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  • Cats & Dogs DVD
    This movie is highly entertaining, one that can be watched several times. The character acting is well done....more info
  • Funny even for Mom and Dad
    A great kids movie with good actors (Elizabeth Perkins and Jeff Goldblum). Obviously far fetched since there are animals that talk but really very funny even for adults!...more info
  • From Russia with Love
    You can see other reviews for the general plotline, but I'd like to give a hearty second to the idea that this movie is fun for the whole family.

    My wife and I love it. My 8-year old loves it, and my 2-year old loves it. There are many subtleties you can catch upon multiple viewings, which is a good thing as my daughters like to watch this movie over and over. There are many great one-liners and performances, but "The Russian" is easily my favorite character. Sean Hayes is also awesome as "Mr. Tinkles"....more info
  • Cats & Dogs
    Great dvd and was delievered to me quickly and in great condition, thank you....more info
  • Who Rules and Who Drools?
    This is a fun flick to watch for all ages. Comical yarn about supposed secret war between canines and felines for control of the owner population. In the middle is an unsuspecting scientist looking for cure for dog allergies, and the replacement dog for his family, an unsuspecting beagle.

    Fun to watch. Delighted to hear that families like to watch multiple times. Kids of all ages who like their humor without the sordid language and violence problems will enjoy this one....more info
  • It's OK
    This is not exactly a cool movie. It has funny parts, but all in all, it is a dumb movie about crime-fighting dogs and cats who hate each other. Basic story: Kid loses dog, gets new dog, hates dog, befriends dog, dog discovers a crime-fighting dog agency against cats hidden inside a doghouse. Stupid, right?...more info
  • Amazing movie that entertains
    Cats and Dogs is about an underground rivalry between the felines and the canines, one that has been brewing for as long as man has lived.

    But this movie puts a humorous twist on it: talking cats and dogs, ultra-advanced futuristic technology for them, and hilarious dialogue.

    This movie was quite entertaining for me, even though I'm 18, but it was a little bit silly. I mean, the technological factor really was blown out of proportion. If humans can't even do these things, how will these animals do it. But that's what movies is about, right? Suspending your disbelief. And for kid's (probably under teenagers) this movie is a blast....more info

  • Nice family movie!
    This is an enjoyable little comedy which keeps the interest of its intended audience, however it's not very memorable. The script is fairly weak, but the movie is entertaining and pretty funny. The dogs are the good guys and the cats play the bad guys trying to take over the world. The special effects and animation are imaginably excellent. The vocal cast do an amazing job here, really bringing these animals to life. There are some impressive fight scenes and many funny visual gags. Overall, I would recommend this film to anyone who likes family films....more info
  • AWFUL!!!!
    1 and a half star would be the real ratin'!! When I first saw this on the DVD, I thought it was funny, but afterwards I realize the too much of animal creulty it this piece. Simply put out the only reason I still see it and it's my only favorite part in the movie in the endin' credits when their playin' "What's New, Pussycat?!" by Tom Jones!! a great song from a great singer!!...more info
  • Oh! Such Fun! ^-^
    Cats & Dogs...Sure, it isn't the BEST movie in the world, but its definatly ONE of the best! ^-^ Cats & Dogs is a silly movie about a dog named Lou who gets mistaken for a secret agent and thrown into this big ol' "war" between cats and dogs.

    Mr. Tinkles, the bad cat (LOL), wants to take over the world. And the dogs haveta stop him. IS a pretty simple plot. But within five minutes you'll be rolling on the ground, laughing so hard you won't even notice.

    Erhem! Now... People, people! Come ON already! I mean, really, there is no racism in this movie! And you cat lovers...I'll have you know that I am a cat lover as well. Can't stand to leave my poor wittle felines alone for more than two minutes...Heh...^-o

    But if you have a problem with seeing cats be evil, then remember that thats the plot. Get over it.

    And if you have a problem with seeing cats be bashed (I'll admit that I cringed once or twice) then just remember that its either a robot, puppet, or CG cat being bashed. Nothing to worry about.

    Please know that I'm not trying to make ya feel bad -- I just wanted to say that...^-^ Heh. LOL.

    Four stars.


    Lotsa humor
    Amazing 3D
    Mr. Tinkles (heh)
    "The Russian"
    The Ninja Cats
    The cute wittle animals are SECRET ANGETS! WAHOO! ^o^


    The plot is pretty simple
    A little overboard with the cat bashing...>.>...more info

  • A battle to the death, canine style.
    Star and I watched this animal story. She not only watched the cats but was riveted to the talking dogs, too. Only once previoously has my cat, Star, aged eleven years, looked at anything on t.v. One Sunday she watched all of Sagwa the Chinese Siamese animated show. But she liked this motley crew of talking dogs as they plodded against felines of her kind.

    When the hound went around in circles attempting to catch his own tail, I laughed so much she left her favorite chair to console me. After that, I had to temper my enjoyment of this assorted group who learned of the ancient Egyptian fascination with cats from a book.

