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Team America World Police
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  • Grounded for watching
    I love South Park, but this is simply too offensive. I got this version, and was grounded within the first five minutes when grandpa came along. THIS IS A BAD FILM!!!...more info
  • Realy funny if you can handle the heat
    I found this movie to be extremely funny but you must know that this movie offends everyone and everything if you like south park or borat then i think you might like this movie its just as blunt and in your face i only gave it 4 stars because this movie isn't for everyone. its unrated for a reason. i am not saying that its a bad thing just be warned is all. i am glad i bought this movie. because America f yea! ...more info
  • Very Offensive!
    It wasn't the political content that bothered me. It was the filthiness of the language. I thought that I had heard just about every dirty word there was. However, I was not prepared for the non-stop blasphemy in this movie. The makers of this movie weren't satisfied with the usual renderings of the Lords' name in vain - NO! - they actually created new words, like blasphemy on steroids. I canceled the download before it was halfway complete. ...more info
  • I Really Did Want to Laugh
    While I enjoy raunchy, unpretentious comedies as much as the next guy, I generally like them to be funny. And smart. "Team America: World Police" isn't much of either. Oh, there are a few bits I guffawed it, not limited to the infamous, graphic puppet sex scene, which lampoons, among other things, the MPAA's rather narrow-minded view that showing sex without genitals will somehow be less problematic than showing sex with. Kim Jong Il is a hoot, about the only aspect consistently amusing, though he's so much like Saddam Hussein in the much, much better "South Park: The Movie," right down to his demise, that it felt like I was viewing outtakes from the previous effort. And while the puppets are an interesting -- and cheap -- novelty, they're never really used in quite the same stylish fashion as the Gerry Anderson shows from the 60s they invoke. Ostensibly the plot of "Team America: World Police" concerns an elite if clueless group of WASPy heroes who save the world from terrorists . . . while generally destroying much of what they've come to save. The swipes at U.S. foreign policies that impose values rather than inspire them are here, but both liberals (in the form of Hollywood headline-mongers and armchair diplomats) and conservatives (as freedom-through-firepower types, echoed in the movie's absurdly jingoistic country music songs) take it on the chin. Yet for all the hoopla, this Parker/Stone vehicle never is all that clever. The humor is about what you'd expect from sixth-graders playing naughty with dolls, and the satire is too obvious to be biting. I'm sure the film is a hit around frat houses, but that's probably about it. If you want more -- and I hope you do -- you'll need to look elsewhere. ...more info
  • Possibily The Funniest Movie I've Ever Seen
    The creators of South Park are over the edge with this one. Think of South Park with no boundaries. I laughed so hard my stomach literally hurt.

    However, if you do not like or get South Park humor, you will not like this movie. If you do, it's a MUST SEE!!!

    Make sure to see the bonus material - also very funny and informative....more info
  • Absolute genius - Matt , Trey and their team are so original
    I found the puppets in this movie more life-like and interesting than the multi-million dollar puppets and CGI used in big blockbuster movies. This movie isn't for children, but Trey and Matt are so childlike (not childish) in presenting the issues it really wasen't offensive at all. I found it sharp, witty, well detailed (loved the lit cigarette the puppet was holding), very original story, and pants wetting funny! Even the songs the characters sang were well written and to the point. Keep up the good work, guys, a lot of your fans really appreciate it....more info
  • one of the most funniest movie that I see ever
    I almost make piss on my pants when I see this movie, very funny, very sarcastic, and great special effects for a puppet movie. Great thing that has Spanish subtitles.

    Like South Park, you must have lots of general culture to enjoy some of the jokes, but in general everybody can laugh for hours with this movie, has the best sex scene that I see ever, and were puppets for god sake.

    Not cheat yourself, is a puppet movie but is not a movie for kids, in fact, has lots of black humor and jokes with double sense, definitely not a children movie....more info
  • A Brillient Almost Propaganda Related Film About Puppets
    This film was really, and I mean really hilarous! I keep watching it constantly and I almost have the quotes in my head by now!


