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Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Bath Thermometer Alarm, Green
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Product Description

Make bath time safe time! The easy to use Safety Bath Time Audible Thermometer eliminates hazardous guesswork by constantly and accurately measuring the bath water temperature every 2 seconds. It alerts you with an audible alarm if the water is too hot, above 100.4oF, and another alarm if the water is too cold, below 89.6oF. Battery powered and water activated, this clever alarm automatically activates when placed in water and de-activates when taken out. Also makes a great bath toy! Fully tested to meet all necessary safety standards.

  • Easy to use, no buttons
  • Activates automatically
  • Reads bath temperature every 2 seconds
  • Alerts you with an audible alarm if the water is too hot and if too cold
  • Makes a great, fun toy as well

Customer Reviews:

  • Works Well
    It's cute, my son likes to play with it, and it gives me peace of mind that his water is the right temp. Works well and worth the money....more info
  • Just what I needed
    I've got two toddlers and one really doesn't like his bath water too warm. This works great both from a safety stand point (it warns for both low and high temps) and from a convience stand point (I now know I just have to set the temp around 98 degrees and my older son doesn't complain).

    It's also pretty sturdy: both my kids use it as a toy now and then and it's withstood being tossed out of the tub a few times. Overall a well designed product....more info
  • great purchase!
    This product does exactly what it says. You place it in your baby's bath water and it beeps if it is too cold or too warm. Before I had this I would spend a good 4-5 minutes adjusting the temperature of the water. Then I would second guess myself wondering if I was going to burn my baby with hot water or upset him with too cold water. With the aquatopia thermometer it's perfect every time!...more info
  • Works great!
    As a first time mom, I am terrified of the idea of burning my daughter. I love to take really hot showers, so my tolerance for water is much higher. This thermometer eases all of my fears. It turns on as soon as it hits water, and turns off when it dries. I just give it a few shakes after a bath and it usually turns off. The thermometer beeps when the temperature gets too cold (I think 89 degrees or less) and when it gets too hot (101 degrees or more). If it is in the right range, it doesn't make any sounds. It just displays the temperature in both Farenheit and Celcius. As an added bonus, it's a super cute design and I know my daughter will love playing with it once she learns knows how to grab things!

    One more thing - I hate paying for things that don't offer free shipping, but it was totally worth the additional shipping cost and more! I highly recommend it to anyone who is concerned with the temperature of the bath for their children. ...more info
  • LOVE
    This is a wonderful item.... works great so you know when the water is too warm or cold for your baby. It is so easy, just plop it in the water and it turns on and shuts off as needed. Excellent baby item!...more info
  • baby bath thermometer
    great! easy touse. super helpful a must have for all new moms!...more info