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Rachael Ray 10-Piece Hard-Anodized Cookware Set, Orange
List Price: $179.99

Our Price: $124.99

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Product Description

This cookware set is an exceptional value, including all of the pans needed to equip your kitchen with the most used cooking pieces. As the set contains only basic pieces, you'll really use each and every pan. It includes saucepans for whisking a homemade sauce or cooking your morning oatmeal, a big stockpot for soups, stews or boiling pasta, and skillets (probably the most used pan in any kitchen) that will help you turn out perfect pancakes or a tasty tuna melt. Hard-Anodized Construction for durability and even heating. A nonstick interior lets you enjoy low fat cooking while allowing foods to slide out of the pan easily. Grippy Silicone Handles are comfortable in your hand and oven safe to 400??F. This set is also safe on Ceramic/Glass stovetops. Included in this set:1.5-qt. Covered Saucepan 3-qt. Covered Saucepan 6-qt. Covered Stockpot 8-in. Open French Skillet 10-in. Open French Skillet 3-qt. Covered SauteIn fewer than five years, Rachael Ray has radically changed the way America cooks dinner. Her perky-girl-next-door swagger, her catchphrases for techniques, and her dinner ideology of simpler, less expensive and just in time have sold billions of books and placed her at the top of the talent heap of food television personalities.

Like her dynamic cutlery, Rachael Ray cookware first enchants the eye before you even realize how well you can cook with it. The handsome charcoal-gray, hard-anodized pots and pans feature shiny stainless-steel handles wrapped with neon-orange silicone grips that practically glow with the kinetic energy of this celebrity chef. It'll come as no surprise that orange is Ray's favorite color. A smile is practically guaranteed each time you pull one of these pans out of the cupboard or see them hanging by your stove. As for cooking, hard-anodized aluminum heats quickly and evenly, resists scratching, and is incredibly durable. The interior nonstick finish allows food to slide right off.

You're good to go with this 10-piece set of commonly-used cookware. Included are 1-1/2- and 3-quart covered saucepans; 8- and 10-inch open French skillets; a 6-quart covered stockpot for big batches of pasta and chili; and a 3-quart/10-inch covered saut¨¦ pan. The glass lids let you monitor cooking without losing steam or nutrients, and feature stainless-steel rims and handle with those same neon-orange silicone grips. Every piece is oven-safe to 400 degrees F, so you can start a dish on the stovetop and finish it with a hot bake-through. For the best care, washing the nonstick cookware by hand is recommended. An excellent gift, the set is covered by a lifetime limited warranty against defects. --Ann Bieri

What's in the Box
10-piece cookware set. The set consists of: 1-1/2-quart covered saucepan; 3-quart covered saucepan; 6-quart covered stockpot; 8-inch skillet; 10-inch skillet; 3-quart/10-inch covered saut¨¦ pan. 10 pieces total.

  • Set contains 1-1/2- and 3-quart covered saucepans; 6-quart covered stockpot; 3-quart/10-inch covered saut?; 8- and 10-inch French skillets
  • Hard-anodized aluminum construction with nonstick finish
  • Soft-grip bright orange silicone handles are oven-safe to 400 degrees F
  • Glass lids allow cooking monitoring without sacrificing heat and nutrients
  • Washing by hand recommended; limited lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • shabas opion
    i have had a lot of ccokware sets and this one is by far the best one yet...the food doesn"t stick to pans , they are so easy to wash and there just cool..enjoy them they will be you best investment as far as pots and pans.......more info
  • Love it!
    I absolutely love this cookware! It is the perfect weight, and I love the orange, grippy handles. The nonstick is fantastic - food slides right out of the pans! I am very pleased with this purchase, and would recommend this set not only for its quality, but for the price value!...more info
  • So far, so awesome.
    We've only had this set for a couple of months but bought it based on the reviews from people on Amazon who have had theirs for much longer. So far, this set is exactly what we were looking for. Cooks great, cleans easy. I'm a big fan!...more info
  • Beautiful Cookware, Cleans easily
    The cookware that I recieved is wonderful. I love to cook in it and it cleans easily. The weight of the pots and pans are nice, and they look very pretty in my kitchen. I really like the color it's very vibrant and goes well with the black appliances in my kitchen. I am very happy I purchased this set. I also got the spatula and spoonula set to go with it which works just great....more info
  • Very nice, quality set.
    This set has quality construction. It's a bit heavier then i thought, but in this price range, you will be hard pressed to find anything better....more info
  • A good set of pans!
    I've been using the set for about a month. No problems so far. I use them on my glasstop stove without any problems. My only complaint is that I wish they were a little heavier but they are still of nice quality for the money. They clean up nice with soapy water and a dish rag. I also keep paper towels between them in storage so they don't get scratched....more info
  • good for everyday
    low priced cookware for everyday use; especially when you have teenagers using your pots & pans; did notice that teflon did scratch easily...I hope that doesn't become a problem....more info
  • Rachael Ray 10 pc hard-anodized cookware set
    Wow what a great set. I am enjoying cooking again. Clean-up is a breeze. Price is fantastic. A must buy if you need new pots....more info
  • Absolutely love this cookware!
    I received these pans for Christmas and love them. My old cookware was from 12 years ago and the non stick coating started to flake off and they weren't cooking food as good as they used too. When I first used my Rachael Ray cookware, I fell in love. It cooks so evenly and they look very nice. I would recommend them to anyone. I had wanted this cookware for a long time and am glad that we made the purchase. I plan to get the pasta pot in the future....more info
  • Rachel Ray Cookware
    Rachael Ray 10-Piece Hard-Anodized Cookware Set, Orange

