MOBI Portable Rechargeable Light Green
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Product Description


  • Soft ambient light with high & low setting
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries lasts up to 10 hours
  • Safe charger with no exposed contacts
  • Illuminates automatically during power outage
  • tykelight; tyke; light; buddy; blue; green; orange; yellow; toy; nightlight; mobi; rechargeable; magnetic; base; high; low
Customer Reviews:
  • Great night light!
    We originally purchased this light to check on our first child when he was sleeping. It allowed us to enter his room when he was fussing and re-insert his pacifier without having to grope madly around in the crib.

    It has also allowed us to do middle of the night feedings without flipping on the main light.

    Our son is now 23 months and we now use the Tyke Light as a nightlight. Our son loves it and we have purchased a second for our second child.

    We've recommended this product to one friend who also uses the light for middle of the night feedings.

    WARNING: we gave this light to another friend's toddler and my friend gave the toddler the light for bedtime. While the light didn't cause any physical harm, my friend's toddler was so enthralled with the light, he refused to sleep until said light was removed with loud complaints.
    ...more info
  • Love it but it's not what is pictured
    Love the product. 3 yr old daughter thinks it's great. But what ships is the Tyke Light, NOT the Tyke Light Buddy that is pictured. This one plugs directly in rather than sits on a rechargeable base. We just unplug it and set it on her nightstand. Since we use the timer function on it, we end up only needing to charge it about once a week. Hasn't been as much of a pain in the patootie as I thought it would be. Seller needs to change the picture of the product so that there is less confusion. But the light is durable, stays cool and fun for the kids. And the seller shipped it quickly....more info
  • Great idea but disappointing
    I bought two of these lights, because I think they are a great idea. However, the charge did not last more than a couple of hours so I contacted the seller who quickly put me in touch with Mobi. They promptly sent me two replacements and now I have 4. A great idea for a night light and my daughters use them every night, for the past year. My disappointment is that none of the 4 lights hold their charge for longer than 4 hours, one only for 2 hours. Would not be an issue if I hadn't had my expectations heightened by the claim that they last for up to 10 hours. I would recommend to anyone but shop around for the best price and don't count on a 10 hour charge....more info
  • Amazon still has these wrong
    After being assured that the confusion over the regular MOBI light and the one with the recharging base had been cleared up, I purchased this item that claims to be the "portable rechargeable" light. However, it is still the regular light that needs to be plugged into a power cord to be recharged. I would return it but my older son has claimed it and really likes it.

    In addition to being represented as a different item, the charge IS NOT lasting for 10 hours as MOBI claims. We charge it all day, and then my son puts it in bed with him at around 9pm. It usually goes off sometime between when I go to bed at midnight and when my daughter wakes up for a bottle at around 2am.

