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Analyze This
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  • a funny film
    this is another of harold ramis' classics, to go with groundhog day and ghostbusters. it truly was funny to see a mobster cry....more info
  • Masterpiece!
    Ever thought about a psychiatrist interacting with a leader of a gang? Well, this is what this movie will be all about!

    Paul Vitti (Robert Deniro) is the leader of a very powerful gang of New York City, he can get himself anything he demands; anything but happiness. As we can see, this guy is being tortured by some of the dark memories from his childhood, and a psychiatrist is what he exactly needs.

    Ben Sobol (Billy Crystal) is a divorced psychiatrist who is about to merry another person, a news reporter (Lisa Kudrow). During his well planned honeymoon, Paul paid him a visit seeking emergency treatments to turn him into a happy person. Ben wants no part of this, you can't do much with a gun pointed at your face eh?

    Could he handle it? Well, watch this movie! This movie tells you an unique story with many fascinating jokes, a great plot and... hehe you will see.

    Enjoy the show!!! :)
    ...more info
  • De Niro's hidden forte: comedy!
    Before this movie, who'da thunk that you could use the words "hilarious" and "Robert De Niro" in the same sentence? Not I. Now that he's done "Meet The Parents", it's clear that his flair for comedy was more than just a fluke in "Analyze This"...but I digress.

    De Niro was exactly the right combination of understated and comedic-tough for the role of Paul Vitti, the mob boss who suddenly finds it difficult to carry out his job. Vitti is one of the few people alive who, when he gets to the hospital emergency room, would have preferred to hear that he's had a heart attack rather than a panic attack. A fine line is drawn between comedy and violence in this movie. So when the curtains are drawn in the little area off the emergency ward so that the doctor could be beaten up (off camera) for having the gall to insist that Vitti had a panic attack, it's funny rather than appalling.

    Billy Crystal is the only actor (with the possible exception of Bill Murray) who could carry off the role of psychiatrist Ben Sobel, who makes his living trying to solve the problems of others but who has quite a few of his own, thank you. He's jealous of his famous psychiatrist-writer father. His overweight son spys on sessions through a hole in the ceiling. He's been through a tough divorce. And his attempted weddings to news anchor Laura (Lisa Kudrow) keeps getting interupted by Paul Vitti's problems.

    Lisa Kudrow is wonderful and my only complaint with this movie is that she should have been given more to do. In the DVD version, Harold Ramis does admit in his commentaries that the mostly-male writing team couldn't think of enough to make the most of Lisa's considerable talents.

    Chazz Palmenteri is indescribably delicious as the rival boss who wants Paul Vitti dead. And the young actor cast as Billy Crystal's son has an easygoing, vivacious talent and has a great career ahead of him. Possibly as the next Billy Crystal!

    This movie was perfectly cast and is absolutely hilarious. Forget renting it. It's worth OWNING. On DVD, so you can have all the extras. This is currently my favorite Robert De Niro film (based on his acting abilities, anyway. "Cape Fear" is the only one that I loved based on my hormones alone, stirred by the darkly sexy long hair he wore as Max Cady). And based on acting abilities alone, needless to say, De Niro's is a formidible list.