    It first starts off in Paris, Osama bin Laden and his gang of terrorists are trying to blow Paris up. But then Team America or TA for sort, shows up. TA while fighting the terrorists are the ones blowing the Effel Tower up along with other monuments. After Carson proposes to Lisa, his life is suddenly cut short when a terrorist kills him.

    Meanwhile the plot goes to New York, where a very talented broadway actor named Gary, is hired by the TA leader Spotswoode, to work as a spy to get info out of the terrorists in Cairo. Everyone seems to like him, except Chris, who for some reason mistrusts actors. They succed in killing the Chechinans, but it's not really the Chechnians who are in charge, the real villian here is Kim Jong Ill, better know as the strange leader of North Korea. He's planning to blow up the world and even manipulates a group of actors and actoress lead by Alec Balwden.

    On a more romantic note, Gary falls for Lisa, who is afraid to give her heart away in the fear of lossing someone she loves again. They consitmate their love, which I have no idea how they made the puppets have sex. Gary too is dealing with a lose from long again, his older brother, who was beaten to death by gorillas. Meanwhile, Sarah too likes Gary, and Joe likes Sarah. But Gary quits the team after finding out that they didn't stop anything really. And when the terroirst fired back by blowing up the Panama Canal.

    Then matters become worst when TA are captured by Kimmy (it's a nick name, don't ask) Well Kimmy even sings a song about how lonely he is and how there are people in the world that are less smarter then he is. Well anyways, it's now up to Gary, with the help of Spotswoode, to take on Kimmy and his allies, and save the world.

    This movie should have gotten a better review! But anyways, they have parodied this movie after the invasion of Iraq obviously! And they even put in a parodied country song, and a tribute to how Pearl Harbor, the movie, sucked. I recommed this to South Park fans such as myself! But I don't recommend it to close-minded people or children. ...more info
  • "Matt...DAY-mon!"
    Team America: World Police is a madcap concept: lampoon America's current war-frenzied culture with marionettes. Who would possibly want to watch such a film?

    On the film's surface, the very appearance of the marionettes, being pulled by someone else's invisible strings, seems to have some symbolic value. Or maybe they just thought it would be funny to have puppets do things that no puppets should ever do.

    The movie also a throwback to Thunderbirds, a futuristic series produced in 1965 that heavily utilized "supermarionation," which used marionettes suspended and controlled by thin wires. In that series, the marionettes were played with deadly seriousness, despite the fact that they were, you know, puppets. You have to ask why creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone would want to use a technique few people remember from the sixties...unless they were making a statement about an era that also happened to involve an unpopular war. Ahem.

    It's very easy to dismiss Team America as farcical garbage, a lewd, violent attack on every sacred crow conceivable. And on the surface, Team America can be appreciated for that alone: a conservative organization that espouses American values with unabashed patriotism sends Team America to blow up bad guys while destroying the homes and artifacts of the people they're trying to save; a liberal nutjob (Michael Moore) turns into a suicide bomber; Kim Jong Il really IS part of an axis of evil manipulating terrorists to blow up the world; actors with no experience in warfare speak out about the war, forming the Film Actors Guild (FAG); and a struggling actor named Gary is recruited from a Broadway musical that sounds suspiciously like Rent. Nobody is safe in Team America.

    But anyone who watches South Park knows that Parker and Stone are far shrewder than their "supercrappymation" might lead one to believe. They are the deconstructionists of our age, fearlessly criticizing hypocrites everywhere, whatever their political, global, or religious affiliation might be. Only these two would compare a Middle-Eastern bar to the cantina from Star Wars...because frankly that's about the most exposure Americans have ever had to Middle-Eastern cultures. Heck, even the title "World Police" is laden with assumptions about America's global responsibility or lack thereof. Even Matt Damon, whom Parker and Stone think is actually a pretty cool guy, gets turned into a monosyllabic thug. Trust me, he got off easy.

