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My Brest Friend Light Green Deluxe Cover
List Price: $22.99

Our Price: $15.99

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Product Description

My Brest Friend is the only pillow that stays securely in place and does not shift or slide like other crescent shaped pillows. It provides support, comfort and security to both mom and baby, making breastfeeding more enjoyable and successful. The Deluxe slipcover is made of extra soft, plush fabric and is great to have on hand when one is in the wash. Available in soft blue and soft green.

  • breastfeeding; nursing; feeding, pillow; support; breast

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice cover
    The picture of this cover doesn't do it justice. It is a pretty pink with nice white strips. It washes well and continues to look good each time. My only complaint is that it is so hard to put back on the pillow. I think that is the pillow and not the cover though. The label says to drip dry but I put it in the dryer on delicate and damp dry. Works well....more info
  • Love this product
    The cover for My Brest Friend is great. I have 2 covers for one pillow, which makes it easy to wash one and still use the other....more info
  • Helped me with nursing a preemie
    I prefer the original Brest Friend covers, but I'm not crazy about the velcro strap. I love this nursing pillow overall, and it helps with positioning. I'm nursing a 3 month old and still use this pillow at home every day. I was ready to quit nursing because positioning my preemie was so difficult, but I saw this in the hospital "nursing shop" and made my husband buy it for me. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! It's far better than the Boppy pillow and doesn't roll the baby or move from my waist. There is nothing bad I have to say about the Brest Friend... skip the popular Boppy and get this! It rescued my nursing experience....more info
  • Poor Quality...
    I am so disappointed with this product! It is definitely better than the boppy though. It angled my daughter perfectly, it is a great idea but the quality was so cheap by the second day it had completely fallen apart. The zipper was "zipped" but yet was coming open in the middle and when I went to exchange it they told me they couldn't accept it because it had breast milk stains on it. Luckily I learned how to nurse without it, but I'll never see that money again. I wouldn't buy it, it's only something you'd need in the very beginning and then it would just collect dust anyway......more info
  • Brest friend's best friend
    Fantastic! Way better than the original velcro-only attachment/adjustment, baby would always wake upon removal. The color is a pleasant soft green and the fabric is very snuggly for mommy and baby : ). I would recommend this cover to replace an old one or as a back-up for wash day(s)....more info
  • Excellent "extra" to have on hand
    I love the My Brest Friend Light Green Deluxe Pillow, and I find it quite difficult to nurse my 1-month-old son without it! So when my cover got dribbled on or grimy (my toddler likes to drag the pillow around the house), I knew I was going to need an extra cover.

    I love the plush fabric (it's available in blue, green and pink) -- I don't think the cotton covers are nearly as nice. The fabric just seemed too rough to me! The cover fit very nicely on my pillow. It is a bit of a pain in the butt to get it on, because of the shape of the pillow, but not huge ordeal.

    Incidentally, these wash up very nicely. I just put it in the gentle cycle with some mild detergent, then let it air dry. ...more info
  • Functional and Helpful
    I have used "My Brest Friend" exclusively for the first few weeks of breast feeding my infant. It is more firm than the Boppy, providing better positioning. It's easy to wear and use and the pocket is great to keep the TV remote, Lansinoh cream and to tuck in a burp cloth!...more info