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Studio: Lions Gate Home Ent. Release Date: 01/08/2008 Run time: 21 minutes Rating: R

This science fiction blockbuster from 1990 began its production life as a very different movie than the one that was released. An adaptation of the Philip K. Dick short story "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale," Total Recall was originally conceived of with Richard Dreyfuss starring as a Walter Mitty-like character who experiences a variety of artificially induced fantasies. The movie we know is a mega-budget action epic set on Mars. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a normal working man who discovers that his entire reality has been invented to conceal a plot of planetary domination. Oscar-winning special effects and violent action propel the twisting plot, in which Arnold manipulates his manipulators in a world of dazzling high technology. Director Paul Verhoeven (Robocop) indulges his usual penchant for gratuitous bloodshed, but the movie has enough cleverness to rise above its excesses. --Jeff Shannon

This science fiction blockbuster from 1990 began its production life as a very different movie than the one that was released. An adaptation of the Philip K. Dick short story "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale," Total Recall was originally conceived of with Richard Dreyfuss starring as a Walter Mitty-like character who experiences a variety of artificially induced fantasies. The movie we know is a mega-budget action epic set on Mars. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a normal working man who discovers that his entire reality has been invented to conceal a plot of planetary domination. Oscar-winning special effects and violent action propel the twisting plot, in which Arnold manipulates his manipulators in a world of dazzling high technology. Director Paul Verhoeven (Robocop) indulges his usual penchant for gratuitous bloodshed, but the movie has enough cleverness to rise above its excesses. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • An enjoyable couple of hours.
    Sci-fi actioner set in the year 2084 in which Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a construction worker who discovers that his memory has been erased and that he had a secret life on Mars that he cannot remember and which follows Schwarzenegger's quest as he travels to Mars to find out what he has forgotten, all the while trying to avoid people who are trying to kill him because of what he now knows. A good sci-fi B-movie directed by Paul Verhoeven and starring the ever irrepressible Schwarzenegger in the kind of sci-fi action role that he does so well. The memory erasure plot is intriguing and throughout the film there is never an uneventful moment. The special effects aren't half bad either and the make-up department did a really great job for some of the supporting characters playing deformed mutants. But be warned: the film is very violent (as per usual for Paul Verhoeven!). An enjoyable couple of hours....more info
  • NMy Blu-ray looks awesome
    I'm not sure about the reviewers here who claim that this is a terrible Blu-ray quality transfer because they see blocking, spotting and other artifacts. I've watched my Blu-ray disc 3 times in the last week and I see nothing wrong with the image quality. Great details, great colors, no blocking or compression artifacts. I wonder if the reviewers who see image quality issues on their disc have the settings on their TV or DVD player set wrong, or it they just have a crummy TV. I'm playing my disc on a PS3 into a Sony SXRD 55" projection LCD TV. I have everything set at 1080p/24 and my TV is set to 120Hz connected via HDMI, and the image is stunning. Some of the reviewers here who say their Blu-ray looks like a poor transfer state that their disc has an audio commentary with Arnold or they have a metal case. Well, my Blu-ray has NO commentary (the only extra is the "Vision of Mars" featurette) and it came in the standard Blu-ray case, so either they have an earlier version of Blu-ray or they're looking at a standard-def disc. The only questionable image quality comes at the beginning of the film where the Lionsgate logo plays. This looks like it was captured from a VHS. But overall, the film looks great and I see a definite image quality boost above my standard-def DVD. Total Recall is one of the better Schwarzenegger movies, especially if you like Sci-Fi stories. Of course, Sharon Stone looks great too, so that's reason enough to own this disc. Aside from 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround, it also has DTS HD High Resolution ES Audio. I hear a difference (a fuller sound from the HD audio), but neither my PS3 or receiver handle this audio format, so I'm not sure what I'm missing. I highly recommend this Blu-ray disc. ...more info
  • Arnold can do it all.........
    Arnold is a great actor. I bet he would be be great in polatics also!!! To remake in 5.1 Audio is great. The FX are amazing. The movie is so professionally laid for 1991. I just glad to have 3 NIB in my collection. The metal case is wonderful. Very artistic. ...more info
  • Big Bang for Little Bucks
    I recently went high def and was searching blu-ray titles for movies with big scenes and/or big action. This one scored high on both. I probably wouldn't have sought it out but at the price I couldn't lose so I gave it a try and have thoroughly enjoyed the high def experience....more info
  • NOT HD!!!!!
    Great movie, but if you own the DVD the blue ray is a waste of money. It's not high definition at all. I have the DVD and blu-ray playing at the same time. I see no difference switching between them. I'm using a 62" tv and it should show any improvement. (Buy the Blade Runner Blu-Ray disk instead. The picture quality will blow your mind :-)...more info
  • Works in Europe
    Blue Ray Quality decent, can be compared to an upscaled DVD.

