Absolutely MAD Magazine - 50+ Years
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Absolutely MAD DVD Collection collects over 600 issues of MAD magazine, one of the classic humor magazines. Every issue is here, from 1952 to 2006 -- 460 issues in all. It also includes most of the Special Editions: XL's, Super Special and Color Classics. There's even interviews with the many of the writers, Spy VS Spy animation video, Spy VS Sky Mountain Dew commercials and much more.

  • Every issue of MAD Magazine on 2 DVDs
  • Read every single page as they were originally published - all the stories, letters pages, articles, and advertisements
  • Includes video clip interviews from the MAD writers and clips of Spy vs Spy animation
  • Over 600 complete printable issues, cover to cover, that’s over 17,500 scanned pages in full color
  • A truly interactive experience and can leverage the success of the late night show to introduce MAD Magazine to an entire new generation of consumers.

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Product, Terrible Packaging
    This product is a comprehensive digital presentation of Mad magazine. It made a perfect gift for my father, who had all his original copies destroyed by his unruly children once we discovered them (30 year old magazines with "fold-ins" don't hold up well in the hands of eight year olds).

    The packaging is terrible, however. The item arrived damaged but I do not see any way it could not have been, based on the design (all paper, double thick in all the wrong parts, ready to be smashed into an accordian-like thing in the mail). The DVD was inserted into the packaging but had come loose. It needed to be cleaned before being played due to scratches.

    If there is a second edition, I would look to the recent digital re-prints of Rolling Stone and Playboy for better packaging ideas.

    Still, the DVD itself was well worth the price....more info
  • Alfred E Numan for pres
    I grew up with mad, and everything I remember is there. There was a glitch in delivery, but it was resolved quickly. I will be reading Mad magazine instead of working for weeks.... ...more info
  • A gift for a teenaged daughter.
    This item was a gift for my 14 year old daughter, who requested it for her birthday. She seems to like it. ...more info
  • Finally. It's portable and almost complete.
    The only disadvantage is that this edition misses the fabulous index of the first attempt at publishing MAD on CD - the fabulous 6 CD set by Broderbund....more info
  • Absolutely Mad
    I grew up reading Mad magazine and still have a few copies that are over 30 years old that are falling apart. This is a wonderful collection of over 600 issues on software, and its more that 50 years of goofy stuff from the "Usual Gang of Idiots" I just plug it in and pull up the year I want. It's 53 years of Mad Magazine all on 1 DVD~ROM. Way too fun!
    I was glad it was for Mac.Absolutely MAD Magazine - 50+ Years...more info
  • At Least It's All There
    Poorly scanned, though. And not enough resolution to enjoy reading on a computer. Nor to print well. But at least it's all there on one DVD....more info
  • Not on Vista!
    I am disappointed because this sounds like a great program but I am unable to order it because I am a Vista user and it isnt offered on Vista!...more info
  • Its is over 50 years of MAD Magazine, 'nuff said
    It is 50 years of MAD, a must own for any fan. Its like having every issue, plus you can search for things. Brings back many good memories....more info
  • Great DVD - Amazon Description Incorrect!
    This is a great DVD set. However, there are two separate Amazon listings with a lot of incorrect information. The correct description should state that Issues 1 through 460 (1952-2005) plus all special editions are included on ONE DVD. There is no version from this publisher that has TWO DVD's. Both Amazon listings for this set state that there are 2 DVD's. There is only 1 dual-layer DVD version that came out in August 2006. For this Amazon listing, the description states that it includes Issues 1 through 460 (1952 through 2006). However, Issue 460 is from December 2005. The other Amazon listing provides the correct year range of 1952 through 2005. This Amazon listing states that all issues are scanned in full color. They may be scanned in color, but Mad Magazine was only in color from from 1952 through mid-1955 (Issues 1-23). Then the magazine was in black and white through 1999. In 2000, the issues started combining color and black and white. By issue 460, the issues were mostly in full color. The correct title for this set should be "Absolutely MAD: 53 Years of MAD Magazine on 1 DVD-ROM."...more info
  • it's great but be careful
    the contents of this dvd rom are excellent but be careful not to scratch or smudge the disc because you might then soon enough have to send it off to get repaired somewhere. dvd roms are much more sensitive to damage than cd roms are. it's a very delicate medium, unfortunately....more info
  • Fine.
    I have had no trouble using this disc. I wondered why they only have 5 or 6 pages out of each XL issue but then decided the missing pages were reprints of earlier material already on the disc. The 5 or 6 pages are the only original material. Otherwise, nice compact way to have all the issues up to the the print date of the disc....more info
  • Absolutely marvelous!
    I grew up with Mad magazine and loved every second of reading them. Unfortunately, I never had the foresight to save the past issues. I do recall cutting out many illustrations for various school purposes, though.

    Here I have found a dream come true. Every issue on disk, including many from before my viewing years, so I can check out the history of the mag as well.

    Some of the jokes are dated, some politically obscure, but all of the movie and tv parodies are as funny now as they were then.

