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Cavalry Storage CAXM Series 160 GB USB / eSATA External Hard Drive CAXM37160 - Includes eSATA Kit
List Price: $94.99

Our Price: $90.99

You Save: $4.00 (4%)


Product Description

The Cavalry CAXM37500 3.5-Inch 500 GB SATA External Hard Drive is superb external mobile solution for all your data storage needs. The hard drive features an aluminum casing to keep the pre-installed 500 GB SATA hard drive nice and cool to extend the life of the drive. The CAXM37500 supports an incredible transfer rate of 3 Gbps (SATA) and 480 Mbps (USB 2.0), making it easy to add storage to any system with either SATA or USB connectivity. And with it's portable design, and plug and play, hot-swappable connection, Cavalry makes it hassle-free to take your data with you anywhere.

What's in the Box
Cavalry CAXM37500 3.5-inch 500GB SATA external hard drive, power adapter, power cord, eSATA to eSATA cable, USB cable, vertical stand, installation CD, and user's manual.

  • eSATA kit included!
  • USB 2.0 (USB 1.1 backwards compatible) and eSATA interface
  • Plug and play for Windows 2000 and newer (pre-formatted to NTFS)
  • Unit Includes - One (1) year manufacturer's warranty, 500 GB 3.5-inch hard drive in a single bay aluminum enclosure, USB cable, eSATA kit (eSATA cable and bracket), stand, power adapter, Quick Start Guide and Resources CD
  • System Requirements - Available USB or SATA port, Mac OS 9.x or newer, Windows 98SE / Me / 2000 / XP / Vista

Customer Reviews:

  • So far.... So good
    About a month using it without a problem....
    The only cons are that it get hot and mine didnt bring the plastic part to put it vertical.....more info
  • Works but missing one feature I expected
    I was surprised to find that the unit does not turn off automatically when you turn off the computer. I have an external drive from another company that does this fine. Otherwise, the drive worked fine, but I returned mine....more info
  • After a week my computer refused to recognize the drive
    It's good that I had not stored any critical data by the time. I have asked for a replacement drive. It is highly unreliable. Once I get the replacement, I will only use it for storing some redundant copies of photos and other media. I will never trust any critical data to this device....more info
  • Decent external drive
    First of all I am quite satisfied with this purchase. It is a very silent hard drive and plugging it in is just so easy. I have not tested the eSATA connection as yet and that is my next project.
    ...more info
  • Cavalry 500 Gb CAXM USB
    I didn't recieve the vertical stand, installation CD, and user's manual. Be careful when you purchase this product, because the contents described in ¡§whats in the box¡§, are not always included...more info
  • A great product from a little known company!
    ...Well, I can't really attest to how well-known this company may be, seeing as how they claim to be well known in business-tech circles, but that makes no difference-this is one pretty powerful external! I was pretty skeptical at first, preferring to put my money on a more popular name brand, but I'm SO HAPPY that I didn't-I've got an Iomega, Western Digital and a Seagate, and this baby keeps up with them in performance & then some! You can switch the internal fan on & off (keep it on, though, it gets pretty hot without it), and it's got a great slim, unobtrusive profile, placed horizontally or vertically. It's a great financial save, too!...more info
  • so far, so good
    I bought the drive because I began storing a lot of work-related data on my home pc and I was tired of backing up to DVDs (though I still do but with less frequency). The system is quite fast if you use the eSATA connection and works well with other backup software (I use Ghost 14.0). It's quiet and set up was very easy. Windows XP had no trouble recognizing it. I've tried a restore of selected files with no trouble though I haven't tried a full image restore. The only thing that is the least bit annoying is the aircraft landing light they put on the front. It's an actinic blue and more than a little irritating since all it does is indicate drive use. That's a pretty small issue so, on the whole, I'm very happy with it....more info
  • Works Great
    I hooked this drive up via USB, my computer recognized it immediately as a drive. I downloaded a free backup utility, indicated what directories to backup, and all is well. It is great to have Outlook, iTunes, and pictures safe & sound. In the event of a crash, there will be no worries. Fan noise is about the same as a desktop computer. The power light is super bright - plan to have to cover it up with something. I would recommend this product - great price - great value....more info
  • One of my most happy purchases.
    I just got it today, so take that as you will. But I am very Happy with this unit. Plugged it in, hooked it up with the included USB cable and by the time my XP desktop had fully booted... BAM!
    It was in there! Like Prego! I have since synced my XP Desktop files with my Vista Notebook, deleted many redundant files, created new Files & Settings for both PCs, and have created backups of all essential files onto the Cavalry drive in case of a drive failure. And still have lots of room left over for growth.

