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  • Not entertaining at all.
    I had high expectations for this movie because first it had my favorite actor Deniro in it and secondly he was acting with Norton who is a good upcoming star. Well I got shutdown. Deniros acting was great but the story was just boring. People say Norton acted good as the mentally challenged person but come on now, I think it'd be pretty easy to play a mentally challenged person. I didnt even think Brando had that good of a part. There no action at all in this movie, none. The only reason I gave it 2 stars was because of the end, and Deniros acting....more info
  • Slightly better than Average
    for a Film with Names like Angela Basett,Edward Norton,Robert De Niro&Marlon Brando it doesn't exactly Burn up the screen.matter of fact Cassandra Wilson who sings in a Club Owned by DeNiro's Role is the most Sparkling thing to me in the whole film.and once you have been Spolied by the Matrix you just don't go for the Heist in this film fully.this is a another example of where Too Much Talent&Not any Flaw in the Actors can hurt a Film because the Film is Flawed&shows no Hope Of THe Talent that was brought together.wasted chance.some good exchanges but a run of the Mill Action film....more info
  • Nice Change of Pace
    I watched "The Score" because it was one of Brando's last movies. That was as good a reason as any although Brando was not much of a presence in the film. The two main characters were De Niro and Norton. These two played very well off each other and elevated the movie (along with a great plot and script). There were ample twists and turns that drew me more and more into "The Score". The ending was excellent and my time was well spent. However, the movie had a fault or two. The main one was the romantic aspect. It really didn't fit the film. This is a cerebral action movie with no time for examining a tenuous relationship. Yes, we needed to understand De Niro as a man who was after one last score and with a vision of his future and the partner to share it with. But why give us a partner who seemed so unworthy of that supporting role? Oh well, to each his own. I appreciated a good fast-paced movie that kept me thinking after all the complex dramas I've been watching lately. I liked the Montreal setting too. ...more info
  • lousy ...
    one of the worst movie I ever saw and I am an amateur of the cast(Deer Hunter, American History X, Godfather, last tango in paris, Heat, ...)
    I fell asleep and it was 5PM on a Sunday .....more info
  • "The Score" really scores!
    Anything Robert DeNiro does has to be tops and always worth watching. "The Score" is one of the tops of the tops. DeNiro is superbly rational and fearsome, Ed Norton was a relative newcomer in this movie and with all that talent will be a star for years to come. An added plus is Marlon Brando in his last movie role, and he was, as always, great - and always Marlon. A super treat, even if it did come out years ago. An edge of your seat thriller, without all the gratuitous violence so loved by producers as a coverup for bad movies. This is not a bad movie - it stands on its own as a wonderful entertainment. ...more info
  • Meuths!
    Good old fashioned caper flick with the always welcome Ed Norton. The kindness and consideration shown to Norton by his workmates and it's subsequent betrayal, probably negating the employment prospects of person with a genuine disability, ultimately makes the film a hard sell in regards to your long term affections.
    Brando still commands attention in a dandy performance although he not only appears to have mothballs in his mouth this time around but the moths as well. Attaboy, Marlon, and give the little perishers an extra chomp for me....more info
  • extremely entertaining and suspenseful
    Granted, there is a certain sense of deja vu that comes from watching "The Score". The De Niro character, Nick Wells, is extremely familiar, like a cross between the roles he played in "Midnight Run" and "Heat". And that's not to mention the whole idea of Nick getting sucked into doing 'one last heist' by his associate partner Max, played by none other than Marlon Brando.

    Despite the fact that it's somewhat lacking in originality, "The Score" makes for a hell of an entertaining movie anyway. It's extremely suspenseful, thanks to the excellent pacing, and to an engagingly clever twist or two in the story. De Niro is very much in his element in a role like this, and his performance is typically excellent, including the compelling interplay between him and Brando. Edward Norton does double duty--he does a spot-on job of portraying a younger hotshot thief named Jack Teller who's out to prove himself; and he also does a mind-blowingly convincing job of portraying a mentally challenged janitor named Brian, used as an alter-ego to help Jack gain entry into the location where the heist will be talking place. You might expect there to be a ton of violence in a movie like this, but actually, there's not very much at all, and with the suspense level being so high anyway, the effect is refreshing.