    Film itself is a classic!...more info
  • Arnold's Second best Movie !
    I think this is Arnolds 2nd best movie, next to Terminator 2, its full of action, special efects, crazy ass plot twists, shoot outs like mad, not to mention the high body count and over the top gore.
    Its hard to understand the plot the first time u watch it, but after viewing it a couple times u start to get suggest watch the movie with people because other may get it more then you do, it took me like 3 4 times to actually get the plot..the situation.
    Besides that this movie is awsome, may seem a little out dated for todays time, but its a classic.. young kids and teenagers wont really appreciate movies like this, all they wana see is 50 cent get rich or die tryin, stupid pointless teen movies, scary movies that arent even scary, this is a true movie, this movie is why u go to the movies..i suggest if u havent cheked it out to rent it, if not buy it.. watched like 50+ times and its still good. ...more info
  • Price Was About Right
    This movie was not transferred to BD very well. Lot's of artifacting or spots or whatever the experts call it. It was cheap and I didn't already have the movie so I didn't mind much. By far the worst looking of my collection. I have "The Cowboys" on BD which is a much older movie. It did not have the artifacting that TR did....more info
  • Funny Action Movie
    I used to watch this at least once a year when I was younger so its basically a nostalgic trip for me. The action is on par with other movies of its type at the time, the fluidity of the story is sweet, and it always keeps you guessing what is going to happen next. I swear every time I watch this movie I learn something new about the story, which can be confusing to some. Arnie also has some pretty outrageous scenes which are memorable. Well worth it for me...more info
  • Sub Par Blu-Ray transfer-fun 80's action movie
    I wish Amazon would add sub scales for PQ, AQ, overall movie and other criteria, so that, with the advent of Blu-Ray, technical as well as cinematic aspects would be rated separately. What if you love a film, but hate the transfer?

    I had never seen all of Total Recall, and as a fan of older Sci-Fi and action films, I thought the effects were fun and advanced for the time period. Despite Arnold's mediocre acting skills, I am still a fan of his films, because they're so "over the top" and action packed. This film from the 90's was a cool "throwback" for me, and I enjoyed the sound and visual effects, as well as the story line of implanted memories, vicarious living etc. The storyline has often been mimicked by movies that followed in the next decade and for historical purposes and perspective this film is interesting as its themes remain relevant. Seeing Sharon Stone in action sequences was funny but effective, and it was cool to see her in some of her earlier work.

    The sound was powerful but the transfer was very dirty and there was significant noise and specs that littered the print. The colors were not as vibrant, as I had hoped, and having seen some much older films, that have been restored (Poltergeist, for instance), this older film's transfer is quite disappointing. Still the picture was clear and on a 50" Panasonic Plasma screen, sitting about 15-20 ft back, it still was a clean/clear experience. For the price of under $12, which I paid, it remains a fun and thought provoking sci-fi film for my collection. It is not demo material, but for its story worth a look for fans....more info
  • Total Recall: One of Ah Nuld's best!
    Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as Douglas Quaid, a construction worker who has been dreaming about Mars at night. One day after work, he books a vacation with Rekall Inc., a company that sells implanted memories, hoping to find out more information about what he's been dreaming about. He decides that he wants an implant that assigns him as a secret agent who has to rescue a woman. Unfortunately, during the implanation process, something goes wrong. His identity clashes with the implant's secret agent identity and he wakes up in a world that seems familiar, yet is strangely different. He remembers that he is a secret agent in this dream world, and discovers that his close friends and wife have orders to murder him. Quaid has to discover his true identity, whether his visions are reality or thoughts, and who to trust in order to return to the real world....more info
  • Bargain...
    I have read other reviews of this Blu-ray and many people are upset with the quality of the I was actually surprised that it looked as good as it did. I saw NO blocking or few artifacts so I'm not sure what going on with other peeps equipment - I am using a PS3 with a Panasonic AE-900U front projector and a 40 foot HDMI cable. The picture can look soft at times and fairly sharp at others so perhaps it's partially the source material. At any rate for 13 bones plus change it's a bargain given the high price of other Blu-ray movies. I don't own the regular DVD (I have it on laserdisc) so I don't regret buying this version....more info
  • Don't buy this version
    Buy one of the other versions with special features. This is the older, first-generation DVD with NO features. Nothing. Plus, this is a flipper disc!

