to the end. I thought is was one of the best I have seen with Morgan Freeman. It holds your interest because it is fast paced and there is no lull in the middle because when the action starts you just want to keep watching to see what is going to happen next. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes Morgan Freeman and lots of excitement....more info
  • Was this movie made from a james Patteson book?
    I read the book along came a spider by JAmes Patterson.I adorded this book and reread it many times.When the movie came out i was disappointed.I doubt that this movie,apart from the title,came from the same book i loved. It is about a girl named Megan who is kidnapped by her computer teacher gary.Gary then tries to kidnap the russian ambassadors son dimitri.Alex cross is a profiler who gary involves in the crime.Jessie is a secret service agent at the school where Megan was kidnapped from.Together Alex and Jessie team up to save Megan and capture Gary.This movie is so different from the book i was tempted to walk out of the theatre in the middle.They basically tell you who it is in the first half hour.My advice to the reader get the book out of the libaray and save yourself some money.Only watch this movie if you are really bored or like movies that you can figure out who the purpotraitor is in half an hour....more info
  • Plot twists I didn't see coming
    Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross...Doesn't get much better than that. Monica Potter ...well, look up cute in the dictionary..Her picture is there. Anyway, this had some serious plot twists that somehow all seemed to make sense as they got tied together. Morgan Freeman continues to demonstrate that he is one of the best actors in film today. ...more info
  • Morgan, Monica, & Mika!
    Everytime a Morgan movie comes out, you can expect it to follow certain guidelines, and he will MAKE the movie. But in this one Mika Boorem (kidnapped girl)also shines as a star that just hasn't been cast enough since. Monica Potter holds up her end of the acting to the high point of Freemans's and never lets it drop. We aren't seeing enough of her either. I don't know about the book, but I was in full support of Monica's character all the way to the credits. That takes a great actress.If you are loyal to the book, the actors in this movie alone should be enough to convince you to watch....more info
  • Disappointing and Predictable
    Morgan Freeman, current [actor] of the Thinking-Cop film genre (in which nobody really thinks at all), is trapped in yet another dud. It's one of those thrillers that try to be creepy by alluding to childhood stories and weaving unsettling nursery rhymes into the soundtrack. Little Megan is the daughter of a senator who gets abducted by her history teacher; luckily, she is a graduate of the Macauley Culkin School of Hi-Jinks and Shenanigans and is smart enough to outwit her captor. Aside from a few unexpected twists, the film is basically so predictable from the start that it's pointless to even sit through it at all. The stage is set and, like robotic toys, the actors march dutifully through their motions. Scenes progress as they should, it all happens as it's been programmed to, and we walk out of the theater none the wiser....more info
  • Aaaah Morgan Freeman
    It's all there...drama, action, and suspense. This movie will keep you glued to your seat with all its twists and turns. And Morgan Freeman is a bonus. If a movie has Morgan Freeman in it, then 9 times out of 10 it will be an awesome movie. This is no exception...Great movie. ...more info
  • "I am living proof, that a mind is a terrible thing"
    I have to admit that I never quite understand why a director would decide to make a movie of a perfectly good suspense/mystery story (a best seller no less) and proceed to make wholesale modifications to the plot. It almost guarantees that a good piece of the audience will dislike the film simply because it diverges from the book and never even notice that it is a good film all on its own.

    And it is a good film. Morgan Freeman does a superb job of portraying Detective Alex Cross as he tries to peel away the layers of a kidnapping that gets away from everyone - kidnapper and police alike. Gary Soneji(Michael Wincott), a teacher at a posh school for the children of the powerful, decides to improve his social standing by kidnapping Megan Rose (Mika Boorem), a senator's daughter. He has everything worked out in detail, including getting Cross out of of semi-retirement, in order to demonstrate Soneji's brilliance.

    Joined by Jezzie Flannigan (Monica Potter). who was the secret service agent on duty when Soneji makes his move, Cross begins to sift through the details to try to understand Soneji enough to win Megan's Freedom. With each fact comes more confusion and the plot will zigzag all over the event horizon before the final confrontation. In many ways, this is a compelling combination of police procedural and suspense/psychotic film as the film switches back and forth between Cross and Soneji. A lot of people get shot, but the film doesn't dwell on the gory parts.

    Mika Boorem does a fantastic job as the kidnapped girl, by the way. She manages to find an unusual balance between fearful weakness and a surprising inner strength. The film is well directed in a nicely understated way. If it wasn't for the arbitrary changes to an already good plot Along Came A Spider would have been a real winner. But even so, the basic surprises are carried over from the book to the film, the work is good, and the popcorn is warm. If you like tricky detection tales, you'll find this film entirely satisfactory....more info
  • Predictable
    I give this movie 2.5 stars because it is not bad but yet not really good.

    It is predictable in the plot, there are scenes in the beginning where the filming of the special effects doesn't seem real, kind of like a comic book.

    But Morgan Freeman and Monica Potter turn in convicing roles and raise this movie above the rating that should have stuck with it. It is a mystery/crime drama that by the very nature of its plot would seem to bee ho hum, seen them all. But with the performances of Freeman and Potter it is raised quite a few notches.

    Not your first movie to rent but certainly not on the bottom of the pile either, maybe 70% of the way through the "view list"....more info

  • Though not a masterpiece, a movie worth watching
    Along Came a Spider brings sheds light on detective Alex Cross as he tries to solve the snatching of a U.S. Senator's young daughter whose kidnapper seems to have a particular interest in him...
    Morgan Freeman is amazing in his respective role though the rest of the cast fail to follow with the exception of young Mika Boorem who seems to have quite a bit of potential.
    The setting, the plot, the dialogues, and the music are all good, but nothing extraordinary.
    In a nutshell, it's probably not a movie you would want to add to your collection, but it will provide for an evening's entertainment.
    ...more info