    They never let you forget that this is all done with puppets too: real black cats are substituted for panthers, puppets slap each other helplessly in some pathetic approximation of a fist-fight, and two opponents slow down and spin in the air as they face off, Matrix-style...all with the help of their marionette strings. And I don't need to mention what the puppets do to/with each other in the bedroom...
    There are also parts that are a little dated. Yes, making fun of Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor is always fun, but it dates the film. Rent's also an easy target...but does anyone really care that much about Rent to make fun of it?

    Team America mows down anything and everything with a no holds barred approach. If you take yourself a little too seriously, chances are you'll find this movie offensive or irrelevant. But if you aren't afraid to laugh at the inanities of the modern world, as viewed through the seriously warped lens of big-budget action movies, then you'll probably enjoy Team America: World Police as a hilarious romp through a decade our descendants will most assuredly find amusing.
    ...more info
  • Couldn't get through it without fast forwarding...
    I guess it helps if one is a "South Park" fan. I've never been.

    Still, I was ready to give this every chance in the world to make a comedic, satrical, sarcastic, perceptive socio-political take on our modern times, even with cheap production values, even cheaper looking puppets, and little if no imagination or funny jokes from the beginning 10-15 minutes. As this film ain't no 4 hour deal, finding nothing remotely interesting, let alone humorous or clever in the first quarter or fifth, I was amazed how just plain unimaginative and boring this was.

    A film has to be really bad from the beginning for me to start fast forwarding within the first 20 minutes. Usually by that time, I'm either willing to stick it out, or just give up. This movie had neither quality. By 20 minutes, my mind had thought of a hundred or so better uses of my time than this. I skipped ahead only to find that to the end, there was no real brain food here.

    While South Park has (deservedly so or not) a reputation for taking real chances, why I asked, was this all so lame? Was it just the crap visuals, the various flat jokes, or something much deeper? For while neo-libs have embraced South Park the TV series for its innovations and anti-establishment ramblings, while this movie seems a big screen attempt at the same, the corporate influence and underlying neo-con truth of the South Park folks takes over. A quick buck. Capitalism at its worst. In movie form. Yee-hah. Blah...

    What's most disturbing is that while this is supposedly supposed to be an indictment of sorts of blind patriotic American zeal and over-indulgence and arrogance, it ends up strangely justifying that very premise, and promoting it. And while there is an overall criticism of recent US foreign policy, the "bad guys" still end up the same old "bad guys" as official US corporate media has sold us all along. This makes the whole exercise lack not only sarcasm and satire, but right-on humor as well.

    I had looked forward to seeing this, even though I hate South Park. I had hoped that those folks would really let loose here, and the shame is that most people who'll end up liking this, will like it only for its South Park connections, but not for what the movie really is, or is all about.

    A lot I'd bet will even take the final messages this delivers as somehow validating their faith in their seemingly leftist ideals. The disappointing thing is that it does the exact opposite. The creators of this obviously do not understand exactly what they're trying to present except to try to cash in on South Park trendy anti-establishment underpinnings. Then again, I never thought South Park the series did (or does) that either.

    The only decent thing about this bore-fest is a few slightly humorous self-referential PUPPET jokes. Otherwise, it is not visually compelling or innovative, most of the humor and the social and political elements tend towards the far right view of modern day reality, and one mostly fast-forwarded viewing of this was enough for me to dismiss this as nothing more than a wasted use of some seemingly real talent here and there.

    Again, as in most bad movies, the problem here is the writing. I guess if you can get through the first 20 minutes or so without your mind wandering, you might get through the rest, then put watching this over again off for another decade. I can't imagine any but a die hard and rich DVD collector actually wanting to own this. It's basically just plain boring, what else can I say?

    I wonder if the puppet presentation was cheaper than a decent animated and CGI rendering, and if so, there's another problem. This is cheap schlock which doesn't even seem to understand or comprehend its own preachings, and done seemingly on a shoestring budget. This film never goes far enough, never. It was evident in the first 15-20 minutes, and the disappointment throughout only reinforces that.