    The skillets are very hard to clean on inside around the screw sets that hold the handles onto the base. This is especially true if you cook something like a scrambled egg. There is food material that wraps in and around these metal attachments. Cleaning by hand is a chore....more info
  • Happy so far!
    I bought this set around the 1st of the year for $60 less than Kohl's best price, so I'm happy with the cost. The set arrived quickly and in perfect condition. While not crazy about the orange color, I do like the silicone handles. I'm used to cranking the gas up all the way, so cooking on medium heat has taken some adjusting too--some things take longer than they used to, but the food cooks well and evenly. Clean-up is a breeze. For my needs, which is cooking for a busy family of 4, this set fits the bill. I would recommend it for the casual cook looking for an affordable set. Good quality for the price....more info
  • How did I live without this cookware??? !!!!!
    Let me tell ya... This is the absolute best cookware I have ever used. Literally nothing will stick to it. I made no bake cookies in the large pan last night and the entire mixture slid right out. They clean up so nice. I absolutely love them. I have ordered every piece in this line. If I were Rachael I would put my name on this line too!
    I have a regular stove with the round eye burners... works perfect, heats evenly! They are well worth the money!!!!!...more info
  • Love them
    These are the best I've ever had. I love just being able to grip the handle and move it without looking for a pot holder. Easy easy to clean....more info
  • Rachael Ray Hard-Anodized Cookware
    I have had this cookware about a month. I was waiting to see how well it performs before reviewing it. Wow, is what best describes it. Yeah, I can only cook things at medium-high level, but it works just like the cookware I have used at high level capacity, if not better. I am really pleased with how well this cookware set performs, and clean-up is a breeze. A great value for the price....more info
  • Love 'em
    I love my new Rachael Ray cookware. It cooks evenly, cleans up easily and looks great. I like the silicone handles, even though they are orange. The hardest thing to remember is not to use non-stick cooking spray (per the instructions), but it really isn't needed....more info
  • Stockpot problem
    I was extremely excited to purchase this cookware set as a gift for someone. After opening the box and inspecting the set I realized that the lid did not fit into the stockpot. It would fit if you pushed down on it, but very tightly. The lid for the skillet is the same size and that would not fit either, but both lids fit into the skillet just fine. I can only assume that the stockpot is not formed correctly. I found the warranty information and called the 1-800 number. [...]. As for the rest of the set...I think it is great. Very easy to use, easy to clean and the fact that you can go from stove top to oven is very convenient. I do notice some small spots or possible micro cracks in the bottom of some of the pans, which makes me wonder if the coating will flake off someday...and of course the warranty does not cover damage, neglect etc...which I am sure they could argue. I sure won't be purchasing any other Rachael Ray products until I hear from the warranty company. And I will definitely strongly consider before I purchase a large item from Amazon....more info
  • Rachel Ray Cookware
    Rachael Ray 10-Piece Hard-Anodized Cookware Set, Orange
    This is the best Hard-Anodized Cookware Set I have ever owned. I highly recommend this product. Best price and free shipping with Amazon. Great deal A+++++....more info
  • Execellent Set of Pots and Pans!
    I bought this pan set to replace a cheaper set I had. The non-stick is actually non-stick unlike some other pans that claim they are non-stick. It heats even and the handles have a good grip on them. The only down side is if you don't like to Hand Wash pots and pans. These cannot go in the dishwasher. But it is very much worth having to hand wash. They are the best pots and pans I have ever had and I will buy another set when these wear out!...more info
  • Best christmas gift!
    I have only had these about a month, as I received them as a christmas gift. I love them so far. They are so much better than my old ones, which i think I got on a whim at a department store for 50 dollars. These are very solid, and heavy. DO NOT wash in the dishwasher, as it says in the directions. I know other people were disappointed by how long they lasted, but then in the same review said they didn't know they shouldn't wash it in the dishwasher. they are very easy to wash by hand, only a little soap and they are clean. I have not had anything stick yet! and I have cooked some very sticky items which i thought would do so. I would recommend them to anyone who doesn't want to spend an arm and a leg on a nice set of pots and pans, as they do the same as the high dollar ones. Plus they have a bit of color! ...more info
  • Great set!
    I have to say I LOVE this cookware! They all seem to heat evenly and have great fitting lids. I plan on having them for a very long time. I'll be adding more to this collection as I can afford them....more info
  • very non-stick easy clean
    even though you can't put these in the dishwasher i would still recommend them they are very easy to clean ...more info
  • Rachel Ray cookware
    We love it. It is just what we wanted and at a good price. We certainly recommend it. ...more info
  • Rachel Ray cookware
    I love the cookware. I wasn't sure I would like something that I couldn't put in the dishwasher, however, food slides right off the pans. It is very easy to clean and food cooks evenly....more info
  • Rachel Ray Cookware
    Cookware is great. Looks really nice. And was a real bargain on Amazon. I bought one for myself at Christmas and after using it, bought a second set for a friend. Well worth the money....more info
  • Very goood buy!
    I bought this set about a month ago. The hard anodized cookware makes for even cooking. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is serious about cooking. The product is not made of thin material but is very sturdy. One warning though, the handles are porous so make sure to wipe up any spill and do not soak in dirty water (this is just the colored part of the handle). The handles do not get warm when cooking. ...more info
  • Perfect!
    I love this cookware set! I love the bright colors, the style, and they clean well even when you burn things!
    ...more info
  • RR 10 Piece Hard Anodized Cookware
    This set is fantastic, so easy to clean up. It truly is nonstick, I've tried so many sets that say nonstick, but don't seem to do the job. I love these....more info