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TEAC PD-D2610 5-CD Carousel Changer with MP3 CD Playback
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Product Description

The Teac PD-D2610 5 CD Player/Changer with Remote lets you enjoy more of your favorite music, at your convenience. Features Shuffle Play/Intro, Check Play, Multi-function flourescent display, and 10-Digit direct access keys (front panel & remote). Outputs: 2 digital out (Optical, Coaxial), and 1 analog out . Includes full-function remote control.

  • CD, CD-R/RW and MP3 playback
  • Flourescent display with music calendar
  • 1-bit D/A converter, 8x oversampling
  • 10-digit direct access keys (front panel and remote)
  • 32-selection random memory program

Customer Reviews:

  • teac pd-d2610 5-cd carousel changer with mp3 cd playback
    this is my first cd changer from teac , I should have bought it a long time ago, amaising sound quality , a smooth operation in the changer, in switching of the carousel . I am very happy and pleased of my purchase of this TEAC unit, thank you very much.
    Domenic Marzullo ...more info
  • They don't make them like they used to
    I had a Kenwood 5 cd player for 10 years that finally died. I ordered the TEAC as it is one of the few that still had a 5 cd carousel format and was a reasonable price. This unit didn't work well from the getgo. It took forever for the carousel to turn. After 2 weeks it wouldn't play the cd I selected and would constantly default to cd#1. I then had a problem getting it to play after I had turned it on. The only thing it did well was to open and close. Once I got it to play it sounded fine, but it was just a series of frustrations getting this unit to work. I have just returned it for a refund as I couldn't get a replacement on this item. The other options for a 5 CD carousel were either to expensive (JVC)or I read the terrible reviews on Sony so forget that one. I have reordered this unit and hope that the next one I get is better than this one turned out.
    ...more info
  • Poor product
    We ordered one of these CD players as a Christmas gift to ourselves. The first one arrived and did not work. The CD tray would not spin. We returned it and just received our second one. It does not work either! The tray spins, but there are places where it gets stuck. If you put a CD in spots 1-3, it will find them and play them. But if you put a CD in slot 4 or 5, it doesn't find them. Also, when you hit the disc skip button to proceed to the next disc, sometimes it moves one disc over, sometimes it moves a few discs over, sometimes it starts spinning and spinning and doesn't stop. So, we give up. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt with one faulty player, but not with two in a row. There are obviously serious quality control issues with this product. ...more info
  • TEAC used to be better
    The first player received would not open the carrousel and the unit had loose items inside it. It was returned. The second unit worked well, for maybe five times. The carrousel would refuse to completely open, then refused to completely close. Unplugging the unit from AC power and plugging it back in seemed to cure this problem each time, but that actually is something I prefer not to have to do. The remote seems to need a bit more attention in the design since some buttons don't work every time. But, audio quality is on par with TEAC. I would not say that product quality, in as much as mechanical design, appearance, or remote control functions, are anywhere close to what I would expect from TEAC. Although it does seem to be an appropriate product coming out of a manufacturing facility located in a chinese prison. I cannot believe that a company such as TEAC would lower its standards to have its products produced by anyone other than their own people. This is the last TEAC product I will ever purchase....more info
  • Okay when it worked, but it didn't work for long
    I purchased this player to use at an event where we needed music over many hours, switching often between tracks and discs. I tried the player out at home after receiving it and experienced some very minor issues but decided to use it at the event. Unfortunately the player stopped working correctly quite early in the event. The major problems were the disc tray not opening and the carousel not moving between discs - sometimes it would play one track on a particular disc, other times nothing would play. We scrambled to find another player and managed to make everything work, but it was a major inconvenience and caused a lot of stress at the time.

    The good news is that the return and refund with Amazon were easy and handled quickly. Looking again at the other reviews it seems there are perhaps some quality control issues - many units work fine, but a significant number have problems out of the box. If you don't mind taking a chance and/or dealing with exchanges this could be a good player for you at a decent price; I took the chance and lost at an inconvenient time, but the situation was resolved in the end. I won't, however, consider buying this Teac player again.
    ...more info
  • Could be a 5 star, but...
    For the most part this CD player is a good value for it's price. Functions correctly & has good musical quality. The draw back is that the unit produces a very audible humm when turned on. Luckily I have my stereo equipment in one room & the speakers in another, so the humm doesn't interfere with the music. ...more info
  • Great Player
    Our old Teac 5 Disc CD player stopped working, so I tried using a single disc DVD/CD player. It was such a hassle always having to change the disc when one ended.

    I did look at 5 disc DVD/CD players, but the units were bulkier and too deep for my stereo cabinet.

    So I was quite pleased to find this TEAC player. We love being able to load 5 discs at a time, hit the "Play" button & just enjoy hours of hassle free music. The fact that it also plays MP3's is a bonus....more info