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South Pacific (Collector's Edition)
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Rodgers and Hammerstein's Academy Award -winning "South Pacific" is a towering musical masterpiece and the tender love story of a na ve young Navy nurse (Mitzi Gaynor) and an older French Plantation owner (Rossano Brazzi) on a U.S. occupied South Sea island. The breathtaking score is highlighted by some of the most romantic songs ever written: "Some Enchanted Evening" "There is Nothin' Like a Dame" "Younger Than Springtime" and more. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize South Pacific ranks among the most celebrated of Rodgers and Hammerstein's acclaimed musicals.Episodes-Bonus Features:Disc 1:Original Theatrical Release w/SCommentary by Ted Chapin and Gerard AlessandriniEnglish Sing-a-long SubtitlesDisc 2:Road Show Version w/SCommentary by Richard BarriosMaking of South Pacific60 Minutes: The Tales of The South PacificVintage Stage Excerpt:"I'm Goint To Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair""Finale""Some Enchanted Evening"&"A Wonderful Guy"performed by MaryMartin and Ezio Pinza."South Pacific" On The Screen-A Perfect HitState Department Confers High Honor on "South Pacific"Screen Test: Mitzy GaynorTheatricalTrailerStill GallerySystem Requirements:Running Time 151 Mins.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: MUSICALS/MUSICALS Rating: NR UPC: 024543381525 Manufacturer No: 2238152

The dazzling Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, brought to lush life by the director of the original stage version, Joshua Logan. Set on a remote island during the Second World War, South Pacific tracks two parallel romances: one between a Navy nurse (Mitzi Gaynor) "as corny as Kansas in August" and a wealthy French plantation owner (Rossano Brazzi), the other between a young American officer (John Kerr) and a native girl (France Nuyen). The theme of interracial love was still daring in 1958, and so was director Logan's decision to overlay emotional moments with tinted filters--a technique that misfires as often as it hits. The comic relief tends to fall flat, and an overly spunky Mitzi Gaynor is a poor substitute for the stage original's Mary Martin. But the location scenery on the Hawaiian island of Kauai is gorgeous, and the songs are among the finest in the American musical catalog: "Some Enchanted Evening," "Younger than Springtime," "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair," "This Nearly Was Mine." That's Juanita Hall as the sly native trader Bloody Mary, singing the haunting tune that launched a thousand tiki bars, "Bali H'ai." Based on stories from James Michener's book Tales from the South Pacific. --Robert Horton

Customer Reviews:

  • A True Classic
    If there was ever a movie to put the South Pacific in your soul this is it!one of Rogers&Hammerstein's best. Great music,fun entertainment and two good love stories.This is a must for anyone that loves good down to earth music and fun....more info
  • South Pacific is Terrific
    I was most pleased with the new upgraded, remastered quality of this classic musical. The color and content were beautiful and clear. The extras were every interesting and entertaining. Worth the great price!...more info
  • Fall In Love
    This movie has several unforgettable songs, panoramic vistas, a cast imbued with enchantment and depth, cultural sensitivity and four well interwoven subplots.There are two parallel love stories (passionate, but clean) {1 and 2}; set on an island naval base of the World War II South Pacific {3} and involving human beings of vastly different backgrounds {4}....more info
  • A great anniversary edition
    This is a REALLY what a "collectors"/anniversary edition should look like. Lots of great special features....more info
  • Quality deteriorated--desperately needs restoring and digital remastering
    This movie must be restored--the quality of picture is unacceptable beginning with Bloody Mary's singing Bali Hi. I tried to purchase a completely restored, digitally remastered DVD of this musical and could not find one in 2007. I returned this DVD to the seller....more info
  • South Pacific
    A beautiful movie ! the location is a masterpiece,the story well written ,and reveals some of the lesser evils of the war,its a fun movie while being romantic too.The first musical I saw as a kid and still enjoy it today. Anyone who enjoys Rodgers and Hammerstien this is a prime example! ...more info
  • Poor film.
    Poor direction and a plodding pace ruin this film. Hollywood took a wonderful Broadway musical and destroyed it. The only good thing about it is the music. The cd of the soundtrack is absolutely glorious. But the film itself is perfectly dreadful. And what was with the different lens colors for the different songs? I found that totally unnecessary and positively ANNOYING!...more info
  • Alltime best movie .....ever
    I love that I now own this classic film. I find it to be the quintessential film in the musical genre, and possibly of all films made. This collectors edition was the way to go as far as a purchase also. Having the songs available for review and all the other extras make it a memory that is always sitting there on the shelf. Buy this movie....and dig it out once a year to get that feel-good feeling about ..and great songs....more info
  • A Hundred and One Pounds of Fun.................
    I grew up watching the Saturday night movie musicals on our local PBS station. One of my all time favorites was and still is South Pacific.
    Mitzi Gaynor shines as Nellie Forbush. She puts her heart and soul into the performance. I especially like the number "Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair." Rossano Brazzi is excellant as Emele DeBeck, the plantation owner who wins Nellie's heart. Juanita Hall is a gem as Bloody Mary. Her rendition of "Bali Ha'i" still sends goosebumps down my spine. Ray Walston provides the needed comic relief through the sailor, Luther Billis. The location footage which was filmed in Hawaii is breathtaking while the musical score from Rogers and Hammerstein is brilliant.
    This is one movie musical you will want to watch again and again....more info
  • Total Enchantment (Roadshow Version)
    Over the decades, I've seen this film many, many times -- on TV, on VHS, on laserdisc. Each time I saw it, I wanted it to be a bit more than it was:

