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Western Digital WDXMS1200TN Passport 120 GB USB 2.0 2.5-Inch Portable Hard Drive
List Price: $119.99

Our Price: $99.00

You Save: $20.99 (17%)


Product Description

Pack up your office files and take them home. Carry thousands of songs or pictures. This hard drive is simple to use, light and easy to carry, and require no power adapter. It is powered directly through the USB cable. Installation is a snap because you don't really install this drive; you just plug it in and it's ready to use. There is no CD to install. The included software loads from the drive the first time you plug it in. Sharing large files between office and home, between Mac and PC Backing up your existing notebook hard drive for extra data safety System Requirements - Windows 2000, XP, Mac OS X 10.1.5 or higher, available USB port Dimensions (LengthxWidthxHeight) - 5.110 x 3.14 x 0.590 Inches / Weight - 0.23 Pounds

  • 120 GB USB 2.0 2.5-inch external hard drive ideal storage solution for Mac or PC
  • USB connection; requires no external power source;128-bit encryption for data security
  • Included Google software for searching and managing files
  • Includes USB 2.0 cable and quick install guide
  • Measures a 0.59 x 5.1 x 3.14 inches (HxLxW); weighs less than 4 ounces

Customer Reviews:

  • Instantly Rewarded
    I have been in need of a portable hard drive for a while now considering i have just over 1000 songs on my computer, and have many photos on it also because i do a lot of photography and graphic design. Its a sleek little thing and it syncs extremely fast. It synced about 3000files in just under 15 minutes. It is my first portable hard drive and i am very satisfied. Did my research and diffidently paid off....more info
  • Storage in your pocket!
    This is my second WD small drive I've purchased and I just love them both. You won't believe how light it is and the build quality is awesome. Need a great inexpensive mobile drive... look no further!...more info
  • A Great Backup Solution
    This is the best backup solution I have found yet for our two home PCs. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Works well, but short on cable
    My WD Passport is easy to use and serves my backup/storage purposes well. The USB 2.0 cable is TOO short!Western Digital WDXMS1200TN Passport 120 GB USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive...more info
  • Excellent Item
    I had bought another before and decided to buy this one for a gift. Excellent performance. I have no complains about this product....more info
  • External HDD
    I love this external HDD. I can't believe I've lived without one for so long. It's very easy to use; after you install it, which shouldn't take too long, you simply drag any item (i.e, music, files, pictures, documents, pretty much anything) and you're done.

    The HDD is also compatible with both the PS3 and Xbox 360. I was listening to music, looking at my pictures and watching videos from my external hard drive on both consoles and it worked perfect. I even managed to transfer videos I downloaded from my PS3 to the HDD and watched them on my 360. It's pretty sweet.

    I'd recommend this product to everybody. Very user friendly, works better than a flash drive and you're given a whole lot of memory. If your computer is clogged with a lot of stuff like music, videos and pictures, I'd recommend you get this item. Worth it....more info
  • WD Passport portable hard drive
    Excellent product, excellent price, flawless performance. Minimal documentation OK to get started, but more is necessary and available, but you have to look for it....more info
  • Serves its purpose well!
    I'm pretty happy with this external. It works well on my Macbook, and easily hooks up to PCs. It's small and does its job. The only thing I don't like is that the usb cable that comes with it is really short, so I recommend buying a longer one. ...more info
  • Handy Hard Drive
    My only quarrel with this product is it needed a USB booster cable that was not provided. It works great, so far. I have a 60 GB version of this drive that has been very reliable....more info
  • Broke after 2 weeks
    I bought the 80 gig version and it failed after 2 weeks. I performed the test to find the problem and the drive was unable to complete the test, probably because it sounded like the hard drive was spinning very sloppy and possibly contacting something else. I e-mailed WD the results of my test (failed to complete test) and they obviously didn't read the E-mail because they answered me telling me to take the same test I had attempted several times. They do not repair disks, only replace them and the hassle to replace it was a real pain, I refuse to put ANY important information on this drive because it is terrible quality....more info
  • Failed. Questionable quality
    After a few months of very light use (perhaps 12 hours total) the unit has failed and does not format properly. I suspect heat buildup since the case is plastic and unvented....more info
  • Western Digital Portable HD is Great!
    It is the first time that I take a disc as this one, but I think that it is very useful and portable for the quantity of information that I can store, also its price is Excellent!...more info
  • How did I get by without this thing?
    I just freed up half my computer's hard drive by transferring images and music to this little jewel. One caveat: unless you're planning to use it as your routine back-up resource, do not install the software provided. Instead, just let your computer recognize it as what it is - a peripheral storage drive. Then you can drag and drop whatever you want and not worry about extraneous software running in the background, trying to retrieve everything you've got in your document files, etc. You can also transfer your iTunes folder to this baby and have all your music downloads go straight to the remote hard drive. Just be sure you set up the iTunes Music folder exactly like the one you have on your C drive, then get rid of the original one. Because of its size, it's handy to take with you if you plan on using another computer. In that way, it works similar to a flash drive. Just plug into a USB port and go....more info
  • NICE!
    I bought it for use a large flash drive to transport top secret government documents to third-world countries. Works great so far!

