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Amazing Spider-Man Complete Comic Book Collection Win/Mac
List Price: $49.99

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Product Description

Amazing Spider-Man: The Complete Collection brings together four decades of adventures with one of the world's most famous heroes! Revisit and relive every Amazing Spider-Man comic book ever printed covering over 43 years. Including the mind-blowing 12 Milestones of Amazing Spider-Man spanning March 1963 through June 2006. A total of over 575 complete comic books including Annuals, all articles, Spider-Web column pages, Bullpen Bulletins, Pinups and every single advertisement.

  • Plus Spider-Web column pages, bullpen bulletins, and advertisements
  • Over 575 original full-length digital comic books on DVD-ROM
  • All Amazing Spider-Man comic books ever printed covering over 43 years
  • 12 milestones of Amazing Spider-Man from March 1963 to June 2006
  • Complete comic book collection with annuals, all articles, and pinups

Customer Reviews:

    This set has got everything. Almost every major Spider-man moment is in this collection. From Spider-man's first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15, his wedding, and not to forget those great super-villain battles with the Green Goblin and Venom.

    Each issue is scanned in .pdf format. It has all the original colors, ads, and fan mail printed. They are all organized by year and it says they are all printable. If you are looking for the entire Stan Lee and John Romita Sr.'s run, here it is. It is great to see where Todd Mcfarlane, the creator of Spawn got his start on old webhead. J. Michael Strackzynski, the writer of Babylon 5 also takes a crack at Spider-man's life.

    The collection covers the beginning from Amazing Fantasy #15 to Amazing Spiderman #531, which is around the start of Marvel's Civil War.

    Instead of spending thousands of dollars on purchasing back issues, you can own this entire collection for around $40-$45. If you have the ink, you can print out any issue to your heart's desire.

    The only drawbacks are around the 80s when several spider-man books begin to crossover. You only get a part of the story in Kraven's Last Hunt or Maximum Carnage. One major moment of Spider-man's life is left out, where he fights Harry Osborn as Green Goblin. The conclusion of that story took place in The Spectacular Spider-man title. That problem is going to fixed in the future as GIT Corp. has plans to release a complementary collection dvd that includes The Spectacular Spider-man, Web of Spiderman, and Peter Parker: Spider-man. They say on the boards that it will be out by fall of next year, but you never know with this company. I waited about six months for this dvd after it was delayed from its original release date from march.

    Now that I have it, I cannot wait to dig into the mythos of the old webhead. I recommend this to anyone who loves comics and loves Spider-man.

    Be sure to look out for the Ultimate Spider-man collection and there are a few others like the Hulk, Daredevil, Iron Man, and Captain America collections that are due out next year....more info
  • Amazing? You bet!
    GIT really did a fine job with these comic collections. Too bad Marvel is now going totally online and won't let anyone have the actual comics in hand anymore. *sigh* Oh, well -- but if you can get it used (or from GIT), go for it. It's definitely worth the money!...more info
  • Spiderman
    This product was delivered quickly and safely. The product was everything I hoped it would be and more....more info
  • The Best Thing to happen
    This must be the best idea Marvel has ever had.
    I found here comics I red as a kid, it brought many memories and spent
    a really good time remembering them.
    It is incredible the ammount of comics included here, there is no waste of money at all.
    The only true thing I regret is tt Marvel has cancelled its deal with GIT, the enterprise responsible for creating these treasures, and there will be no more DVD ROM from other titles, like Dare Devil or Thor.
    Instead, Marvel bets to comic online reading.

    As a Marvel fan, I really regret this, as I do not pretend to pay for comics tt I cannot keep and storage for my own kids.
    As a comic collector, I find Marvel's idea offensive.

    This DVD idea was great, as we all know tt paper comics cannot last forever.
    While many books are being digitalized, this kind of art suffers for
    corporative matters, beyond art itself.

    Anyway, get this while they're out there, you won't regret it.

    ...more info
  • Be careful of defective copies
    I rate this 5 stars based on my knowledge of the Fantastic Four and X-Men complete editions. I'm writing this review to warn people about my receiving 2 defective copies of the Spider-Man version from Amazon. I'll have to try a 3rd time....more info
  • Oh what a tangled web he weaved!
    GreatThe Amazing Spider-Man: the Complete CollectionDVD-ROM. GIT Corp. didn't get the chance to do a collection of Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spiderman though or Marvel Teamup, just as they fell short of securing the rights to do Marvel Two-in-One starring the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing. These other literary masterpieces by Marvel fill in "gaps" in the continuation of certain storylines of crossovers, but I guess you can't win them all. ...more info
  • Absolutely worth the price.
    I'm not a Spider-Man fan. I love POWERS, THE ULTIMATES, SUPREME POWER, PLANETARY and other stuff by Warren Ellis, Brian Michael Bendis, So when I bought this, I wondered if spending a whopping $49 would be worth it.

