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  • Flat, unsavoury techno-thriller
    "Firewall" is a hostage thriller with an IT bent. Sadly Harrison Ford is not convincing as an IT geek who can bust heads when he needs to and Paul Bettany is flat and uninteresting as the ruthless villian. Contains the usual off-hand brutality of this type of film and really, how much fun is it to watch a family being held hostage?

    "Firewall" adds nothing to the techno-thriller genre and isn't Ford getting a bit too old to be playing these types of roles?...more info
  • Intense, entertaining, but not very plausible
    Firewall is an exciting, entertaining film if you just let yourself go and
    immerse yourself into its plot without having to convince youself that its
    believable, that anything is possible even though there is a one in 500 billion probability that something like this could happen. This is an identity theft genre film taken to the extreme. There are other films that deal with identity theft that are more believable, for instance The Net, starring Sandra Bullock. I'm naturally cynical, I suppose, but I kept asking myself, how could the bad guy in this film expect that he could possibly get away with this. This plot could have been more believable that if a terrorist group plotted to carry something out like this to fund their other terrorist operations rather than some greedy, murderous fiend who wanted to live a life of luxury on a South Sea Island. Other than that, there were enough elements that kept me interested enough to see it through to the end. However, I doubt that I would ever want to watch it again. Dan Casey...more info
  • I liked it.
    This movie has a lot of action and suspense, but it is pretty predictable. Harrison Ford still gives the role a little something that makes it magic. Definitely one of the great actors. Would recommend this movie for a rainy day when not much else is happening....more info
  • A pretty exhilirating, albeit predictable, thriller
    In ancient times, kings would have everyone who constructed their primary defenses killed, and that was undeniably a pretty effective way of keeping anyone from discovering a backdoor entry into the castle. Obviously, things have changed a great deal since then, but it's still a fact that the biggest potential threat to any leader, company, or business is the guy who designed the security system. Crooks are well aware of this very thing, which brings us to the movie Firewall.

    Harrison Ford plays Jack Stanfield, the network security chief at a medium-sized bank. After spending many years doing everything he can to protect his customers' data, he suddenly finds himself on the other side of the firewall when crooks take his wife and children hostage and demand he help them steal the bank blind by transferring a cool hundred million out of the accounts of its wealthiest customers. With his loved ones' lives on the line, he has little choice but to comply with their demands. Kept under constant surveillance and oftentimes accompanied by one of the conspirators, he has to go about his daily business, acting as if everything is fine, while trying to figure out the best way of bypassing his own security setup. Eventually, of course, he fights back, setting the stage for a rather action-packed ending.

    The whole robbery plan is pretty darned elaborate. These guys would have needed to rob another bank just to be able to afford all of the equipment they put to use on this job. I definitely would have asked for more than 100 million dollars if I was the one who put the whole plan together.

    Say what you will about the film's lack of originality, but I found Firewall to be a pretty exhilarating thriller. There's a lot of detail to the story, especially in terms of the way the crooks set Jack up for the fall, and the pace of the movie works well (the nagging questions I had about the plot didn't really hit me until after the film was over). As usual, Harrison Ford makes this film more successful than it would have been otherwise, but Paul Bettany does his part as well. Bettany plays Bill Cox, the brains and muscle behind the robbery plot and the only half-way interesting or well-developed character among the motley crew of criminals. Whenever Cox got frustrated or angry, he seemed to start channeling Christopher Walken, which I found rather amusing. Other than that, though, it's a serious, suspenseful film that I would rank higher than a lot of similar action films.

    I'm not a huge fan of movies in this particular genre, but I really enjoyed Firewall. Maybe it was the fact that Ford's character was named Jack, but the film reminded me a lot of the television show 24; it just had the same kind of feel to me....more info
  • Too Good To Miss
    Firewall was great and of course, Harrison Ford never lets you down with a great performance. This is my second purchase of the same movie due to the fact I lent it to so many people and someone obviously never retuned it back to me. Buy it and keep it!!!...more info
  • MST3K Fans Rejoice -- Rifftrax is Here!
    The thrilling world of banking explodes across the silver screen! Harrison Ford is a bank security manager who gets more than he bargained for when a cold-blooded thief (Paul Bettany) breaks the little chain and steals the pen that belongs to the desk where most customers fill out their deposit slips! And as if that weren't enough, he ups the ante, nearly emptying the entire pot of complimentary coffee into his giant, one-liter travel mug that he got from the Tom Thumb! His reign of terror continues as he gets in line for the teller and begins to fill out his deposit slip only after he gets to the counter! Oh, there are gunfights and fisticuffs and intrigue and Virginia Madsen playing put-upon wives and whatnot, but mostly, this is thrilling, non-stop, ink-spilling banking at its best!