    A great movie worth owning.. just not this edition....more info
  • Good, even if you do not normally favor Schwarzenegger action films
    I do not normally like Arnold Schwarzenegger action films, or indeed action films as a whole, but Schwarzenegger definitely has shown a great deal of judgment in the science fiction films he has chosen to participate in. 'Total Recall' is one of the great Science Fiction films of all time, showing some complexity and thought, a quality Science Fiction readers expect, but one Science Fiction movie watchers by contrast, rarely receive.

    Purchasers should be aware that this film, while differentiated from Schwarzenegger's usual action fare, remains violent, however....more info
    Total Recall is EASILY one of the funniest and most violent science fiction movies around! It's also one of the overall best Arnold Schwarzenegger movies of all time. It's so good that I can't possibly write a review comprehensive enough; I'll just honor Arnold and Total Recall as best I can.

    Arnold is married to Sharon Stone - at possibly her sexiest shortly before exploding onto the scene in Basic Instinct - but wants to go on vacation to Mars because of recurring dreams in which he cavorts with a mysterious and gorgeous brunette named Melina (Rachel Ticotin at her most delicious). Instead, he goes to a company that does mind implants, providing retroactive vacations to various parts of the solar system. It's just too bad that they interfere with previous government sponsored brainwashing.

    Eventually he learns that he was a former agent on Mars, gets a video from himself in the past in which he tells himself to remove a spherically shaped tracking device from his own nose, despite the fact that the device is three times the circumference of a nostril. He also tells himself, "Git yo as* to Mahrs."

    It is on Mars where he sees the following: a mutant lady with three boobs, a knife and machine gun wielding midget hooker, oxygen-depletion that has led to horribly disfigured freaks, and a philosophical, prophetic, baby mutant that grows out of another man's chest, clearly inspired by Danny Devito in Arnold's previous movie Twins.

    And the great thing is he manages to see all of this as secret agents are chasing him and trying to kill him. One memorable scene has Arnold on a crowded escalator where he uses some poor guy as a meatshield during a gun battle, tossing his carcass aside after it's served its purpose. It's as bloody and gory as scenes come, and a signature of the explicitly violent and/or sexual content master Paul Verhoeven.

    With the mystery uncovered, and the bad guys defeated, one last bit of drama subsides as Arnold has to somehow use an alien device to unleash hell on the Mars atmosphere, delivering relief to all the planet's inhabitants.

    There are a ton of groin shots, perpetual single-bullet head shots, a decapitation, and a mechanical but realistic, removable, exploding fake face/head helmet thing. I know it sounds unlikely, but you just have to trust me. Of course, there are several classic Arnold one-liners. For instance, just after he executes his former pseudo-wife, Arnold deadpans, "Consider dat a divohrce." The best of all one-liners is when he kills someone with a drill and yells, "SCREW YOU!!"

    If you watch this and fail to find something interesting, then you simply don't like movies....more info
  • Classic
    This movie is a sci-fi classic. Everything in this movie calls to the movies of the 80s but it's delivery still holds up well. Great entertainment...more info
  • Arnold Rules!
    Definately one of the best Arnold movies you are going to find out there. A creative, imaginative, and well thought out movie that lives up to the standard it was brought into the film world. Great effects and acting with hot women are always a plus in movies. ...more info
  • First Class, Basic, Simple, and Fun ..
    If you know a film stars Arnold, you hardly go and see it ( in Cinema or on DVD) for intellectual enlightenment. As for comparing TOTAL RECALL and BLADE RUNNER... well, talk about Apples and Oranges; I like both, but for different reasons.