    I wouldn't buy this at any price. I wouldn't even want it free. It's bad and boring from beginning to end. There may be a short 10-15 South Park film here. Stretched out to feature length, it is a way overlong and unenlightening, unfunny waste of time....more info
  • No Laughs of Mass Destruction
    "Team America: World Police" has the finest marionette technology money can buy for a morally irresponsible film. The subversive satire that made "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut" a deserved success falls painfully flat this time around. For such a broad canvas, the socio-political targets require a mature and perceptive wit. Instead, "Team America" bludgeons its one-note premise with a deadening array of tasteless gags. Trey Parker and Matt Stone's masturbatory private joke never should have been released for public consumption, even though the boys are obviously proud of their sophomoric achievement. The disturbing reality is that Parker and Stone squandered their creative freedom and audience goodwill on this offensive trash. As a result, "Team America" becomes the pop-culture snuff film its makers never intended. ...more info
  • If You Liked Baseketball or South Park, You'll Love This
    This movie is entirely done, deliberately poorly, with marionettes. While the action constantly reminds you that the actors are all puppets on strings the sets and effects are amazing and the soundtrack is worth purchasing on it's own.

    If you enjoy South Park or Baseketball then give this movie a try....more info
  • The title says it all
    This old school marionette action/adventure format first visited on
    baby-boomer kids, is hysterically funny. However, this isn't for kids! It's for grown-up boomers who can appreciate the awkwardness of an outrageous marionette sex scene. Just as Parker and Stone's "South Park" is an equal-opportunity offender, so is "Team America." Expect extreme stereotypes and un-P.C. behavior. And a lot of good--if sometimes guilty--laughs. ...more info
  • team america juvenile attept at humor
    What a heap of junk! Look carefully you'll see the strings bouncing around in front of your very eyes.The puppets are cute but come on.South Park was funny this is just stupid.I guess I found this movie as appalling as our candidates running for the presidency.What a waste of time.Sorry folks open up your trash cans and throw it in.....But don't be surprised if the garbage men throw it back on your yard....more info
  • Team America Bombs
    I give this two stars on the basis that there were two really funny bits. The puppet sex segment was a total riot, and Kim Jong's songs ("I'm Ronery" and "Alec Baldwin") were first rate satire. But the rest of "Team America"? Well, it sure wasn't South Park - Bigger, Longer & Uncut. More like the regrettable BASEketball. In fact, take all the worst, most juvenile SP misfires, crude them up even more and make sure they repeat a few dozen times, and you get the mess that is "Team America."

    Where's the satire? Where's the bite? Oh wait, making fun of Matt Damon is really cutting, right? Or how about constant gay jokes? Or that Team America, while trying to save the world, just keeps blowing the wrong stuff up? (Actually, the opening sequence in the puppets in Paris is funny...but the rest of the film starts storming downhill pretty fast after). Oooo...Michael Moore with hot dogs in both hands, because he's y'know, fat! Hardy har har! A puppet hero that goes through an extended - and i do mean waaayyyy extended - vomiting sequence! Snicker, giggle!

    Really, the bulk of "Team America" is that lame. I think even Cartman would agree....more info
  • unwatchable
    Full disclosure: I only lasted about 30 minutes (for you fans, I got as far as "dirka dirka dirka," or something that sounded like that). So this isn't a review of the whole thing.

    Combine the soulless, nasty humor of South Park with puppet action lacking any trace of style or creativity and what do you get? This tedious, smug little bomb of a movie. Visually it has the creepy feel of that awful CGI Christmas movie Tom Hanks dumped a bunch of money into a few years ago, combined with the SP tradition of writers so pleased with their own political incorrectness that they don't notice they just aren't very funny. Add to that strange leaden pacing that inserts a second or two of dead sound after every line of dialog--I guess you're supposed to be laughing or something--and the whole thing just falls apart. At least for the first half hour! After that, for all I know it's the greatest work of art since Michaelangelo finished painting the Sistine Chapel. I, at least, will never know.