    -- I've always wished I could appreciate the performance of Ray
    Walston as Luther Billis, because all of his scenes were pure
    ham, and he nearly ruined all the scenes he was in...for me.

    -- I have always wished "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair"
    was as complete in the film as it is on the RCA soundtrack
    recording (I'll tackle this now -- the complete version never made
    any final cut of the film).

    -- I've always wished I could see the film as originally assembled
    and premiered.

    -- I have always wished Alfred Newman's scoring -- brilliant though
    it is in all the cuts I'd seen of the film -- offered a bit more
    Newman flair.

    And now, I'm extremely gratified to say, my wishes have nearly all come true.

    This restoration print is phenomenal. Yes there are some washed-out scenes, but I don't care. They are finally back where they belong. This roadshow restoration was printed from a Todd-AO master negative and is a considerably DIFFERENT film from the one most of us have been exposed to the past 49 years.

    The print is magnificent, clear and in many ways looks better than most new films look today.

    This roadshow version resonates for me in ways that the theatrical cut never did. Time and again, the music set my heart racing, my pulse throbbing, and my senses went into overload.

    This film is a visual and aural feast. It's also now my favorite film musical EVER!

    Color filters? Bah! Get over 'em! I read somewhere that cinematographer Leon Shamroy wanted them for the purpose of achieving/enhancing emotional responses to scenes. Other sources say it was director Joshua Logan who insisted on using them, primarily because he had experimented with such things in the Broadway production. I know many responses have been sheer hatred/disdain for all the filters, but I love many of them. Those I don't I ignore.

    I've read/heard a lot of hoo-haw about the casting of Nellie Forbush (including the highly negative and wishy-washy commentary by Richard Barrios, a film historian whose commentary is replete with "people" have said -- "many people", "some people", "people", "a friend", "someone"...all in the negative...and always attributing his negativity to unnamed others. He seemingly owns nothing he says, but doesn't mind repeating what he has heard. This depletes him of any sort of authority on the subject. It's unfathomable to me that a studio would afflict a restoration of one of its most profitable movies with such absurd negativity...especially given the film's many admirers).

    Much has been discussed about why Mary Martin and Ezio Pinza did not recreate their roles. One of the features on the second disc will show you why -- check out the numbers performed in that 1954 Rodgers and Hammerstein TV tribute (three years before filming began on the movie version). Martin looks to be somewhere in her 40s (she was 51)...and matronly plump -- and Pinza (who was 62) looks terrible (and totally unromantic-leadish). You can get away with a lot on stage, but you cannot hide such things on camera. I doubt that Martin was EVER considered for the role. And Pinza died in 1957.

    Mary Martin was a great, shining star of the Broadway musical theater. She had a lightly raspy singing voice that she invested with great emotional nuance and feeling. I am a huge fan of Martin's and mean her no disrespect in my observations above.

