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Buh-Bump, Heart Rate Monitor Electrode Cream
List Price: $8.00

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Product Description

Buh-Bump Heart Rate Electrode Creme helps ensure consistent readings by conducting signals to the monitor.

  • Heart Rate monitor electrode cream
  • Increases the conductivity of the electric current to improve heart rate transmission

Customer Reviews:

  • buh bump rocks
    Stuff works great. no problems with any transmission at all. love this stuff....more info
  • HRM Cream
    This product is easy to use and does indeed increase the ability of the HRM to receive your pulse. Unfortunately, however, I still get dropped heart rate readings when I am in full out running mode. My heart rate signal gets picked up again when I slow down to a walking pace....more info
  • Works really well!
    I experienced some really annoying misreadings and drop-outs with my Polar CS300 and first thought there was a problem with my heart rate monitor. But when I gave the cream a try all my problems magically disappeared. The heart rate monitor manuals and faq's should link to this page :)
    Love it....more info
  • Good stuff
    I had been having problems with my heart rate monitor readings dropping out during mid-exercise so I decided to try electrode cream to see if it would help. Using Buh bump solved the problem. I haven't had the problem with drops outs or crazy spikes in my heart rate monitor since I started using the cream. I only need to use a little bit of it on each electrode so the 2.5 oz size should last for quite awhile. The stuff has a nice clean scent as well. ...more info
  • Great Product; Great Service
    I have used this product before for my heart rate monitor (HRM). I works much better than just water or saliva. it takes a little more effort to clean off; but the effort is well worth it in my opinion.

    This is the first time I ordered through Amazon; previously I had ordered it direct. Not only is the price a little better through Amazon, but the ordering and delivery process couldn't have been easier. ...more info
  • At last, one of them works.
    I can not write English well, so I write the conclusion only.
    I have tried a lot of gels and creams for my Polar chest strap, which I use with my Tunturi treadmill in HRC programs.
    Till now, I had used several gels and creams, but they were not successfull for the job. The treadmill showed much more beats and so, the machine slowed down and the program did not work.
    Now things chavged. I see 500+ calories burnt and 7Km distance, while with the other products, I saw 350calories and 5.5Km, at the same time interval.(1 hour).
    Now, I add this for better results.
    I use two pieces of cotton cloth cut to fit the electrode side of the strap, which ,(the cloth),I immerse in water first, and put them on the electrode side of the strap, putting some cream on both sides of the cloth.
    This makes the surface moisture more time, so the system works very well.
    With the addition of the cloth, I would put a 5 to rate the item. ...more info
  • This is the best
    This cream is the best. Works much better than having to "wet" the sensors and it has a pleasant scent....more info
  • Great little product
    I use this with my polar telemetry strap, and it works great, never misses a beat...more info
  • Works great and last all day
    Ever since I started using this electrode cream, I haven't had any signal drops with my heart rate monitor. I can wear it all day, and even in martial arts class, and my heart rate monitor quite literally doesn't miss a beat....more info
  • will not fix a broken monitor
    Unlike many other reviews, the heart rate monitor cream did not solve my problem. I continued to not get a signal in the middle of my workouts after purchasing both the cream and a tighter strap. I finally had to just buy a new watch and monitor and have not had a problem since. ...more info