    ...more info
  • The truth is very funny.
    One of the greatest films ever made. The astonishing thing is that the film reflects accurately the Amercian psyche as well as Kim Jong Il....more info
  • Gorillas And Guerillas
    "Team America World Police" is a political satire from Trey Parker and Matt Stone about their perceptions of America's role as the world's policeman. Made with "Thunderbirds" style marionettes, the plot springs from the destruction of much of Paris while pursuing terrorists, where an elite U.S. counter-terrorism group loses a member; the replacement turns out to be an actor with a boatload of emotional baggage. Before long North Korean crackpot Kim Jong-il plots world destruction with the help of the Film Actors Guild, lead by Alec Baldwin. An assortment of leftist actors sympathizes with Kim and believes everything to be America's fault. Satire can be the best indicator of reality; certainly this is one of those times as the film satirizes the arrogance, na?ve, and simplistic attitudes so prevalent in the chic Hollywood political activist circuit.

    The film is somewhat libertarian in attitude, as it mocks elements from all political factions from Derkaderkastan to Hollywood. By far most of the venom here is directed at the far left Hollywood elite, with special treatment reserved not only for Baldwin, but Michael Moore (who is referred to as a "giant socialist weasel," and who blows up Mount Rushmore), Martin Sheen and Tim Robbins (who are North Korean guards), Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Janeane Garofalo, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Danny Glover, Peter Jennings, and others. The actors meet fates appropriate for the film, with Glover and Penn being eaten by house cats, for instance.

    The United Nations, as impotent in this film as it is in real life, is also rightfully mocked. The U.N. sends the useless Hans Blix to inspect Kim Jong-il's property, and Hans is quickly eaten by Kim's sharks. Kim gets to sing a ballad about loneliness that is the musical highlight of the film, although I loved the battle preparation song complete with the line "we're gonna' need a montage" almost as much.

    As you might expect from Parker and Stone, the film is frequently tasteless (e.g. extensive marionette vomiting) and is very politically incorrect. I am by no means a fan of "gross out" humor, and while some of the gags could have been dispensed with, the satirical points made by Parker and Stone are completely legitimate. Unsurprisingly some of the people caricatured in the film were unhappy with the skewering they received. Penn wrote a hostile and profane letter to Parker and Stone as a result, which seemed to prove that he can dish it out but can't take it, although Clooney was more mature and claimed that he would have been insulted had he not been parodied in the movie.

    The film is refreshingly independent and did well at the box office (grossing approximately $51 million), which provides hope that more films not beholden to the uber-left Hollywood mentality will be greenlighted in the future. While "Team America" is nowhere near perfect, it does have many funny moments interspersed with the gratuitous grossness, and most importantly of all, effectively skewers its targets, which was the point in making a satire in the first place....more info
  • Vulgarity Overshadows Message
    Yes there were some great political barbs but who wrote this, a pimply group of 13 year old boys? The "gay" theme and constant swearing were just too much to stomach. A shame because it really was a great idea, but it was sunk by a very puerile script. ...more info
  • Very Funny!!!
    This is a very funny movie from the creators of South Park! I love all the jokes about the F.A.G. actors, the terrorists, the song about AIDS, the puppet sex, and much more! It's a fun movie to watch. The leader of Team America named Spottswoode hires a brilliant stage actor named Gary Johnston to help them retrieve information about WMDs. Gary and Lisa fall in love, but Sarah is mad about that. Soon, the whole team is taken by Kim Jong-il's men. Gary tries to help stop him from carrying out his evil plan. If you love comedy, puppets, and Trey Parker & Matt Stone's humor, you'll love TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE!!!...more info
  • THUNDERBIRDS on crack!
    If you're expecting high brow cinema from this flick, you outta have your head examined! Of course it's crude and vulgar! Of course it's out of bounds! That's the whole point, silly! It's like getting offended at a Don Rickles show!