    Ultimately, "The Score" is top-notch entertainment that delivers the goods....more info
  • Its good, but its not HEAT 2
    On many levels i think this movie strives to be as good as 1995's HEAT with De Niro and Pacino(without a cop(Pacino) hellbent on cathing the villan).The film is similar in many ways for example, in heat De Niro plays basically the same person with a different name, he has the same job "taking scores" which he did in heat, and also he was going to retire after his last job in this film(which he also was going to do in HEAT)and lastly he has almost identical dialogue that he had in HEAT. This movie has De Niro and the classic veteran actor Marlon Brando staring together, if you would have added Pacino and you would have had the HEATEDGODFATHER,but sadly you don't.The movie is good however though in that all the actors give there typical stellar performances, the most memorable being Edward Norton as a mentally retarded individual who convinces a whole Janitorial crew and security guards that he is this other person.Other than this fact everything else is very cliche and there is really nothing new here, just a heist film with all the thrills of "we might get caught" looming within it. All that said it's still seems to be worth watching.I've seen a LOT worse....more info
  • Score!
    Nick Wells (Robert DeNiro) is an aging thief that is looking to retire. He has enough money, owns a nice jazz club in Toronto and just wants to settle back. His occasional girlfriend, a flight attendant, (Angela Bassett), is thrilled to hear the news and offers to get her route transferred to Toronto. Nick's longtime fence, Max (Marlon Brando), comes to him with a proposition. There is an item in Toronto's Custom House that a customer will pay very handsomely for. Nick is initially reluctant. He never does a job in his hometown. It is too risky. But Brian (Edward Norton) has an inside connection.

    "The Score", directed by Frank Oz, is the type of summer film that adults crave, yearn and salivate for. An intelligent film, with good to great performances, an involving story and great technical work. If you were brought up on MTV-style editing, forget about it. 'The Score' unfolds at a very deliberate pace, which some people have already commented is too slow. I disagree. The story unfolds slowly, in the first act, to incorporate a way of life that Nick is used to. As things gear up, so does the action. Oz has crafted a film that looks great, but doesn't push the style envelope too much.

    DeNiro is, as usual, great. Nick Wells is tired and desperate to retire, but he wants to live a certain lifestyle and the lure of a sizable score brings him back into the fold. His character's relationship with Bassett's character is also good, but Bassett's character has about 15 minutes of screen time, if that. I found it interesting and fascinating to watch this character work and to get to know his life, likes and habits.

    Norton creates a very unique and interesting character. To reveal too much about the character would reveal secrets about the film. Secrets that, unfortunately, the trailers and commercials reveal. Jackie is an interesting character, a novice thief who seems to bristle at the direction of the more experienced Nick. Norton is a great actor and he more than holds his own against DeNiro and Brando.

    Brando is also very good. After a series of bizarre roles, he has toned down the theatrics quite a bit. Max Baron is a man afraid of losing his lifestyle as well. Since his lifestyle largely hinges on the work of Nick, he is hesitant to let Nick give up the work. Brando plays the role fairly simply. Occasionally, he does a bit of theatrical business but thankfully, no more wine buckets on his head.

    I love caper and heist films. I love trying to figure out what is going to happen and to find out how the people carry the heist off. 'The Score' leads to a climatic robbery which is plotted extremely well. We follow Nick as he prepares for the heist, never revealing all of the plan, so that when the heist actually happens, there are still some surprises. This reminded me of a French film, from the 50s, called 'Riffifi'. Both films spend a lot of time detailing the preparations for the heist. Both films are very good and worth watching.