    Not a big DL-er, so i don't need to keep the "Cavalry" powered up much of the time, so i don't have to worry about *it* crashing, and it sure looks purty(sic) sittin there bein all reassuring that my most important files are safe and recoverable. ;o)

    As the other reviewer said, it's a pleasant surprise to find a product that comes with all the needed parts and cables in the box. ...more info
  • Added to TiVo: simple setup and works perfectly
    I purchased this HD to expand the storage of my TiVo. Installation couldn't have been simpler: I plugged it in and the TiVo found it immediately. It's worked faithfully since (about six weeks). The quality of the casing is solid, nothing feels cheap.

    I only gave four stars due to the fact I've only had the drive for a short time and use it in a limited manner. But for how I use it, it's worked perfectly and is a very good value....more info
    Great product, im a happy owner of this drive, the e-sata interface is the best thing for high volume data transfer, the fan is a little noise but helps to cool down the unit any way is great dealfor the price....more info
  • not good item
    My experience was: The product sold, isn't the one in the picture. In function it's the same, but it looks completely different. When I recieved the product, it didn't have a power cord; however, Amazon did provide a 25% refund on it. That didn't matter though because in the end, the Hard drive was faulty. It didn't even register on my computer when I plugged it in. After about 5-6 hours waisted, trying to get it to work, I had to send it back. Overall, I lost time and money while trying to buy this product; though I got a full refund, I had to buy a power source, that is no use to me now....more info
  • Love these babies...
    Got one 500 Gig. They are so cool, just got another one to backup the first one. The SATA works perfectly, plus they include a do-it-yourself kit so you can mosey on into your mobo and hook up the incredible SATA speed yourself. These drives so far are perfect, come fully formatted as 'active/partitioned' drives. Literally plug them in and you're set.

    The instructions are about as big as a playing card, and even the semi-confident dad or mom can install the cool kit that will make available the SATA rear port (comes with the extra SATA cable that you need as well).

    The form-factor is excellent as well as the cool-factor. I bought TWO!

    A Terabyte of music, movies and kid stuff all in one drive, shared across a network. Cavalry might just be the next king of external drives....more info
  • calvary hard drive
    came with everything and everything is in new condition. over packed it with three boxes to prevent any kind of damage that may occur during transit...more info
  • Works with the HR21-700...
    I got this today to expand my DVR. I opened it up right away to make sure everything was secure inside, it was. I got a WD Caviar SE produced in July 2007. Better than the Seagate IMO.
    Mine looked totally different, more like the CAUM37500, but it is labeled on the box in three places as CAXM37500 and once on the device itself. I read a couple of reviews that said this drive had a fan that could be turned on or off. Mine has no fan. The product description says nothing about a fan. sol.
    I plugged the drive into a laptop to make sure it worked and the USB picked it up immediately. Next was the DVR, turning the drive on and plugging it in had no effect, had to power down the DVR. Lost all the shows I had recorded, but that's an issue with the DVR. It works though and that's all that counts. Good drive, gets a little hot though.

    1 year later & still working. It has only been off a few times for short periods....more info
  • Superb quality, excellent price
    This portable hard drive is fast, just what I wanted to store my pictures and ipod library. Couldn't beat the price either. And delivery 8 days before the estimated due date!...more info
  • Rugged, reliable and full featured
    It is nice to find an external hard drive in a rugged metal case with a built in cooling fan. Most such products are in plastic cases without a fan. Also, this unit is much smaller in overall volume than are the Maxtor and Western Digital external drives I've bought in the past. Finally, the inclusion of ESATA interface alone with the necessary adapter to make it work with a SATA based PC is a very nice touch. Unfortunately I'm using this one as the external drive for a Dish Network box, so SATA doesn't apply , but the drive also includes USB 2 connectivity.