    The bottom line on this ledger shows an aggregate surplus of laughs, as Mike is joined by Kevin Murphy for one fiscally sound RiffTrax!
    ...more info
    Refreshing from all the foul languaged movies out there - entertaining plot - who cares if it has been done before.

    This was a good set of actors - and who was the good looking guy that Jack [H. Ford] done in? Enjoyed Robert Patrick but wish he had done a bit more chasing.

    It is an entertaining movie that I don't mind watching again [2nd time around] and still good.

    Hey, Ford doesn't look that old in the special features. Our problem is, we are still looking for Hans Solo or Indiana Jones.

    Enjoy - it is worth watching - Definitely Recommended....more info
  • Neat computer hacking, but the plot was weak...
    Being somewhat of a computer geek myself I could relate to the characters dealing with all of the network stuff and obstacles they faced trying to break into the Banks systems. This was actually pretty well done and did not require any leap of faith as they REALLY had to work hard to pull it off. This part was well thought out and I enjoyed it.

    The problem is with the family/hostage situation. It just wasnt as suspenseful as it needed to be and there was no sense of panic. Maybe I was looking for a little more emotion or anguish from the family. They were just too matter of fact for me. Plus, when Harrison Ford and his "buddy" were perusing through the bank it just seemed a little weak that security wasnt tighter at this time. I mean... even being head of security you would expect any visitors he brings would have to be very well checked out seeing as they can do just about anything they want once in these rooms. I know its a movie and we always have to allow a little leeway with things...but this sort of killed it for me.

    Overall, its not a bad film but it is certainly not must see material. Grab it for a rental at the MOST. However, you could skip it and your life would still be about the same. ...more info
  • The Best!
    This movie is great! I've seen it 11 times! (I'm NOT joking!) It's awesome!

    Jack Stanfield (Harrison Ford) is a banker. Then one day, Jack, his wife (Virginia Madsen), and his kids are held kidnapped in their own home. Bill Cox (Paul Bettany) is the head bad guy. He tells them that if Jack helps him break into the bank's security and if Jack gives Bill and his friends money, he'll let Jack and his family go.

    I don't know if all of the computer stuff and hacking into bank accounts is really possible, (the writer of the story says it is, but who knows) but I think it's believable.

    It also has good actors in it. Harrison Ford, Paul Bettany, Virginia Madsen, Alan Arkin, Robert Patrick, Mary Lynn Rajskub, etc.

    Definately watch this movie!...more info
  • Not too well done.
    In this movie, Harrison Ford plays a bank security executive whose family is kidknapped by a gang of thugs who demand he crack the banks software security (which Harrison himself designed) or else lose his family.

    This would not be such a bad action flick if not for the fact the Harrison's age makes the action scenes seem unrealistic. Harrison Ford is no Chuck Norris and his grande finale fight against a squad of young thugs is lauphable, not credible. In addition, it would have helped if the children in the movie were Ford's grandchildren instead of his children. You know, like Harrison has his divorced daughter and grandchildren staying with him for awhile instead of making Ford look like a dirty old man with a young money hungry wife.

    There is nothing original about this film, either. It immediately brought to mind the movie "Hostage" with Bruce Willis except that Willis really is a tough guy and some roles are reversed. It was also annoying that Jimmy Bennet played the hostage boy in "Firewall" as well as in "Hostage" (although Bennet did good in both) because it continued to remind me that everything about the movie seemed unoriginal.

    Finally, I still do not get the film's title, "Firewall". Did something get tossed out or is it just a catchy title because there is no reference to a "firewall" in the movie as I can recall.