    "The Score" is a handsome film, filled with interesting performances and an engaging story. Go see it. Go. Stop sitting at your computer reading web postings.
    ...more info
  • the score
    this movie was good BUT"" they did the dumbest thing i have ever seen. they went to all the trouble of making it suspencful until the end then they really messed up.tward the end of the movie ed norton grabs danny the head janitor and he should of knocked hem out or killed him because now he can identify stupid can you be??'...more info
  • mediocre

    1. action takes place in a foreign country! Canada and in foreign language (fr)
    2. no blood, no one killed (2 shots only)
    3. racially correct (fiance of RdN is black)


    slow action, predictable, schematic, boring, abscence of imagination, non-entertaining. looks like a piece of "lemon" from the hollywood conveyer line. this is not "movie art", just an example of "movie industry".

    and finally, i realized why so high the crime rate in the usa, so low in canada: the canadian criminals never "pee in their own pool", that's why they come to the usa....more info

  • You can't beat experience

    Director: Robert De Niro, Frank Oz
    Format: Color
    Studio: Paramount Home Video
    Video Release Date: May 7, 2002


    Robert De Niro ... Nick Wells
    Edward Norton ... Jack Teller
    Marlon Brando ... Max
    Angela Bassett ... Diane
    Gary Farmer ... Burt
    Paul Soles ... Danny
    Jamie Harrold ... Steven
    Serge Houde ... Laurent
    Jean-Ren¨¦ Ouellet ... Andr¨¦
    Martin Drainville ... Jean-Claude
    Claude Despins ... Albert
    Richard Waugh ... Sapperstein
    Mark Camacho ... Eric (Sapperstein's Cousin)
    Christina Colburn ... Woman in Study
    Gavin Svensson ... Man in Study
    Thinh Truong Nguyen ... Tuan
    Carlos Essagian ... Cop
    Christian Tessier ... Drunk
    Lenie Scoffi¨¦ ... Storekeeper
    Bobby Brown ... Tony
    Maurice Demers ... Philippe
    Christian Jacques ... Guard
    Henry Farmer ... Guard
    Dacky Thermidor ... Guard
    Gerard Blouin ... Guard
    Charles V. Doucet ... Old Engineer
    Pierre Drolet ... Worker
    Norman Mikeal Berketa ... Bureaucrat Official
    Eric Hoziel ... Ironclad Tech
    John Talbot ... Janitor
    Richard Zeman ... Thug
    Nick Carasoulis ... Thug
    Cassandra Wilson ... Special Appearance
    Mose Allison ... Special Appearance
    Bill Haughland ... Newscaster
    David L. McCallum ... Rich Man
    Andrew W. Walker ... Jeff

    An old pro jewel thief, Nick Wells (Robert De Niro) is talked into one last heist by Max (Marlon Brando) for a centuries old scepter worth millions. Max has him set up to partner with a volatile inside man, Jack Teller (Edward Norton) who works at Canadian Customs as a disabled assistant janitor, where the sceptre is securely stored and guarded. Nick wants to pay off his jazz club and marry Diane (Angela Bassett). She wants him to quit his criminal pursuits as a condition.

    Teller tries to make a double-cross, things go wrong, and that's what the story is about. It is a good thriller, directed by De Niro and Frank Oz, who do a commendable job.

    Altogether, a well acted, well directed story that is entirely entertaining.

    Joseph (Joe) Pierre

    author of Handguns and Freedom...their care and maintenance
    and other books

    ...more info

  • Good solid heist film
    When watching this film you can't help but think about the missed opportunities. A movie with De Niro, Norton and Brando should have been great, like something never before seen. In that sense, The Score is a letdown, though if you're a fan of these great actors, you'll still have a good time watching it (be warned though - Brando doesn't appear all that often and usually he's in some dim, shadowy environment...)

    What I liked about The Score, other than the actors, is that it takes its time providing us with all the details of the heist. So many heist movies have stunts that seem entirely implausible; they don't explain much to the viewer and just count on the fact that we won't think too deeply about what's going on. This one builds things slowly, while providing us with the tension and contrast between the characters - steady dependable De Niro and the hotshot, Ed Norton. Don't expect much violence; this movie is about people using their wits and trying to trip each other up. The ending is also deeply satisfying....more info

  • Risky Business
    In THE SCORE, Robert De Niro stars as Nick Wells, an expert thief who specializes in high-stakes robberies but keeps a low profile. Marlon Brando, as Nick's long-time friend Max, lures Nick back into the game for one last score. This time, there's an inside guy: Edward Norton starring as Jack Teller. Jack is a very intense guy, very capable and demanding. Nick is coldly cautious, owns a jazz club and is entering into a serious relationship with what looks like the love of his life. Max is also deep in debt to deadly bookies. While Nick is ready, willing and able to step away from the caper, he can't quite do it while leaving his long-time friend to twist in the wind. So Nick risks all, stepping into the lion's mouth with a young, hardheaded thief, putting love in the balance and sticking with the friendship. Nick is also breaking one of his cardinal rules by stealing inside his own town.

