Dead Or Alive Xtreme 2
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Join the DOA girls once again on Zack's Island in DOA Xtreme 2; the sequel to the most thrilling beach game every created: DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball. Play & explore at your own pace as you compete in all new island activities. Play as one of the nine beautiful DOA girls and experience first-hand the way resort life was meant to be enjoyed. The gorgeous women of DOA come to life in a fun, beautiful island environment complete with the most stunning graphics on any system and all new cinematics. It wouldn't be DOA without some competition - Play in single-player mode, story mode, or challenge others in versus mode or through Xbox Live!

  • Select your favorite jet-ski and experience the speed and exhilaration of riding through the crystal blue waves, as you race your opponents to the finish line
  • Beach Volleyball action is back again matching you against your opponents with the most realistic volleyball mechanics ever created
  • Enjoy more mini-games like the fan-favorite Hopping Game, demonstrate your balance with Butt Battle, show your quickness with Beach Flag, test your strength with tug of war, or just have fun on the slippery new Water Slide
  • Gamble the night away -- the Casino feature is back with updates and even more games to test your luck
  • Snap pictures of your favorite DOA girls and save them to your Xbox360 hard drive. The choices are endless as you dress your favorite DOA girls in thousands of swimsuits along with numerous accessories

Customer Reviews:

  • Great graphics, but way boring..
    First of all, I'm a girl, I enjoyed the first game even though it's suppose to be all eye-candy. I thought Volleyball was good and collecting the cute (and some quite ugly) swimsuits for the girls made it slightly like a dress-up game, which is something I've always liked.

    At first sight, I thought with all the bonus minigames, how could the second game ever be boring?

    I have a lot of problems with this game...

    1: The swimsuits are awful. There were about 20 I would actually concider buying and giving a girl. A lot of swimsuits had awful, disgusting colors, way too bright or way too dark and like... yellowgreenish dark. Yuck!
    Some swimsuits are just some jewelry covering the private parts, those "swimsuits" is something I would never buy.
    So buying and gifting was not appealing at all to me.

    2: The items are EXPENSIVE. The cheapest stuff close to 1000-3000, the most expensive like 6 million dollars (!!!!!).
    Not only is it annoying to try see how many zeros there are, but you have to be the best in every single minigame to even get close to get enough money to buy things. In the first game, I gave the girls nailpolish, flowers, hats, some quite swimsuits, but in this game I can rarely afford anything. It's like you're struggling forever and you still can't afford the things you like.

    3: In the first game, the other girls started out weak and became stronger the more you played them. They do not in this game, you get professional players every single game. So the second is that you are not allowed to train on any of the minigames as long as you want, you can only play a minigame 3 times a day, then you are forced to go to bed and start over the next day. In butt-battle I sometimes get knocked down within 2 seconds, how am I suppose to learn how to get the other girl in the water if I can't train as long as I like?
    The same goes for Volleyball, if you loose to much your partner leaves you, and when you don't have cash, you can't give her a gift so she'll stay, and then you can't play volleyball AT ALL. Only if you end your vacation and start over again. But that's not very fun.

    4: The minigames are not very rewarding, if you become the winner you get 30.000. That's cheap concidering how hard the NPC's are. And you won't get cash very quickly if you loose a lot like me.
    Jet Ski is the easiest game to get cash, only annoyance is that I've had other girls push my girl out of the course and get disqualified. And what does my girl say when I bump into them? "Sorry".
    I'm not sorry, I want to push them away, but if you bump into them, they push you. HARD. You have to be careful not to even touch them, or else it's very easy being knocked into a cliff and not get out.

    I play this game 10 minutes a time at the most, I can't say anything about LIVE because I don't have the availability to play it. The game becomes tedious and boring, because there's no reward in the game, you just struggle and struggle and don't get anything back.

