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School of Rock
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  • I Fixed A Big Problem
    I for one think this DVD is AB-FAB. One problem that I seemed to have with this DVD was that when I played in on my computer DVD with Windows Media Player 9 & 10 the sound would waver in and out like someone was slightly playing with the controls. This was annoying. The reason why I choose to view movies on the computer is because I have a nice sound system hooked up to it, plus the 17" monitor screen is larger than our regular 13" TV. The DVD plays fine in a regular DVD player.
    This week out of necessity I stumbled across the term "CoDec" for computers that essentially is the computer's ability to decode the coded information on digital media, DVD and music files. It's a little confusing at first but after a while I learned that a good amount of people don't like the way Windows Media Player works. So I disabled that player and downloaded "K-Lite Mega Codec Pack". There's two media players that come with it and now the sound problem is fixed! It turned out to be a codec problem.
    If you've ever had a problem with a movie's sound then it may pay off to look into getting a better media player and codec pack.

    Chris B. in Iowa
    ...more info
  • Not according to Product Details
    My family and I love this move!. I bought it because according to "Product Details", the movie could be watched in English or Spanish. However, the movie only comes in English and some of my family members don't speak english. It was a let down :(

    ...more info
  • Recommended for Any Rock Music Fans!
    I just saw this on Cartoon Network today for the first time. I loved it! It is a (very) well-written film.

    An unsuccessful rocker gets fired from his own band. Soon, he poses for a job as a substitute teacher at a private school. Learning that the students are talented at playing music, he gets an idea: secretly forming a rock band with the class for the next Battle-of-the-Bands competition!

    Trust me, if you love rock and roll, this film is for you!...more info
  • Surprisingly good and funny
    I didnt think it was gonna be a good movie but I was wrong it was funny and had alot of heart. Jack Black is hilarious in it as ususal. Sarah Silverman is hot....more info
  • School of Rock
    This item is a Christmas gift. School of Rock came very promptly and neatly packaged. I have not opened the package so I am unable to report anything else. ...more info
  • Jack Black puts on a great performance!
    Jack Black does a good job in School of Rock. He has a lot of talent on the guitar.The kids in the movie are really talented. They all contribute well to the band. The reason I gave this movie 4 stars s because at times Jack Black overdoes it. Overall this is a great buy and you will enjoy this movie....more info
  • Alternative education
    Dewey Finn is a 30-something slacker with aspirations of being in a successful rock band but who can't seem to make it happen. His latest collaborators have just kicked him out, so he spends his time sleeping and eating, until he intercepts a phone call meant for his roommate, who works as a substitute teacher. When he finds out how much the job pays, he decides to fake his way into it, intending to slack off some more and pick up a paycheck. Then he happens to catch the students at band practice, and discovers that his perfect rock band might be sitting right under his nose.

    Even though I really like most of Richard Linklater's films (WAKING LIFE, BEFORE SUNRISE, TAPE), I had no plans to see this one originally for a couple reasons: 1. I don't much care for kids in my films. 2. I don't much care for Jack Black; though he is amusing in smaller roles (HIGH FIDELITY) I was pretty sure he'd be intolerable as a central character. But recently I saw the trailer and thought it looked like it might be kind of funny, so I decided to give it a chance. It was much better than I expected. Black keeps his manic act under control for the most part, and is quite entertaining (and his character becomes surprisingly likable once he gets his act together.) The kids are - dare I say it? - actually charming. And the script by Mike White (THE GOOD GIRL) is smart and funny.

    This film, which features a cast of nine to eleven year-olds, is rated PG-13 for "rude humor and drug references." They say "ass" a few times and the "drug references" must have been so vague that I can't even remember any. A beer is sipped gingerly at a restaurant, and Dewey mentions that he has a hangover on the first day of class. Oh, I know what it was; Dewey says that one of the other teachers "must be on crack." Anyway, you'd have to be insanely uptight to worry about any of these things. I have no qualms about recommending this as a family film, an intelligent one that both kids and adults will enjoy because it doesn't talk down to either. It's also a genuine feel-good movie, not in the fake, sugary way that makes you feel like throwing up. It has a real heart, and even a little subversive edge to it.

