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VR3 VRBCS300W Wireless Back-Up Camera with 2.5" LCD Monitor
List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $54.95

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Product Description

Roadmaster USA is a leading after-market manufacturer who brings you mobile and home audio equipment as well as auto accessories and car care products. Roadmaster gives you a wide variety of affordable high quality products with many options and levels of performance.PRODUCT FEATURES:Complete with all accessories;Wide Angle Viewing;Monitor Mounts on Dash or Visor;For Use With 12 Volt DC Electrical Systems;Great for Cars, SUVs, RVs and Delivery Vehicles;Helps Avoid Accidents and Injuries.

  • Prevent accidents and injuries- see what is behind you before you back up
  • Adjustable camera
  • Wireless or wired option for longer vehicles Wired option requires a WBCAC25 sold separately
  • Installs easily
  • Great for travel

Customer Reviews:

  • Works well but...
    My pickup is hard to see behind me when driving or backing. I purchased this to allow seeing behind me at all times.

    I slightly modified installation procedures.

    Instead of connecting to my backup lights (meaning it is only powered when the vehicle is in reverse), I routed the power cable along the bottom of the truck, ensuring it could not become pinched in the undercarriage, leaf springs, etc and ran it into the cab.

    I then hardwired it into the power system of the truck (instead of using the cigarette lighter for powering).

    It works well most of the time. However, even though it is listed as wireless, you must supply power to the unit with a cable. The signal is obtained through wireless means which also equates to interference.

    I found that more populated areas tended to produce more interference. Living rural, it isn't that much of a problem.

    The image is surprisingly clear for the size.

    It definitely allows for better than nothing views when backing, but remember that nothing beats a good look around before moving. Do not depend entirely on this to determine safety in moving.

    It will show if anyone is directly behind your vehicle,including children.

    Mine stays powered while driving and gives adequate performance giving the price and the size.

    If you are looking for something highly detailed, this will not suit you, but it does allow a good look around. Just remember, "objects in camera are closer than they appear."

    The camera also allows for rotation of the image so mounting with the mount up or down can be allowed for.

    Adjustment of brightness/contrast is done with one button. Push it multiple times to make predetermined changes and select the one you like the most.

    All in all, this device does what I want it to do but may not be for everyone....more info
  • Back-Up Camera
    After several attempts to install and on failure of the hardware( which was promtly replaced) I have success with the product.

    It does work very well after a slight modification of the installation procedure....more info
    Previous reviewer neglected to mention that there are wires that must be connected to the reverse wires of your vehicle!!!

    Even the product comment spells that out. So while this camera is a good price and does what it says it does, it is not totally wireless and you must connect wires to the wires of your vehicle. It's not as easy as just plugging in an MP3 player into the cigarette lighter socket!!!...more info
  • Not (yet) ready for prime time!
    These units are a good idea in theory, but in practice this particular implementation is poor: The picture is very unstable, with continual tearing and noise bars. The touted "110 degree view" is way overstated: I measured two different units and both have barely a 57 degree horizontal view; which is not wide angle enough.

    However, these units seem to be still in development, and are evolving: I'm awaiting my third version, and each newer version has been a little better than the prior version. Oddly though, the model numbers are all the same, so you need to ask which version you'll be receiving!

    The oldest version of the VR3 camera system comes with only two buttons: One button for power and and one for 'view mode'. The newer version has FOUR buttons: The extra buttons are for brightness and contrast, which is a useful addition. It also have slightly better picture quality. The newest version, one which I've not yet received, is said to have what I consider an essential addition: The new models will have an antenna!

    I don't know why they didn't all come with an antenna in the first place, because without one they are basically useless, since the picture is a hopeless mess unless the monitor is within 1 foot of the camera! In fact, I don't understand why they didn't use the body of the vehicle as an 'antenna', which would have guaranteed good reception anywhere inside the vehicle. At one point I asked their technical support about this, and they suggested that I "wrap several sheets of aluminum foil around the back to act as an antenna".

