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Bose Companion 3 Series II multimedia speaker system (Graphite/Silver)
List Price: $249.99

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Product Description

Experience a new level of audio performance from your computer. Companion 3 speakers represent a premium choice for all your computer audio sources from MP3s, CDs and Internet radio to DVDs, streaming video and games. The premium multimedia speakers provide exceptionally clean, high-quality audio while freeing up valuable desktop space. Satellite speakers can attach to your flat panel monitor or right on your desk. A compact Acoustimass module fits neatly under your desk and delivers impressive lower tones that make movies and games come to life. And an all-in-one control pod houses a headphone jack, adjusts the volume and includes an auxiliary input. Bose proprietary TrueSpace stereo signal processing circuitry adds enhanced spaciousness for lifelike sound that most conventional computer speakers simply cannot match. Companion 3 speakers also feature an easy-to-use, multi-function control pod, no bigger than a computer mouse. Speaker volume control, headphone jack and an auxiliary input for an additional audio source are all within reach. Compact Acoustimass module Bose design delivers clean, deep low frequencies into the room Magnetic field is essentially confined inside the speakers and will not cause monitor interference or damage to magnetic media Compression circuitry allows you to enjoy clear, undistorted sound even at high volumes Active equalization electronically tunes the frequency response, enabling outstanding audio performance Mounting brackets for satellite speakers to the side of your monitor at the proper listening angle for optimum audio performance, while helping you maintain an uncluttered desktop Control pod - 2-1/2 x 1-1/8 inch Satellite speaker - 3-1/2 x 2-1/2 x 2-3/8 inch / Weight - 0.5 pounds Acoustimass module - 8-5/8 x 7-1/8 x 14inch / Weight - 15.4 pounds

  • Box Content - Acoustimass module, Two satellite speakers, Control pod, Mounting brackets
  • Tiny satellite speakers Lifelike, spacious sound for computer audio sources
  • Dual inputs to enjoy two audio sources simultaneously, one to your computer and the other to an iPod or portable audio device
  • Control pod Intuitive and convenient, houses volume control, headphone jack and connection for a second audio source such as an MP3 player
  • Proprietary TrueSpace stereo signal processing circuitry

Customer Reviews:

  • Bon
    sound great with my Sony Vaio Laptop. i listen to a lot of Skynyrd and Kid Rock...AAA+++...more info
  • Great sound for the size, but not for confined spaces or quiet usage
    Other reviews have given a very good impression of this product. However, there are a few other points I'd like to add to be considered by potential buyers:

    - The size is amazing. I took them off the speaker stands and wall mounted them, and the sound was wonderful. The fact that they can be wall-mounted with only a little 3M velcro strip was really nice.

    - The sound is incredible. These are some very clear sounding speakers for their size, and I'd highly recommend them for the non-audiophile who just wants to hear great definition.

    - The sound isn't perfect. Especially at lower volumes, you tend to get very good bass definition, and exceptional highs, but you lose the middle more than I might like. That said, I'm a bit overcritical here, only you can judge what differences you hear.

    - These need to be loud to be happy. I tried installing these in a dorm room and they never really got to shine. In order for the sound to be really good and not muddled, the volume needs to be at least halfway, and whenever I got there, it got too loud for close neighbors. So, if you're looking for quiet speakers with great definition, look elsewhere (or get a set of great headphones).

    - The bass is rather punchy. When you're loud, the bass is definitely loud too. It has a tendency to hit hard, almost overwhelming the speakers themselves. The bass control knob in the back can let you tailor that nicely. I'd recommend keeping it around 10 O'Clock relative to the default rotation of Midnight.

    - The knob is a pleasure. The volume control and mute knob is just brilliantly designed.

    - The whole system is sensitive to radio interference. If you've got a GSM cell phone (Cingular/ATT, for sure) make sure that you're keeping it stored far from your speakers (at least 3 feet or so), lest you get the phantom "di-didi di-didi duhhhhhhh" sounds periodically.

    - This is an impressive looking system. It's pretty awesome, and you'll get comments both on the sound and on the design. Kinda nice, in and of itself.

    - They work like a charm with docked iPods.

