Belkin Concealed Surge Protector
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Product Description

The Belkin Concealed Surge Protector organizes your cables and keeps them out of view with a unique closing cover. Designed to safeguard your electronics, computers, and appliances, the Concealed Surge Protector can sit on the floor out of the way or out in the open. Your cords remain organized and secure in their sockets and outlets stay out of reach of kids & pets. This new design features 11 electrical outlets to protect your equipment including your telephone, Internet connection and home theater-safe from damaging power surges.

  • Provides an innovative solution to cable clutter
  • Grounds AC power through 11 surge-protected outlets (6 regular, 4 BlockSpace, 1 convenience)
  • Provides 1-in/2-out phone/fax/modem protection
  • Features 1-in/1-out (each) coaxial-cable and Ethernet protection
  • Comes with a $300,000 Connected Equipment Warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Good concept / cheap construction
    I like the idea, but my two year old broke the thing 2 seconds out of the box. The tiny (and I mean tiny) little plastic hinges holding the door on don't stand a chance. On top of that, the plastic hinge that's supposed to hold the door closed doesn't have any strength, and my bundle of cords kept popping it open. I bought two of them so had an extra. Needless to say I'm keeping the thing now that I have it. It's a good idea, and mostly works, but could definitely use some stronger binding pieces....more info
  • Sleek
    It is a bit bulkier than I expected, but once everything is plugged in and the cover is closed, it looks sleek and classy....more info
  • Solid device but not as useful as you might hope.
    First, it's a great idea. I'm sick of the wall of my living room looking like a set from a bad science fiction movie. The problem is, as bulky as it is, there still isn't enough room to hide all the excess wire you might want to hide in there.

    So, pros: excellent idea, solid execution. Cons: bulky, and it still can't tuck away all the power wires I need to hide....more info
  • Very Good Product
    I agree with earlier comments that the construction could be better. While, due to its design, the cover easily falls off when lifted, it is also easy to put back on. Once on, I have had not problem with the cover falling off on its own.

    The product has helped to reduce cord clutter. That's why it was bought, so I consider it a very effective product....more info
  • Cheap construction defeats purpose
    I purchased this for the computer in our playroom with the intent to keep my toddler from playing with wires. However, the cheap plastic hinge that holds the cover on was broken when I received the original AND replacement shipment. This defeats the purpose for which it was bought. I cannot recommend this product....more info
  • Pros outweigh the cons
    I do agree with a lot of people in that the hinges for the door are cheaply made and will pop open depending on how you store the cables inside the case.

    That said, I haven't found it to be a problem. I'm careful when opening and closing it, and if you bundle up your excess cabling inside (say with a twist tie), it prevents accidental opening. Looks clean and neat, overall much better than loose wires sprawled all over.

    It is a lot bigger than it looks in the photos. Take note of the measurements and make sure it will fit in the space you have planned for it....more info
  • Just what I had wanted
    I'm not a techno-type, so even with *this* item, I had a friend set it up. He seemed to have no problem whatsoever. Now that it's in place, all the wire mess from my Macintosh computer is mostly hidden from view. ...more info
  • Covered protection
    This item was a little expensive but the protection is good, I would say great but I recently upgraded my home theater with an HDDVR and this requires two coaxle cable inputs an this item only acomadates one in and one out and if the coaxle is not connected its not warrentied....more info
  • Great cord management
    This is great for under my computer desk. It helps manage the ganglion of cables I have under there. The door and hinges seem a bit cheap but shouldn't be a problem unless you open and close it a bunch. So just plug in and leave it. ...more info
  • A Bit Bulky
    This product is a bit big and cumbersome. The concealed aspect is nice, but I'm not sure it's worth the extra money as compared to a regular surge protector....more info
  • worth buying
    too large & bulky, but does the job it's designed for..certainly not a space saver, but it will organize your cables neatly ...worth buying IMO.....more info
  • Hides items nicely - but with some minor oversights
    This item has done a number on the mess I had around my entertainment center; it does conceal the electrical cords (as advertised), but the tabs are a bit on the weak side. I also wish they would have made the cover a little bit deeper; I have some pressure on my plug from the TV set (Toshiba), though it does manage to close OK. My replacement plug from my original XBox also does not fit in the large capacity area due to the small area allowed to plug in the larger plugs (xbox plug is too long to fit properly), however it does plug into the 11th outlet (outside the concealed area) just fine. It did the job I wanted, but not in a lavish style. Oh, also I'm a bit bummed that it didn't included surge protection for 2 separate coaxial cables (have TIVO, uses 2 tuners, this only has 1 so I am still using the old surge protector this was supposed to replace just to ground the cables out). It is a good product, just not "outstanding"....more info
  • Simple and Effective
    It does exactly what I wanted it to do. Hide the clutter. The best solution out that I've seen....more info
  • What a great asset to my room!
    This is such a really neat piece of electronic equipment. It has given me a neat look along the wall now instead of the cord clutter that I have had to put up with. I will recommend this product with no hesitation. The difference in the looks of things is amazing and it does a great job too.

