Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Intercom Units
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Product Description

2-unit indoor/outdoor Chamberlain intercom offers wire-free communication up to 1000 sq. ft. Waterproof design can even be used even in the shower. Offers unlimited unit expansion for a customized communication system. U.S.A.

  • Unlimited unit expansion unit mounts easily to any surface, even in shower
  • Digital sound quality is clear and secure with a 1,000" range
  • Comptatible with portable intercoms (RWIS/RWIA) and flush-mount intercoms (RIFMS2/RIFMS1)
  • Uses 4 AA batteries
  • Includes stainless steel screws or 3M double-sided tape for mounting
Customer Reviews:
  • A little flakey but tough
    I purchased the Reporter ROI2 units to give my two year old son a way to call when he was scared from his room during what seems to be a bout with nightmares. The button is actually too difficult for a two year old to depress so that idea is out, and the tone that signals an incoming call is far too loud for nighttime indoor use. We instead use it from the playset in the backyard to the living room that overlooks it, and our older daughter is strong enough to use it. The units have on occasion just stopped working together and we have to do the setup again. Hence the flakey title. They survive weather pretty well and are resistant so far to kid play impacts....more info
  • Awful!
    I use these indoors and to communicate with the dock at our lake house. The clarity is so bad that you have to repeat yourself at least 3 times to get even part of your message through to the person on the other end. Do not buy this product!...more info
  • Good Product, As Advertised, Works Well With Other Add-on's
    Purchased July 2008:

    I purchased these wireless indoor/outdoor intercom units in conjunction with the wall-mounted recessed indoor intercoms. All together, these products work flawlessly. The programming is truly simple if you read the instructions carefully beforehand.

    Mounting these indoor/outdoor units is very basic. I even mounted mine against brick, using a wooden backing for aesthetics. Works great.

    As far as reception interference, I've had NONE. I believe the success is based on the frequency. According to my understanding, these units function on a 900Mhz band. More and more products now operate on 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz bands, which allows this product to--more or less--stand alone and "uninterrupted" on the older 900Mhz channels. In a way, the fact that these units operate on the older 9000Mhz technology is beneficial.

    In one other review, someone compared these indoor/outdoor units to a two-way radio or "walkie-talkie." I'd say that is a very fair assessment. These units (and all of the other compatibles and add on's) function just like a two-way radio would. These models can even create a secure link between just two units (when using more than 2) during a conversation. That way, if you have multiple intercoms setup in your house, you can actually have "private" conversations between just two of the intercoms. For some people, that could be useful.

    For just about anyone, I think that these units serve the purpose as a loud and reliable intercom system that will keep you connected with other parts of the home and add to your security. I primarily use them to serve as my doorbell, so that we can speak with the person at the door before we choose to answer it. I've also create a basic home security camera system around my property that gives me the chance to see who I'm talking to. It's a great communication and security solution, as well as a way to make your property look secure to outsiders. The range on these units is also quite impressive. I have intercoms on three different floors inside, and of course the ones pictured above mounted on the exterior as doorbells.

    If I had to list complaints, I would really have to scrutinize the wireless system sold by Chamberlin and that's probably not fair. These products are NOT sold as wired industrial security intercoms from some expensive security company. This is a do-it-yourself package for someone looking to save a buck or two.

    But, if I must, I'd remind buyers of two things...Firstly, these units are intercoms (NOT true doorbells) and, secondly, they are not the best looking at that.

    As far as the aesthetics go: The indoor units are very nice! These outdoor units pictured above, however, aren't very attractive...maybe if they came in more colors, or were shaped a little differently. I don't know.

    As far as the doorbell complaint goes: That is to say, when you press the TALK button, you hear a brief tone and then the intention is that the person would begin talking. Again, think of a two-way radio, whereby one holds down the Push-To-Talk button and speaks into the direction of the speaker. So, if someone is at your door and assumes it is just a doorbell, they're only going to press the button; in that case, the most you'll hear inside is that brief tone. Understand that it is not even a Call tone (which some intercoms have). Just like a two-way radio, it is a beep before the talking starts. I'm thinking about putting a P-Touch label on the unit telling visitors to speak...I haven't decided yet.

    Now, if you have multiple intercoms placed throughout your home, then you're bound to hear that tone "in stereo" as each unit sounds off when one of the units transmits that initial tone. When "in stereo" like that, it can actually be a decent doorbell. You will NOT, however, hear the "DING DONG". Chamberlin makes a doorbell buzzer unit (I believe I saw it advertised on Amazon somewhere), which is compatible, but I believe that it CANNOT be used as an intercom for two-way communication. So, make your pick accordingly.

    I'd imagine that the benefit for these units is the ability to intercom with your front and rear doors, garage area, backyard, basement, work bench, kitchen, etc. all together. It makes connecting different areas of the property simple. If that's what you're looking to do with an inexpensive, reliable product that will give you decent sound quality, then this is a great purchase. I'm very happy, and I recommend it.
    ...more info
  • Ugly as hell, but easy set-up and seems to work ok
    PROS: Easy set-up and installation. Works as described.
    CONS: Ugly. Cannot finely control volume. It only uses a dip-switch of high/low volume (not very helpful).