    I wanted to read Straczynski's recent run of Spider-Man, but if I was going to spend about $20 on a graphic novel, why not spend a little more for the whole thing. And that's just what you get. In addition to getting Straczynski's 4-year run (which includes Spider-Man's evolution and discovery of his totemic powers), you get everything leading up to JUNE 2006 (which is just like 3 issues ago!). And all on 1 DVD-ROM.

    True, the Cons are that when it comes to Crossovers, you only get the Amazing Spider-Man stories and reading it off your computer isn't as fun as reading the actual comics -- but that doesn't compare to getting the entire run. It's like complaining about getting a free PS3, XBox360 AND Nintendo Wii, because the box didn't come with it or you're missing one controller.

    $50 may seem steep, but if comics cost $3 now, so for the price of like one or two months worth of comics -- or for 2 books, you get everything. And it's true, you can just print out the pages if you want (so if you want to abuse your office or school's printer, go for it!)...more info
  • spidey history
    item is a neat way to have all the old issues in an easy to read format....more info
  • My brother loves it
    This product includes actual .pdf scans of the comic books. I think my brother feels like a 10 year old kid again....more info
  • Awesome
    Way too many comics too read, but it will give me something to do for another year or so....more info
  • great but will never replace physical comics
    this collection is awesome. no problems reading it on a computer monitor at all. you can adjust the zoom easily and the quality of the scanned pages is good. the only problem is i feel sitting down and reading real comics is a million times better. it just doesnt feel the same. still i will never be able to afford this collection in its physical form so i overall give it a thumbs up for its value....more info
  • Amazing Spider-Man Complete Comic Book Collection
    A excellent bargain for any Spider-Man fan. It is on a cd-rom and requires either windows or mac. A definite 5 stars....more info
  • One wonderful collection with one big caveat
    I received the ASM collection for Christmas, and I am in heaven. I followed Spidey back in the 60s and 70s, but quit reading somewhere around ASM121 - true fans will understand why. I'd always wanted to find out what happened in the last 30 years, especially with the movies coming out, but had no practical way of doing so.

    Now I have. The files are regular pdf files, so you can read them anywhere. The scans are excellent.

    Now the caveat. Yes, this is every issue of Amazing Spider Man, and until the 90s it's all you would need. However more and more as I read I'm finding out that a story started in Amazing Spider Man will have part two in the Peter Parker magazine (not included in this collection), part three in Spider Man magazine (not included in this collection), and the finale in Amazing Spider Man. So while you'll get the gist of the action, you'll miss, say, large parts of the Clone Saga.

    But don't let that discourage you. Between this collection and Wiki, you'll figure out what's going on.

    An incredible value for your money, and I'm planning on getting the Fantastic Four collection next.

    N.B.: After I wrote this review, I hit the 2001 issues. I take all the negative comments back. You can tell when Strazinski starts writing, and the last four years of this collection is worth the whole price.

    ...more info
  • awesome
    I love this purchase! The only reason I didn't give it five stars is because you still have to track down comic that stories tend to jump between like "Kraven's Last Hunt". That was the only thing that kinda sucks but I have been a spidey fan since I was a kid watching the cartoon in the 90's and have begun collecting the comics so this serves as a means to keep those comics in there best condition. AWESOME BUY! I was somewhat worried about the purchase by some of the less than happy buyers saying the disc didn't work but I have had zero problems....more info
  • Amazing!
    I bought this collection about a year ago because I had just subscribed to The Amazing Spider-Man series and I thought that this would help to limit any confusion that I had concerning the story since it had been nearly ten years since I'd laid hands on a Spidey comic.
    The image quality on this disc is great and all the stories are there with ads and all and it's just like reading it straight from the book. It's also great because you get all of the Amazing series comics for about the same price as one or two TPBs, though if you want to read complete stories from arcs that spanned across other series, like Maximum Carnage, then you'll have to buy a few TPBs anyway.
    All in all this collection is very good and I can now say that I own every single Amazing Spider-Man comic that has been released since Amazing Fantasy 15....more info