    I owned mine for around 1 month, and then ended up exchanging for a pair of QC-3 headphones which are nicer for living in the dorms with picky neighbors. However, I'd still recommend this system to anybody who wants some great, miniplug based speakers (versus the USB of the Companion 5's). Hope this helps!...more info
  • Would give zero stars if possible
    I spent several days going through reviews, home audio sites, looking at the huge back and forth swing regarding the quality of these things. All the Bose bashers, and the people who liked them. I'm not a Bose basher, and having heard some other bose systems in the past that did decent sound, I was really wanting to like these. I mean, I *really* wanted to like them. I'm using this for my media center PC, and having just replaced a larger pc unit with the tiny Dell Hybrid, I wanted to also get some smaller form factor speakers. I really liked the small size, so unobtrusive, and these would've worked so well where the LCD TV is across the room from the couch.

    I was looking to replace an older Logitech 5.1 system, which currently only has the front left and right plugged in due to not having a good layout in the great room at my new house for rear channels. They worked well and had good sound, but I was looking for a little more punch across the board with a little better clarity for highs and mids than they could do since I listen to a lot of music on this system.

    I opened the Bose and unpacked, laid everything out right as my current system was, and had both systems plugged in and running, so I could just unplug the 1/8" jack from the rear of the media center PC and swap between the two of them at will to hear the difference.

    Since the 80's I have used the same two songs as my "reference" sound checks. "Take Me Home" from the Phil Collins 12 inchers album since it has a good variety of percussion, highs and lows, good bass punches, and cymbals and such. It gets very good high and low frequencies right in the intro. I also use a german recording of Mozart's Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 23 in A Major.

    I heard the immediate difference in both. As so many others have reported, there's an unmistakable tinny, hollow sound from the Bose. And I half expected it just from the small speakers, because they just can't move as much air as something with more area. But the startling difference between my lobotomized 5.1 system only running 2 channels, and these Bose, was hugely disappointing.

    And I did go through my HD audio card and worked with presets, but the fact that the other speakers worked so well with the settings I had, and other ones I tried worked well, it just seemed like too much work to have to go through to force a "slightly more expensive than comparable" set of speakers to sound as good as "inferior" ones.

    And no matter what tweaking or sound settings I did, there was no mistaking the fact that they just did not sound good.

    So I returned them and replaced them with the Logitech Z-2300 set since that had good reviews. And I did the same thing with my old logitech set and the new one that I did with the Bose. Set both up identically, in the same locations, and swapped the plug between them as I played the same songs. And I heard an immediate difference between the old and new ones that was even more startling than the difference between the old ones I had been using and the Bose. I really wish I had the Bose and the Z-2300's both plugged in to do side by side comparisons because it would have made the new ones sound even MORE incredible.

    I live in a house with some space around me so I don't have a fear of neighbors complaining to me, but I still don't pound out the volume. Sometimes I will turn it up and enjoy something, but for the most part I'm listening to low to mid level sounds, whether TV, DVD, or music. And these 2300's perform incredibly well for all of them, where the Bose just did not compare at all.

    I tried, I really did, I ignored most of the posts on the audio video forums that told me not to get these, because I really wanted them to work for me due to the form factor. But I wish I had followed the advice all these audiophiles were offering and saved myself a few days of wasted research and the purchase of two different speaker sets.

