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Mission Impossible - The Complete First TV Season
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All 28 first season episodes Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 06/12/2007 Starring: Steven Hill Greg Morris Run time: 1404 minutes Rating: Nr

With its combination of Cold War villains and James Bond-like techno-gadgets, Mission: Impossible was an instant hit when it premiered on September 17, 1966. Airing Saturday nights at 9:00 on CBS, the series was the brainchild of creator/producer Bruce Geller, whose formula for seven successful seasons included a well-chosen ensemble cast, noteworthy guest stars, and a flexible premise that inspired clever plots twists and a constant variety of "international" locations (mostly filmed on a studio backlot). This seven-disc set includes all 28 episodes of season 1, the only season to feature Steven Hill as Dan Briggs, leader of the top-secret counterintelligence team known as Impossible Missions Force (IMF). As the no-nonsense Briggs, Hill (better known for his later role on Law & Order from 1990 to 2000) began each episode by sneakily retrieving the dossier and recorded instructions (voiced throughout the entire series by uncredited actor Bob Johnson) for the IMF's latest assignment. "Your mission, should you decide to accept it" and "this recording will self-destruct in five seconds" quickly became pop-cultural catch-phrases, as Briggs routinely selected his preferred teammates based on their mastery of practical skills. With "special appearance" billing for M:I's first three seasons, Martin Landau played master-of-disguise Rollin Hand; his off-screen wife, Barbara Bain, played top-model and undercover seductress Cinnamon Carter; Greg Morris brought hip coolness (and racial diversity) to his role as electronics expert Barney Collier; and Peter Lupus played handsome hunk Willy Armitage, adding IMF muscle to Briggs' brainy strategies.

As a Desilu production based at Paramount Studios, Mission: Impossible shared guest stars, production personnel, locations, and even occasional sets with the original Star Trek. Fans of both shows will enjoy spotting these crossover details (including George Takei's appearance in "The Carriers," a first-season highlight), and this season's other stand-out episodes include the "Pilot" (featuring Wally Cox as an ace safe-cracker), "Operation Rogosh," "A Spool There Was," "Action!," "The Train," and "The Traitor." Whether they were toppling dictators, rescuing doomed prisoners, foiling despots, or framing Mafia kingpins, the IMF agents were consistently blessed with taut, well-written plots, many unfolding with minimal dialogue and highly visual schemes that demanded (and rewarded) the viewer's close attention. Although Steven Hill eventually left the series (as an Orthodox Jew, he preferred not to work on the Jewish Sabbath, as M:I required), his single season set the stage for M:I's long-term popularity, with Peter Graves (replacing Hill as "Jim Phelps") leading the IMF from 1967 to 1973. And while Paramount has again neglected to offer DVD extras with this set, the episodes look and sound just about perfect, with a parade of guest stars including Carol O'Connor, Simon Oakland, Fritz Weaver, Nehemiah Persoff, Barbara Luna, Vic Tayback, and a host of other '60s TV regulars. Your mission--and you shouldn't hesitate to accept it--is to enjoy this classic series all over again! --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Mission: Mediocre
    It's clear that in this first season, Mission: Impossible was stumbling around trying to find its way.
    I don't like Steven Hill's wooden performance as Mr. Briggs - Peter Graves would bring much more excitment to a similar role in future seasons - and frankly, most of the other performances are sub-par.
    Perhaps that's due to the absurd, at times surreal, scripts the cast had to deal with. One always needed a large measure of suspension of disbelief for this series but Season One is beyond the pale.
    And talk about cheap props and sets - they make Ed Wood productions seem like Speilberg! One episode had a swarm of "bees" on STRINGS. Another had a "voting machine" so ridiculous as to boggle the mind.
    Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh on the series because, despite its flaws, it IS entertaining kitsch.
    But if you're looking for a Mission: Impossible DVD set, skip Season One and move directly to the far superior following seasons with Peter Graves.
    ...more info
  • Ah, the good old days...
    I had forgotten how cool this series really was! The first couple of seasons were especially good because the characters came across as people; some of the banter between the "spies" is pretty entertaining. Very enjoyable -- I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Mission Impossible - the best ever...!
    In the mid-1960's Paramount Studio produced the best ever classic series called MISSION IMPOSSIBLE which included Mr. Peter Graves, Greg Moris, Martin Landau and the sexy Barbara Bains. This is the best classic TV miniseries which come out of Hollywood. I recall that my family used to watch the TV movie every Saturday evening around 10 p.m. The outside traffic on such a busy weekend would come to a standstill as everyone was glued to his or her set.
    Reportedly, even business and political affairs were put on whole until the hour-long show was over. However, in those days, we didn't have color television and would content with watching the show in mere black-and-white.

