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At the time of its release, Mission: Impossible III's box office was plagued by the publicity backlash against couch-jumping star Tom Cruise. It's too bad, because this third installment of the spy thriller franchise deserved a better reception than it got. First-time feature director J.J. Abrams (bigwig TV director/producer of Lost, Alias, & Felicity) proves more than able-bodied in creating a Mission: Impossible that's leaner and less over-stylized than John Woo's sequel and less confusing than Brian De Palma's original. Plot is still a throwaway here (Cruise's Ethan Hunt rescues his kidnapped former trainee and works to steal a device that... well, we don't really know what it does, but it's something about mass destruction that costs $850 million), but the action sequences, particularly one where Ethan faces down a helicopter on a bridge and gets flung hard against the side of a car, are particularly impressive since Cruise, at 44, is still doing most of his own stunts and shows no hint of the weathered look that's struck his action-star peers. (Though no Mission: Impossible stunt will ever be quite as simultaneously nail-biting and funny as the first film's wire-dangling break-in of CIA headquarters.)

Mission: Impossible III boasts a pedigreed cast, particularly Oscar? winner Philip Seymour Hoffman (Capote) as baddie arms dealer Owen Davian. Hoffman plays Owen all teeth-clenched and cool, especially when threatening to kill Ethan in front of his lovely new wife (Michelle Monaghan) who has no idea of his spy life. But in his first action-film lead role, Hoffman's almost too calm and collected to really make a memorable villain, especially when the rest of the cast--Ving Rhames (the only other cast member to return for all three films), Asian film star Maggie Q, and an underused Jonathan Rhys-Meyers--are a highlight as Ethan's IMF team. Mission: Impossible is still fun popcorn spy fare, and if Cruise chooses to end the franchise here, at least he goes out on a high note. --Ellen A. Kim

Special agent ethan hunt faces the mission of his life. Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 10/30/2006 Starring: Tom Cruise Kerri Russell Run time: 125 minutes Rating: Pg13 Director: J.j. Abrams

Customer Reviews:

  • Good but not as great as I anticipated.
    The film was exciting. The effects wonderfull. I thought the story suffered in relation the special effects. Entertaining film but overall dissapointing....more info
  • "You've got to be kidding me"
    The phrase in the title was uttered by Laurence Fishburne when Ethan Hunt (Cruise) broadcasts "We are family" through the police walkie-talkies. To tell you the truth though, this is kind of what I was already feeling halfway though this movie. Seeing the number of stars that took part in this production I thought that maybe it was going to be better than the previous attempt. I was sadly mistaken, since the performances of most of these big stars are uninspired, and the only exception is Philip Seymour Hoffman. This actor has the ability to astound me no matter what the role is, even in a movie that counts with the number of flaws this one has.

    It all starts with Ethan Hunt being questioned and threatened by the evil Owen Davian (Hoffman) and the twist has to do with the fact that Davian is actually threatening to hurt not Ethan, but his wife Jules. The scene ends with a shot but without showing what happened. We then are taken back in time to see Ethan and Jules getting engaged. Ethan is dedicated to train Special Forces and he has stopped with the field work, but when a former student is taken prisoner he jumps back into the action. And that is one thing you get in this movie, action, a lot of fast-paced chases, fights, explosions and stunts. If this is what you are looking for, you will likely have a good time.

    For those that are looking for a nice backbone to the story, I am sorry to tell you that this film certainly lacks that. The plot is so shallow that I was surprised and somewhat disappointed. I can't even believe that after showing a scene in the future with both Hunt and Davian alive the creators are trying to create suspense by them placing these characters in dangerous situations in the past. To make matters even worse, the movie is long! I hope that by now you have a pretty good idea of how much I disliked this movie and what I think the flaws are. If you are just looking for an action flick, I wish you the best of luck and hope you enjoy yourself....more info
  • how dissapointing....
    Dissapointed, not that I had real high hopes for this one. I'm a little embarassed to say I watched this movie all the way through. The cgi was impressive, but talk about a cruise- fest. The best part was the bomb in keri russel's head exploding. The bridge scene was very cool, but the acting sucked and tom cruise is either running, crying, shooting, or base jumping about 98 percent of the time. Buy this one used if you must see it, but a scanner darkly is actually worth your money....more info
  • Never got the product
    I've never received the product. I contact the seller several times and didn't get any response. I fill out a refund issue and till this day I haven't got anything. I bought the product on Dec. 7, 2006. So you figure. ...more info
  • SPOILER WARNING in header
    I am sick, sick, sick SICK! ... and tired of the "The boss is the evil mastermind behind it all!" theme in action movies these days.