    ...more info
  • Great highs, good lows - but not wholesome or room-filling.
    I've been impressed by many Bose systems, but I haven't been satisfied by this one. The speakers are small, and they're good for their size. The stands and cabling are high quality, and it all looks great, but the range isn't great. Music sounds good, but it's not a rich sound, the base bumps but doesn't fill the room like a larger Bose system. I wouldn't recommend this system, especially given the pricetag....more info
  • Worth every penny!
    Perfect! I am amazed at how good these little speakers sound. From a sound standpoint, there is nothing little about these. The sound stage is huge. The mid range is PERFECT, the bass is exceptional and the highs are smooth. Comparing these to my Klipsch 5.1 system isn't even fair. These two little speakers blow those 5 out of the water. Yes these cost more than some of those Logitech speakers and what not - but they are worth it. Unless you are on a super tight budget, I wouldn't look any further. Buy 'em, set 'em up and enjoy them!...more info
    I too was stuck in a decision between the Logitech Z-2300 and the Bose. My original speakers were the old Altec Lansing 2.1's with the wooden enclosed sub. Best speakers I have ever had but got destroyed in a move. I then bought a pair of Klipsch with sub. These speakers sounded incredible at all levels and performed admirably with any movies, games and music. The only problem was they shorted out somehow and without any misuse of any kind. For the money I paid for those speakers I was shocked by this and only after a year of use. I was stuck shopping for speakers at my local retailers (which suck) and ended up having to choose between the Logitech and Bose. While I like the look of the Logitechs and the build quality of the sub was great, the sound was far from adequate. I use my computer for a wide range of things; from music to games to movies. I like it loud as well and this is where the logitechs floundered miserably. While they sounded good at levels less than 50% of max volume, as soon as turned up the dial past that, the distortion was incredible. I have no idea how this set was able to become THX certified but after hearing these speakers, I no longer put any weight into "THX certification".

    The Bose sound great. Huge sound stage for a tiny little package. The sub hits hard and the clarity of the cubes is wonderful. As for volume, they are not as loud as my old Klipschs' or Altec Lansings but they don't try to be either. I can dial these up to 100% volume with almost no noted distortion. Gaming with these speakers is also a dream. I logged into Warhammer and was blown away with the imaging.

    As you can probably guess, I went with the Bose. I am not a big fan of Bose products, mostly due to the fact that I have always been able to find much better home theater speakers for the cost, but I honestly couldn't find a better product than this. I would give the sound and build quality a 5 but the price a 3 (and that's pushing it). If you have the money to burn, definately take a look at these. If not, mail order something else!...more info
  • Confused
    I just picked these up, along with a new high end sound card for my PC. I am shocked at all the good reviews for these speakers. The design is really great, which is why I didn't give them 1 star, but they sound terrible. The speakers don't produce highs very well (or at all in some cases) and the subwoofer is one of the worst I've ever owned. It's very boomy, the bass is either overwhelming or non-existent. The bass doesn't immerse the listener at all. I've played around with placing it all over and no matter where I put it, you can hear exactly where the bass is coming from, it doesn't fill the room up at all. I've tried different computers and my iPod and they all sounded the same. I don't understand what people like about these speakers, there are so many systems at half the cost that sound 10x better....more info
  • Outstanding sound
    These speakers have great sound across a full range of volume, pretty small foot print. ...more info
  • Good Sound, Bad Cords
    I've had this system for over a year now. Overall, it works good and sounds great - it better for the price. However, the cord connections in the back constantly come loose and leave the sound full of static or off balanced. I'm always having to adjust the cords until they're secure again, and it's not just one speaker cord, it's all of them. It's a real pain! It first started happening about 3 months after the purchase and has gotten progressively worse....more info
  • worst company ever
    its so sad that people are still raving about their sound, have any of you listened to other equipment? maybe the name bose just makes it ok to make and sell junk from the 90s and 80s, other speaker manufactures have made leaps in bounds in music and movie sound reproduction in the past 20 years, bose is the same old bose, they sell the same mediocre stuff(at least its become cheaper) but they still cant get this stuff too work all the time, what are they doing if not upgrading the sound to where every other company?
    people let your ears do the deciding not the name of the company.
    ...more info

    Sound/Performance: 5/5
    Price: 4/5
    Design: 5/5
    Reliability: 5/5

    Highly Recommended!

    ...more info
  • Sounds Great But Poor Quality
    I purchased my Companion 3 set in early December 06 last year. In mid November 07 they quit working. It just produced a very loud hum from the sub woofer. Since it was in warranty, I returned to Bose for repair. When the set returned, it still had the same problem. I returned again and they sent a new set which I received in mid December. This set lasted about 4 weeks and then developed a very noticeable 60 cycle hum from the sub woofer and a low level hiss from the satellites.