    I saw the VHS version eons ago, and remember when the special edition DVD came out in the little "Mars Shaped" tin container. Almost as weird as the FRIGHT NIGHT VHS case shaped like a Coffin, but quite a nifty idea( However, Video rental Stores Hated it for display reasons).
    From Years of watching the VHS version, I had a very distinct opinion about the film... I thought it was a straight action flick. Well, the first thing that the commentary does is to disabuse you of that idea. Verhoeven has very grand ideas about his film-making, and by any standards, this film is at the least, a multi-layered work.
    Whilst I can appreciate the subtext, and "intertextual" elements of academic books, its not much fun if you just want to escape in a film. Thats why this film works superbly if someone does not actually TELL you that its not what you think it is ... as in the NAME OF THE ROSE ( both Book and film there are very layered).
    For my money, if a film cannot entertain you, then its not what I want. Some films serve a different purpose, so if I watch a programme about the Psychoanalytic elements behind the death of Civilisations, I expect to work hard at understanding the work. Or Even a film ABOUT "Schrodingers Cat" ( that is not about how to train a wayward feline ) would be something I could halfway expect to be a work requiring some mental effort.

    The R rated version of this film is right on the money, and provides great FX, and lots of fun. The M rated version is a waste of time in my view, and also has some very stupid edits, the sort of stuff that appears on the evening news, but has to be cut because of MPAA rules.

    The most interesting part of the commentary occurs when we find out HOW Verhoeven gets to be the man in the mix.
    If Arnold can be said to be anything, it would seem that deal broker is definitely part of his resume.

    If the old adage in the making of movies is that 90% of your effort is put into finding work, then Arnold does this well... even if some say he cannot act :-).... At the Very least, one can say that he entertains. For my money, I think he can act, either that, or I just enjoy Arnolds' antics.
    ...more info
  • Oh, the beauty of Hi-Def
    I was very happy to find this movie released in the High definition (Blu-Ray) format. A classic Arnold movie, in my opinion, one his best; a must have for any fan of a good sci-fi action movie. I find myself entertained with this movie, even after having seen it many times before. If you do not have a high definition system, get one, for many movies just like this one, just like The Fifth Element and Stargate, to name a few of my personal favorites. Sure, there are some things a bit far-fetched in this film's story line, but hey, it's an entertaining story, with cool twists, and fun to watch. So relax and crank up the sound....more info
  • Another Good "Question Your Reality" Movie
    Arnold Schwarzenegger is Douglas Quaid, a simple construction worker living in the future and dreaming of a more exciting life on the planet Mars. A place of civil unrest, the lower class citizens of the Mars colony are desperately fighting to survive as the corporate powers deny them of their most basic human needs. And, for some unknown reason, the violence of their battle depicted on the daily news causes Douglas to well up with desire to be in the heart of it. His mundane life is so unsatisfying, despite being married to Sharon Stone, that when Douglas sees a TV commercial for a service that provides people with virtual memories, he decides it's worth the risk of being lobotomized. Before we know it, Douglas is being strapped in to take a virtual vacation from his everyday life and into that of a daring spy named Hauser, traveling to the planet Mars on a dangerous mission. Little does he know just how much that decision will change his life forever, or will it just be going back to normal? Who is he, really, Douglas or Hauser? Is our hero really just strapped in a chair and taking a virtual vacation, or is he really just waking up from one? Are we really just the sum of our memories?