    The DVD contains numerous extras including two commentary tracks (one with Black and Linklater which is moderately interesting, and one with the kids which is extremely annoying), behind the scenes footage, film festival footage, trailers, and a video plea they made to try to convince Led Zeppelin to let them use one of their songs....more info
  • I want to be there
    School of Rock. I wanted to see the movie in the theater but I had no chance unfortunately, so I watched it by DVD finally, it was far way more than I expected!!

    You can feel a passion of love to Rock'n Roll and also it reminds you how Rock'n Roll had been inspire people before, in 60s to 70s, that doesn't exist anymore.
    So this movie is a kind of nostalgia which music used to have that power. Probably this movie is hit because many people feel it as I do, we miss those days.

    I love a feature of DVD which Jack Black begs to Led Zeppelin to use Immigrant Song in the movie. That scene is so cool! And commentary by Jack Blank and Richard Linklater is interesting too.

    If you feel loosing passion these days, watch it!...more info
  • Not hard core, but all heart! That's what counts
    When I first saw the title of this movie, I saw Jack Black on the cover. I'll admit with all honesty, I don't like Jack Black that well. He's always gotten on my nerves, and to say the least, never impressed me. But then my Bible study leader, (let me please repeat that) MY BIBLE STUDY LEADER recommended this by simply saying, "It has a message." As every movie usually does, and I wondered what it could possibly be. I took a chance when I viewed it, and was rewarded with nothing less then a top notch watch!

    So I watched Dewey Finn, basically a nobody, become somebody, to a classroom full of kids, who learn to have fun, while they also learn a little bit about self worth. CLASS IS IN SESSION!!!

    So, we're taken through an era of rock music! I loved it that it had a clip of Keith Moon, the late drummer of "The Who". It even had a sample of Led Zeppelin, and you don't exactly hear that in too many films these days, do you? And through it all, Dewey pretends to be his buddy, Ned. In the process, he teaches this class, but in a most unlikely manner, and with the most unlikely results. When an overweight girl isn't feeling very confident, Finn reminds her that Aretha Franklin was overweight, yet on stage, she blew the crowds away! The message that it doesn't matter who you are, or what others think of you, but it does matter what you bring to the stage, the stage of life, and self confidence, and about being your best! That's what a lot of us forget sometimes, and even though it could be goofy, sometimes screwy, it was a wake up call that so many of us need. Let me put in simply... WAKE UP!!!

    Sticking it to the man, being hard core, all with a few good laughs in the process. And by the way, even for a PG-13, it wasn't too hard core, but it was all heart. If we would just learn a lesson that is so valuable through a little humor. Embrace this, and watch it again, and let it release you from a long, hard day! Jack Black, I'm impressed. Ya gotta do it again sometime. Rock on!...more info
  • Excellence is educational, and fun
    OK this is exaggerated, medium-quality drama. But it's also sweet, non-violent, and has most of the right messages. And some good music too. In the genre of "wronged adult apparent loser molds group of kids into a winning team", School of Rock is actually exceptional for its emphasis on heart, self-expression, and excellence as their own rewards. A good movie to watch with your kids, and talk about regarding school. And a chance for parents of the 60s and 70s to get a bit nostalgic too....more info
  • Hmmmmm....not such a bad idea at all
    Dewey Finn (Jack Black) gets kicked out of his band for being a grandstander. If he doesn't find a job, his roommates are going to kick him out of the apartment.

    He intercepts his roommate Ned's call to substitute at a private elementary school and shows up instead. He's bored with the gig and doesn't do anything til he discovers that some of his class have exceptional musical talents.

    Next thing you know, he's got himself a new band and they're practicing for the band competition. What's great about this film is that Dewey realizes he can't just have the non-musical classmates off on the bench. He's got to find jobs for everyone--and in so doing, uncovers hidden talents and unites the divided class in purpose. The film may be a comedy, but there are some serious lessons to be learned for educators everywhere. ...more info
  • Very funny, but disturbing to see kids using language
    I wanted to give this more stars. I think the character Dewey perfectly sums up in a delightfully honest, humorous way, the failed educational philosophy of John Dewey (Hey! Teacha! Leave those kids alone...)