    This ruined what could have been a perfectly acceptable action film. Isn't that the same plot theme that ruined the first movie ?!?

    Nice cast, nice back story, nice main plot. Very cool action sequences and of course, major misdirection by the master of it, JJ Abrams.

    I lost interest in it about three quarters of the way through and then perked up near the end, even though the scene that woke me up inferred that one human life was not worth as much as another. That theme in movies kills my enthusiasm also.

    Disappointing. Rent it before you decide to buy....more info
  • Good action...bad script
    I was one of those people who resisted this film last year because Mr. Cruise was severely riding my last nerve. But apparently I didn't stay away for long. I agree that the action and special effects are good. However, the script stinks to high heaven. And camera hogging Cruise needs to learn how to share the camera. Even our villian, Hoffman's character, had the smallest amount of screen time I've ever seen. Hunt and his "wife" have absolutely no chemistry and I didn't buy into the love affair and I don't appreciate not being told what the heck the rabbit's foot was and what it was capable of doing. Overall, if you're just looking for good action scenes this is the movie for you. If you're looking something else--look somewhere else....more info
  • Third Time Was A Charm
    It took 3 trys and JJ Abrams (Lost, Alias etc)to finally get a great MI movie. And, unfortunately, it only took one crazy session of couch jumping on Opera to make a lot of people ignore it. Well, that and the audio players that were placed in LA Times newspaper vending machines to play the theme music when opened, that people mistook for bombs. That negative publicity at release time was very unfortunate because this is by far the best MI of the three.

    The trailer gives a good idea of the intense action and interactions between Cruise and Hoffman, who are both at the top of their form. I can't think of a film where either are better. This is an action film with some outlandish gadgets, just like the original TV series and chock full of action. So its not like the new Casino Royale [Blu-ray] or Bourne Trilogy (3pc) (Ws Dub Sub Ac3 Dol Gift) offerings which do not have anywhere near the gadgets that don't exist. This movie is like an update of an old Bond movie with its intense action and fantastic gear.

    The plot is no more outlandish then any vintage bond move and is followable. The action scenes are as good as any I have seen, and I am a movie buff. One of my favorite scenes is shot on the old bridge that goes to the Florida Keys. The amount of destruction in that one scene makes me wonder if that strip will be used in a film again.

    If you want to watch a great action flick with some intense action scenes I highly recommend MI3...more info
  • Amazing HD-DVD experience!
    This movie is an HD-DVD experience! If you love how films are made, checking out the HD-DVD version is a must!

    This is the second HD-DVD I've watched, and Picture-in-Picture video commentary is like nothing you've seen before. Unlike regular DVD and Blu-Ray audio commentary, you watch the film along with Tom Cruise and JJ Abrams as they watch the film too. When they want to talk in detail about a scene, they pause the movie! And their commentary video continues! Absolutely amazing. They will talk about alternate takes and deleted scenes and you can immediately view them right there by clicking a button (you don't have to pop in the second extras disc to see deleted scenes). Seeing these creative pros talk to each other adds so much more than just a normal commentary audio track. You can see the excitement and the energy they put into their work. Also, the extras second disc is all in HD too. The extras are so good, it makes up for whatever weaknesses the actual movie has....more info
  • How did I miss this?!? AWESOME.
    Skipped this one in the theatre due to media overexposure of the infamous "Couch Jumping Incident" at the time. Big mistake on my part. This movie kicks major you-know-what and any action movie fan with a heartbeat should find it suitably, uh, "fibrillating". Minus one star for the razor thin plot, but let's face it - that's not why you watch a movie like this. Great action setpieces (see: "Bridge Scene"), uniformly great casting (Hoffman oozes evil as the villain) and roller coaster pacing that, as they say, takes you for a ride and never lets go. Pure awesomeness.

    P.S. Does Michelle Monaghan have a sister?

    P.P.S. I want a Lamborghini. And Maggie Q as my full time driver :-)
    ...more info
  • Much better than expected
    I thought it would be a stinker. I have never seen any of J.J. Abrams's work (I don't watch TV), so I had no idea that this one would be good. I was very hopeful about de Palma's original, and I was a bit let down by it. Then came John Woo's version, and it was basically a stinker. So I was not expecting anything great from M:I:III, and in fact, I didn't even want to put it in.

    Yeah, Tom Cruise really wanted to do it, so he acted as producer and made the whole thing come together as a way to revive his troubled career. Can't be good, right?