    Barrios maintains that Mitzi Gaynor's voice was not in Martin's league. I'm not sure what he means by that because to my ears, Gaynor's voice is leagues better than Martin's in quality and range. He may be saying he felt Martin's intepretation of the songs was better (and he comes off as one of those somewhat snooty theatrical drama mavens for whom nothing translated to the screen from the theater will ever be good enough, but I disagree with virtually everything that comes out of his mouth on the commentary so I won't mention him again).

    There is talk that Elizabeth Taylor was a candidate. What a blessing THAT never happened.

    The other great "sigh-in-the-sky" complaint is that Doris Day would have been perfect as Nellie but that she turned off Joshua Logan at a party one night when she refused to get up and sing for guests. I'd always heard she refused to audition for Richard Rodgers.

    At any rate...I certainly cannot imagine Doris Day, with her all-too-familiar mannerisms, as Nellie Forbush in "South Pacific." I know she had the look, but I think Gaynor was by far the best choice of those considered for the role.

    Many will strongly disagree. And many of those will be the same folks who still bemoan the loss of Frank Sinatra as Billy Bigelow in "Carousel." The visual imagery of that casting still induces giggles. That slight, skinny man wearing a barker's cap and being a rugged barker on a carousel? I think Hollywood dodged a HUGE misfire when he walked out on that film.

    Watch Gaynor's performance closely in this roadshow version -- she is luminous, she is restrained, she is exuberant. She is up to the task in every scene and pulls off some incredibly difficult scenes with great dramatic effect. Her vocals are magnificent.

    And the huge surprise for me: Ray Walston is wonderful as Luther Billis. They restored much footage of him ...much of what was missing was character development and nuances. In the cut version we saw only the more hyper/extreme elements of his performance. This restored Luther Billis is terrific, and Walston owns the role!

    Being a film music fan of many, many decades (!), I have to say that it's always the music that counts most for me in any musical (not to mention any other kind of film), but "South Pacific" is Alfred Newman's masterpiece. He took a classic Broadway score and made it shine more gloriously than it had ever shone before. It's thrilling beyond words to have Newman's original scoring returned to the film...many glorious flourishes pop up frequently to great effect...the entire segments like Cable's walk through the jungle of Bali Ha'i with Bloody Mary -- an entire chunk of film with an entire chunk of original music restored (the Newman scoring of this chunk brings to mind the opening music in the vision sequence in "The Song of Bernadette", but with exotic colorings employed rather than religious ones). Newman's work set a standard that has never been remotely approached by anyone but Newman himself (in "Camelot").

    I cannot recommend the restored roadshow version of "South Pacific" more highly. See it (and IGNORE ENTIRELY the accompanying commentary)....more info
  • Review of ols South Pacific movie
    The movie was just as good as I remembered. The extra bonus features were an added supprise. I particually enjoyed the ols news clips....more info
  • The Great Ones Just Keep on Delivering
    I was a teen-ager when I first saw this movie and have never stopped being impressed with everything about it. The music will be listened to and enjoyed long after most of us have passed on. My only regret is not having seen the stage production but the combination of Gaynor, Brazzi and Ray Walton would be hard to improve upon. And the photography of the islands takes the viewer into the true land of make-believe. There is also more social weight here than I remembered. "You've got to be carefully taught" says as much about today's problems as the ones on the screen. ...more info
  • order not received
    i ordered THIRD MAN ON THE MOUNTAIN DVD.....before i ordered this DVD.....was sometime in January 2007 and i paid for top speed delivery.....i received the other DVD in my order but not THIRD MAN ON THE MOUNTAIN DVD.....nothing yet....

    can u look into where it is please......i have emailed before but have not received any response...and wont order again from AMAZON\
    thank you

    Glenda Papac...more info
  • dissapointed
    I was dissapointed with quality of the color. It was like looking at old phots that faded with time. They could have done a better job at cleaning up the color. The night sceans were almost purple and the day sceans by the ocean were washed out. For the price of the dvd they could have digitly remastered the entire movie and had a better quality.