    Now that I and many enthusisastic fans of Mission Impossible 1960s have bought the Season 1 & Season 2
    series, on their behalf, may I urge Amazon to make Season 3 & Season 4 available. I understand that Mission Impossible which begins in 1966 to 1973 have 7 season series altogether. Let's hope these are gradually made available to all of us - fans. Thanks. ...more info
  • Pre Peter Graves IMF
    THe Plots are tedious but entertaining remember its 1964. TV is only 10 years old....more info
  • "Boomer's Delight"
    This show came out in my senior year of high school {66} and man was it a hit at the time! Never missed a week. Now...the first season is a kick to see again because I can see the show is trying to find itself in it's first season and work out the "bugs", no pun intented!
    Later, season episodes became more complex and sophisticated. But this may be the most fun to watch as Steven Hill { Dan Briggs} stars in the later to be Peter Graves roles of Phelps in 67'.
    Lastly the tranfer is PRISTENE! And 5.1 Dolby sounds great too!
    5 Stars for old times sake! "This review will self destruct in 5 seconds!"...more info
  • If you watched Mission Impossible you must have this CD!!
    I know this is an old television series but I find it to be most entertaining....more info
  • Mission Impossible, season 1
    When I found out that Mission: Impossible, the TV series, was being released I was ecstatic. It was one of my all-time favorite shows. But, as a child, I didn't want to watch it. My Mom was hooked on it & didn't understand why I wouldn't give it a chance. Finally, she forced me to sit down to watch it one evening. I was hooked!

    So, I purchased this with great anticipation of watching this goldie oldie. I was disappointed. The producers were still trying to find their angle so they weren't sure which direction to take. The gadgetry that MI was so famous for didn't star occuring until the second half of season 1. In fact, I found the first half of it to be SLOW, especially the two part episode of the team performing as a circus act in an Eastern Bloc country. That two-parter was so padded out with filler as to be an insult to my intelligence.

    All the famous parts of Mission: Impossible were already in place, such as the opening introduction of the mission & the selection process of agents to be used. Steven Hill, the original team leader, is only in season 1 & it's easy to understand why he was replaced by Peter Graves in the following seasons.MR. Hill was too stiff & limited as an actor to be the dynamic leader of a crack team of infiltrators. In later episodes he would be gradually phased into a restricted role, not actually taking part in the mission; in fact, in one episode, Cinnamon (Barbara Bain), performed the opening sequences including the selection of agents.

    Viewer beware, season 1 is a weak effort compared, especially, to the next two seasons. I would only buy the season 1 set just to be a completist. ...more info
  • the "real" Mission Impossible
    Forget the Tom Cruise movies...this is the original and the best. Like any other first season of a TV drama, MI is trying to find it's niche, by the end of the discs, you can see they have a winning formula down, and by the 2nd season it just gets better. Peter Graves is not in the first season, but is so associated with the series, that many people might be suprised. Steven Hill does an okay job as Briggs the IMF leader. Viewers who know the shows behind the scenes history, you know how difficult he was to work with at the times, and why he was written out, and eventually replaced with Graves. I wish there had been some extras...something, interviews..but there is not. Still it was an amazing show for it's time and still a joy to watch. I cannot wait for season 2 to be released....more info
  • Mission Impossible Season 1
    It's been great to see what amazed us so long ago. Still stands up, maybe even better - than some of the current spy movies. MI did it all without hi tech toys, too....more info
  • Memories
    What fun to be able to watch these episodes in DVD format, allowing us to pause and look closely at the scene. Great memories for us....more info
  • "Mission" accomplished
    I was 10 when this series aired, and 40 years later the episodes bring even more cinematic flavor as they did when I couldn't wait for the next episode to be televised as a youth. Truly amazing color and I forgot just how beautiful Barbara Bain was. Hopefully the demand will step up the release of Season 2. ...more info
  • Mission Impossible..1st season
    Excellent to watch!! Had forgotten how good the series was after not watching them till now. Worth the price. Ordered the 2nd season now....more info
  • Good show ... Coming Seasons are better
    What more can I say,It is best show ever though I prefer Mr. Phelps way more than Mr. Briggs. I mean I agree with one of the comments Steven Hills has a wooden appearance. I am on for the 3rd season once it is released.

    Enjoy......more info
  • Good Luck Dan
    Everyone's got it right: Tom Cruise, it's not about explosions, flying body parts, completely ludicrous chase scenes where amazingly no pedestrians get killed or mamed. It's all about story, and great acting, and plot development. It's about what happens when plans go wrong and you have to think on your feet. It's about discrediting a dictator or syndicate boss in front of his cronies, or executing a sting operation to foil a plan for releasing biochemical weapons or detonating a nuclear weapon. Most of all, it's about setting up a situation using visuals and crisp dialog, then pulling you into the suspense for the final payoff.

    As you can guess, I really love this Sixties TV classic. And I couldn't wait to show it to my son, who is just 10 years old. I worried a bit that he'd be turned off by the production values (great for TV but meager compared to mainstream movies shot these days) or to the gradual development of the story. I had nothing to worry about. He loved it from the get go, and this summer we practically watched one episode every night for two weeks. It was a great opportunity to pause the DVD at times to give him some background into what the Cold War was all about, what the Third Reich meant, how card games are played (as in some of the fixed game scenarios), and other relevent topics. His two favorite characters are Rollin and Barney. He's always trying to predict what Rollin is going to do, who he's going to impersonate, or how he's going to use slight-of-hand to trick someone. And Barney fascinates him because--like a prototype for McGiver--he's always able to quickly fabricate something when the force's plans go wrong.