    But you're not watching this for the philosophy. You're watching it for the humor, and possibly for Jack Black. You will get some good doses of that, although probably nothing will rival Nacho Libre.

    The reason I can't give it more stars is, it's terribly disturbing to see young children using language and dressing in skimpy clothes. I wouldn't let a child do something that.

    It's reasonably funny, and I love Joan Cusack's acting. Jack Black did a fine job although, like I said, he can probably never rival himself as he was in Nacho Libre if you're a Jack Black fan. But he's also done much worse in his mockery of Jesus. Greatly dampens my enthusiasm for future projects. A pity. ...more info
  • A dream class!!!
    Wish that was my class!!! Bought this movie to share with my kids and what a ball we had!! Funny, entertaining, informative. A unique blend of silly humor and messages of responsibility. Great alternative to the "sex for kids" movies so common today. Opened the kids' eyes and minds to the world of classic rock, real musicians, music for its own sake and as corny as it sounds, the ridiculousness of commercialism. Just a great movie!!! Both want to take up an instrument now!!!!!!!...more info
  • School of Rock
    jack Black in good form in this movie. Funny, good plot and well acted tale....more info
  • 3 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    Don't bother taking the movie seriously (Dewey apparently has no money for rent but money for closed circuit cameras and software) and just enjoy it as a fun comedy with good music and a perfectly-cast Jack Black....more info
  • Gotta Love Jack Black!
    This is one of my favorite movies to watch when I need a laugh and just to have some layed back fun. I love this movie from beginning to end. Jack Black can be so funny without even trying. If you like music, Jack Black, and to laugh and left feeling good when a movie is over, you'll love this movie....more info
  • School of Fakes
    Come on Jack Black, anyone can fake playing a guitar solo better then you can. You could at least move your fingers up and down instead of moving the guitar neck up and down. Zack seem to know what he is doing but being a guitarist myself for the past 5 years, i make Zack looks like an amatuer. What im i saying....Zack is just an 11 yr old kid. He has lots to learn to be good. As far as the movie goes, Sarah Silverman is a good actress but she is not what one reviewer said 'hot'. There are some funny scenes in this movie and the direction is quite good. Watch it if your a Jack Black Cable guy too since he was in that one as well.

    Rock on!...more info
  • The long way to the top
    The story for School of Rock would be one of the more absurd plotlines in recent years if recent years haven't been littered with so many absurd films. This teetered on the edge but landed strong for the awesome performances by Jack Black and Joan Cusack, the style of the film's direction, and of course, the soundtrack.

    The people who made it probably realized the plot was too weak and unconvincing to drive itself, so they made a smart move by using the plot as a tool to display the great behavioral comedy. Jack Black impersonates his best friend to get smoe money substitute teaching. There's a problem, though. He knows nothing about the cirriculum. Instead he teaches them little goodies like the definition of a hangover. "Does that mean you're drunk?" "Close. It means I was drunk yesterday."

    The film sympathizes with him but only to a point. Sure, he's an innocent guy who only wants to make great music, but he's also self-absorbed and refuses to take responsibility for anything. The film shows him for what he really is, a creep.

    But then something happens. He finds out the kids are talented classical musicians. He decides to harness that energy into rock lightning by mentoring them into his lifestyle.

    It all leads up to a battle of the bands featuring School of Rock in one of the best musical numbers of the new millenium. The furious parents watch it and grow proud. It's tacky, but the scene is pulled off with such grace and style, I didn't even mind. They end up losing to a talentless emo band who look sexier, but School of Rock gets called out for the encore.