    In that long, but often enjoyable vein of "question your reality" movies, "Total Recall" is a commanding tour de force! High on adrenaline and testosterone, as any good Schwarzenegger movie should be, "Total Recall" earns the rank of one of his best! The film is a perfect balance of merciless action and thought provoking commentary, with loads of effects and plenty of humor thrown in. Arnold is in top form as Quaid/Hauser, as are Sharon Stone and villains Ronny Cox and Michael Ironside, but no less impressive on this film are the Oscar winning special effects from the likes of Rob Bottin, Tim McGovern, Eric Brevig, and Alex Funke. The Special Edition DVD is chock full of cool extras, from featurettes and trailers to galleries and storyboard comparisons, and, most notably, commentary from Director Paul Vorhoeven and star Arnold Schwarzenegger and an in-depth documentary on the creation of the film. The science throughout "Total Recall," especially during the climactic ending, might lead some to eye rolling, but the film is so exciting and fun that the inaccuracies of its science most likely won't even cross your mind. Anyway, to quote MST3K's theme song, "Just repeat to yourself, `It's just a show,' you should really just relax...," or, as Ham Salad says in "Hardware Wars," "Take it easy, kid. It's only a movie." ...more info
  • PKD + Verhoeven = mediocre... what a waste!
    Like Verhoeven's other movies, this one will divide viewers right down the middle. If you are addicted to blood and guts, ultra-violence, non-stop action - and if you are not bothered by blatant nonsense (or can shrug it off or savour it as "irony") - this one's for you. If, on the other hand, you are a Philip K Dick fan, you will be horrified at what has been done to "We can remember it for you wholesale". For contrast, "Bladerunner" was a good movie made from a good PKD story, and "Minority Report" was an outstanding version of another good PKD story. (Wait a moment here - I'm being redundant. All PKD stories are good, except those that are brilliant).

    Mind you, Arnold Schwarzenegger's undeniable "action-man" charisma goes a long way towards making the result watchable. Arnold is in his element with pulp, the less credible the better. But even he can't help looking like a freak, with his eyes bulging up like inflatable beachballs in the low pressure of Mars' atmosphere (yeah, right). Fortunately modern technology can repressurize an entire planet in 30 seconds... but that's Verhoeven's attitude to reality in a nutshell.

    All in all, this is quite fun to watch if you can unscrew your cerebral cortex and park it in the fridge for the duration. It's only when you think how superb a movie could have been made from PKD's material that you want to sit down and weep. ...more info
  • Timeless Movie
    It great to see the big S in one of his better movies. Much better work than what he is doing now heh....more info
  • "Adios Amigo
    And thanks for not getting yourself killed."

    Ah, watching this again for the first time in 9 years brung back so much memories, including the ending phrase above to one of the biggest plot twists ion the movie.

    This movie is about Douglas Quaid(Arnold Schwarzenegger), maried to Lori(Sharon Stone) who is making a serious disecion about going to Recal to go to Mars. His friend tells him don't, but he goes anyway, and when it gowes wrong, the recall people put him in a cab, thus starting the story.

    Quaid is confused why people are trying to pop caps in him, left and right; even his pal at work turned out to be another killer in his way. It's all confusing, you can't help but wonder, why are all of these pople trying to kill him?! Excessive gore(I'm talking pretty gory here[This movie was almost rated X]) without reason. But if you keep on watching, you'll find a serious reson to why people want him dead(I'm taliking domination/savior reason)

    The blood in this movie is someting most action movies don't have anymore(The're all weak compered to this). If you were offended by kill bill, well this is worse because it's realisticly gory. Not to mention what happened to people when they were exposed to Mars' atmospere(If you have a full-stomach and are weak then for the love of God refrain from watching those sceenes!)

    The story behind this is a powerhouse. About 2/3 through the film you find the reason behind the killing.(Plot twists hit you left, right, up, down, verticly, horizontaly, dianaly, eh, you get the picture. It's rare to see story in bigtime action flicks like this, ex. Kill Bill, Bad Boys 2, Raw Deal, don't have plots for anything.

    This movie is a gory work of art, with plot and Violence to keep suspence and action fans happy. If you're a Schwarzenegger fan, this must be in you collection. If you love the Terminator series(with the exception of 3) Then this is another great Sci-Fi film to get your hands on. If you hate excessive gore, you might wanna stay clear! This movie also left me with a cliffhanger thought: Is it reality, is it a dream, or is what the doctor that went in Quaid's room really saying was ture? A Cliffganger to a sequal never to come.