    During the time the Bose were out for repair, I purchased the Logitech Z 4's to hold me over and for under $70, they were amazing. The Bose are going out with the trash this week and the Logitechs are what I am sticking with from now on....more info
  • Yep. I like them.
    These are some really nice sounding speakers. Pricey, but nice. My ears had some adjusting to do after listening to same Labtec speakers for years. But after some tweaking with my itunes equalizer, I found a setting that brought out the best in these Bose speakers. I'm sure most people would not regret spending the extra money to own this set of speakers for their computer system. They look really cool too....more info
  • Incredible sound but lack volume
    Sound: 2/5
    Performance: 5/5
    Price: 3/5
    Design: 5/5
    Reliability: TBD

    This system will NOT wake up the neighbors. I was impressed with the quality but not the quantity. With the PC cranked up to the max, it is not overwelming or will not reach other rooms in the house. I was expecting the volume to be set at the mid to 'blow me away' but did not happen. At the maxed out setting begin hearing nuances of instrumentation.

    There is a warning in the manual that if you max out the sound there's internal protection circuitry that may reduce speaker volume maybe that's what holding the system back.

    The control pod spins less thany 180 degrees & us very sensitive to touch or proximity of your hand it will mute if you get you hand too close when adjusting the volume.

    Lack of volume & control pod over sensitivity are why I gave it 4 stars. ...more info
  • Well worth the money!
    I ordered the Bose Companion 3 speakers via the Bose website. I have purchased Bose products for years and I have always been satisfied. So, when I purchased a new computer I wanted to have a set of computer speakers that would give me the sound that I wanted which was clean, crisp highs and deep lows. Well, the Bose name was the first product I looked at and after researching the different speaker systems offered, I settled on the Companion 3. Great sound, easy set up and perfect quality for the money. I am very satisfied and will continue to purchase Bose products. YMMV especially if you try to take the inexpensive way out. Bose is not a cheap product, if you don't have the money to spend then you might want to look elsewhere or save your money until you can purchase the product you truly want. With Bose, you get what you pay for! NEOSOUL06....more info
  • Good sound
    Good quality of sound as expected.
    But it'll be so much beter if the price was a bit lower....more info
  • outstanding
    Bose system is outstanding, awesome, fantastic all of the above in awesome quality sound. A must buy purchase....more info
  • Good quality computer speakers.
    A good quality set of computer speakers. On unpacking the box, it's good to see that these speakers came with a mini-jack to mini-jack cable; a small thing, but this is the cable that is needed for most installations.

    The connectors are all of adequate quality, and seat firmly. The satellite speaker cables were just long enough for my installation, so some people may wish to check the satellite speaker length. The control unit has a noticeably longer cable than the satellites. The satellites sit well on their stands, look great, and feel solid.

    The control unit is wonderful, with a touch mute, smooth volume control, headphone output, and secondary input. One great thing is that there is no switch to set primary or secondary input; both are simply mixed; brilliant!

    How does it sound? I recommend setting the base switch down; middle of the range, or lower. For computer speakers, this system is definitely on the 'bright' side. The subwoofer has sufficient power for a room, and doesn't sound muddy. Musical detail is highlighted well, with clear separation of instruments, and a broad soundstage for such small speakers. The system handled all of my volume demands easily. The one drawback is seemingly weak midrange; this is especially noticeable on saxaphones, which sound less 'throaty' than they ideally should.

    I'm giving this 4 stars, as it does what it aims to do admirably. For those complaining of a lack of midrange and giving it one star, or who don't like the unit to 'process' the sound, I doubt that they would be happy with any computer speakers. The small drivers force the designer to compromise between midrange and treble response, and small drivers are common to all computer speakers. Bose's processing circuitry does a pretty good job at flattening out what I'm sure is a quite non-flat response curve of their satellite speakers. If you want unprocessed sound and a flat response curve, buy a good pre-amp, amp, and free-standing speakers; they'll be 5 times as big and cost 8 times as much....more info
  • Bought, tested, returned.
    I bought this 2.1 set to use on my 42" panasonic TH-PZ700U. So, if you will be using these on your computer, this - for the most part - will not relate to you. First off, let me tell you how I had them connected.

    Companion 3s connected via "control puck" to audio out panel on the back of my tv using an auxiliary to RCA audio (red & white ends) cable.

