520TVL Color Camera w/Heater, 3.5 - 8mm
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Product Description

Outdoor surveillance camera built to withstand the cold. If you live in a location that experiences extremely cold outdoor temperatures, you can still rely on powerful, high-resolution surveillance. The 520TVL Color Camera w/Heater is ideal for outdoor applications: Its built-in heater is triggered by an internal thermostat when the weather gets cold. The built-in heater allows the camera to be used in extremely low temperatures to -40 F. This 520TVL Color Camera w/Heater has a manually adjustable vari-focal lens, which allows you to adjust the field of view to your specific application. It's perfect for surveillance situations where you need to change the field of vision periodically, but don't want to deal with the expense or hassle of changing the lens. This model features a 3.5-8mm vari-focal lens. The surveillance camera has 520-line high-resolution for exceptional picture quality. A removable sunshade housing protects against sun and glare. This camera is ideal anywhere you need outdoor surveillance that can withstand harsh elements.

  • Weatherproof surveillance camera is safe for use in extreme cold, thanks to internal heater
  • 1/3" color CCD image sensor for exceptional image quality
  • Manual vari-focal lens to adjust your field of view depending on application