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Ultimate Flint Collection (Our Man Flint / In Like Flint)
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Product Description

Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 11/07/2006 Run time: 216 minutes

There's really been only one rival to James Bond: Derek Flint. That's because of James Coburn's special brand of American cool. He's so cool, in fact, that he doesn't care to save the world. That is, until he's personally threatened. He's a true libertarian, with more gadgets and girls than Bond, but with none of his stress or responsibility. In Our Man Flint (1966), he's totally unflappable as he thwarts mad scientists who control the weather--and an island of pleasure drones. Lee J. Cobb costars as Flint's flustered superior, and Edward Mulhare plays a British nemesis with snob appeal. For fans of Austin Powers, incidentally, the funny-sounding phone comes from the Flint films. However, the best gadget remains the watch that enables Flint to feign death. There's a great Jerry Goldsmith score, too.

There was bound to be a Flint sequel, and In Like Flint (1967) delivers the same kind of zany fun as its predecessor. Flint is recruited once again by Lee J. Cobb to be the government's top secret agent, this time to solve a mishap involving the President. Turns out, the Chief Executive has been replaced by an evil duplicate. The new plan for world domination involves feminine aggression, and Flint, with his overpowering charisma, is just the man to turn the hostile forces around. In Like Flint is still over the top, but some of the novelty has worn off, and it doesn't have quite the same edge as the original. Even Jerry Goldsmith's score is a bit more subdued. But the film still has James Coburn and that funny phone. --Bill Desowitz

Customer Reviews:

  • The Flint Collection "Yeah baby"!!!
    These classics are a fave of Austin Powers and you'll dige em' too!!! Includes BOTH Flint Movies(Or Man/In Like)starring the great late James Coburn!!! Great widescreen picture,sound and extras!(including commentaries on ech film,9 featurettes,and Flint Lost TV Pilot! It's groovy baby!!! Thank you Twentieth Century Fox Home Video!!! A+...more info
  • The Ultimate Flint collection
    Havent seen these movies in a long time. It is nice to think back to simpler times....more info
  • Good cheesy spy spoof
    I'd call these feel good movies. If you like a lot of daft situations, some OTT gags and James Coburn with a 4 million watt smile, this is a good choice. If not, go read Schopenhauer and have no friends. ...more info
  • All the Flint in one amazing boxset
    The new regime at Fox has put out The Flint movies in a great set with a low price.

    Fox Home Video has announced the release of the Ultimate Flint Colleciton, which bundles the James Coburn starring films Our Man Flint and In Like Flint with an added disc of special features, which also includes the previously unreleased 1976 made-for-television movie Our Man Flint: Dead On Target starring Ray Danton. The three-disc set will be available to own on the 7th of November at a retail price of $19.98. We've included a listing of the set's features below, along with the artwork for the release.

    Our Man Flint (Disc One)
    Commentary by Film Historians Eddie Friedfeld & Lee Pfeiffer
    Theatrical Trailer
    Fox Flix: In Like Flint, Fathom, Modesty Blaise

    In Like Flint (Disc Two)
    Commentary by Eddie Friedfeld & Lee Pfeiffer
    Theatrical Trailer
    Fox Flix: In Like Flint, Fathom, Modesty Blaise