    It wasn't worth the $21,99 paid....more info
  • a disappointment
    Two stars for the music....they didn't hurt the music. Minus 3 stars for messing with the color, bigtime...whose idea was it to add the colored-lens-look on and off thoroughout the movie? Wish I hadn't bought this one....more info
  • inspiring and beautiful
    ignore all the bad reviews - just watch and enjoy - if for no other reason than to see Juanita Hall give a great performance......a tremendous film with flaws but in this case it doesn't matter....more info
  • SOUTH PACIFIC, redux
    This movie is an excellent rendition of the original Broadway production by Rodgers and Hammerstein that opened in April 1949 and ran for 5 years.
    Mitzi Gaynor and Rossano Brazzi do very well following the original cast of Mary Martin and Ezo Pinza. Having seen the original play shortly after it opened, and as a Navy veteran in the same South Pacific area during WWII my impressions then make it unfair to compare the impact of the movie with the original. All in all it is very good DVD which includes a wealth of information about the filming, location, and the cast....more info
  • Remastered beautifully
    I just retired my original copy because this one looks and sounds wonderful....more info
  • Get Over Mary Martin Already
    Mary Martin is overrated, over acts, and is not remotely as pretty as Mitzi Gaynor. Mitzi Gaynor gave a wonderful performance, and that's a simple fact. I was totally engaged in Rossano Brazzi as the widowed plantation owner finding a second chance at love. I am still surprised at how many of the male actors in minor roles went on to have successful careers, but I did not see the same weight of subsequently successful female actors. The music is flawless. I agree the filters are distracting, but that is not reason enough for anyone to deny themselves the pleasure of this musical. I cried at the end when I was eight and cried again this morning at 56. The messages of bigotry not being natural but taught and the cruelty of war, especially because we do it to ourselves, are lessons we just can't seem to learn. ...more info
  • Lighten up, people
    C'mon, people. Lighten up. I'm not a big fan of musicals, but this is a good movie. I do agree the use of colored filters was grossly overworked. It's like garlic: a little is a little good; a lot is not a lot of good, and the director definitely over-did it. But to criticize Rossano Brazzi's accent because it was Italian instead of French is being quite picky. He was supposed to lend a certain "continental" air to his role, and he did. And musicals are supposed to be fantasies of a sort, so you have to use some imagination. If you want realism, you shouldn't look to a musical, after all, how many times have you been around a group of people in real life who suddenly broke into song and dance, all perfectly choreographed, of course?

    The thing I found absolutely DUMB, DUMB, DUMB was the anti-racism message. I thought it was hokey in 1959 when I first saw this movie, and I still do. Neither incident made sense. First, we have sweet and petite Nellie Forbush from Little Rock, AR, falling in love with a Frenchman; but when she finds out he was once married to a native woman (now deceased) and the two kids she adores were the native woman's, a racist streak a mile wide goes up her spine. Kinda hard to believe, even for 1959.

    Then there is Lt. Joe Cable from Philadelphia, PA. He meets and falls instantly (if not sooner) in love with an absolutely gorgeous native girl. He sweeps her into his arms, sings "Younger Than Springtime", and kisses her. Later he makes other visits to her, and they swim in a swimming hole, hugging and kissing underwater. There not being any jewelry stores on the islands, he gives her his family heirloom watch that his father and grandfather carried in prior wars. Now, one would naturally think this was leading up to a marriage proposal, and it did, but not by Cable . . . by Liat's mother. He suddenly realizes . . . guess what!!! . . . HER EYES ARE SLANTED and their children will have slanted eyes! Dang that racist streak!

    Although these inconsistencies don't make sense to me, perhaps I should use my imagination; after all it is a musical.

    The one thing I found offensive is the notion that only whites can be racists. But that's Hollywood . . . always beating up on its own who made it rich.

    I checked this movie out of the local library. You might check yours if you decide to watch it. I'm not sure I'd buy it.
    ...more info
  • Be aware of degraded version on DVD
    We enjoyed watching this DVD. However, we watched the "Extended..." version which had sections in which the color was degraded as if it were made from an old film version that was faded. There is another version on the DVD that appeared to have the color either restored or otherwise produced with good color (we just reviewed sections that were poor on the other version, but were good in this version). We have not watched all the information on the DVD, e.g., Music Only. At least one of the songs "This Nearly was Mine," does not have the complete words that are included in some sheet music or onstage productions such as that by Paulo Szot as shown on YouTube....more info
  • South Pacific
    This is a long time loved movie. I really like watching it with my family. The movie was new and in great condition. It did take a long time to get to me, however....more info