    Nice job Cavalry! Hi ho Silver!...more info
  • Cavalry CAXE37500 external HDD with eSATA and USB 2.0 500GB
    Terrific product. Blazing fast with eSATA. No hassles, plug&play out of the box. Will recommend to anyone and everyone.Cavalry CAXE37500 3.5" External Hard Drive 7200RPM 500GB USB 2.0 / eSATA...more info
  • Maybe not a good choice for DVR external drive
    I am returning the Cavalry 500GB external eSata enclosure. I had it attached to a SA8300HD (Scientfic Atlanta HD DVR) and I had frequent playback glitches - once to serveral times an hour the video would pixelate/skip and the sound would drop for a second or so).

    I expect this drive would work great as an external drive for a PC, and it comes w/a complete set of hardware to attach it to just about any setup, but it isn't working well with the SA8300HD. ...more info
  • Cavalry External Hard Drive
    So far this has been just what I was looking for. It's the first time I installed anything on the inside of the computer (a little plug in). The only problem was that they forgot to put in the manual that you have to push in the light on the external drive to turn it on and off....more info
  • Great Product
    Solid drive, very fast, and does the job. The price is great too.
    Not too much else you can ask for....more info
  • Not great for MacOs leopard
    I bought this for making backups to Mac, and also for video and song storage. First, the cd that is listed as coming with the drive was not there although the other parts were. (Other parts are the plug, adapter, usb cable, ESATA cable, eSATA bracket.)
    The product says it will work with Windows and MacOS 9.x or up. Warning: Not without quite a bit of work. With the newest Mac OS and latest updates (10.5.6), this drive is NOT readable with Mac. I went to for help. There was no manual with the drive, but if you dig around through Support on the website there are some instructions, so I called tech support. I figured I needed the missing cd driver and I needed to know what to do to make it run on a Mac so I had enough reason to call. Some guy answered the phone and said she (the lady who does tech support? he didn't say her name) was out but she would call me back when she got back from lunch. That never happened.
    I finally found on the website the part about how to make the drive work on Mac. Here is how: Open your Macintosh HD, look in Applications, Utilities, then Disk utility. Click on 465.8 GB Generic External... (not the NEWVOLUME that is under it), click on partition, there will be a Current box showing. Change that to 1 partition. Name the device whatever you want or leave it as Untitled 1, choose Mac OS Extended (journaled), and then click apply.
    When that finishes your drive will work with Mac but may not work with Windows any longer.
    I told you it wasn't easy.
    Anyhow, I gave this 3 of 5 because I did get it working, and it is a nice drive. But I didn't appreciate the false advertising on it being compatible for later versions of Mac. I also didn't appreciate being told someone from tech support would call back and they didn't....more info
  • Never gonna buy another Calvary Drive
    I have had this drive for over a year and it just gave up the ghost. Performance while it was alive was o.k., but it doesn't matter when its a dead drive does it. The only good thing was it wasn't the only place those files lived....more info
  • Never Even Turned On!
    Received this product in the mail this afternoon. Could not even get the power to come on. Called tech support and they recommended returning it to Amazon.

    Update - over a week later I still haven't gotten a refund (expected but still annoying). I needed the drive ASAP so I ordered a Seagate FreeAgent. It worked right out of the box and is very quiet. It also has a 5 year warranty. So far so good......more info
  • Very Nice External Drive!
    This drive works great and is a bit slimmer than most models I have seen. The Sata capability really makes a huge difference in speed if your computer has a free external Sata port. If not, the drive comes with an adapter to turn an internal Sata port into an external with a faceplate that attaches in an empty PCI opening.

    Very fast and very functional!...more info
  • Works but something loose inside
    Works just fine even though when I move the device around there sounds like there's a loose part inside the case......more info
  • Cavalry 500GB SATA External Hard Drive
    Very Very Good. working good, I would like to have more 500GB hard drive like this one

    Cavalry CAXM37500 3.5-Inch 500GB SATA External Hard Drive...more info