    The cats had no faces, only pug noses and lots of fur -- maybe that is Persian. They were the strangest looking cats I ever saw, must be Japanese. Star has a very pretty face and is short-haired. Some weird alien cats arrived (and left) in kamisake planes to attack the hound dog. These weird fat cats resided with a comatose factory owner. Watching them drive his black limo and propel him around wired with several IVs as they gave orders for the workers to abandon the Mason factory, it was quite something.

    The stray, a greyhound, was evocative to the puzzled hound. These dogs had decided they were Russian spies. A conference of dogs takes place similar to a Russian agency something like our United Nations. On Canine News Network, we heard Wolf Blitzer heralding a Revolution against the human race.

    The cats took over the Mason factory and captured the hound's human family as hostages to secure a potion to make humans allergic to dogs. The leader uses a World Domination booklet to indoctrinate the mice on how to infiltrate the sewers to infect human existence.

    The dogs save the day and the scientist's family in the midst of a fire. As the cats maneuver heavy equipment in the factory, the hound jumps through the air like Mighty Mouse to "here to save the day." He exits the inferno in falling snow to discover his valuable place in the family.

    The big fat white cat ends up modeling outlandish outfits made for him by a foursome of sisters in a big house, seemingly a fate worse than death....more info

  • A Must For Dog Lovers!
    Very entertaining, laugh out loud funny...all dog lovers will love and appreciate this movie....more info
  • Prejudist's view with age old myth
    I have watch this show and did not like it due to the fact that it makes cats look like a criminal. It told of ancient Egyptians was in actulaly been enslaved by cats instead of the Egyptians just loving the cats. My nephew Jason Yoder watched it at one time, I believe. Which resulted in him disliking cats. It is to my oppinion that this video teaches a kid how to be prejudice. I afraid some poor kids who watches this video will think that all cats are like that and start throwing stones at any cat he sees. This show is not for the young children who cannot tell rather something is faked or real....more info
  • Cats, Dogs, Jeff Goldblum and Elizabeth Perkins!?!
    "Cats and Dogs" is a nice comedy about the secret war between
    these two animals. There are a lot of funny moments, including
    the kidnapping of the Brodies and others. Perhaps it is a little
    too scary for little kids, but it surely is great entertainment.
    Jeff Goldblum is the ideal cast for the role of Dr. Brody and
    Elizabeth Perkins is very charming as the ditzy mother who has
    no idea what is going on. All in all this film is about a B....more info
  • How does this stuff get made???
    I could go into a long, LONG review on how this is possibly the most asinine movie EVER, or I could sum it up in one sentence. My pets leave more creativity and fun in tightly coiled piles on the front lawn. There. I said it because no one else would....more info
    This movie portrays dogs as the good guys and cats as evil, so I think you'll know whether or not you'd like to see it. This movie reminds me of Men In Black and Austin Powers. All the techno stuff and the "red button" thing, as well as a hardened veteran (voiced by Alec Baldwin in this) to coach the kid around, remind of Men in Black. The Austin Powers influence is more in Mr. Tinkles. A lot of his lines reminded of me of Dr. Evil saying, "One million dollars," and then being corrected by his staff. If there is a sequel (and there's definitely room for one), Mr. Tinkles should say to his cats, "Come on, people, throw me a fish here. I have a son, and we shall call him, Mini-Tink." That would crack me up, even though they used it in Kangaroo Jack. This movie's full of star power, like Tobey Maguire (Spider Man, Seabiscuit), Alec Baldwin (The Cat in the Hat, Final Fantasy), Joe Pantoliano (Daredevil, The Matrix) and Michael Clarke Duncan (Daredevil, The Scorpion King). Surprisingly, even though it's a bunch of sci-fi movies put in a blender and served on top of Stuart Little-style talking animals, it's a great movie. Even adults, especially ones who saw Austin Powers, will like it. The basic plot isn't too difficult to believe, until the end, but that was Mr. Tinkles' idea, and Dr. Evil's ideas were never exactly possible anyway. So, here's the deal.
    A scientist (Jeff Goldblum) is working on a chemical to counteract allergies to dogs. This formula is imperative to the dogs, who have been fighting since the days of Ancient Egypt for the position of "man's best friend." When the dog that protects the scientist's family from cat infiltration is catnapped, the dogs send five trained puppies to the animal farm to be selected by the scientist's wife. Unfortunately, one beagle (Tobey Maguire) manages to catch her eye, and this untrained pup is going home with her.
    This makes life harder for the neighborhood dogs, who will have to teach him a lot more than planned. He, with the help of Butch (Alec Baldwin) protect the scientist's labratory from cats (a Russian blue and Siamese ninjas) who are agents of Mr. Tinkles (voice of Sean Hayes), a delightful cat intent upon world domination. His scheming is not maid any easier by the maid, who insists on dressing him in cute, but mortifying outfits. One of these provokes Mr. Tinkles to yell, "Evil does NOT wear a bonnet!" Hilarious. Also noteworthy are the video he sends the dogs, and the phone call he makes. Unfortunately, Tinkles does not realize that the formula hasn't been completed. This isn't even addressed in the movie, which begs the question: Why is he sending his men into the field when he has no proof the formula is complete?
    This minor beef is soon set aside, because the scientist does complete the formula thanks to Lou (Tobey Maguire). Unfortunately, the scientist and his family are soon held hostage by Mr. Tinkles, who demands the formula as ransom. When Mr. Tinkles doesn't stick to his end of the deal, the dogs infiltrate his base and learn his diabolical scheme... so diabolical that it prompts one dog to curse, "Son of my mom." Not completely successful, but still slightly funny.
    This movie copies from several movies other than those mentioned. One is the Matrix. There is even a bullet-time sequence. Another movie it copies is James Bond, with its techno gadgets and a Russian blue saying, "From Russia with love." Mr. Tinkles is a caricature of Dr. Evil, who is basically a funny version of Blofeld from Bond... Some may groan at all the references to other movies, but the kids will lap it up. If they aren't too busy with Spy Kids (or Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within), they'll love it. Heck, they'll love it anyway. Unless they despise dogs and love cats. Then watch something else....more info
  • A Lot of Fun
    It is certainly great to see how they make the animals act in this movie , the effects are good , as are the voice overs. I am a dog lover too, and am admittedly not, as a rule, too fond of cats. Those who are cat lovers may not like the fact that in this one, the cats are evil!