    I did like that you aren't forced to listen to Lisa's tutorial just because you want a partner, instead random girls offer to take you around the island. Also the "go back to the hotel" automatically chooses the hotel you are staying at, I didn't understand why you were forced to press in the first game when the only thing you could do was pressing the button.
    But the game just dosen't offer enough to be fun....more info
  • TOO Bounce! but Crazy Tasty^^!!!!!
    i could not Find this game in Store Brand New! so i looked on here & WAM!!! a New one for a Cheap Price!!!!! so i dove Right in for the chance to get this game, & for me, it was Not a let down!!!!
    thanx for the low price & great quality of the s&h!!!!!!!...more info
  • Just doesn't work
    Don't bother. The best part of the game is the intro movie that leads up to the title screen. It goes all downhill from there. The controls of just about every game just don't really work all that well. Trying to get these girls to be your friends is just not worth the aggrevation as they always get mad and leave you for seemingly unknown reasons. And then you need to have friends to play volleyball, so you end up stuck just lapping around a lake in a jet ski.

    I will be honest in that I only gave this game about an hour of playtime. If there is more to unlock if you stick through the annoyances, I don't know... it isn't all that clear. But I can't see anyone actually giving this game the time to really progress in the game....more info
    When I first played this game it was strange to me,I played the first game and loved it as much as I love this game. Apparently,now the characters speak English instead of Japanese,there are more games than the first one, and it's funner than the first one. What this game offers more than the first one does is it ensures that you can still have plenty of fun even after your volleyball partner ditches you. And although this game's opening video isn't as sexy as the first game's, it's still hot.But on a parental note,neither this game or the first one is for kids because they both have a mature rating.The first one is rated mature for mature sexual themes,gambling,and nudity. The second is for partial nudity, sexual themes, and simulated gambling. If you're a Dead or Alive fan you should definitely check out both games. And for those of you who gave scores that this game doesn't deserve, #@** you! And right now I'm giving you the double bird. Even though I'm nearly a 15-year- old guy I'm passionate about this series,both the fighting and volleyball games.I'm ACEMAN1 AND i love video games....more info
  • A very strange but enjoyable game...
    This game is weird... even though the description on the box may have you thinking that this is a game about volleyball and jet ski racing, this game appears to be some kind of distorted perspective on female social hierarchies by the (obviously male) developers. Either that, or a joke.

    However, there is something really compelling about it, and I'm not just talking about the hot women or the mind-boggling "bounce" physics (mind-boggling in a bad way ie it is distracting to the point it is like hypnosis gone wrong); there is a really addictive and compelling aspect to this game that I can't quite put my finger on.

    Despite its flaws and the fact its essentially soft-core pornography this game is addictive. There is always something to do, always swim suits to buy, always friends to make. And its a good game just to chuck on when you're bored and don't want to think to hard about anything. The only thing is that the achievements take an insanely long time to get.

    If you're playing this game I would recommend setting the voices to Japanese and playing along with music on your HDD. If you set the voices to English, have some balsa wood nearby or something because you are going to want to smash someone over the face with how intensely annoying it is. Also the available soundtrack to this game is like throwing yourself into a tree-shredder.

    I'd recommend this game to anyone who wanted something more from the Dead or Alive series. And by "more" I really mean "less" as in less clothing. ...more info
  • Why did you REALLY get this game in the first place?
    First of all, I want to ask to those who are rating this game with bad scores, why in the heck did you guys buy this game in the first place? Whatever your reasons are, I bought it for one reason and one reason only; to enjoy viewing of amazing scenery, beautiful graphics, and best of all, DOA girls. I'm pretty sure many people who played this game, whether it be from renting or owning, got it on their hands for the same reason that I bought it for. I'm sure there are some exceptions such as people who had to play for reviewing, got it as a present, or got it in any way without spending any money, but that doesn't change the fact that most of us are perverts and are fascinated by any sex related topics. However, many people are saying that they got it to play a volleyball game, but I find that hard to believe. Just think about this; why do you think that Tecmo developed a game like this? Because they know that most men are perverts and would get this so called "game" even when it's actually more of a soft porn rather than an actual game.
    Basically, my point is that it's really funny to see that many of you guys are saying that this game sucks when it's real purpose isn't even to be played but rather, drooled at. It's just too ironic that people rent or buy this game knowing what kind of "game" (or in my case, porn) this is, only to end up bashing about it. Ultimately, it would be better if everyone just admit that they bought it for different reasons than to play it and just enjoy this sexually welcomed and fantasized game. Lastly, I prefer paying $20 for a "game" (which can be played for hours )and porn put in one rather than an actual porn that only lasts a few hours. Besides, if your mother catches you playing this porn, you can pass it off as a game. Can you do that with an actual porn?
    For those who were forced to play or got this game for free, you ratings are perfectly reasonable. But then, once again, it wouldn't hurt to keep it in the shelves and pull it out every once in a while when you are in need of sexual desires. :)...more info
  • DOA Xtream 2
    yes, i know what your thinking...this game must be the most clever and inspired video game since BMX XXX!