    The movie is just too unconvincing and unoriginal for my taste....more info
  • Protect Your Identity...
    In today's world one can never be to careful with his/her identity, whether that be bank account information, social security numbers, credit cards, or anything for that matter. With the way the world is you never know when your very identity can be stolen from you, often times without you even knowing that it's occurring. In the Warner Brothers thriller "Firewall" Harrison Ford discovers that security is not absolute no matter how hard you work to ensure it.

    "Firewall" places us into the life of Jack Stanfield (Harrison Ford), the head of I.T. (Information Technology) for Landrock Pacific Bank. His day begins like any other, his wife Beth (Virginia Madsen) shares playful banter with him, and his kids bicker as usual, not a thing out of the ordinary. As he goes throughout his day at the bank he tops things off with a meeting over drinks with a co-worker and a high-ranking employee of another bank. After drinks are over, Jack leaves to go home when the very high-ranking employee of the other bank (Paul Bettany) appears in his backseat with startling news, Jack's family is being held hostage! With his family in jeopardy Jack is forced to comply with the hostage-takers demands, he must steal 100 million dollars from the very bank he works for. The criminals have anticipated virtually every scenario that could possibly occur during their heist; except one, what a desperate man will do to protect those he loves no matter the cost.

    When I first saw the previews for this thriller, my first thoughts were that the movie looked good and would probably be a movie I would thoroughly enjoy; however, I thought it appeared that Harrison Ford was basically doing the same character he had portrayed in "Air Force One" (minus the whole being President of the United States thing). Now, many actors have made a career of playing virtually the same character that had brought them success in previous films, Tommy Lee Jones, Steven Seagal (though he's hardly successful anymore), Ben Stiller, and Jackie Chan. In most of those instances each of those actors' movies are successful, except for Seagal's of course. So, even though I thought that Harrison was doing the same character again, I still was excited to see this movie. After watching this movie I have to say, that even though Harrison is playing the same type of character that he's known for, basically the average guy who is vulnerable, yet full of strength and resourcefulness, he still delivers an excellent performance that you can't help but enjoy. The supporting cast led by Paul Bettany ("A Knight's Tale") and Virginia Madsen ("Sideways") are equally strong, especially Bettany who delivers a much more realistic villain than he did in his previous bad guy role in the lackluster "The Da Vinci Code".

    The story was very well paced, full of plenty of action and thrills that keep the audience riveted throughout the entire duration. The director made a choice that can sometimes harm a movie's success, by pushing the movie into high gear early on. But director Richard Loncraine ("Wimbledon") managed to get the audience to connect to the characters during the opening scene of the movie, and gradually fleshed out the characters over the entire course of the film, which gave the movie much more story than your average action thrill-ride generally contains. The topic of identity theft is one that is very real in today's world, and "Firewall" treats the subject in a very serious manner, taking careful consideration to never make light of the very serious issue, and keeping that aspect of the movie as realistic to the general public as possible.

    "Firewall" is rated PG-13 for violence and language....more info
  • When the informatics platform works out as a boomerang !
    What if you are a respectable Security factor and domain all the most unexpected corners in the complicated universe of informatics and suddenly the most unthinkable fact makes you display and undertake the epic aim in order to start all over again and try to act as hacker in your own job ?

    The normal state of things simply will collapse when a well organized band take the control and push around a patter family kidnapping his family to take certain maneuvers and so subtract 100 MM$. Vibrant and kinetic script that will engage you from the first sequence.
    His director, Richard Loncraine was the same one who made the glorious adaptation of Richard III in 1997.

    Don' t miss it !
    ...more info
    *** 2006. Directed by the British director Richard Loncraine. The family of the head security officer of a Seattle bank is kidnapped by a gang of bank thieves. Average thriller for a rainy sunday night - it seems to rain a lot in Seattle - FIREWALL is just popcorn movie, quickly seen, quickly forgotten. Well, yes, as Mary Lynn Rajskub plays the secretary of Harrison Ford, every time she calls him Jack, I was teleported into a 24 - Seasons 1 - 6 episode. Can we call that originality ? Already forgotten....more info
  • A nice one after a long time
    I enjoyed every single minute of this movie. A change after a long time...more info
  • Yeah, implausible
    But entertaining enough to pass some time. Not as bad as some say, but Harrison where have you gone?...more info
  • 2 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    A shameful return for Harrison Ford, Firewall is a study in unoriginal mediocrity that delights in proving to the audience, again and again, that exactly what they think is about to happen is indeed about to happen....more info
  • Very mediocre