    Special Features (Disc Three)
    Our Man Flint: Dead On Target TV-Movie
    The Musician's Magician
    Future Perfect
    Spy School
    Spy Vogue
    Feminine Wiles
    In Like Flint - Puerto Rico Premiere
    A Gentleman's Game
    Spy Style
    The Making of Bouillabaisse
    Screen Tests: Gila Golan for Our Man Flint, James Coburn & Gila Golan for Our Man Flint, Deanna Lund for In Like Flint
    Trailers: The Chairman, The Quiller Memorandum, Deadfall, Peeper, The Magus, Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls...more info
  • Ultimate Flint Collection (Our Man Flint / In Like Flint)
    These movies are timeless and it's even better to watch "Austin Powers" after you have watched them....more info
  • Flint Delivers
    Ultimate Flint Collection (Our Man Flint / In Like Flint)
    I've been waiting for the Ultimate Flint Collection for some time now. Both these offerings are a gem. James Coburn is super slick, super cool, and is the best send up of 007 ever put on film. As a matter of fact a spokesman for the Bond films once said when asked about Bond's competition, "James Bond is a parody. How can you parody a parody?" Derek Flint does just that, and to coin a phrase; Nobody did it better!
    Growing up, Flint gave me two things that I will always be grateful for, one, a love & appreciation for Bouillabaisse and a philosophy regarding women. When asked what attributed to his success with women he said, "Simple, I don't compete with them!"
    Being a parody the films are absurd in a fun sort of way. They have a great pace that lends well to the globe trotting. The fight scenes are awesome because some may not know this, Coburn was a Martial Arts pupil of Bruce Lee. Of the two films I've always felt the first one was the better but lets face it, two Flints are better than one.
    If you're a fan of the 'spy genre' and you've never seen these films, you owe it to yourself to check them out, and if you remember them fondly, your collection is incomplete without them. Thank you so much Amazon for making these DVD's available. ...more info
  • Ultimate Flint Collection
    Coburn has to be one of the coolest guys ever. These movies are sooooo toung in cheeck, but fun to watch for anyone that was around in the day....more info
  • A timeless spy spoof action film.
    OUR MAN FLINT: This comic send-up of James Bond films features Derek Flint (James Coburn), a dapper secret agent who, like 007, uses wacky contraptions to get himself out of sticky situations. And, like Bond, he's also habitually surrounded by beauteous babes.
    IN LIKE FLINT, a sequel to the popular OUR MAN FLINT, a group of beautiful and powerful renegade women, plot to take over the world.
    A must see for Bond/Action fans....more info
  • Fans Will Love This, Others Beware
    Sit back and watch the number of customers who find this review unhelpful climb like the national debt.

    Sorry, but the two pictures in this series simply aren't very good. This is boomer nostalgia dressed up as though it had some kind of cultural or entertainment merit, both of which it lacks. Coburn is okay, but the silly (and similar) plots of these features are hokey and dated. They're not very funny or exiting. Indeed, there are action scenes that are so weak that, even though it's clear Coburn is performing the stunt work, they're so indifferently filmed you can't really enjoy it. It was nonsense like this that helped secure the Bond franchise's dominance. (That and the fact that the airbrained, sex kittens in Flint's harem make the women in the Bond pictures look like the faculty of M.I.T.) These pictures make an episode of I Dream Of Jeannie look edgy by comparison.

    The pilot for a Flint TV show included here is unwatchable.

    All that said, the DVD set is nicely restored and the commentary is engaging, if at times infuriating in the guys' hyping of the pictures. ...more info
  • Just plain dumb
    It was compared to a Bond movie. No way. Poor acting, poor plots. Waste of time and money....more info
  • Great 60's nostalgia
    A fun couple of movies. Definitely themed for the 60's mentality, but still a lot of very enjoyable.
    The TV show pilot is nice as an item to complete the Flint collection, but is a terrible movie in it's own right. No wonder a series never happened....more info
  • Ult flint
    Excellent buy if you like this stuff it is in widescreen not full screen.that is the only drawback best seen on big screens....more info
  • Flintmania!!
    A very nice repackaging of the Flint movies, well worth purchasing by diehard fans. All the principles of the films are now unfortunately dead (including the late great James Coburn, who would've added immeasurably to any commentary tracks), but the commentary tracks included are definitely the highlight of this new edition. Two uber movie geeks (sorry, can't remember their names) bring tons of charm, enthusiasm & wit to the commentaries which are chockablock with endless fun spy-movie/TV trivia. (They, along with the rest of us Flint fans, whine long & hard about the fact that Coburn chose not to continue the series after a mere 2 films---hell, he could've at least made it a trilogy.) Additional features on a 3rd disc are pretty lame (including the SUPREMELY lame 1977 made-for-TV movie---a Flint flick in name only with virtually no connection to the Coburn films). Again, the commentaries are what make this collection worthwhile. Highly recommended!! ...more info
  • Ultimate Flint Collection DVD
    Really impressive DVD Movie, received it in just two days! Yes I would shop Amazon again! The ordering was a very smooth operation! Thanks...more info