    lol, if you look at it that way, it IS...but it's also quite a bit harder.
    the patch via x-box live makes things quite a bit easier, however, it also makes getting all the suits for everyone MUCH harder.

    overall, a beautiful game, but not much else....more info
  • A Fun Little Getaway For A Femme Fighters
    If your looking for anything other than a little sexy pool-side fun with your favorite females from the DOA games than you'll want to pass this over because while you get fun and surf in the sun there is not street fighting on this island paradise. I though this was a very fun game to play because if you really know what to expect from the game it won't disappoint you, the game allows you to play any of the DOA girls from the game and so little games such as volleyball, watercraft races, water slides, playing poker or other gambling games, or just sunbathing on the beach. What I also enjoyed is that you can either play the game with the original Japanese voice cast or the English voice cast a big plus in my opinion. The graphics are great and the music they have for the area scenes are pretty good as well. The one little quest that's a little problematic is that after a few days the original partner you get to play some of the games takes off and you have to try and befriend the other women with gifts that you can purchase from the stores and that the ladies like so that they'll partner up with you when you ask. I know some miss the fighting like on DOA 4 but again the game info pretty much gives you the info on what the games really about so unless you just don't read the back of the case or don't bother to that's the buyers fault not the makers. So with all that if your a DOA fan and are curious I say check it out you have fun and of course try out all the women after the vacation time is over(The vacation for the players is 14 days than the game concludes).... ...more info
  • A bit much...
    I have played both this game and the previous Volleyball title and I have to say that this one is better, at least from a one player point of view. Not having an exhibition mode that two people can play is a downer and subtracts from the overall rating.

    The good news is that are quite a bit of additional stuff to do besides play volleyball (which is why the word 'volleyball' never shows up in the title.) There are a variety of mini games. Such as tug of war and the infamous 'butt battle' neither of which I am any good at. The volleyball play is pretty hard. Sometimes you can lose two or three games in a row right from the get go and your partner will dump you. That's a bummer.

    Recruiting new lady friends is hard because most of the girls are picky about what gifts they will accept. (On a side note this game is like a really bad relationship game. Give your girl flowers so she'll go out with you...I mean play volleyball with you. What do you want Christie? What do you want?!) Well, anyway. The graphics are nice of course if a bit much at times. Whoever designed the physics of the girls really leaned on the whammy bar when making the breasts bounce. I mean, it looks a little silly at times. The slightest move sends the things zigging and zagging, sometimes in opposite directions like a pair of water balloons. Gravity defying cleavage aside the game looks very realistic.

    If you can tolerate getting dumped by girls and then not being able to woo any new ones then you can still have a decent time, unless you suck at riding in a jet ski and bumping other girls with your butt. That makes this a pretty good game. But I might rent it first and see how much you like it....more info
  • Girls at the beach
    I played the first game and I thought it was harder than that but not really. The girls look great. The water ski race is fun. The outfits are cool. Just takes patience to get enough money to buy things. You get to take pictures of them. a plus but controlling the camera is hard and you have to buy film. Mindless game I play on the treadmill. ...more info
  • DOA - Junk
    Okay, I picked this game up because the first one was so much fun and the graphics were awesome. This one however was a let down. They changed the game play of the volleyball so much that I don't enjoy playing that part of the game. They did however add jet skies and that takes up all my time on this game. They tried to do too much and changed what wasn't broken. Overall it's a let down....more info
  • One of the worst offerings on the 360.
    As ashamed as I am to say, I played DOA X Volleyball on the original Xbox. And in a strange way, it was fulfilling, for about 5 hours. DOA X2 gets old after 5 minutes.