    OVERALL: Overall, I'm satisfied because it does it's main job well enough (I knew it was ugly when I ordered it)....more info
  • Poor. I sent it back
    Direction are confusing and not accurate. No external volume or channel selection. The interior home model is better. ...more info
  • Works for me
    I've been using these for 9 months now and they work fine. One is on the outside of our house and the other is in our attic apartment (third floor), so they have a pretty good range. I live in Chicago and they made it through the Chicago winter. So far, so good. I don't have a problem hearing the buzzer, but then again our place isn't that big; about 1000 square feet. I would recommend these....more info
  • Good for the money
    The Chamberlain Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Intercom units arrived on time. The other reviews I read helped me to purchase this item. Though the volume is loud even on a basic setting, for these elderly ladies it works! Liked the single large button for speaking - both have arthritis and this helps. Sound is clear (just had to remind them NOT to get close to the mic). They have had to use them in an 'emergency' situation and all went well for communication purposes. ...more info
  • Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Intercom

    Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Intercom UnitsI needed two intercom units. One for outside my frontdoor and one for inside.I found the wireless units, ordered them from Pricepiggie. Delivery was very quick;I will use them again.
    The new units were packed very well and only took about ten minutes to adjust and install them. They worked perfectly. I am very pleased with the quality and ease of installation and setup. I didn't need a real fancy system, just something that was waterproof and easy to use, and these units are ideal for a simple intercom system.Each one has a "push to talk" button that activates the other unit.They are battery operated and the batteries are easy to change.
    ...more info
  • Takes Some Getting Used To
    The product works well, but users must learn not to put the item directly in front of their mouths. Like a walkie-talkie, which it really is, it works better at arms length....more info
  • Just what I needed!
    These units work so well that I have one in practically every room in my house, including the garage, the pool and the front gate. I can't begin to tell you how much time and effort these wireless units have saved me. I've owned at least 9 (I lost count) for over 3 years and have never had a problem. I even changed the batteries in the 2 that are outside just because they were getting old. I'm convinced that they would still be working even if I hadn't. Highly recommend....more info
  • Awful documentation, bad packaging, not compatible
    In all the years and hundreds of products that I have purchased from Amazon, these "Reporter" and "Chamberlain" items rank as the worst products I have ever purchased. The manual is nothing more than a couple of pieces of paper and is useless. The packaging is so poor and the product itself is not even labeled so that you can figure out what item on your order to return!! The product descriptions are so badly done that it is difficult to tell which products are compatible...as a result I ended up ordering two incompatible systems. I am returning on system and trying to get the other to work...or it will go back too. I was never able to get the system to anything but beep. Other reviews here sounded good but this product was nothing but frustration for me. The only saving grace is Amazons fantastic return policy. Amazon, you get 10 gold stars in my book! Also did their "Wireless Portable Intercom" which was supposed to be compatible with these units but did not work....more info
  • Intercom with no door bell
    The sound quality is okay, but when guests arrive at the front gate and push the button, all you hear at the inside unit is a single quiet beep (easiely missed) and not a door bell sound. Your quests have to push the button to speak (most can't figure it out). If I had to purchase again, I would try to find another product that had a door bell sound....more info
  • Does the job, sound is very good!
    I purchased this set for the outside of my front door. It is mountable with double stick tape, or you can screw it in. I was specifically looking at a set that didn't need a lot of digging into outside walls. This set is relatively inexpensive compare to other units, it is decent looking, light-weight. The batteries (lithium preferred) are supposed to last up to 5 years.

    NOTE: As one reviewer remains confused, this set is for multiuse around the house, upstairs, downstairs, basements, garage, yard, etc. Should you want to put it outside, don't expect a doorbell and servant attached to it.

    What's good is that set-up and getting it to "learn" is easy and just takes a few minutes. The set is waterproof and the range capability is up to 1000 feet. This is a 900 mhz, multi-channel design, meaning you can incorporate other units to it.

    Set it once, and if you need to increase volume and microphone, there are simple instructions for adjustments inside the unit.

    This product is by Reporter, and if you desire the flush-mount type, I would recommend REPORTER RIFMS2 Wireless Flush-Mount Intercom, Pair I tried them and they work good too.

    My intercom message:
    When undesirables ring my bell, I will use my intercom and say:

    "you have rung the doorbell of the (last name here) residence. Your visit is important to us, however, not as important as my privacy. Go now...." Rizzo....more info
  • Quick, easy, solid performer
    Bought as a security measure for lone occupants of the church office during business hours (locked doors). Works just like we wanted, just as advertised, ten minutes to follow the directions for set up and installation....more info
  • Work Great!
    Purchased a set of two, put one in the house and one in the office, about 100' away from house. They work great; push & talk. While the sound quality isn't fantastic, they're not for listening to music! They're for talking and we can always understand each other. We're getting two more for additional rooms....more info
  • Very poor sound quality
    Sound isn't clear. No external volume control (you can increase the volume by flipping a DIP switch mounted on the circuit board inside, but you have to take the unit apart to do it). Luckily I bought them from Amazon so returning them was no problem....more info