    ......more info

  • YOU... YOU...
    A great comedy, Analyze This, brings to the screen the story of a divorced shrink about to get remarried. Things get a little more complicated when a mobster who feels that he is going all "soft" seeks his counselling...
    Robert De Niro, Billy Crystal, Lisa Kudrow and the rest of the cast, have truly outdone themselves with their performances, which are exceptional to say the least!
    Very well written and very well presented, the movie is without a doubt guaranteed to provide more than just a few laughs.
    On the negative side, there is a little too much exaggeration e.g. the delivery of the fountain as a wedding gift.
    Nevertheless, the setting, the plot, the dialogues, the humor, and the music are all wonderful!
    In short, Analyze This is a movie definitely worth watching and one to seriously consider adding to your movie collection!
    ...more info
  • Comedy or Drama?
    I know that "Analyze This" was marketed as a comedy but is a movie that makes fun of a man being thrown out of a seven story window really that funny? Robert DeNiro spoofs his gangster image (four letter words and all) as Paul Vitti the gangster who turns psychiatrist Ben Sobol's (Billy Crystal)life upside down when he turns up for therapy sessions. Director Ramis seems to have had trouble in drawing the line between a comedy spoof and a straight gangster drama. I mean there are brutal murders taking place all over this movie. The situation where Crystal walks into a gangster summit meeting unopposed is hard to believe. These are supposed to be the smartest criminal minds in the U.S. not dumb gangsters. There are some good comedic moments in the film, however one never knows when and where to take the plot elements seriously or lightly.You know the film is in trouble when the best comedic moments are in the trailer. The rest of the cast, with the exception of Joe Viterelli as "Jelly" DeNiro's henchman are largely wasted. Lisa Kudrow as Crystal's love interest hardly has more than a cameo and Chazz Palminteri has little to do as DeNiro's chief nemesis. If you blink you'll miss Bill Macy (of TV's Maude fame). Comedy or Drama? Only Harold Ramis knows for sure. ...more info
  • Humor Brought to The Mob
    DeNiro suffers panic attacks and is conflicted about his father; Crystal is a Manhattan shrink with a "normal" clientele trying to get married to his girlfriend, Lisa Kudrow. En route, DeNiro makes Crystal an "offer" he can't refuse (to help DeNiro better understand himself), suspects Crystal of ratting him out to the Feds (Crystal had backed out), and finally achieves his breakthrough just as he is is about to knock Crystal off.

    Good clean fun, with DeNiro getting more than his share of the laughs....more info
  • Terrible
    Neither my husband or i could get into the movie. I dont think i would ever watch this film again. It was not What it was made out to be....more info
  • Analyzed It, Loved It!
    I was a little iffy about wanting to see this movie since most Mafia comedies are pretty bad, but I was surprised to discover this movie is actually funny! It is all about De Niro and he definitely makes the movie. Just watching him cry is funny because you just can't really imagine him ever doing so, and watching him break down is hysterical at times. It has a few slow spots here and there, but a very good movie in the end. I highly recommend this movie, there were a lot of times that I busted out laughing! This is the kind of film that you will want to watch again and again! ...more info
  • Terrifically funny and smart
    Basically, "Analyze This" is a one-line gag flick ('hey, did you hear the one about the mafia kingpin who went to a shrink?'), but funny and very GOOD performances from Robert DeNiro and Billy Crystal really make this film hang together.

    In particular, DeNiro is a hoot as Paul Vitti, a mafia don who's struggling with some internal angst. He's entirely believable as both the tough-talking, boastful, powerful don AND as the person who's struggling with some emotional problems. The internal struggle between these two sides of his character are beautifully played out by DeNiro. In Vitti's first session with Dr. Sobel (Crystal), we see DeNiro go seamlessly from needy patient to laughing wiseguy to frightening don...all in the space of about two minutes. Brilliant stuff.

    Crystal is, as always, funny as Dr. Sobel, a shrink who at first takes Vitti as a "patient he can't refuse", then actually risks his life to treat him. The high point of Crystal's performance is a very funny scene in which he dons a shiny silver suit and does a dead-on imitation of a wiseguy (complete with lines like "you know...that THING" that are straight out of 'Goodfellas').

    If "Analyze This" has a major flaw, it's a staged confrontation at the end of the movie between Vitti and his rival mobsters, which ends in Vitti declaring publicly that he's leaving the mob. In real life, he'd make it about as far as the door.

    And the relationship between Crystal and his fiancee (Lisa Kudrow) is more than a little strained and unrealistic; what girl would put up with having her wedding day interrupted not just once, but twice, by gangsters (once by a murder)?