    DOA X2 feels like a direct port of the older game. Everything being exactly the same, no real new additions and no extractions.

    To simply summarize shortly, this game is barebones with cheap T&A, and really no redeeming value at all.

    But there IS good news. If you somehow enjoy collecting swimsuits while playing awkward volleyball, this could be the game for you. If you're sane, it is not....more info
  • DOAX2
    I Finally found out how to beat this game even though the manufacturer, Tecmo, makes their games excessively hard to beat. It's a great game once you can play and win....more info
  • Just a little upgrade from the first
    This game is the same like the first one for xbox. The only new thing is just jet raceing the rest are the same, they could had done more then just put partial nudity cause this game got boaring quick. When i first heard this game was comeing out i thought their was going to be more fun and exitment but when i played it i thought i was playing the first cause their was nothing really different exept jet raceing and some new music witch i did'nt really care for. The jet raceing was a little fun it was'nt that great but the rest was just the same. The same stuff include vollyball, pool hopskotch, relaxing near the water, buying new clothe's and figer and nail polish, and that's it they just added jet raceing. So this game was no good they should had done more in this game....more info
  • Say what you will....
    I don't care I love this game, It is the beach vacation every man wishes he could go on... It is well worth the money!...more info
  • Alittle of the same game.
    DoaX2 was just like Doax except somewhat harder. You competitors are harder, the suits are more expensive and the graphics are better. It's basically the same game, with more mini games included, that's all....more info
  • Great graphics, decent game
    I live in Oregon, where the grey days outnumber sunny days two to one. Silly as it might sound, putting on this game gives me a dose of tropical weather that actually cheers me up, especially in the dead of winter. Seeing a bunch of babes in revealing swimsuits doesn't hurt, either. The graphics in this game are simply gorgeous - far better than anything I have seen in any other game. Whatever shortcomings there are in the game play (and there are a lot), Ninja Gaiden did not skimp on the quality of the visuals here. How much you can appreciate this depends on the quality of your monitor; hi-def here is a must.

    As for gameplay, well, it ain't bad, but it's far from great. Other reviewers have covered it pretty well. The volleyball feature is harder than on the previous version, with the exception of actually being able to block. The jet-ski feature is a welcome addition. It tends to get old after a while (as does this whole game), but it's fun nonetheless. Swimsuits look really nice this time around, and "gifting" them is easier, especially if you find a list of gifts each character loves (try Googling for one - you'll find it). The mini-games are pretty much a waste of time.

    Now that you can get this game for a fraction of its original price, I fail to see how you can go wrong with this purchase, as long as you recognize that it is not a "serious" game, but is rather a casual diversion into the world of eye candy and innocuous male-centric ogling. To be honest, I look forward to a DOAX3....more info
  • Hentai
    There is really no action to this game, but it's basically a soft version of Hentai.... Not what I was expecting....more info
  • DOAX2 is an unexpected bit of sunshine
    DOAX2 appears on the outside to be a chauvanistic, over-sexed game where the sole purpose is to watch each of the characters endowments sway like sentient parasites struggling to esacape and find a new, less ditzy host body.

    Yes, There are boobs. LOTS OF BOOBS. And I'll be honest. It's why I bought the game. But, surprisingly, Team Ninja has created something here, something that is unexpectedly... fun.

    There are a whole host of games to play, including super waterslides of death, pool hopping, jet-ski racing, flag dashes, blackjack, roullette, slot machines, and of course, beach volleyball.

    I was surprised by the quality of the gameplay; this game controls very smoothly, from the volleyball matches to jet-ski racing. The graphics are gorgeous, featuring realistic looking environments, with water that looks so real, it makes you want to go for a swim yourself.

    The story is lacking, but, storylines in a glorified minigame collection never matter.

    Over all, once you get past the hyper-sexed nature of the character designs, the game is surprisingly fun, and can keep you entertained for hours at a stretch.

    Parents should remember to enforce the "M" rating though, as some of the swimsuits are so skimpy, they have to be bluured on cable telvision!

    ...more info
  • Fun game. Better than the last one.
    Love this game. If you liked the previous game than you'll love this one. There are more things to do, etc... The visuals on a 1080p TV are jaw dropping....more info