    This is essentially nothing more than an assembly line action film: you've already seen it, even if you haven't. So if an assembly line, no surprises action film is what you're in the mood for, then by all means pick up Firewall - it delivers everything you'd expect, from the cool modern sheen to the idyllic family breakfast, to the snarling kidnapper, the panicked phone call, and the mano-e-mano finale. To complain that it is somehow stale or uninspired would be the height of useless redundancy: how can it not know how unoriginal it is?

    What you look for in these types of films are the touches of color, the grace notes, the small tweakings of the formula. Unfortunately in Firewall, those touches are few and far between. Mary Lynn Rajskub is okay - her role as Jack's secretary is played with what feels like the right amount of pertness or sass. Ford is in Jack Ryan mode. I can buy Bettany as a villian, but the script gave him very little to say. I guess this might be kind of fun to watch with a partner, but to anyone looking for anything more I'd say skip it. ...more info
  • Another winner featuring Harrison Ford
    Within the last week I have seen two different "the bad guys have kidnapped my family" flicks. Where Cellular was very uneven, with points where I was just ready to give up, Firewall was a great little thriller. Ford's character is a network security expert who faces a choice between handing over millions of dollars or having his family killed.

    There are at least one or two moments where the movie takes a left turn which really keeps the action moving along. Playing a great supporting role is 24's Chloe, Mary Lynn Rajskub. Fans of action thrillers and/or Harrison Ford will most certainly enjoy Firewall....more info
  • Helping the enemy
    Harrison Ford stars as a security specialist for a bank. His family is kidnapped and he is forced to break into his own computer system in order to get money for the extortionists. He is losing his family at the same time that his efforts to save them make him look guilty of stealing money from the bank. Ford has played similar roles numerous times, but that may be why he's so good at it. He has a capable supporting cast, including Paul Bettony as the villain, Virginia Madsen as Ford's wife, and Mary Lynn Rajskub, as his secretary. Although similar plots have appeared in several movies, this one does provide a good evening's entertainment....more info
  • This filmis shot too too dark
    I love Ford harrison movies and this is not a bad story but the film is shot in such dark showdy lighthing by the cinematographer that it is unwatchable that it ruins the film and all the acting, directing and writing in it. ...more info
  • Great thriller though not extremely original...
    I first of all want to say that in this case 3/5 stars is in no way meant to say this movie is bad at all. I couldn't in good conscience give it 4 stars though as I reserve that for movies which are almost classic. I rented Firewall without knowing much about it besides that I generally like Harrison Ford as an actor and a person (besides some recent lifestyle decisions, I actually think he's a decent respectable guy compared to many of the emerging faces in Hollywood...) I haven't seen many of his films I haven't liked, besides Hollywood Homicide and K-19 Widowmaker (I actually semi-enjoyed 6 Days 7 Nights) and hadn't heard much about this one and I wanted to watch something I hadn't seen yet, so my wife and I rented it. We were both pleasantly surprised by this movie. It is an example of a good thriller. It lacked any type of sexuality, didn't have extreme violence, and had just a little bad language (there is an F word). This is refreshing considering how crude so many movies are today. The pacing of the movie was great. It started out quickly and was tense throughout. Unlike many movies, you actually cared about the characters and their fates and you actually hated the bad guy (played very well by Paul Bettany). The ending was abrupt and I would have liked to have seen a little bit more of a wind-down, showing the characters in the aftermath of a traumatic event, but the ending was pretty typical for this type of movie. All in all, Firewall doesn't tread much new ground, it isn't going to win an award, and it probably won't be remembered much 10 years from now, but it is a good Harrison Ford film, it is good entertainment, it is exciting, and worth at least a rental. I wouldn't call this one of my favorite movies ever, but did thoroughly enjoy it and would recommend it....more info
  • Firefly
    Mark Twain once said that the difference between the right word and the word that's almost right is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug. Firewall, starring Harrison Ford, and the still exquisite Virginia Madsen, is a firefly. It has all the elements of a taut thriller, highly pressurized situations, loathsome baddy, sympathetic good guys, excellent production value, acting, and cinematography. The only thing missing is the thrill.