    The Good.
    These speakers are sexy. These speakers have tiny footprints so they don't take up any space on my TV stand.
    The subwoofer has better bass than my TV. Enough said.

    These do not get very loud. I had these cranked all the way up and my tv at 65% of it's max output is still louder than these.
    Voices are not clear. Maybe this is not true of all movies, but when I was watching "300" via blu-ray with these speakers, it almost sounded like there was a thin pillow in between the person speaking and the microphone recording them... sounded very "muddy". If there were equalizer settings on the back of the sub, it would solve this problem. Maybe I could have somehow tied the tv settings for sound adjustment (bass, treble, surround, etc.) to these speakers, but I do not know how to.
    Did not hear any sort of two-channel separation. Maybe it is there, but I could usually tell (The Bose demos are lying to your ears!).

    I returned these back to Fry's. I instead bought the bigger, uglier Logitech 2300 speaker system. The sub almost seems twice as big... the two speakers are at least double the size of the bose speakers (without the stands)... but they sound 10x better. The bass is louder/crisper and doesn't drown out the voices which come out crystal clear. I actually hear separation between these two channels. Lastly, these speakers are LOUD! I love 'em! The only bad thing is that this speaker system looks no where near as sexy as the bose companion 3s.

    Words of advice... I bought the companion 3s after already having read that the logitech 2300s are much better... I bought the companion 3s because they were aesthetically much more pleasing to me... and they still are much sexier than my current logitech 2300s... but, listening to the companion 3s and their tinny sounds could not justify how sexy these look. maybe the companion 5 would solve my aesthetic and auditory needs... but at the expense of $250, I would rather stick with my 2300s....more info
  • Impressive speakers, some will take issue with the price.
    Let me start by saying I'm not the audiophile I used to be. Back in the 70's and 80's I was an audiophile gear junky, always buying the latest and greatest top-end stuff. These days I'm content to have a "very good" system, as opposed to a "high-end" system (many of which don't offer any improvement in sound IMO). I can remember when back in the old days we obsessed over "total harmonic distortion" measures the way some people do over CPU gigahertz today.

    Anyway, I'm a longtime amateur musician (guitar, bass) with a pretty well-equipped home recording studio, so quality sound is important to me: I just don't obsess over audio gear like I once did.

    I bought these speakers for my office at home, which I work out of about 50% of the time (and spend a lot of time in outside work). I use them with a Mac Pro that has a topnotch sound card (I do scratch pad recording on the machine using Logic Studio and then move it to my home recording setup, which is also Logic-based, on a different Mac). I've got an extensive music collection that includes everything from classical to hip-hop and rap (the influence of having two teen-aged sons and a pre-teen who's into the same stuff as his brothers). Mostly I listen to rock, blues, and country - I'd say they make up 70% of my listening, with classical and jazz comprising most of the rest.

    I've probably owned a couple of dozen computer speaker systems since I bought my first desktop in the mid 80's, and virtually all have been mediocre at best. A few later sets from Harmon-Kardon and Altec-Lansing were decent. This Bose system is very good in my estimation, for what it purports to do: provide high quality sound from a computer. No, they don't compete with 5.1 home theatre surround system, and one shouldn't expect them to. But they do provide very good sound in a compact setting. The stereo separation is decent even though the speakers aren't intended to be spaced very far apart. The bass is excellent (and adjustable to taste). The mids and highs are clear and distinct without being shrill, though it would be nice if Bose provide an EQ adjustment for these (and at this price arguably they should). Acoustic music, like acoustic guitar and piano, sounds sublime through these. All in all I'm highly satisfied. After experimenting a bit with these, I'll offer the following suggestions:

    - Make sure you have the sub centered beneath your computer desk. Some may try to tuck it to one side or another for space reasons, but it really compromises the stereo field and can make the sound seem really out of balance on some tracks.

    - Don't point the satellite speakers toward yourself. I've found that the best stereo field is created by having the speakers facing straight out, and relatively close to the listener. I tend to sit erect or even lean forward a little when I'm typing: I keep the speakers about a foot to 18" in front of me and about 30" -36" apart. If I roll my chair away from my desk the stereo field narrows, so you want to position these relative to how you'll be sitting most of the time. You want to lean more toward having almost to your side than in front of you (figuratively that is).