    ...more info
  • Total Disappointment!
    One of the best action movies I've seen but ouch on the blu ray quality. Very disappointed! If you have the special limited edition on DVD, keep it and stay away from this blu ray....more info
  • Definitely not science fiction
    I've seen cheesy and I've seen wannabe with the difference between the two being the level pandering to a more intelligent audience. This movie is definitely for guys that like to get their Shakespeare from WWF. Schwarzenegger's best movie will ever be Terminator. If he could have ended with the classic "I'll be back" and not really come back to make any number of horrid films we might actually have some decent science fiction. Last good science fiction I saw was Gattaca. Total Recall definitely ain't science fiction and isn't even very good action as compared with say the mindless gore of predator. Now that was action you could taste and you knew there wasn't much pretense of science fiction going on. I'd give Total Recall a 0 or less but they only let me enter a 1....more info
  • Classic movie; HORRIBLE HD transfer
    I love this movie but this is the worst Blu-Ray disc I've seen so far. Absolutely terrible transfer, has obvious blocky compression artifacts starting in the first scene and continuing on throughout the movie. Film grain is intact (a good thing) but there's a ton of jitter and film spots/hairs/lint etc. Looks like you're watching a bad print in a $1.50 movie theater. Scratch that, the compression artifacts make it look like you're watching a youtube video of a bad print from a $1.50 movie theater. Seriously, most DVDs have fewer compression artifacts than this.

    I want to make it clear that I'm not one of those people who insists that all films be cleaned up and vaseline-d for the digital transfer. I like gritty film grain and natural colors on films where that's what the director or the technology of the time dictated. This is simply a bad transfer. The compression artifacts alone kill it. Skip it, and wait for a better version....more info
  • Not worth it to be blu ray
    I recived this blu ray version of Total Recall from amazon. To be honest my opinion... it's not worth it to watch with blu ray or pay more than DVD. Graphic isn't change as DVD or DVD is maybe much better graphic I think.

    I gave 2 stars because of the story I like but compare with bluray version vs DVD version review will be no star for blu ray.
    If someone never watch this film maybe ok but if already saw it bunch of time before, it will waste money.
    ...more info
  • too violent. great plot.
    unfortunate that he has to kill 10 guys to move onto the next scene in this movie....over and over and over.
    I love sci-fi and for that it gets the 2 stars....more info
  • All Time Classic Sci-Fi Action Film
    Although the film is 15 years old ... the subject matter is so contemporary it has all the ingredients to be a classic. First, it is about a colony of inhabitants on Mars, a planet which has been inhabited for at least 1/2 million years. Next, there is suspense, action and drama associated with a cover-up by an earth-based government agency which is tied to the secret identity of Douglas Quaid (Arnold Schwartzenegger). On the surface he is an ordinairy construction worker on earth ... yet his dreams and possible flash-backs of events and activities on Mars hint at something more deep and covert. Eventually he explores a fantasy vacation trip to Mars in a mind-altering program called Rekall ... to develop insight into his dreams. From this point forward the film explodes in a myriad of action-packed and creative directions ... all of which help unravel the implanted identity of Doug Quaid/Hauser. The film gains momentum and is nonstop action. It depicts Arnold Schwartzenegger as the super-charged hero who nearly single-handedly brings about justice ... on a distant planet. The casting in this film is superb: his earthly wife, Lori is played by Sharon Stone and his lover and partner on Mars, Melina, is played by Rachel Ticton. There is a cast of "Star-Trek"-like aliens that work in harmony with the earth colony to fight oppression. In the end Quaid discovers the suppressed technology which saves the climate of Mars for future generations. It is one outstanding film. Erika Borsos (erikab93)

    ...more info
  • Great Depiction of Scifi!
    You put scifi and arnold together and you get austrian shout abouts, and awesome futuristic elements. From the future of our world, to mars. Creatures, babes, vehicles, awesome weapons and gadgets are all jampacked into this amazing ride of a movie. This is what scfi should be always. Also check out total recall 2027 if you liked total recall. ...more info
  • Another Great Verhoeven Film...
    Paul Verhoeven is a great director. Although I'm not a fan of some of his films (Basic Instinct, Showgirls), I really like his work in general. "Total Recall" is definitely up there with his greatest work, "Robocop". Although I don't feel it quite hits the classic mark like "Robocop" did, it's still an awesome experience.