    This is such familiar country for Harrison Ford that one wonders if he even needs to look at the scripts anymore. He's in a jam, his family is in danger, and he must single-handedly battle insane odds and triumph. Most familiar of all is his pained look, reflecting deep interior anguish. We are so accustomed to seeing Harrison Ford looking haunted, stoically suffering in silence, that we must wonder if he gets a royalty every time somebody else looks like this. His acting is fine, indeed the acting is fine throughout, but there's nothing unfamiliar or unexpected happening.

    Alan Arkin and Robert Forster - both excellent actors - aren't on-screen long enough to help the cause. The plot offers no "aha" twists, which are a staple of films like this. Worst of all, the evil mastermind - always the fulcrum of a thriller - played by Paul Bettany, gets less interesting and convincing as the film advances. He begins well, a dispassionate, cerebral Brit that has done his homework very carefully. But instead of controlled, implied violence - far more powerful in a thriller - he vents his anger impulsively, ironically at his own henchmen. (Poor leadership skills.) In the plus column, how he meets his well-deserved fate is totally satisfying.

    "High-tech" computer world drama is hard to present on screen; that said, the film fails on this level as well. It is actually quite low-tech. The movie "Inside Man," starring Clive Owen, is flawed, but at least it's a bank robbery movie fueled by a very interesting, unexpected idea. The same could not be said of Firewall. ...more info
  • Firewall
    This movie has a very interesting plot,very different than the ones we have seen lately of Harrison Ford.I do not want to explain the plot it is very entertaining.I strongly suggest that if you like Harrison Ford you should see this movie.The story is great....more info
  • great movie
    Watch Video Here: great movie to watch, harrison ford did a nice job. the action will keep you wanting more....more info
  • PG13 World
    I'm giving this one two stars, in part because, I suppose, there is a certain technical sleekness to Firewall. Kind of like showing up for class and getting a C minus (or D plus). But I'd love to go ahead and pull the trigger and give Firewall one star, just for the pure cynical calculation behind the making of the movie. Firewall is yet another PG-13 movie, playing it safe, staying within the bounds of whatever Hollywood deems as "conventional" thriller (which now includes food allergies for the kids). Harrison Ford, as Jack Stanfield (strong name alert), wheezes his way through the connect-a-dots plot, while Virginia Madsen, as Stanfield's wife, looks glad for the paycheck, but that's about it. She's supposed to be carrying on an affair with one of Stanfield's associates - which is tacked on as an afterthought. Heavens! Being a super soccer mon (and architect!), when would she have the time? Yes, ladies, in a PG-13 world, you can still have it all. That said however, Madsen at least seems to have a pulse as she mother-hens the kids and the family dog through the danger. Ford, on the other hand, just looks alarmingly gray most of the time (skin, not hair). Paul Bettany is OK, I guess, as the villain who puts together a rather ridiculous high tech plot to steal money. But I've seen him in much better films. Like Madsen, he's collecting a paycheck.

    As an alternative, consider watching Spike Lee's Inside Man (which I watched the same weekend), and see what a well-scripted, well-acted, thriller can be. Skip this turkey. ...more info
  • Harrison Ford at his finest...
    I had seen this movie long before I bought it, and I think it is one of Harrison Ford's finest moments. I have always considered Ford to be nearly the best actor - and this movie is a classic. He so well portrays a father, a loving husband, an office working man, and everyday guy, a desperate man, but he plays well an older man who has real human limitations, fears, and frustrations. This is an ABSOLUTE MUST SEE for anyone, but especially Harrison Ford fans.
    Paul Bettany also does a bag-up job, very convincing in some parts. Almost scary....more info
  • Harrison Bored
    I really love most movies and I'm not usually critical; but I'm glad that I only rented this one. The character development was so completely lacking that when a home invasion/family kidnapping happened and it seemed that the lead character's family member might be at risk of being hurt; it was kind of a "who cares" moment. Overall; this movie was kind of a "who cares" 144 minutes. There was certainly no lesson or moral to be learned from this tale. The acting was poor; but the plot was poorer. Let's see, you're the security czar for a mid-sized chain of banks in the United States and you have no provisions for your own personal security...hmmm.... I guess to prevent the poor plot from feeling self-conscious the writers added in lots of hokey technology to keep us shaking our heads and wondering if we somehow blinked and missed the part that made all of this nonsense seem plausible. The only outcome after watching this is a feeling that maybe the world is a scarier place than I have thought it was. Does someone stand to benefit from an increased level of social fear in the United States? ... hmmm... Sorry; I usually love Harrison Ford movies; but not even he could save this one....more info
  • Admirable technical accuracy; ingenious plot; brilliant execution.
    As a computer network security engineer, I found Firewall one of the few films to depict network technologists as the competent, courageous, thoughtful, ingenious, and great-looking people they are in real life. Harrison Ford is a highly plausible network security specialist, and his work scenario is a realistic one: the security guru for a major corporation that suffers to see his well protected security infrastructure dismantled by a disinterested bean counter after the organization is bought by a larger company.