    Personally, I loved it! The "America, f*=@# yeah" gung-ho anthem is a riot. So is the "I'm so ronery" bit, the towel turbaned guy, the puppet sex scene (make sure you get the unrated edition) and the F.A.G. jokes. Tasteless? Sure. Dead on target? Hillariously so. Politically inccorrect? Thank God, yes! Is that why so many of you are upset? I thought so...

    MAAAAAAATT DAAAAAMON!!! (he, he, he!) Get a life!...more info
  • Funny, but not as funny as South Park
    This movie was funny, I would say the funniest part is when he was drunk after he quited and vomited for a long time and he passed out. But why did Gary had to do oral sex to the chief just so he can trust Gary. And when Gary was on the morticycle, the camera came too clse and made him fall. They should make the second movie of this, since Kim was a roach if you see the end. The sex part was wild too. But some people think this is stupid because it's all puppets, no actors....more info
  • Awesome Daring Comedy!
    This movie is real comic genius from the minds of Trey Parker & Matt Stone. Great Puppet work, great sets, great songs...awesome comedy!

    This is satire at it's best!...more info
  • Best iirreverent political satire out there.
    The creators of Southpark really showed their stars this time. It doesn't matter what side of the political isle you're from, there is humor for everyone here because this movie makes fun of everyone and everything. No one is lesft unscathed. It will truely open your eyes to how riduculous we all look when we get too political. If you like gross perverted humor, you're going to love this movie....more info
  • Hi-larious!
    I don't even know where to start. It's hysterical. I would recite some of my favorite parts but I can't do it justice without being able to use a voice and gestures! Anyway, see it. And although it's a puppet movie, it's definitely not appropriate for kids. And if you're a bit leary of sitting through a puppet movie, surely the songs will reel you in, like "America--F*&% Yeah!" or the "freedom costs a buck-o'-five" song. Enjoy! :)...more info
    Team America: World Police is a rather funny and well-made film that is not afraid to bash liberal politics, celebrities, and third-world countries like North Korea. I really enjoyed the fact this film is not afraid of flipping the bird to people like Michael Moore and other celebrities like Alec Baldwin and rubs their faces in the fact that they are total jackasses and need to shut the hell up.
    WHAT IT'S ABOUT: When a member of Team America is killed by terrorists, they find another man; a Broadway actor named Gary; and use him to dress up and act like a terrorist in order to foil plans of a massive worldwide terrorist attack, but what they don't know is that North Korea has been supplying the weapons to terrorists and is the main country planning a worldwide terrorist attack. So they must foil these plans as well, and prevent Hollywood's most well-known hardcore liberals from getting in the way. Yes, this film does use marionettes for the characters.
    MUSIC: There is decent music, and not to mention the fact the filmmakers actually wrote some of the songs played in the movie and they aren't afraid to use the F-word in them either.
    GORE FACTOR: Yes, there is gore in this movie. Limb-ripping, getting shot to death, exploding, splatting on the ground, being eaten by giant cats, and more.
    ENTERTAINMENT: This film is quite funny, rather dirty and inappropriate in so many ways, and very gory. What damages the quality of this film is a slow and stupid beginning and the puppet love-making scene made me want to gouge my eyes out because of how disturbing it was (They basically did almost every sexual act known to man). This is definitely not for kids, oh no it's not at all for kids.
    OVERALL: This film is definitely worth a buy for a good laugh and it will keep the laughs coming. This film is not afraid to be offensive or disturbing so if you easily get offended or grossed out you've been warned.
    THE GOOD: Unafraid of bashing liberal politics, it's funny, it's gory, and it's very entertaining.
    THE BAD: Slow beginning, disturbing puppet love-making scene.

    ...more info
  • couldnt find it in the store
    thank you for shipping quickly, it made it just in time for the holiday. My boyfriend and i love this movie and i havent been able to find it in the stores. thanks for the great gift...more info