    Nice system. Pricier than most, but better too....more info
  • What a fright!
    So I read all the reviews, I saw all the comparison's and I have been looking at these speakers for a good while. So I decided to pull the trigger and picked them up.

    When I hooked them up I was so disappointed! All the bad reviews were so correct. Great upper tones, poor mid and bad boomy bass. I could not believe what I was hearing. These are expensive computer speakers and I in the store they sounded awesome. So what happened? Is it just the store tweaked to make the sound good or what?

    Well I sat in my chair then moved back 3 feet from my table. BAM! Suddenly I hear the quality that I was hearing before! Bingo, so it's just my setup.

    The base speaker in these sets can't really be kept out the way, it is just an integral part of the kit, so I had to move my bass speaker onto the table. Suddenly everything opened up and after a while of panic I am now in musical bliss.

    While other speakers might be a little more forgiving to the positioning of the setup, these Bose speakers are not.

    To all those who own them and don't like then, try moving all the speakers around a bit, you might be surprised!

    For me I am going to rate them 5 star. The price is high and really that should knock them down a star, but the size of them and the quality of the whole setup just won't let me drop that star.

    Put it this way, Bose is expensive, if you can afford it then go for it, if your budget can't reach, then there are alternatives....more info
  • Still a great choice for PC systems
    My issue with PC speaker systems is the lack of choices, ecspecially on the high end. Some may disagree, but we literally have what, 3, 4, 5 brands to choose from typically? Creative, Logitech and Altec Lansing pretty much own the market.

    It's now early 2008, and Bose still makes the best over-all systems for PC's, depending on your ear's tastes and acoustics. That doesn't mean they're a great value, they're not, they just sound better...simply put.

    I bought the Companion 3 series, versus the newer Companion 5, because I have an Xi-Fi Soundcard, and the Companion 5 by-passes the soundcard altogether via USB, so the Xi-Fi's many digital enhancement options were not available for the 5 series. That in addition to the fact that $400 is ridiculously expensive for a 3 piece speaker system.

    So The Companion 3 series was only $250, $50 more (at the time) than I paid for my last system, the Logitech Z-5300e 5.1 THX Surround system. The Logitech system shorted out on me after spilling a relatively small bit of liquid behind my desk, and into circuitry grill of the subwoofer. Poof, gone, still waiting for it to dry. It was the perfect excuse for me to reward myself with a Bose system.

    This system is simply superior to anything I've heard from Logitech or Altec Lansing or Creative, in either the 2.1 or 5.1 lines. And I've owned all those brand systems over the years. It's not that Bose makes the world's greatest speakers, they don't, and yes they're over-priced.

    But in this case the Companion 3 is $50-$100 more than most mid-range 5.1 or high end 2.1 systems, and it's well worth it. This immediately sounded better than the Logitech 5.1 system, and with some soundcard effects tweaking, WOW. I love music even more again....

    The sound is much more crisp, dynamic, the bass more pleasing, and with the 3d emulation in the Xi-Fi card, you can make this 3 piece system sound fantastic, again better than my Logitech 5.1 system. The Logitech system sounded muffled, murky, and still can't fill up a room with sound like these little Bose speakers can.

    I have to mention I really only bought this system for music, I do play a number of video games, but I've never really cared about having rear sound, that's what my Plasma and Sony 5.1 Dolby sound system is for. The games I play aren't dependent on hearing people behind me in a competitive situation (online shooters etc..,). Nice surround sound is just fine.

    Finally I do wish Bose would put a bit more into improving their products, slightly bigger speakers that can handle more range, and more wattage for starters, as well as a bit more durablility for the money involved. But having a smaller, slimmer sound system was also a big plus, as the obnoxious monstrosities that are the Logitech and Creative 5.1 systems, are too much, and I'm thoroughly sick of lugging those around and taking up so much space. Plus the plastic and awful design is sort of embarrassing in the Creative and Logitech systems.

    So yes I'd recommend the Companion 3 speakers whole heartedly, ecspecially if you are in the situation I am in with an Xi-Fi card, and not wanting to spend more than $300 on a PC speaker system.

    ...more info