    Flaws aside, "Analyze This" is a very funny movie, but any fan of mob flicks (me! me!) will be especially delighted....more info

  • Starts off strong and then gets pretty dumb.
    Analyze This is one of those movies that is very funny if you don't think about it to hard. The movie is very amusing, the acting is very good, and the whole cast has something funny to say.
    It is also very unbelivealbe. I have no problem with fiction. It just seems that Analyze This was ment to be a more realisic film, but instead the flim makers chose to make it very silly about a half an hour into it. I think the end could have been much better too, but at least Robert De Niro, and Billy Crystal always seem to give it their best....more info
  • An often funny mob film.
    When the head of the Mob Boss (Two Time Oscar-Winner:Robert De Niro) is at his emotional peak. When a Professional Shrink (Billy Crystal) has been hired by him to help his Problems. Which begin a unusual friendship between the Two Professionals.

    Directed by Harold Raims (Groundhog Day, Bedazzled) has made a familliar but Promising Comedy with Terrific Performances by De Niro and Crystal. One of the Highest Grossing films of 1999. A well made adult comedy. Followed by a Sequel. Grade:B+....more info

  • Excellent movie!
    This movie's main feature is Robert de Niro's versatility as an actor. He could be asked to do any kind of role, theif, mobster, comedian, etc. and he would do it with abosolute precision and quality.

    This movie is about a gangster named 'Paul Vitti' which has been played by Robert de Niro who has some problems dealing with the people in HIS world and is under a lot of stress. So, he goes to a psychiatrist 'Dr. Ben Sobol', which is played by Billy Crystal, to get himself analyzed and ask for help to make the anxiety stop.

    Its such a hilarious movie that you wouldn't get your eyes off it till the movie is over. And then you would wanna see it again a hundred times.

    Both Robert de Niro and Billy Crystal have given outstanding performances and I reckon that this movie is a must-have in anybody's DVD collection....more info

    It's like de-ja-vu all over again. After watching "Analyze This," I had a strong sense that I'd been there before. No, not from HBO's "Sopranos" -- but from yet another film with the exact same (Mob-boss- sees-shrink) premise.

    Several months ago, to my unexpected delight, I caught a film on Showtime called, "The Don's Analyst" starring Kevin Pollak & Robert Loggia.

    Pollak (as the pyschaitrist) was never funnier on film (much more likable than the smug, mugging Billy Crystal) and Loggia was vastly more believable as the depressed Don then DeNiro.

    His comic performance here was as memorable as his dance number with Tom Hanks in, "Big." He nailed the nuances like Nicholson nailed them in "Prizzi's Honor."

    The film had that special magic ensemble quality with all the polish and panache of, "Moonstruck" (one of my all time favorites).

    The sexy Sherilyn Fenn lit up the screen and the always funny Joe Bologna was in rare form.

    Overall, I found, "The Don's Analyst" to be a funnier, smarter film with much more "heart." It resonated with me longer than these others who have mined the same comic vein.

    Was this a little known independent that's now running on cable -- or a original cable movie that I never heard of?

    Either way it speaks volumes about how sometimes big things come in small (hard-to-find) packages.

    Here's one for the all underdogs. A small film that without all the hoopla, did it first -- and much better than the big boys....more info

  • Crystal And Deniro ... An Offer You Can't Resist!
    A complete surprise, ANALYZE THIS hits you from the get go with remarkably funny characters juxtaposed against the grim reality of mob life ... to an extent.

    Crystal plays a shrink who inadvertantly gets the task of analyzing Deniro, and the results that ensue are hilarious. Several nice cameos add to the pleasure of watching this comedy again and again.

    HINT: A sequel, ANALYZE THAT, is presently in the works, with all of the principles set to return in top form.