    With dozens of movies behind him, ranging from comedies such as MEET THE PARENTS and ANALYZE THIS to tense, gritty urban pieces like A BRONX TALE, HEAT, and CASINO, and action adventure movies like 15 MINUTES, RONIN, and MIDNIGHT RUN, Robert De Niro has developed a captivating stage presence that often transcends character and plot. Marlon Brando needs no introduction after having starred in THE WILD ONE, ON THE WATERFRONT, ONE-EYED JACKS, and THE GODFATHER. Edward Norton has made his chops in PRIMAL FEAR, FIGHT CLUB, and AMERICAN HISTORY X. Frank Oz, the director, has been responsible for THE DARK CRYSTAL, DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS, and WHAT ABOUT BOB? Interestingly enough, Oz is also the voice of Miss Piggy of THE MUPPET SHOW and Yoda of STAR WARS fame.

    The pacing of the movie was good and kept the viewer engaged with the various aspects of the heist. Edward Nortan played a tough character that carried a dark edge with him constantly. Robert De Niro came across naturally, as always--making him one of the favored multi-tasking actors such as Gene Hackman and Michael Caine that always deliver in whatever capacity they sign on for. The actual robbery itself was done extremely well, moving all the various components of the plot constantly without letting go a single tense angle.

    With all the talent available for the movie, the viewer has the right to expect a little more from the performances. Brando and De Niro turn in solid performances, but a viewer might wonder how differently the movie might have played if Brando's role had been somewhat larger. Norton did admirably, playing off both powerhouses and carrying his own in the scenes. Angela Bassett was almost wasted in her role as Nick's girlfriend, but she provided Nick an anchor. Norton's character might have been fleshed out a little better if more of his personal life was revealed. Still, he did a fantastic job acting as Brian, the night janitor at the Customs House.

    THE SCORE plays as a riff that most caper movie watchers have seen a number of times before. There's always another story about a thief about to put his business behind him, except he can't get past the temptation of one more big haul. Despite the familiarity of the plot line, THE SCORE is definitely worth watching. People who have enjoyed THE HEIST, SWORDFISH, and OCEAN'S ELEVEN will find much to enjoy with this DVD offering....more info

  • 3 of the best of our time in an o.k. movie
    When I heard that Ed Norton, Deniro and Brando were going to make a movie together I was very happy. But I must say that when it came out... Well the performances are very good but the story was predictable and only ok. Its worth watching but not a classic by any means....more info
  • A winning cast
    I have to admit, I rarely buy/see a movie based on the cast. That may seem nuts, but I prefer certain story lines. However, when you put Norton and De Niro in the same film, how can you NOT want to see it?

    These two play off each other beautifully. Whoever was in charge of casting is either brilliant or damn lucky. The whole polished professional vs. up and commer was executed to perfection by these two. Each seeming to size up the shortcomings of the other... move, counter move. All very cool.

    Why do I give it 4 stars instead of 5? I guess I would have to point to the editing. I felt like the pacing was off during the middle of the movie. I found myself thinking "Ok... moving right along" about halfway through. If that does not indicate poor pacing (for me anyway), I don'tknow what does. If I had the option of giving this one 4.5 stars, I would have done so....more info