    I'm just messing around there, but the hard drive is great! Just don't use the software provided. Windows reads it just fine....more info
  • Portable
    This thing is great, i have had it a couple years now and it is small to carry anywhere, mainly stays with my laptop, but also transfers stuff to and from work. a great compact, portable hard drive!...more info
  • Great, functional portable hard drive
    Had this now for over a year and it is great! Always works, is very fast copying files, and the built-in backup software is great. ...more info
  • Awesome Hard Drive
    Bought this as a replacement to the first one I lost (with all my work on it) :(. Same great quality as the first time!...more info
  • Western Digital HD 120 GB
    Product is compact and works well with Windows XP. Read and write is plenty fast, even with photo's. Can't believe the progreess in HD technology since my first real HD in '94 a 250 meg for three times the cost of this 120 GB!!! No excuse for inadequate memory storage, slip one of these a top your desk top PC or in your laptop case....more info
  • cant complain, works great
    seems to be working out well, no complaints, i like that it does not need to have a seperate power source. they could however do a redesign to make the cable somehow a solid part of the drive, with the option of still being able to use another cable, i dunno, something like that might be nice. Overall, a good solid drive....more info
  • Satisfied
    I used this external hard drive mainly for backup for my data. Works ok with my labtop. USB cable is not that long (about 3 inches) but I'm using it side by side with my computer so no problem with that. It gets a bit warm after some time but not too hot. Also kind of quiet. It depends on your expectation, but to me, it's quiet enough. You can put it in your back pocket. ...more info
  • Works great (once you BUY the right software)
    Product works as advertised...although others have had problems, I had no issues with powering the drive via the USB port (even when I used the long USB cord that came with my phone). What WAS disappointing was the software is intended for transferring data (like a zip drive), not backing up a hard drive.

    Well, I bought it to back up a hard drive. So, I had to buy some 3rd party backup software and it worked like a charm. The drive is stylish, works well, and is very quiet. I use it to back up my office computer and then I can bring it home (in case my office burns down or something). If you don't mind using Windows Backup (blech) or buying some software, it's a great product....more info
  • Broke soon after used
    I had this product for only a short amount of time before it completely failed. Now all the files I saved on it are lost forever. ...more info
  • Western Digital WDXMS1200TN Passport 120 GB USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive
    This is a must have for anyone dealing with more than one computer.
    I've owned it for 6 months and so far, it has functioned perfectly. ...more info
  • Portable Hard Drive
    Great for Backup with Mac
    should have gotten more storage though
    worth to spend more...more info
  • a compact performer
    Just plug into a USB port and enjoy. The backup software is not great, but you can get over it at this price....more info
  • Tough drive!
    Not much to report after owning this drive for a bit over a year. Not a single problem out of it. I used it on Windows, OS X, and Linux systems without a hitch.

    A wonderful (accidental) test of it's durability was a few months ago. I was in a rush to class and grabbed my laptop without realizing the drive was still connected. Before the computer could suspend (IE the drive was still spinning) I lifted the laptop up, swinging the drive by the cable across my desk and into my rather hard plastic chair. Knowing I'd killed the drive, I picked it up and brought it with me to run a few tests. No funny noises, no read errors, no bad sectors. It's been running fine since!

    Honestly, about my only real complaint with this drive would be the case material. While the glossy black looks very nice, it gets fingerprints on it and scratches very easily. Simply trying to wipe it off tends to put very small scratches in the finish....more info
  • portable hard drive
    western digital what more need be said quality all the way, fast shipping lowest price around :) ...more info