    The kids are extremely talented musicians, but most of them don't have the passion to carry a performance on their own. Jack Black a seasoned musician with the band Tenacious D balances their technical brilliance with emotion enough to make up for it. The same can be said for the film as a whole. The result, great fun for all ages....more info
    I LOVE School Of Rock!!! it made me TOTALLY want to be a ROCK STAR!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear, if you don't watch this movie, you are very VERY ODD!!!!!! YEAH!!!! Time To ROCK OUT !!!!!!!!!!
    BY: E M I L Y A G E 8...more info
  • So-so rock comedy.
    School of Rock starring Jack Black is a decent comedy about a slaker who poses as a teacher and ends inspiring his students about the history of rock music. The story is cool but something's missing and I can't figure out what it is? I can't stand Sarah Silverman, she's an unfunny slob while Joan Cusak knows a thing or two about comic timing. Great family flick, it's a mixed bag for me....more info
  • Great Movie!
    My 2 children talked me into seeing "School of Rock". I am so glad they did. What a great movie. We need more movies like this one. ...more info
  • Rousing, feel-good film
    Jack Black usually plays unlikeable characters, and he starts out here true to form. Fortunately, for us, he has a revelation and the result is no end of fun and good cheer. This low-life slacker comes to terms with his own ability to shape young minds burdened with the typical teen-angst, such as bullies, insecurity, non-understanding parents, self-esteem and the like (which he seems to naturally understand). Mr. Black is absolutely absurd in his approach, and it's the kids who inspire him to be a better person. The success of this film is largely due to wonderful direction from maverick director, Richard Linklater; "The School of Rock" takes off and flies high. The very able support of Joan Cusack is not to be forgotten. What I found most intriguing about the film is that each kid has a story to tell, and you find yourself cheering for the kids. The story doesn't say a lot about what happens to Black's character, but you know these once up-tight kids are going to be fine. Jack Black is the lead, but the kids are the real stars. This is a great feel-good movie. I'm glad I rented it. The DVD extras are fine. ...more info
  • For Those About To Rock, Watch This Movie
    If you ever dreamed of becoming a rock star or just loved lying in your room all day listening to Led Zeppelin, then "School Of Rock" is your movie. Jack Black stars as Dewey Finn, a down on his luck guitarist recently kicked out of his band and at risk of getting kicked out of his apartment. In need of money, Dewey assumes the identity of his friend Ned (Mike White, who wrote the movie) and takes a job at an elementart school, run by the super strict Ms. Mullin (a perfectly cast Joan Cusack). He at first hates the job, but then learns the kids he's pretending to teach are talented musicians. Inspired, Dewey decides to turn his class into a rock band. He devotes entire school days to teaching the students how to be rock stars so they can win the upcoming Battle Of The Bands. As the days roll by, the kids keep getting better and better, bit woth the suspicions of Mullins and the children's parents growing, how long Dewey keep up this masquerade? You will watch to find out the thrilling conclusion, and it's worth it. "School Of Rock" is a comedic gem....more info
  • What a cool movie!
    I watched this movie with a bad attitude coming into it. I thought it would be a stupid and weird movie but when a friend brought it over, I watched it to be polite and to say it quite frankly, it rocked! Wow, was I surprised but it was some great fun and good laughs.
    The movie is about a rock star who is mad becuase he gets kicked out of his group. He then after getting a phonecall, takes a job as a substitute teacher for 5th graders. And when he learns that they can play musical instruments, he trains them to compete in a competiton where he hopes to beat his old band. The movie is quite simply fuuny and is also just really fun. You'll like all of the kids but you'll especially like Jack Black who was great. This is no brainer rent and a worthy buy as it's fuuny, interesting and really cool. ...more info
  • A feel good film , blessed with the power of rock !!!
    You may not like child actors , but make an exception for this film . Jack Black makes it easier to accept with his manic , slightly misguided yet intelligent character .

    For those who have not forgotten about the power of rock , this film will make you take out those records you haven't listened to in years .

    The film is entertaining and you will be swept up in Jack's passion .

    A solid feel good film - nothing wrong with that .
    Give it a spin ! ...more info
  • A great must see movie
    Let me start off by saying, i am no fan of rock music whatsoever. But once i saw this movie i was buying rock cds everyday and loving em. Jack Black plays a very intertaining role as Dewey Finn.
    Starting off as a guitar player in an unpopular band, Finn ends up being kicked out of the band for not taking it seiorusly. He finds himself having to make his own share of rent money in order to live with his roommate.
    Pretending to be his substitute teacher roommate, Finn fills in as a 4th grader teacher in an uptight private school, Finn finds out that, to his surprise, the class he teaches is filled with musical talent. He creates a band and hopes that by winning battle of the bands that he can pay his share of the rent....more info
  • Very good buyer and prompt mailer
    This product came in Excellent condition and it came fast too. Will do business again. A++++++...more info