  • Should have been called "The Snore" instead
    This movie starts out slooooowwwwww....and stays slow for at least an hour. They definetly did not need to make the movie as lengthy as they did. I think about an hours worth could have been left on the cutting room floor. But the acting was pretty good, and I liked the ending too. And there was definetly some good suspense that had me holding my breath. I just recommend keeping your finger on the FFWD button for those slow as molasses moments where there is no dialogue or real action anyways... just Robert Dinero walking around town, etc. I would recommend this if you have patience and aren't expecting a lot of action or special effects....more info
  • Great movie
    please do not get misled by the 3 stars given to this movie by some reviewers. I think this movie is a winner all the way.
    It brings together the finest actors from 3 generations: Marlon Brando, Robert Di Niro and Edward Norton.
    This movie systematically analyzes the planning and implementation of a heist. The clash of interests of the participants is a highlight.
    Amazing actors, great plot and good music makes this movie a winner all the way.
    Go for it guys!!! Its the kind of stuff that sensible people will enjoy
    ...more info
  • ...the return of: the slow-paced thriller...
    i bought this not expectin 'die hard' or 'rush hour'...i wanted a good ol' fashioned movie, well fashioned and devoid of computer enhanced action sequences! and that's what i got...
    the plot is nothin new (crooked men doin crooked things hopin to reach that point where they can go straight - yawn, been there/done it), but i'm a fan of de niro's and of norton's ('fight club' is my ish!) and i got what i wanted from this...

    much better to my likin than 'the thomas crown affair' or 'entrapment'...'the score' woulda fell into the same mode as those movies if angela bassett woulda turned out to be a world-jetting, ex-c.i.a. operative turned jewel thief-informant-double agent! she doesnt...she's just a airline attendent lookin to settle down with someone she can trust and love...
    i'm cool with that...

    for those of yall that liked de niro in 'ronin', yall will proly enjoy this one just as well......more info

  • Nice Plot, Great Actors, Nice Twists
    The Score is a good film with great performances.
    Overall, I enjoyed the film. The caper to steal the sceptre was complex because of the high tech security, yet it was met with an ingenious theif that used low-tech equipment to combat their systems.
    The jazz theme of NYC's represented improvisational way that many thieves worked in this film. DeNiro, also, (uncredited) directs Brando in many of the scenes here. Brando's character is flashier (as a fence) because he has to convince DeNiro's character to break his own rules to steal the scepter.
    Seeing the legendary Marlon Brando in a role where he didn't have much screentime, but giving you a performance where you could laugh with his character and feel empathy for the character by the end of the film shows his genious.
    I, also, loved Edward Norton in his dual role as the younger theif and as the night custodian Brian. Norton didn't phone in his acting here. He had me convinced at his first appearance that he was this mentally challenged guy on the streets of Montreal. I was just as taken aback as Nick (DeNiro's character) to find out that this guy was a hustler.
    Deniro's character, Nick, played a low-key smooth operator in this film. As a jazz club owner of NYC's (Nick's - get it?) he enjoyed that lifestyle. Who wouldn't with the cool jazz artists that he had coming through performing there? The set was a place that made you want to visit NYC's. It was, also, indicative of this man's personality. On the other hand, he was ready to retire from the life of being a jewel thief; plans to settle with Diane (Angela Bassett) and own his club outright made him think it was worth the stretch.
    Angela Bassett did a great job for the few times she was onscreen. The chemistry between her and DeNiro was great and credible although brief. She did show a reason why this guy would go for the final heist although other elements that he normally didn't take risk for kept coming into play.
    I think his acting without saying a word after he buzzed her in indicated just how much he anticipated her visit with him, and shows his affection for this woman. Plus, he cooks a nice meal for her. How often do you see DeNiro's characters being so tender, romantic and subtle like that in a film?
    ...more info
  • A Step Above the Ordinary
    The Score is a standard heist movie with good direction (Frank Oz) and great acting. Although the plot is predictable fare for a high-tech theft caper, the movie is also a character study with an intelligent script and a cinematically interesting locale (Montreal).

    Robert De Niro, Edward Norton, and Marlon Brando's superb acting lifts this film above the rest of the genre. My favorite parts of the movie were whenever Brando was on the screen. Norton plays a hotshot usurper with pyrotechnic acting, while Brando plays a burnt-out old pro. Brando takes the acting awards by merely lifting an eyebrow or using a chuckle to punctuate a sentence. De Niro is the perfect bridge between these two interesting characters and effortlessly comes across as smart and meticulous. Perfect casting to match the roles in the script.
    The Shut Mouth Society
    The Shopkeeper...more info
  • A "Heist" Film At Its Best
    While I'm not going to tout THE SCORE as an Oscar-worthy masterpiece, it is certainly one of the best "heist" films that I have seen in a long time. THE SCORE does everything right: it allows its incredibly talented acting performances to become the central focus of the movie and not the high-tech gadgetry that are the staple of cheaper thrillers. To be sure, THE SCORE is not without technology, but what makes this film "pop" is the fact that we are drawn into the plot by De Niro, Brando, and the absolutely fantastic performance of Norton. As in PRIMAL FEAR, Norton plays a split-role, doubling as both an overeager thief and a mentally-challenged night janitor (a role he adopts in order to gain access to the high-security facility). His performance is, as always, very impressive and certainly above-par for "heist" films.

