Tungsten Carbide 3/16" ( 5mm ) Polished Comfort Fit Domed Band
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This is the same Quality Tungsten Ring you can pay Hundreds of Dollars for. It is Cobalt Free, to avoid allergies and it has the Carbide to make it Scratch Resistant. An excellent Unisex ring and its available in sizes 5 to 13 including hard to find half sizes.

Customer Reviews:

  • pretty darn good
    This ring is awesome,nice weight,scratch resistant,and well worth the money try it out you wont regret it ...more info
  • You will love this ring
    You will really love this ring. It goes on smoothly and it's not bulky so as to interfere with whatever you need to do. I wear mine on my middle finger and it looks great. You won't believe it until you see it! ...more info
  • Comfortable and durable
    My husband bought this ring as a replacement wedding band. It looks very masculine and he says that it is comfortable. He brags that the only thing that could scratch it is a diamond. ...more info
  • Just right

    Fits exactly to test ring size
    Better looking than picture
    Great price
    Great customer service


    People won't believe you when you tell them what you paid - and when you show them they want one too so you aren't unique....more info
  • Wonder ring for the price
    Had this ring for about 2 months now. I break rings. So I needed something strong. Ring still looks like the day we received it! And I bang mine, abuse it to all ends. (Not on purpose. Just my line of work) I get complimented all the time. You just get married? I said no, been married for over a year. (But just got the rings a couple months ago) They ask if I just put it on. I answer with a smile "no" I wear it all the time. They are amazed at how shiny and knick free it is. I would highly recommend this product. Sabrina Silver was were we bought ours on here and very professional seller....more info
  • Best Ring Ever
    I bouth it to save my wedding ring, actually I preffer this one, looks great and last forever shining ......more info
  • love this ring
    This is a great ring, I'm very happy with it. The color is shiny but a little darker than the white gold. I think it is heavier than the same size white gold ring. I would purchase again. Great everyday ring....more info
  • Very Durable Ring
    Iam happy with this ring, it looks great, holds up well,I wear it at work and it has been used alot,result: it is still Looking new!!...more info
  • Just Awesome
    I had a white gold wedding band and a sterling silver band. Both bands scratched very quickly as I work with my hands a lot and do not take good care of my ring. I bought this ring looking for something rugged, well, I hit the nail on the head! I have had this ring for 6+ months and wear it all day everyday even during rugged activities and this thing shines like the day i boought it. I love it. I have heard that these rings are more hypoallergenic too. I was looking to buy a gold or titanium ring costing 2-4 times as much. Cant beat the price and quality of tungsten carbide, it is the hardest metal alloy on earth, enough said. ...more info
    This ring is a godsend for clumsy people like me...after dropping it countless times and running into walls with it on, it doesn't even have a single scratch! All you have to do is wipe it with a piece of cloth or your shirt if it gets dirty and it will be as good as new!...more info