    Well, it is pretty good. All of the acting is decent, although some of the lines are a bit corny. The ending is a bit contrived (and you can see it from a mile away), but the action is good, and the film does some interesting things, like not allowing us to see some of the action. We see other characters talk about what is happening, but we don't see one primary bit of action, and the movie is better for the hints and suppositions.

    One thing that annoyed me is the way there's always a mole in the M:I franchise, but it's just par for the course, I guess.

    If you're looking for a good action film, this one delivers....more info
  • Ethan in love
    Great movie, but if you watch it in this blu ray format... other formats can may you forget the movie at the middle of the action...
    More heart in this and more realistic than the others.
    ...more info
  • another mediocre action flick
    i will admit that i couldn't take my eyes off the screen.. but that was only because i was so overwhelmed that i couldn't do otherwise - such is the plight of modern cinema.. Lots of action.. good special effects.. that my friends is about all....more info
  • Slight mix-up, but seller made good.
    While item sent was not the version I requested, the seller did offer to send it or offered a discount. ...more info
  • The fun, the adventure, the creativity, never ease up...
    In this third film of the series, Ethan Hunt has retired from the field, and is training new agents.... His sweetheart Julia (Michelle Monaghan) thinks he works for the Department of Transportation...

    When one of his pupils is kidnapped by a sadistic arms dealer Owen Davian (Philip Seymour Hoffman), Hunt decides to assemble his old team to retrieve her, putting in mortal danger his new love...

    J.J. Abrams--in his first feature film--shot "Mission: Impossible III" with a sense of timing and suspense... We're dealing with full-flash blanks, glass breaking, explosions... And we see Hunt, in a quite interesting shot, running up a wall to enter the Vatican... Also, in the bridge sequence, he runs away from a rocket hit on one of the vehicles... It's cool because the way he's running, the look on his face, before, during and after that impact could only have been done only by an actor as good as him... In China, in an old fishing village, we see him jumping off tile rooftops, with incredible grace, precision, coordination and footwork... Then, with Lindsey Farris (Keri Russell) they jump out of a building on a cable landing on a truck...

    The special effects, and visual effects are great... They all work together... The Shanghai street chase with Tom leaning out of the car at some insanely dangerous angle to shoot a gun under a truck; Also Tom, in a high-speed boat, on the Tiber River in Rome, Italy; the blowing of a nice spectacular sports car; and, of course, the helicopter chase sequence where, in pursuit, the bad-guy helicopter emerges out of a fireball...

    Also, in a fantastic shot, in Shanghai, China, when the camera comes in and then goes around Tom as he's standing on top of a Shanghai roof... The camera comes over his shoulder and look down at the ground, so we'll see Tom on the top of the Shanghai building, hundreds feet in the air, and just to show and set up the jeopardy of what he's about to accomplish...

    Well, I loved the director's work... He's so detail-oriented...The fun, the adventure, the creativity, never eased up...

    And, please, don't miss Colleen Atwood, entering the Vatican, with a head-turner red dress... ...more info
  • Cruising to Mediocrity
    Well, Hollywood has delivered another big summer meatball for everyone to enjoy, starring everyone's favorite 50 year old midget action superstar Tom Cruise (aka In Vitro). Not much substance here, some explosions, a few thrills, he gets the girl, kills the bad guy, yada yada. Boring for 90% of the population, but delightful for the other ten. I am with the majority for once on this one, however, as Cruise is even more ridiculous this time around. If they had an award for the actor who can somehow manage to overact WHILE showing no emotion at the same time, he would win every year. Maybe for MI4 he can be in one of those power-scooters those senior citizens drive around, and could engage in battles that way. By the way, I READ THE STUDY on mental health, and I think Tommy Boy needs a check up....more info
  • Mission Accomplished
    Somehow I missed this movie when it first came out. I had watched Mission Impossibles I and II and liked them. This edition is the best of the three and the best acted. If he gets the big bucks, he deserves them, and by the way, I don't care what his personal religion and marital status is. I really enjoyed the movie and have to put his presence on the screen up to superstar status with the big boys....more info
  • Worst MI of all
    Whereas MI 1 was a great movie with a pretty impossible mission, MI 2 fairly good with also a nice impossible mission, MI 3 has a mission, but we never know how it was accomplished! In the building, out the building and... done. What happened inside we'll never know. Very disappointing...more info
  • Best MI Yet
    I have this movie in both Blu Ray and HDDVD, that is how good it is. It is truly a beauty on my 47" HDTV. It shines in every aspect. Tom cruise and Hoffman and incredible as well. A+...more info
  • A somewhat boring mission...
    Like many others, I was kinda disappointed in this third movie of the M.I. series. The first half of the movie was ok. What gets me is the plot is way to messed up, and another disappointment is that later in the movie when Ethan was retreiving the 'rabbits foot', we never see any of that mission going on from inside the building, I mean he just comes crashing out of the window with the 'rabbits foot'. And at the end of the movie it just ends, nothing more. To me it seems the director was trying to do this movie cheap, and expect more money in return, by making this movie look like they did there homework, knowing they really didn't.
    ...more info
  • MI 3 - Best one yet!
    This is the best one in the series!! Full of action, twists and turns and storyline. ...more info
  • Great movie, the best MI yet!!
    I'm not big on sequels, but the MI series just keeps getting better! This one keeps moving, has great action and story lines, with a little bit of humor. 5 stars for our family!...more info
  • 3 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    Lacking the contrived machinations of De Palma's original and the pretentiousness of Lee's artsy sequel, Mission Impossible 3 flourishes under the relative straightforwardness of Abrams' direction; allowed to finally breathe, the series comes up with its best movie, buoyed by a great villain in Hoffman and a couple of stellar action scenes....more info
  • The Best One so Far!!!!
    Tom Cruise was AWESOME!!! in this One. M I 3 is the best one so far!!!!...more info
  • Mission Impossible III Is an Explosion of Action