    While some have complained of the slow pacing, I did not find it slow at all. In fact, I enjoyed the slow build-up. The first time you watch this movie, you will be wondering to yourself: "How on earth are they going to get into that impenetrable safe?" It will keep you guessing right up until the very end. And just when you think you have a grip on the entire plot, it will twist on you. I love it when films do that to you and THE SCORE does it in spades. And the fact that the director has the patience to let the film build without going for cheap-thrills is a testament to his ability.

    Once again, I'm not arguing that THE SCORE is the best movie I've seen lately. But it is very much an entertainig thriller that is worth a look. You will enjoy the action, the effects, and all of the usual things one finds in a "heist" film. But you will also be surprised by the good acting. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • The Perfect Combination
    Until this film, I'd never heard of Edward Norton. He is an exceptional actor and I have since discovered him in "Primal Fear" (even better than "The Score").

    DeNiro and Norton make the perfect team; young turk vs. old pro, combining their talents to pull off one last major heist. The story line, the exceptional acting and the superb use of understated music and sound make for an outstanding thriller-drama. Don't even hesitate buying this (or anything Edward Norton is in) on DVD....more info
  • The score...
    I love this movie. I must confess that the reason is the ending. It isa plain and simple burgular movie. One plan, one betrayal, one revenge, sweet revenge! Recommend for adults only. There is a bit of foul language. Edward Norton is awesome in this movie....more info
    THE SCORE has a pretty impressive pedigree: Oscar winners Robert DeNiro and Marlon Brando; Oscar nominees Edward Norton and Angela Bassett; Oscar winning composer Howard Shore. Under the astute direction of Frank Oz, THE SCORE is an intelligently made heist film. Unfortunately, the only performance that goes beyond the conventional is Norton's. As egocentric young Jack Teller, Norton actually plays a double role: that of Jack and also of Brian, a seemingly retarded young man who works as a janitor at the Montreal Customs House. Norton is perfect as the cordial, friendly young man who uses this ruse to find the location of a rare French scepter smuggled into Canada via a piano leg. DeNiro is the veteran thief out to do one last score before settling down with his girl Angela Bassett and his nouveau jazz club. Brando huffs and puffs his way through the role of DeNiro's compatriate who enlists his aid in stealing the scepter. THE SCORE is like its jazzy background score: smooth, silky, but ultimately bland and derivative. Bassett is wasted in her role, and DeNiro merely seems to be playing himself. As for Brando, any actor could have played the role just as well. It is the combination of these actors, however, and especially Norton's bravura that makes THE SCORE entertaining in spite of its blandness....more info
    The ACTING was great - the story a good change from all the blood and guts.

    Have never been a fan of Brando - but
    DiNero! - great job as always -
    story? - DiNero was a professional at his job -- I dearly loved seeing the young upstart, who thought he could pull a fast one, get put down.
    Norton - he plays an underhanded schemer who thinks he can outwit DiNero. Yeah! right!

    Don't listen to all the put-downs -- just see it and judge for yourself.

    Definitely recommend to those who don't have to see someone getting killed every two seconds. This is a mind game of who gets to out-smart who....more info
  • Scores only slightly more than the Detroit Lions
    A great waste of Deniro and Ed Norton. What you would expect from a Brando movie I guess....more info
  • Surprisingly Excellent Replay Value For A Heist Flick
    This movie is a blast and a great take on a heist plot to boot! DeNiro and Norton are believable and likeable in these juicy rolls. Brando brings humor and emotional depth to a small but vital role. My only gripe is what's up with giving Angela Bassett such a small part in the story? This movie could've been a lot more fun if her character presented a twist in the romantic storyline or better yet, the heist storyline. A beautiful cast delivers the goods. The lighting, incorporated jazz, and editing are tight. The technical details help push a well planned story and also create an experience for the viewer that doesn't confuse or insult your intelligence. Nice....more info
  • Capable and smooth
    This heist story has all of the familiar elements. Indeed, it's a familiar movie, but that doesn't mean that it's not good. The story details De Niro's last job where Brando asks him to steal a priceless sceptre from an inpenetrable building in his home town.