    It's cute, and it stays cool to the touch, but I wouldn't buy it again....more info
  • Item was not the item displayed
    The item displayed in the picture is the Tykelight BUDDY, which includes a base that the light sits on when charging. The item I received was the plain Tykelight, which has a cord that plugs into the base for charging. After multiple attempts at communicating with the selling company, I was finally told that I had to return the item if I wasn't happy and I couldn't exchange it for the item I had thought I purchased. It was unfortunate because we own a Tykelight Buddy and LOVE it, largely in part because of the rechargeable base that it sits on. The light automatically turns on when you take it off the base and shuts off when you replace it. It is a great product and I was annoyed that the product I thought I had purchased for my friend's baby shower was not the product I received. Be careful when purchasing this product, as the picture may not be the item you receive in the mail. If I had wanted the plain old Tykelight with corded recharger, I would have been happy with my purchase....more info
  • Not the Tykelight Buddy
    The light is cute! But the item we received was the Tykelight, NOT the Tykelight Buddy shown in this picture. The Buddy comes with the easy charging base with no contacts shown. The item I received requires you to plug an adapter card directly into the light to charge it. I am hoping they will send me the Buddy instead of refunding my money because this light will be perfect for my toddler!...more info
  • Good light, could be brighter
    I purchased 2 lights, one came with a base(green) & the other with an adapter plug that plugs into the back of the light(orange). I love the green one, I actually use it in my bedroom, but the orange one is not very bright. I can't use it in my toddler's room, not enough light for him. I actually use it in the hall upstairs. I don't think it is enough light to change a dirty diaper (#2) unless you have it right there, attached to your wrist!! But it is a great light for an older child & even a parent! Very safe for the child to hold....more info
    Do not purchase this product from this store. Like other reviewers, I recieved the cheaper, MOBY tyke light WITHOUT the Rechargeable Base. I chose this light because I did not want to have an exposed charging cord. The product I recieved has a much greater potential danger to your child. This item is misrepresented by the seller!!...more info
  • great night light
    great for my three year old-gives him security but doesnt wake him up too much and he can read by it....more info
  • Great for night time feedings
    I love this light because it's great for those middle of the night feedings. It's bright enough so that I can see, but dim enough so that it doesn't fully awaken my baby...or it helps her to fall back asleep faster without having to turn on any lights....more info
  • mobi tykelight buddy
    I bought the tykelight buddy from target. Maybe there are a couple of models offered, because mine DID come with the convenient base for recharging. Those who didn't receive it must have ordered an older model. My 3 year old LOVES this thing. As soon as he saw it, he wall all over it. Although he's not staying in his bed yet, the tykelight does help him get to sleep; it is perched at the head of his bed, and sometimes he sleeps with it. He asks for his "buddy" every night and morning, and can put it back on the base all by himself. It's great that it doesn't get hot and is completely portable. I'm definitely getting another for his baby brother....more info
  • Teriffic Product for Kids
    My son-in-law bought this for his daughter. It was so cool I had to get one at my house for when she comes to vist. Her home one is yellow/orange color, and the one at grandma's is blue. I prefer the blue color as it seems more soothing. Both give the room a nice soft glow. There are no plugs or wires at the bottom (for safety) and there are 2 "glow" levels. ...more info
  • A cool innovation
    It looks a little like a cross between a Telly Tubby and a friendly alien, but Tykelight is actually a pretty cool innovation. Children will grab hold of it the minute you bring it into the house, and will probably also work it out, hiding under the covers to watch it glow, before you get a chance to read the box. So what is Tykelight? It's a night light really, but one which comes with rechargeable batteries, emits no heat, and is smooth, comfortable and safe to take to bed. For children afraid of the dark, or in need of just a little extra comfort, Tykelight is perfect. It glows gently, and you can set the timer so it dims gently over 15 minutes.

    Children can cuddle it (it isn't as soft as a bunny, but is a lot more comfortable in bed than a Bratz doll), can bring it into preschool for news as it's light and not too big, can be used as a torch/flashlight in the event of a blackout, or as a means for getting around a dark house - to the toilet, or to a sleeping parent, as in my case (better than screaming from bed, I think). It's not too sweet, so would work for boys or girls. The Tykelight comes in a big range of colours, and is plastic, so won't cause major problems if it's dropped. The light charges for 10 hours, which is a lot longer than my daughter sleeps.

    This is a perfect gift for a preschooler, but I have a sneaky feeling that it won't be long before it catches on with the older set and becomes a required accessory for pajama parties, camp outs, in the school backpack (at least for girls), replacing the Tamagotchi as the inanimate companion of choice. My two older boys tried to hijack it and use it for spooky stories, but my preschooler wasn't letting go. Good job we got a pink one.