    Other reviewers have given eloquent descriptions of this first year's episodes, so let me just say, buy it, enjoy it, and watch it instead of reality, crime scene investigation, or talent shows. I guarantee you'll not be sorry. ...more info
  • The Real Deal
    The original Mission Impossible is smart, entertaining, and suave. I was also amazed at the picture quality- brillaint colors, extremely sharp and clean with virtually no visible grain whatsoever, like a feature film would look. Enjoy!...more info
  • A step back into the past
    Those who remember Mission: Impossible fondly will get a kick out of this DVD set. The color is glorious and the picture is sharp and clear, as if it was made yesterday. I didn't remember the show being quite so dramatic, with swelling music and show-stopping moments before the commercial breaks, and just a bit of overacting. It is odd to see spies wearing suits and ties, and running around town in dress shoes, but that's just another reminder that this was originally made in the 1960's. Did we really dress like that? But it's well worth a look back. What a hoot!...more info
  • One of my favorites!!
    What fun to watch this fast moving TV show without a lot of gore and in its original condition. It sure shows up a lot of what is currently on television....more info
  • $19.49 for surprisingly mature entertainment
    I never watched the reruns when they aired on Sundays but I took a chance on this set when it appeared in my gold box and I was pleasantly surprised. I recommend this very interesting show. I'm not so interested in the premise but I am interested in the relief it provides from the glossy but empty programs offered these days. This is just straight entertainment that assumes the audience is intelligent and has an adequate attention span to follow the story similiar to the attitude of the old Twilight Zone series. ...more info
  • Outstanding

    The picture is "state of the art". Mission Impossible was way ahead of its time. I could not wait to get off work to watch the next episode.

    JC...more info
  • The Best Season Ever
    With all respects to Peter Graves, the first season of Mission:Impossible (with Steven Hill in the lead,) was the best season ever for this classic series. The Pilot episode was, and still is, one of the best pilots I have ever seen. I really cannot think of one truly inferior episode the entire season. "The Train" episode remains one of my favorites, a truly fascinating episode.
    As the season wore on Hill appeared less and less due to his inability as an Orthodox Jew to work on Saturday and Jewish holidays. He was replaced by Graves in season two. Despite this however, season 1 of Mission: Impossible is truly its best.
    Like so many other classic series released by CBS/Paramount, there are no extras on this set despite the entire cast, with the exception of Greg Morris, still being with us. It is utterly disgraceful that there are no retrospectives or audio commentaries on any of the seasons of Mission:Impossible currently in release....more info
  • Great Series
    This is a great beginning to a TV Series that I have collected since the DVD's were released. Each year got better and better. Mission Impossible
    never goes out of style as time goes is a style that is more in need today as it was in years past....more info
  • Enjoy this series
    When this series originally began, I was in college and didn't have much time to watch it. It has not faded over time and is quite enjoyable now. The growth in plotting and acting during this first season is enjoyable to see. Sadly, things that were seen as beyond the pale in a democracy in 1967 are not public policy under the Bush regime. There are many reasons to watch this series, not the least being the awareness that our values must be preserved in a time of conflict, an awareness that our current leaders, Republican and Democratic, have lost....more info
  • Misson Impossible 1st season
    I really enjoy the show. Picture is very clear, better than when it orginally ran on T.V. I also like that it has action without all the blood and gore that has become so common on networks. I am already looking forward to future seasons being released....more info
  • Mission ImPossible first TV Season
    I purchased MI TV seasons 1 and 2 as a gift for my husband..we have seen Season 1 and enjoyed the shows thoroughly...Both of us grew up watching MI Tv shows, and seeing them on dvds in such excellent condition, is a joy. The shows hold up very well and are enjoyable to experience. Will be seeing MI TV Season 2 soon. ...more info
  • Really really great - but not for european users
    I just love this films; mission impossible was always my favourite series on tv. Was very happy to buy it. Quality is really excellent, as well as the sound. The only disturbing thing is, that the DVDs are hard to play on an european DVD-player, the country code has to be changed. It should have be sold with an international code. Besides this, it's really great. Especially the language spoken at this time (in the midsixties) is phantastic, this is the reason why I bought it in the original version; would it be from today, I wouldn't be able to understand a word....more info
  • Love it!
    I am a big Mission Impossible fan. I love season one and can't wait until season two is avaiable for sale. The MI movie was no where as good as the original tv series. Larry Fishbourne would have been an excellent choice for the Rowland Hand role....more info
  • The Best
    The previous rave (enthusiastic) reviews are all true: this is Hollywood/60s/TV/Suspense at its finest! The modern stuff doesn't even come close.

    Trivia -
    In episode 2, Rogosh is kidnapped near the Hollywood Knickerbocker Hotel; in real life it was where the Bolshoi Ballet stayed in L.A. during their first U.S. tour.
    You can also see the Capitol Records building (round, like a stack of LP records on a spindle) in the background....more info