    So what's different here? Edward Norton is the key element in this movie. De Niro is an excellent actor but Norton simply has the more interesting role, and he certainly uses it to the best of his abilities. Anyone who's seen 'Fight Club' or 'American History X' is no doubt aware of what Norton is capable of. Here he plays the guy on the inside, passing himself off as a mentally-challenged cleaner whilst secretly he's a high-tech crook. Both parts he keeps up in the air perfectly.

    At the end of the day this is one where everything that you expect to happen does, right down to the obligatory twist at the end. Still, it's efficient enough, especially in the actual heist itself even if I did find myself rooting for the wrong guy at the end....more info

  • 3 Generations of Top Acting Talent Wasted
    Yes, this film shows the A list actors of the '50s, '70s and '90s in a totally predictible, flat caper film. DeNiro is the main thief who works in association with Brando and is aided by Norton. Norton does do an astonishing acting job portraying a retarded man, at his job in the customs house as a janitor, so that he can scope out the scene of his crime. When he's not at work, he is "normal" and the character trait difference is extreme. In fact, maybe this film had an overload of talent and should have just used Norton in this role as a solitary thief, especially since DeNiro and Brando don't get a chance to show off their similar range of ability. A huge disappointment for me since I normally love Brando and DeNiro in anything....more info
  • Mission Impossible with some dandy twists
    THE SCORE is a Mission Impossible with some dandy twists. Let's look at the music, first. It was right on the money, mood music, soft, jazzy; fitting the action to a "T." Next, that historical Montreal was an ideal location for a heist frame of mind. I'm partial to "mission" movies. This film, however, gave me more than the mission; a vibrancy between De Niro, Norton, and that walrus, Brando. De Niro was a safecracker belief. Brando glued the suspense together. As to Edward Norton, he takes the stage; a real electrical performance as the "inside man." Where did this chap come from? He was sensational. This movie explained the meaning of serendipithy. I looked for action and got a bundle of music, location, top-line actting, suspenseful plot, and best-of-the-line directing. That's beau, bon, pas cher whether you're in Montreal or down in the states: a bargain....more info
  • What does `one last one' mean?
    There's a fence, a weary veteran safecracker, and an eager outsider. There's a valuable whatsit in the Montreal Custom House that's guarded as if it were the crown jewels. It ain't quite that, but it is a many-centuries old scepter that's worth tens of millions of dollars. It's got `last big score' written all over it. The eager young one has an assistant janitor job at the Custom House and is in the perfect position to case the joint, get the schematics, cut the video feed, what have you.
    Sound familiar? Save for a end game twist or two THE SCORE is pretty much the same heist movie you've seen time and again. It's a strong enough story that doesn't stray too far at all from the tried and true. What sets this movie apart is its cast. To say THE SCORE is actor rich is an understatement. Its three leads - Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, and Ed Norton - have all been hailed the greatest actors of their generation. Brando plays the fence, De Niro the old pro who wants to pull off one last job before calling it quits, and Norton the neophyte looking for respect. Director Frank Oz wisely highlights characters and the `job' intrudes only when necessary. With a different cast I probably wouldn't have liked this one nearly as much as I did, but Brando, De Niro, and Norton are all on their game and a joy to behold.
    The special features includes trailers, a short `making of' feature, a commentary track with Oz and cinematographer Rob Hahn and three or four unused scenes, one of which features Brando and De Niro improvising a scene. The track lasts about four minutes and shows the two going through the same minute or so long bit of business three times. I've never seen two actors of this caliber building a scene before, and it's fascinating to see them hit the same marks - Will you do it? , six million, I always pay your fair - while shading each take differently. It's my favorite four minutes on the dvd.
    What the heck, heist movies have been done but they're fun. The characters in this movie are layered and interesting. A strong recommendation for THE SCORE.
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