    In the near future, Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is having dreams about Mars and his wife, Lori (Sharon Stone) is worried. Quaid wants to take a trip to Mars, because it seems like his dreams are pushing him to go there. Yet, there is a business called "Rekall" where people can go visit destinations in their minds, and have a totally different job, name, and agenda in their dream. Quaid is interested and decides to take a two week "Rekall". He chooses on being a secret agent on his stay at Mars. Boy, that was a bad choice...

    Pretty soon, Quaid is running from his own wife, the police, a man named Richter (Michael Ironside) who works for Cohaagen (Ronny Cox), who pretty much reigns over Mars. Quaid himself ends up on Mars where a struggle is being held between Cohaagen and all the lower-class citizens and mutants. He takes up with the rebel side and fights Cohaagen's men and finally learns the truth about Mars and himself...or is it all fake?

    It seems that all the movies I have seen lately have the most confusing plots. "Total Recall" is no exception. Really, it can be very confusing at times and even the ending may seem like a downer to some, but I enjoyed it. It was actually like a cliff-hanger. The real point of the film is simple. Is Quaid really a secret agent who has connections with Mars? Was he was involved with Cohaagen as partners? Or is this all a dream, just a part of "Rekall"? There are little clues along the way that can point in either direction, but the plot does get confusing at times. I thought it made sense to me at least, and the acting, direction, and action scenes really help push the story along.

    The acting is great. Even though, Arnold is pretty much typecasted as the action hero, he really fits well into the script here and does a great job. Sharon Stone was very good as well and was a bit underused in my opinion. Rachel Ticotin shows up as Quaid's new love interest on Mars and she was great. Ronny Cox plays the same part in "Robocop" (which isn't a bad thing). Michael Ironside really stood out though. He's just evil as Richter and I can't think of a better person to have played him (except for maybe Kurtwood Smith).

    Paul Verhoeven direction was again in great shape. The pacing was great and I never once looked at my watch or wanted to skip ahead. And, then of course, you have the action sequences...

    The action scenes in this movie are superb. None of them are overlong and headache inducing by the end. That's another reason I like Verhoeven's work. The way the action is edited is really clean and easy to see the action unlike films today where it's a mess to see what's happening. WARNING: The film is also very bloody and gory. Although I didn't find it as brutal as "Robocop", it still has a lot of disturbing moments (in particular, the Escalator scene) of violence. Yet, I don't think the violent action really takes away from the experience. If anything, the action is overpowered by the story.

    Overall, if you're looking for a science-fiction thriller, this is a great film to look into. I believe it's Schwarzenegger's best film, Verhoeven's second best film, and an awesome experience all around. "Total Recall" has everything from interesting story, to great characters, to outstanding direction, to intense action sequences. I recommend it.

    Rated R for pervasive bloody violence, gore, language, nudity, and sexual content.

    ...more info
  • mindbending sci-fi meets adrenaline-pumping action
    Simply put, Total Recall is probably one of the best, if not the best, movie that Schwarzenegger has ever made. He plays Quaid, a construction worker who has one of those strange recurring dreams that many have had, his about Mars and a beautiful woman he has never seen before. Because his wife (Sharon Stone) Lori does not want to move to Mars with him, he decides to have a "virtual vacation" at Rekall Corp., where memories are implanted so vividly that they are just as believable as real-life. He requests to be a secret agent on Mars and chooses how he likes his women, and they're off.
    Quaid soon starts being pursued as an agent, but weird things begin to happen. Lori is still with him, telling him that he has suffered malpractice from Rekall and that he is delusional. Throughout the whole film he is pursued but he does not know whether it is real-life, part of the Rekall package, or a messed-up "schizoid embollism," a mistake in the implantation. Such happenings make the film not only action-packed and exciting, but also mindbending and thought-inducing at the same time. Simply put, this really does not feel like a typical Schwarzenegger film, it's much grittier and darker feeling than his typical films
    Total Recall is one of the best action films and also one of the best sci-fi films i've ever seen, and will stand the test of time as one of Arnold's greatest flicks.
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    Issue: Cover Images don't match UPC codes for this DVD.