    Actors: Tom Cruise, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Ving Rhames, Billy Crudup
    Director: J.J Abrams
    First Line: " We put an explosive charge in your head". "Does that sound familiar"?
    Length: 125 minutes
    Studio: Paramount Home Video
    DVD Release Date: October 30, 2006
    Rating: PG -13

    Ethan Hunt comes face to face with a dangerous and sadistic arms dealer while trying to keep his identity secret in order to protect his girl friend. "Tell me where the Rabbits Foot is". Mission impossible III is an explosion of action. It shows CIA agent maneuvers, and lots of action. I think this movie should become: The Oscar Award: The Best Action Movie. When I watched the movie I thought about me as a CIA agent. It was cool, but I really focused on the movie instead. Do you mind if I go on about the movie?
    Ethan Hunt "Tom Cruise", the CIA agent of this movie, says goodbye to his old daily life and hello to a new gadget world. One of his parts in the movie he uses a Magnetic Time Bomb to blow up this hostage building. First he saves another CIA agent, but it is a women. When you watch this movie you would be amazed of how many cool gadgets are used. I think the Mission Impossible can be very high on the world's future detail. The way I look at, it the future does look very cool; not forgetting the awesome gadgets there might be in the future.
    Some parts in the movie Ethan gets in trouble. He sometimes even gets hurt. There is one part in the movie where Ethan gets a little microchip put in his head, on his brain. It is literately a ticking time bomb. There are some sad parts in the movie. Some parts have action including the middle of the movie. So don't quit watching it in when it hits "center film", in my terms that's in the middle of the movie.
    I rate this movie a ninety-eight out of one hundred. After you watch it I want to know what you would give it. I wanted to watch this movie twice. I liked the movie a lot. I think this movie can be very disturbing to other viewers under the age of seven. This movie is rated PG- 13. When you watch this movie I think you should be with your family to have a good time together.
    My opinion about this movie is that it is the best action movie. When you watch this movie I want to know your opinion about this movie. There is a good ending. Coming to you though is that Ethan is.... Wait I can't tell you what happens to him. Find it out for yourself. I really liked this movie and I hope you do too!

    Written By: Ty...more info
  • Not a Couch in Sight
    I avoided the third installment of Mission Impossible for the same reason a lot of people did: Tom Cruise. It's a tradeoff: a bankable star becomes a liability if you happen to dislike him. Of course, the people who don't like these big budget stars are usually not substantial enough to affect sales. Given Sumner Redstone's, CEO of Paramount, decision to cut ties with Cruise, it seems that his outrageous antics finally caught up with him.

    And that's a shame, because Mission Impossible III is really good.

    The problems I've had with the other installments revolved around what happened to the original conceit of the series: it was a carefully planned operation performed by a team. Being privy to the operation in the beginning, we worried for each agent as they performed their particularly dangerous and important task. This is the whole symbolism of the burning fuse: the agents light the fuse, but the conclusion is an inevitable explosion. In short, we knew what to expect and got it at every episode, even if there were a few twists and turns along the way.

    Thus making Mission Impossible a star vehicle is against the spirit of the series. There's no one star agent; there can't be, because every agent is important. Right? The first two movies forgot that point.