    A word to the wise: Robert De Niro's portion of the commentary track sounds almost phoned in or else he participated with very little interest. While he does have a few tidbits to add, much of the substance comes from Billy Crystal. Also, the commentary track with Harold Ramis is absolutely suburb and serves as a fine example of how directors should place their thoughts and choices into perspective for the true cinema fan....more info

  • The Mob Gets a Complex
    What a great blend of two different genres. That combined with Billy Crystal and Bob De Niro becomes a winning combination. Filled with non-stops laugh this movie is sure to entertain all audiences. I recommend both this movie and the sequel, "Analyze That."...more info
  • Lots of sparks, few fireworks in Mafia comedy
    Once again we have a movie centered on the Italian Mafia. There have been so many movies, both serious and comic, on this subject that we tend to know in advance every possible outcome. The twist here is rather clever. Mob boss Paul Vitti [Robert De Niro] is having an emotional crisis that is interfering with his work. He confides in his right-had man, Jelly [Joe Viterilli]. Coincidentally, Jelly's car was rear-ended the day before by a prominent psychiatrist, Ben Sobel [Billy Crystal]. They go to Sobel's office, where Vitti demands to be cured of his problem. Sobel agrees to treat him. It's not as though he has much of a choice.

    Sobel now has a number of problems to deal with. His profession deals with people's emotions. Vitti is from a world where real emotion is thwarted by a macho code of behavior. Only Jelly knows he is seeing a shrink. For the rest of the mob to know would bring dishonor. Sobel is also about to get married, or he thinks he is. What he quickly finds out is that working for Vitti means he is on call twenty-four hours a day. This ensures that the wedding day will be a disastrous one. Soon the FBI is investigating Sobel for gang related activities. His life is seriously disrupted, yet he secretly finds it exhilirating.

    There are several good sight gags in Analyze This. When Sobel runs his car into the rear of Jelly's Lincoln, the trunk pops open to reveal to all the world a man tied up inside. Jelly's efforts to distract Sobel are hysterical. There are also several clever dream sequences, which play havoc with Freudian psychology.

    This is the first picture in a long time where the talented Billy Crystal is always in command, even in his scenes with the great De Niro. His character gives him an opportunity to stretch his comedic abilities. De Niro has lately been stretching his own enormous range. This is his second comedy in two years, the first being the much better written political satire Wag the Dog.
    The only time he falters is in the first scene in which he cries. It's a rather startling display, but once you get used to it, it's suitable to the part he is playing. In any case, it is quite clear that he is mastering the comedy genre, which many actors claim is the hardest one to play well.

    Do not go into Analyze This expecting that, since it has an extraordinary cast, it is going to be somehow superior. Go in expecting only to be entertained. I imagine you will enjoy yourself if you don't try to analyze it....more info

  • Seriously Funny
    This is one of the best comedies I have watched. The plot itself; a mafia mobster with anxiety disorder seeksing psychiatric help; sounds very promising for a excellent comedy of lighter vein....more info
  • It's comedy
    Billy Crystal is hilarious. However, Robert Deniro's fake crying was awful. There are a couple scenes where he had to do it and he did a terrible job every time. I've seen better cry acting on a "Facts of Life" episode. Other than that, this is a highly entertaining movie....more info
  • Not bad, not great...
    Just your average comedy here, nothing that will change the face of cinema. Its good for some laughs, it was particularly amusing to see DeNiro crying like a baby and telling his doctor (Crystal) that he couldn't get it up. The plot was at least watchable, though I was let down by the ending. All in all it's ok, doubt I'd watch it more than once....more info
    If you'd like to see and hear Billy Crystal at the top of his game, while Robert De Niro does a terrific parody of some of his previous roles, go no further. This movie has something for everyone, including a very hip score, as well as a surprise appearance by Tony Bennette. Try to beat that combination for some entertainment on a chilly night in front of the television, along with a fire in your fireplace, a glass of Champagne and a bowl of popcorn, shared by the one you love.
    Tony Horowitz
    [...]...more info
  • H I L A R I O U S
    Very funny movie. Great storyline, it flowed so smoothly. DeNiro and Crystal played their roles splendidly. I loved this movie....more info
  • great funny mafia flick
    me being a big fan of itailian mob movies knew i would be a big fan of this one the minute i seen deniro and chazz palmentari were in it!...more info