    As bank IT expert Jack Stanfield, Ford faces all the challenges any network professional does day in and day out -- hacker attacks, equipment breakdowns, office politics, mergers and acquisitions, home invaders, and armed assault. Well, maybe not the last two.

    The producer of Firewall strove for extreme technical accuracy. Unlike virtually every other movie depicting computers, the screens in Firewall don't beep with every character displayed, don't respond to silly commands like "solve problem," and don't have thousands of blinking lights. Every computer interaction is realistic, and screen close-ups actually make sense. In one early scene, Ford types an access control list into a Cisco PIX firewall, and what he types is legitimate Cisco code that would accomplish what his character says it would. Frankly, I've *never* seen that in any movie before.

    There are some vigorous action sequences in the movie that portray a tad more physical activity than most of us experience during the workday. But that is the only flaw in this otherwise perfect rendering of the modern network guru. And for those skeptical about Ford's re-purposing of an iPod and fax machine into a screen scanner with attached storage, I ask "What? You haven't done that?"...more info
  • Dull and idiotic
    Besides pretty much knowing the ending shortly after the beginning, the movie is just dumb. The characters for the most part are flat, the twists are unbelievable, and everything in the story lacks any reality. The incredibly high tech bank is run on a rack of pc equipment, but somehow is now run remotely and all of the maintenance terminals are missing. As if the full rack of gear needs some green screens in order to work. Sorry. Then of course the hackers need to do a home invasion in order to get physical access to the system. Hmm. And then they take several days, only to stumble when the maintenance terminals are missing. So, in a flash of brilliance Harrison Ford rips out the scanning bar from an all in one printer and plugs it into an ipod. And then tapes it to the screen so that they can capture the screen output. Because everyone knows most people like to watch numbers scroll on the screen and there is no such thing as cat or pipes. But, if you believe you can pull some stuff out of a printer and click it into your ipod and suddenly have a portable text capture device, well i guess the rest of it makes sense. but then, the wireless video cameras all had fisheye lenses. which makes sense because there is a wireless toy car that takes all of them out temporarily, since it obviously uses the same frequency. which we know because in the beginning of the movie it causes huge interference on a computer screen. since after all, most computer screens connect to the pcs using a wireless transmitter. that cable you plug in the back is really just an antenna. and you will believe that only bad guys get hurt when automatic weapons spray buildings and older computer guys can beat the crud out of younger armed psychopathic criminals with british accents. And that there is great wireless coverage throughout the empty areas of washington state, so that you can drive in a car with your laptop and have constant internet access.

    so, what was there to like in the movie? hmm. it was consistent. nothing made much sense from the start to the end. oh, and one of the computer guys looked like he actually could be a computer guy. but of course he was killed for being nice. or in the way. or whatever.

    watch bladerunner for the 15th time instead. ...more info
  • "Oh my God, what you do want?"
    After a promising start, this film loses its way and ends up being a slightly below average thriller. The premise is definitely intriguing: a group of men holds hostage the family of the VP of Security of a bank and want him to transfer $100 million from various accounts into their offshore egg nest, in exchange for his family safety. The problem is that after establishing the basic premise, the story gets convoluted and quickly moves towards the realm of the unbelievable, with some situations that are pretty unreal.