    So, while I have to give this 'thumbs down' as they exist today, I'm hoping that when I receive my new version I'll discover that these units finally live up to their potential. I'll still have to live with the narrow 57 degree view, but at this point I'll settle for a stable picture. I'll try to remember to update this once I receive the newest unit....more info
  • Economical
    I am an electronic technician, and I purchase this unit for my service van. My van has no rear view mirrow and the blind spots were driving me crazy to paranoid, so I purchase the VRBCS300W to help me with the blind spots. I checked the system on my test bench and all systems checked perfectly...good reception, different angle views, operational control of brightness and contrast. The installation into the van went smooth...good installation instructions. I really like the way the camera can mount in harmony with the tag; there is no need to do a lot of drilling to mount the camera! The performace in the van was similar to the performance on my test bench and for the price, compared to other systems, you get your money's worth. The only thing I didn't like about the VRBCS300W is the small display(2.5' LCD screen), and there is no video output for an aux. monitor (3.5 stars)...more info
  • Brilliant Picture
    This is a very good product. Economically priced. Overall good value. Picture quality if very good. Installation is fairly simple for the most part. Did have a little trouble drilling hole in trunk. but once that was done wiring in to tail light was not to difficult, My wife really likes the camera. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good rear view camera. Has very wide angle shot. Easy to maneuver camera once in place....more info
  • works great
    Camera works great for a car that you con not see very well when backing. info
  • Don't waste your money on this item
    I bought this camera installed it and experienced interference almost everywhere. I called the company tech support waited twice for 45 minutes and was told that interference is normal. Bluetooth, power lines, 2.4 ghz phones, cell phones, and wi/fi will cause interference. Dah? That's everywhere.

    I told them I wanted my money back, they refused. This is junk!! don't buy it....more info
  • Buyer Beware!
    Good product for a good price. However the wireless function of this product is useless and did not work at all. I had planned for this based on other reviews and bought the hard-wired kit for this. With the kit hard wired it worked fine without any problems....more info
  • Useful, but some problems
    I installed the VR3 color backup camera on a Yukon SUV for the purpose of aligning my trailer hitch with the ball on the SUV. For this purpose, it serves the purpose for which it was purchased. Several problems have been observed. 1)It talkes about 30 seconds to achieve an image after the power is applied to the camera that is connected to the back-up light. 2) The power-off on the display does not always is often necessary to remove the power connector to turn it off. 3) The image is often up-side down on power-up until the power is removed and re-connected. The button to rotate the image does not always work until the power is reset. 4)The image flickers off every few seconds when the rear hatch is closed.
    ...more info
  • Quick and easy backup assist camera system
    I would give this product a 5 if it wasn't for the few points I outlined below.
    Overall this product does what it is intended to do. Its cheap in price considering that one does not have to deal with making holes in the vehicle.
    Wireless (almost, just need to hook up the monitor to the 12v socket)
    Ease of hookup, no wires to route through the vehicleand no drilling to place the sensor/camera.
    Brightness,contrast settings for day and night viewing.
    Display views allow real world view (like if you are turning your head to see while backing up),
    broad viewing angle.
    Price is cheap enough in case one has to replace the unit if it fails.
    Unit can be also hard wired to the vehicle's electrical system.

    Camera is slightly noticable on the rear license plate.
    The depth deception makes objects closer than they really are (which in a way is a plus for me since I don't end up hitting anything thinking its closer), but to others it might be an issue.
    The unit uses bluetooth 2.4Ghz which other bluetooth devices can interfere with it. Case in point, I parked along side another vehicle which also has the Roadmaster VR3 and my unit showed what their unit was showing.
    The unit is suppose to go on only when backing up, but occasionally while driving past any bluetooth device/building that is using the same frequency the monitor will turn on and show that units view.
    The monitor is small, 2.5 inches, and one has to get used to looking at it when parking, but it is clear and in color.
    Monitor is fragile, like all LCD units, if dropped, it will ruin the monitor.
    Placement of the monitor is dependent on the user and their vehicle, on mine I just left it in the coin area under the middle console.

    Overall, using the unit for the past few months I am satisfied with it and it has help me avoid hitting anyone/anything in my rear blind spots.
    Aside from the occasional interference with other bluetooth devices, I would have given this unit a perfect score.


    ...more info