    A terrific ****(out of 5) find that I heartily endorse. The only caveat is that quality viewing may be limited to your monitor size. If it's big, you'll be able to read small print, but if it's small you'll have to blow it up to view and that can get tiresome quickly. You'll have to scan left to right, up and down to see whole pages. But even so, I find it well worth it just to have these treasures....more info
  • Cant get enough of Mad!
    I have always been a fan of Mad since I was a boy. Sadly where I live Mad is a banned commodity and not allowed. When this came out I was jumping for joy all over the house!! I could not believe it that I can actually go back in time and relive what was missed.

    From time to time I would print specific pages issues that really should be read over and over. Like the star wars special color editions. I had to back this DVD up on several places just in case I loose it. All in all u must get this if u just want to laugh and laugh and laugh!
    ...more info
  • Excellent!
    No strange software/driver/player to install: just plain PDF files with clickable index.
    I couldn't want more.
    Leo...more info
  • Fun but you would think the scans would be better quality
    I am having lots of fun going through the magazines, though it took me a while to realize that the specials are linked to where the original articles were. I would have thought that the professionals who put this together should have been able to do a better job with the scans, many of which are poor quality. Reading the files is also made a bit inconvenient since you have to increase the size to 150, which is more than a full size screen. Even with these disappointments the collection is still lots of laughs....more info
  • Don't be CHEAP! Buy this now!
    My son subscribes to mad and I of course, read it in the '70's. What a great gift for the whole family! I find the adobe reader easy to access and see. Nice graphics and hours of viewing pleasure! All the covers are here too. So, what? Me Worry? Not anymore because you can get absolutely every Mad Mag ever written in one place! ...more info
  • Just got it today
    I just recieved this lovely item in the mail today and I see just a few things wrong with it. The magazines are all in pdf format so for me it's a little difficult to navigate...but I'll get the hang of it eventually. It's a great magazine and a great buy for the money if you LOVE mad and have to have ALL the issues through 2005, but I would suggest if you already have the older version of mad on cd-rom then stick with that until you are through and then switch to this one to read the rest. I love the fact that when you put the disc in it actually seperates the magazines into decades for you and it also seperates the special issues from the regular issues. PDF format is ok for some people, but I liked the way the other version handled just fine....more info
  • No Bonus Material from Super Specials, etc.
    I thought I would be able to "retire" my old seven-CD set, but I guess I won't be able to. As far as I can tell, this DVD version has none of the bonus material that came with the old "More Trash From Mad," "Mad Super Specials," etc, reprint collections. No reproductions of stickers, no PDF files of stuff that was bound into the collections, no music from flex-discs. I also can't find the paperback covers promised on the back of the DVD box...OR the "stickers, posters, maps, postcards, labels and much more."

    Sigh. Why couldn't this have been done RIGHT?...more info
  • The worst ever!
    This is the worst product I have ever viewed. I have spent at least 12 straight hours checking. I intend to spend another 14 hours tomorrow, just to be sure. If it takes me weeks or months, I will get to the bottom......more info
  • "Heaving Can Wait" !!!
    This DVD is solid (yeech!) gold!!! As an owner of the original "Totally Mad" CD-Rom, I must say that the ability to jump between decades without switching discs makes this DVD a MUST-HAVE. The packaging is beautiful (unlike other GIT offerings), and .PDF formatting means you can move around or send as many or as few issues as you like to other machines. As a laptop user, I don't want a disc constantly spinning in the drive; it heats things up, AND eats battery life. With the .PDF's, just drag a year or two of issues onto the HD, and you're set.

    One thing I did notice is that the search function scans the actual TEXT in the magazines, as opposed to the "Totally Mad" set, which had a search function that seemed to be compiled by a much more "in-the-loop" individual or group of individuals. For example: Type "Heaven Can Wait" into the old search, and "Heaving Can Wait" will come right up. In the new volume, it will not locate the parody, because the "real" title isn't in the text of the article. Also, I had a pal who interned at MAD in the early '90's. If you typed his name in the old TM search, a "Lighter Side" that pictured him will come up. With the new, only 3 issues that had his actual name in the contents page credits (under "intern") will show up, NOT the gag he was written into.

    A small price to pay for the ease and convenience of this new set.

    I absolutely love it. But then again, I absolutely love scabies, paper-cuts and scalding bouts of diarrhea!!!

    Get yours today.
    ...more info
  • Banzai Mad Magazine!
    I read Mad Magazine on and off as a kid, so it's great to be able to see the old magazine I had before, as well as the ones I haven't yet had a chance to see.

    The resolution of the PDF files is pretty good. I think it's a nice package.