    Magdalena Ball is the author of Sleep Before Evening...more info
  • Way smaller and no charging base as pictured
    It's a cute little night lite but it is LITTLE, only about 4.5 inches tall. It has a power adapter that plugs into the back of the light. I thought it sat on a base and lite when you took it off the base, but you have to unplug it in the back, then anchor the cord so it doesn't slide off the table and get lost when you unplug it. It has a button on the bottom that you push for on dim, on bright, on bright with a 15 minute timer that dims to off and off. For best use it recommends letting it die all the way down and recharge it no longer than 18 hours. It glows, like a glow worm does. The light is barely bright enough to see baby to check up on him and not really bright enough to change a diaper buy, even in the brightest setting. I carried the light and put it right in the crib, just inches from baby's face, and could barely see him. I haven't used it much yet, this is just a first impression review. I will update after I've used it awhile. I did see on the internet that there are two styles, one with a base that is listed at $24.95 and this one, which is actually listed at $19.95 MSR. I think it's cute, but at $23, I think it's over priced. UPDATE: at night I unplugged the night light at 8pm, at 2 am I went into my grandson's room to turn off the humidifier and the Mobi light was already off. It didn't even last 6 hours. I have twice let it run down all the way and charged it all day, abut 12 hours, and it didn't even get 6 hours of night light. Then the next night I left it plugged in, so it was plugged in all day and two nights. The next time I unplugged it, the light did last all night, about 11 hours. I've seen the light selling for as low as $17 plug shipping and I understand the one with the base is no longer made. The plug in the back version is the only one that will be available, a two handed operation....more info
  • my new favorite baby gift
    I LOVE our light - it is perfect for middle of the night potty trips with my newly potty training child(when I don't want to have a bright light on to wake my son up all the way) and my son really likes the fact that he can just grab it and come into our room if he needs anything at night.
    I noticed the review before mine mentioned that theirs has a plug that has to plug directly into the light - ours is not like that and is as shown with the exception that there is a cord that comes out of the back of the base in order to be plugged into the wall. The cradle itself is magnetic and the light can just be set onto it to recharge (no plugs/wires involved).
    Our light also lasted quite a long time without needing to be recharged. I couldn't recommend it more!...more info
  • Beware - This item is not as pictured!
    The Mobi Portable Rechargeable Light does NOT come as it is pictured. All the pictures show the light sitting in a charging cradle of some kind. It gives the impression that it would be something easy for child to take out and put back by themselves without the use of wires. Well, it does not come with one nor can you order on separately. It comes with a plug that has to be plugged directly into the light. I don't know about you but I don't encourage my children (under 5) to fiddle with electrical wires. Also the notes say that the light stays charged for "up to" 10 hours. At the lowest setting I don't think I get any more than 6 out of it. Not that big a deal but very misleading. The product has for the most part served it's purpose but had I known it didn't come with the charging cradle I never would have bought it....more info
  • Worth the price
    The amount of light is perfect for late night/early morning diaper changes. I love the design, size and the fact that it's portable. Definately worth the price. ...more info
  • Bought it for the Nursery, but using it in the Bedroom!
    I bought this item because I thought it would be cute in the nursery. I didn't realize that when it was on its base, it is NOT on, so it didn't work out like I planned. I have kept it in the nursery to charge, but our newborn is still sleeping in a bassinet in our bedroom. Each evening, I grab the nightlight out of the nursery and put it on a shelf above the bassinet in our room. It is bright enough that I can watch him sleeping, as well as see to feed him and change him in the middle of the night. It is a bright nightlight, but I am glad for that. Overall I am very happy with this nightlight. ...more info
  • great light!
    it's just enough light in my daughters room. not to bright to wake her up, still i can see what i'm doing when i wake to change and feed her in the night....more info
  • Great Nightlight for anyone
    I bought this so that I didn't have to turn on the "big" lights at night and wake my baby. It is lightweight and very portable so when my son is older he can use it. It gives off a strong enough brightness to see what I am doing, but not enough to wake anyone...including the dogs. I have bought another one and hope to get all the colors so that I can have them in various rooms in the house. My rotten little pug did manage to get his paws in it and it got chewed up a bit but the plastic didn't crack or break from it. Cute item....more info
  • Stands up nicely to a 2 year old
    This light is great. It was bigger than I expected but cute. It charged up in no time and we've been using it ever since....i even travel with it to keep the nightlight consistent for my kid. I had to buy a nightllight that didn't need a plug because my baby thought it would be fun to pull it out of the wall. And I needed one that would last all night and this one fit all my requirements. My only complaint is that this light is BRIGHT. I mean you could probably read by it it's so bright......we solved this problem with an old pair of toddler stretch mittens....some small socks or such would do the same thing.... and it has actually worked out nice cause it's like having a dimmer on it and I can change it if I need more light. Plus it has stood up to being dropped and banged and played with.

    All in all I would buy this light again.......and again!...more info