    Harrison Ford plays the role of Jack, the bank's employee whose family is kidnapped, and he does a fairly good job with the elements he has at his disposal. The fact that some of the scenes are borderline silly is not his fault. Paul Bettany is very convincing in his role as a villain, and he manages to draw some hate from the audience with his portrayal of the leader of the thieves. The rest of the members of the cast do not deserve much praise, and I was especially disappointed by the overdone emotions infused to her character by Virginia Madsen.

    Those people that do not mind when a movie has farfetched situations may enjoy this movie more than I did. However, I think that even these people will have to agree that there are many better thrillers available in the market. This one should get a pass....more info
  • Suspenseful
    This movie was suspenseful, a fugitive quality movie. Harrison Ford was great and never seems to age. I like the selection of actors and the scene dynamics. The Action, music, and acting were suspenseful.

    Plot: Jack is head of computer security, at a local bank in Seattle with 27 branches and an airtight security system. Jack misdirects hackers by leading them to false accounts. The thieves realize they can't penetrate the system, so seek an inside job.

    Identity theft occurs and Jack is accused of Internet gambling fraud of $95,000.

    Jack wrote the banking software and understands the security systems. Jack and Henry are involved in merger takes with a large bank with over $200 million dollars in assets. A theft and his five-team (impersonating pizza delivery) kidnap Jacks family and force him to steal $100 millions deliverable to five Cayman offshore accounts. Sarah, the daughter, asks one of the thieves," why do you hate us" and he replies, "Sarah, I don't hate you - I just don't care about you." After the death of the first thief, Beth starts working on convincing the remaining thieves that Cox will not let them live because he wants all the money for himself. The thieves don't seem persuaded by her comments, with the exception of one, but he does little to aid in their escape.

    Cox is cruel. He purposefully causes the little boy, Andrew to go into an allergic seizure, after feeding a cookie with nuts. Jack must beg for the medication. At that point Jack decides he must steal the money.

    The thieves like the Cayman accounts for its low income tax. Jack uses an ipod and fax scanner input to record maintenance screen images of accounts and then uses optical character recognition to reverse the images into text for upload into the thieves' databases. The thieves have a way to setup accounts in the Cayman Islands.

    Jack fires his secretary. Jack uses Bills PDA to take a picture of wire account; he uses to transfer the $100 million dollars. Later, Jack tells his secretary, he was forced to fire her by thieves, and they need Bill's pda. Bill has been chasing the secretary and leaving flowers and inviting her to religious revivals. Jack uses the wire account to reverse the $100 million back into the bank, believing he will protect his family. Cox has plans to kill the family and takes them to a remote house near a lake. Jack uses the dogs GPS tracking system to local the family and rescue them. Jack saves the bank and his family.

    It is unclear, if Henry was involved in theft. Cox discloses to Jack that they were inside already at the time of introduction. Cox had control of Jacks computer when he tries to send a emergency email. Henry tells Cox, he can't believe the deal is happening. What deal is Henry excited about.

    Jack discovered encrypted files under the name "cox". Henry was the person who introduced Cox to Jack. Cox introduces himself as an entrepreneur.

    After Cox obtains the electronic money, he frames Jack for the murder of Henry. The plot was Henry was having an affair with Jack's wife, Beth, and Jack kills Henry in Jealous rages after Jack discovers the affair. Jack then was to disappear and the thieves escape with their money.

    However, Jack is hiding at the time of Henry murder by Cox, and kills the thief assigned to kill him. Jack reverses the action by taking back the thieves money by wire transfer and tracks down Cox.

    Cox himself kills two his team and Jack kills three (one with a food mixture and the other by automobile) and one in a fight. Cox and Jack remain, and it's a one on one fight between the two, with Cox dying by gruesome means.

    ...more info
  • suspenseful, good story
    A terriffic Harrison Ford movie. My son is an IT, so that's what drew me to the movie to begin with....more info
  • Firewall
    this is a great movie
    i liked the entire movie
    a great suspense thriller ...more info
  • Firewall DVD ~Harrison Ford
    Good action and suspense. Kept my attention throughout the entire movie. Good plot. Type of movie I would reccomend to others to watch. All in all, satisfied with my purchase and the content of this movie....more info