    ...more info
  • MAD Magazine Archives DVD
    Came in about 8 days - plenty of time to send to my brother for Christmas. Was new in package....more info
  • You will go MAD reading this. And that's a good thing!
    Wow. To think I have box after heavy box filled with old MAD Magazines in my house and even that only goes back to the 80s. Now I can toss all those out and just have everything on one coaster sized DVD (yes it is on one DVD desipite it mentioning two somewhere above). But just kidding, I could never part with my paper copies, but still this DVD is a MUST HAVE for any MAD fan. I mean it has every single issue up through 2005 on it (so it is one year shy of being totally complete, but I guess they had to draw the line somewhere). Still 52 years of a magazine on one DVD is pretty darn impressive.

    It is easy to get started too. Nothing to really install. After upgrading to Adobe 7.0 which is suggested, I was on my way. The interface is simple, you simply start with the decade you want, then narrow it down to a year, and then are presented with all the covers for the choices for that year. The regular issues are on the left and the specials on the right. I am not a huge fan of Adobe usually, but for this sort of product it does the job. It is easy enough to move pages, zoom in, etc. However I didn't realize everytime I'd look at a new issue, it opened a new tab on my bottom task bar. I must have had 30+ tabs open at one point. Oh well, such MADness. The way the Super Specials and other reprint issues are handled is OK. Instead of being able to flip through all 100 pages in a row like with the regular issues, you are only given the cover, contents, and any pages that were NEW material. All the previously reprinted material is available by clicking the link in the table of contents and you are taken to the issue it first appeared to view it that way. I suppose that makes sense rather than double and triple printing articles to save space. But just be aware, you can't page through the specials like you can the regular issues. The few Color Classics issues from the 90s and 2000s are intact however as those reprints were "new" since they were in color for the first time. Oh and on the regular issues you can also click on the content page listing to be taken right to a particualr article which is handy.

    I looked briefly at the extras and there a bunch of interviews, some animated Spy Vs. Spy moments from the early days of MADTV and some "web only" articles that have appeared over the years too. Seems like some good stuff to go back and check out when I have more time, especially the interviews. It would have been nice as the other review mentioned to have some of the classic MAD audio files, but I guess you can't get too greedy.

    For a little over $40, to have 50+ Years of MAD on ONE DVD... I wish I could go higher than FIVE STARS because this is a must have for all MAD fans. And even the packing is nice. Instead of a sleeve or even a plastic case, the DVD sits inside a fold out cardboard container designed to look like a MAD Book with several classic covers reprinted on it. So it will look great on a bookshelf or wherever you decide to display it.

    If you love MAD, you would be ABSOLUTELY MAD to NOT buy this DVD!...more info
  • A Second Generation Disappoinment
    Before there was a National Lampoon, there was Mad Magazine. Us Baby Boomers grew up with it. It was our first taste of satire and critical thinking. And Mad Magazine has not outlived it's usefulness as did the National Lampoon. Mad still satires today as good as it did yesterday, although most of the original cartoonists and editors have died.

    Years ago, Broderbund came out with a 7 CD ROM package of all the Mad Magazines printed. It had a superior user interface which quickly located every article and cartoon in the collection. It even had every fold in and sticker collection. And it had the infamous MAD songs included.

    This DVD collection is a poor substitute. It claims also to have all the stickers- I've yet to find them in the collection. Compared to the Broderbund collection this version is boring and a pain to search.

    This is a case where so called improved technology made a disaster of one of the funniest magazines in existance....more info
  • I'm MAD about Mad
    I have loved Mad Magazine since I was a young tot on my mother's knee. My uncles used to buy them to read and I would sneak their copies as soon as I could steal them. I actually remember a particular issue featuring Batman from the early 70's. Now having 53 years of Mad Magazine at my finger tips is a dream come true. I just hope it does not take another 53 years for the rest of the issues to appear on DVD.

    Thanks for making me MAD...more info
  • The Best of Times - The Worst of Times
    I have the older version of MAD, which is not from the same company. Kudos for this version in every respect but one (and I may be in error).
    First, the old program suffers from a pain-in-the-(insert word here) interface, with no flexibility. This new version is all PDF. Transfer to your PDA and have fun!!!! It has some pretty good extras, like the covers of the paperbacks, which happened to be the only way we could get to see early stories like Starchie.
    I gave this 5 stars because of the ease of porting this from one PC to Mac to PDA. Now the big downer: As far as I can tell, there are no audio files. No Gall in the Family Fare? the audio parody of Archie Bunker? Aw, c'mon! Is that such a big deal? In the 7 CD version there are very few sound files, so it's not a space issue.
    Lastly, from a former printer, the register is not always great, as if they used poorly printed pages here and there. Print colors bleed. However, buy this one; it will not get any better. Find someone who has the old audio inserts or the original programs. Or, maybe I missed it, but dagnabit! I sure looked for them boogers. [Added] After more looking, they actually show the vinyl record and its reverse side, which is blank, but do not have the sound files. I don't really care about the extras like Spy animations that were not part of the original issues, especially when they leave out a key essential as a vocal version of a classic parody that WAS part of the originals.
    It's a great value. It's the most flexible of releases. Those who remember Broderbund's obscenely overly done protection will feel great relief. Put out a great product and people will buy it. Buy this....more info