    ...more info
  • Looks decent, works well but has one flaw
    There are 11 outlets but I am only able to use 7 due to reason stated below and I am fine with that. It looks decent than open surge protectors but there is one issue. The video shows that it hides all the cables and chargers and thats what I exactly wanted. However, I was able to attach only one charger out of 4 I have got, because of the socket design. As you can see that the sockets are fixed and it can take only standard chargers shown in the video. But other than this this is really a good one if you consider 7 sockets instead of 11 + it conceals...more info
  • This Belkin Concealed Surge protector is great!
    I had a jungle underneath my computer desk. When I received this product, my first reaction was that it was much bigger than I pictured. But I soon realized it needs to be. It handled my 4 big bulky transformer adapters with ease, plus the additional 4 plugs I needed to plug in. This left me 2 unused outlets. It had phone jacks; 1-in/2-out, coaxial cable 1-in/1-out, plus newly added to this model is an Ethernet 1-in/1-out which doesn't always show up in the pictures.

    I purchased it for 2 reasons: 1) to clean up the mess under my desk and 2) the rating of 3100+ joules is much higher than the 190 joules my old power strip was rated at.

    Measures 17" Long x 4.5" High x 4" Deep with an 8' heavy duty white cord and "flush" plug. On/Off rocker switch and a "Protecting" indicator light.

    I recommend this product and would purchase another....more info
  • awesome
    Exactly what it says it does. Keeps all the wires concealed and makes the computer room less jumbled. Great product....more info
  • great idea, flimsy hinge
    I liked this concept, but the tiny plastic hinge broke almost immediately, rendering this rather bulky surge suppressor pretty conspicuous. Still, I'll probably get another and just be very careful of the hinge. ...more info
  • Organized and multi outlets
    Great product so far. Lots of outlets for bigger plugs. Very organized with cords and box to keep the outlets 'safe' and hidden. Would recommend to customers w/ new electronics with big plugs needing many outlets....more info
  • Great surge protector!
    I purchased this surge protector for my home office.
    It helps to organize and hide all the wiring neatly in a small package.
    I was wary of buying it at first due to all the reviews about the poor design of the door hinges. I bought it anyway.
    Well, i'm very satisfied with the unit and I recommend it to anyone that is looking to have concealed surge protection in a neat package.
    I avoided the broken door hinge problem by gently removing the door from the unit, installing and arranging all the wiring, setting the unit in position and then put the door back on.
    I realize that consumers should not have to do this but, until Belkin makes stronger hinges, this is the way to set it up without breaking them.
    Hope this helps someone.

    ...more info
  • Looks great but has put to the test yet
    Very pleased with the units but no lighting yet. They claim to have a good insurance policy on their items. Will have to wait. ...more info
  • Great for organizing
    Great as a multi outlet organizer, It allows you to neatly organize your extention cords and plugs and then hide them. Most of the outlets are spaced nicely to accomodate 6 regular size plugs and 5 larger plugs. I only lost the use of one of the outlets due to a rectangular shaped plug. Great product for a great value on amazon... this same item was $50 in Home Depot....more info
  • works just as I expected
    I bought this to clean up the space under the computer desk. It was easy to hang on the wall and easy to feed all of the cables through. I have only opened and closed the lid once or twice, so I cannot comment on its durability, although it seems to function just fine. I would definitely buy another one from Amazon for this price (they are $75 at Target) should the need arise. I didn't offer 5 stars because the lightning protection has yet to be tested....more info
  • Just what I needed - great protection - I bought three of them!
    The first thing you want is great protection. This unit has one of the best protection ratings out there with 4,260 joules of protection, and only 330V for activation (that's the best UL rating there is) in less than 1 nanosecond, which is also the best you can get. Telephone line, ethernet and coax cable protection is also offered. Okay, it does have only one coax provision, so DVR owners can't add that, but you have to ask yourself what the chances are of a lightning strike on your satellite dish. In my case it's basically zip.
    If you don't try to cram too many wires into the concealment lid, you should be just fine. Yes, I did buy three of them. One for my home theater system (11 components in all, including widescreen HDTV, HDDVR sat receiver, electronic switcher for component leads, XBox360, OTA antenna preamp, CD changer,DVD1, DVD2, tape deck, AV receiver, VCR) one for my computer system (ethernet, phone, computer, printer, UPS, monitor, external HD, sound system) and one for my other HDTV in a bedroom, HD sat receiver, and a VCR.
    One way to solve too many wires in the concelment box is to use a power strip for those wires that would not be in view anyway and plug that into the Belkin.
    I did a lot of research on adequate protection for all my electronic gear, and this is what I chose. A great price on Amazon as well, including free shipping. Oh yes, a great warranty as well. I highly recommend it. ...more info