    The dogs have to rescue the world from a plan by the cats for a world revolution, where they will overtake the earth, and install a cat tyranny, like they once had in Ancient Egypt.

    I particularly found the scene of the kung fu cat throwing knives and, his face set in a evil leer, very amusing. Other highlights for me, where the Doggy United Nations scene - at the center of the earth. Hey its go to have more sense and concern for rights and justice, than the miserable `peoples' UN, we have adding to misery and tyranny in the world today. But I digress; in this one some of the doggy delegates got the chairman quite irate by playing frisby in the assembly. And who can address the Cat Rally where a demagogic Mr. Tinkles to the background of sinister Red Bolshevik-like posters addresses the cats, raving about the `glorious revolution' that he will bring about, with the aid of the most unlikely ally-gasp, mice! Who will be rewarded with the continent of Australia.
    Then of course there was the German nurse Sophie, the bane of the life of the villainous Mr. Tinkles - she dresses him in all sorts of frilly clothes etc. After the defeat of the cats, Mr. Tinkles is returned to the care of Sophie, who has invited her three equally fat sisters, to the mansion where he lives, who have all sorts of jerseys and frilly outfits for him ` before the photo session.
    Kind of like the humiliation of another tyrant Saddam Hussein, having his teeth checked on world TV LOL.

    Alexander Pollock is the boy Scott Brody, the owner of Lou, the little Beagle, Jeff Goldblum as Professor Brody, who is working on a special formula that the cats want to get their evil hands on, and is was great to see Elizabeth Perkins (she played the leading lady in Big) who is quite cute in her role as Mrs. Brody.

    This is not the best , but it is entertaining....more info

  • 5 stars for Mr. Tinkles!
    I thought this movie was great. Mr. Tinkles is halarious. His lines made me laugh so hard that I couldn't breath. The 3D animation, the voice acting and the characters are great! Very halarious....more info
    Absolutley adorable! Those are the words I have to use to
    start my review of this outstanding movie. In this upbeat
    film, we have man's best friend, the dog pitted against the
    cat world. The cats, after all, are trying to make us their
    slaves as we once were so long ago! Could that be possible?
    I loved it.
    The movie was full of action, had some tender moments and was
    just plain fun.....a good time for everyone watching it!
    Highly recommended!...more info
  • I am a Dog Lover , but not a Memorable Movie
    The Movie Cat's & Dogs was an ok movie when I saw it. I mean ok , cause the jokes and the humor was a little dumb , and the scenes kind of dragged on a little bit. But , the great thing about the movie is the respect the dogs get , I love dogs , I have a Siberian Huskey , and Golden Retriever. So I think they are the best. Lou was a cute , playful little guy , played by a cool actor ``Tobey Mcguire'' (Spider-Man ,The Cider House Rules , and the 2003 summer movie ``Sea Biscuit'' which I want to see.) And the Butch was cool (Alec Baldwin , ``Pearl Harbor'')
    as was Susan Surandon's part , as the female Hound. The Cats were incredibly stupid , but then again , I am not big on cats so that would make sense. This movie had one scene in particular , that I liked , when the kid told Lou , he was his best friend , I love that , people who have a close bond with thier pets , especially dogs , is a great sight. But i'm not dissing cat people , but lets face it , cats don't exactly show 2/3 a fraction of love as dogs do. Anyway , the movie was ok , but it's not as memorable as other family movies that came out like (Shrek , Dr.Dolittle 2 , Tarzan , Prince of Egypt , A Bug's Life , Antz , & Mulan) _ _ They ``bark'' up the right trail.
    v (Those are a couple of my favorite family movies)...more info