    ASIN: B0000640RW
    UPC: 012236124740
    Total Recall
    This version of the film has a special edition silver border around the cover image.

    ASIN: B00070FX5U
    UPC: 012236170488
    Total Recall
    This version of the film doesn't have the silver border or photo of Mars on the cover.

    Amazon has switched the images so be aware of this when ordering. I would suggest emailing the seller to make sure you are getting the version you really want!...more info
  • An action favorite but poor transfer
    Total Recall had its controversy in its heyday. Known for its violent scenes and fast paced action sequences, it was a favorite movie of mine when it first entered the theater. It was an interesting blend of science fiction, action, and some suspense mixed in together. One left the movie with many questions that are still being pondered to this day. That said, the Blu Ray version is a bit of let down.

    The film quality of the Blu Ray version is sub par at best, with artifacts and some noise. My Blu Ray player up scales dvd movies with better picture quality than this transfer. I ended up having to change my picture settings to get a less noisy picture. This version was a real downer since high definition should look better than high quality dvd transfers. While the $10 price tag (or around this price range) is attractive, if one has a previous DVD version then one should really wait for a better edition on Blu Ray.

    On a side note:
    This Blu Ray version of Total Recall really shows the need for accurate reviews of Blu Ray movies (instead of dvd versions). Not all Blu Rays have good picture and sound quality and some are outright poor in these two areas. I would advise anyone to check out reviews, especially those that detail the picture quality, of prospective Blu Ray movie purchases.
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  • So whatever your name is, get ready for a big surprise: YOU are not YOU, You are ME.
    Total Recall is certainly imaginative. I've seen it twice now, and I STILL don't understand it. I think you could watch this film a few times, and still have questions that you needed answered. But it plays with your mind, and leaves you racking your brains, wondering if what you just saw actually happened.

    In my opinion, this is not Arnie's best movie. Maybe it's the character I'm not sure. And normally I love Arnie in movies. Just didn't get this one. Mind you, I don't often understand films that are based on Philip K Dick stories - does anybody? This is based on 'We'll Remember It For You Wholesale'.

    Arnie plays Doug Quaid, a construction worker, who's bored with his uneventful life, but not with his nymphomaniac wife (Sharon Stone). For some reason, he's fascinated by Mars, to the extent of dreaming about it. Dreaming that he's there, with another woman. There's a way he can get a 'vacation' implanted into his memory, and with a bunch of extras - like being a secret agent for example.

    Once unconscious, Quaid wakes up in a rage, claiming he's no Quaid, but a man called Hauser. (Anne of Green Gables fans, watch out in these scenes, for a character called Doctor Lull, who was played by Rosemary Dunsmore, who played Katherine Brooke in the Anne Of Green Gables sequel.) But the technicians haven't even begun to implant the vacation yet. Blacking out again, and waking up some time later, he's confused. His once loving wife is out to kill him, as well as his colleagues, and he has some unfinished business on Mars. Despite the fact he's never been there you understand.

    It's from here that the film skews into a totally different plot and left me completed puzzled. A later scene involves Doctor Edgemar coming into the so called vacation to tell Quaid/Hauser that he's had a schizoid embolism back in the chair when he was getting the implant. This is quite possibly the point where I definitely started to lose the thread of the film - as well as being confused about whether Quaid was Hauser, or Hauser was Quaid, something happens in this scene (I won't give it away) which completely confused me.

    In a way, it's good because it leaves the viewer to decide what actually happens. The viewer can decide whether or not the film is a dream, or a reality, whether Quaid gets lobotomised or not, whether Quaid is Quaid or Hauser etc. But for simple minds like mine, it's left totally bamboozled.

    Whereas I did enjoy what I could understand of the movie, the reason I'm giving it a low rating, is because it's simply not my favourite Arnie movie.

    The movie transfers well onto blu ray, and some additional scenes (more footage of Mars for example) would have looked amazing in high definition. ...more info