    In MI3, J.J. Abrams brings the series back to its roots. In essence, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) performs a standard mission extraction. They pull it off perfectly. There's just one problem: the bad guy (Owen Davian, played with chilling aplomb by Philip Seymour Hoffman) refuses to be interrogated. Utterly unafraid, he begins interrogating his interrogator. And suddenly, MI3 has been turned on its ear.

    What if everything went right, asks Abrams, and it still all went horribly wrong?

    What's so refreshing about MI3 is that even when Hunt defects, even when he's not sure who's on his side, his team sticks by him. When he goes rogue, his team goes with him. And when he goes on a mission to stop Davian, his teammates are right there in the mix, risking their lives for their leader.

    There are some amazing scenes, including a sliding fight on the rooftop of an office skyscraper and a helicopter battle in a wind turbine farm. Add into the mix a ticking time bomb and the tension and action keeps the audience on its toes.

    By never forgetting what made Mission Impossible great, Abrams brings the magic back. And Cruise delivers without hopping on a single couch....more info
    I thought this was an excellent movie, which surprised me because normally I wouldn't be watching a Tom Cruise movie, since he tends to bore me; but I really got into this movie and was at the edge of my seat most of the time! Very good!...more info
  • Pretty Average
    This 3rd instalment of the Mission Impossible films sums up exactly what is wrong with most Hollywood films today.

    Lets be fair and start with the good points: The stunts and action sequences (particulary on the bridge) are breathtakingly good. The acting from Philip Seymour Hoffman and Laurence Fishburns (in a small role) is very good. Cruise and the remainder of the cast are reasonable as well. There is also a lovely cameo role from Simon Pegg which is worth catching as well.

    However on the downside there is virtually no characterisation. The script is at best average, and did I care in the least about anybody in the film (no). Stunts and explosions are great, but if thats all that the film consists of then you no longer have a film. This isn't quite that bad but if you took that out of this film you would have about 15-20 minutes left at the most.

    So its worth seeing, there are some great moments, but I'd recommend renting it rather than buying as it really is a typical bloated Hollywood blockbuster.
    ...more info
  • Lived Up To Hype
    I heard nothing but good things about this movie, so I rented it the first day it was available recently.....and I wasn't disappointed. Oh, it does have a bit too much action and a few politically-correct annoyances but neither are much and overall the movie is a lot of fun to watch.

    The action scenes are not only interesting; they're spectacular at times. Overall, the photography is slick. It's a good visual movie. Not only the cinematography, but the director did a nice job with many of these shots. The version doesn't have all the gimmicks the first Misssion Impossible film, but it certainly has the best action scenes. The action is improbable as Cruise's "Ethan Hunt" would have to be Superman to perform the stunts and acrobatics he does here. (I would never claim this movie is credible, or even "intelligent" - just escapist fun.)

    Just put your brains on hold, and go along for the wild ride.
    ...more info
  • Utterly unheard of
    Not very often do the studios come up with a 3rd installment of a film that surpasses it's predecessors. I felt that this was one of those rare cases. I was one of the minority who was not blown away by the first MI. I was even more dissappointed by the second MI. The second one was nothing but a "Cruise love-in". God forbid that they shot a single second of footage that didn't include Tom.
    With these memories, I avoided this 3rd MI film. Well, today I had the day off and it was on Pay channels. I sat down and was prepared to be underwhelmed. I was pleasantly surprised. The film again relies heavily on Cruise. But, this time the story is greatly improved by the presence of Lawrence Fishburne and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Back again is the tremendous Ving Rhames. All these characters make for a compelling story. There is also the presence of the nifty gadgets and urgency we expect from MI films.
    Overall I found the entire film to be much more enjoyable than the previous MI's and would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • A disappointing sequel
    Mission Impossible III had a lot to overcome for it to be a box office success, and a good movie. First, Tom Cruise was in the middle of his public scrutiny/Scientology/Nicole Kidman/Katie Holmes public relations fiasco. Second, this movie was directed by JJ Abrams and came out five years or so after the second, and third, this is a Mission Impossible movie, so it had to live up to certain expectations and fulfill certain elements that fans have come to expect.

    While entertaining, this movie is not nearly as good as Mission Impossible II. It seemed like a series of highly complex, detailed missions, each lasting about twenty minutes, followed by five or ten minutes of story or drama, then onto the next big set piece. You had the rescue of the captured agent, the capture of the bad guy in rome, the bad guy's escape, the theft in China, then the finale. Each segment went down the same way, the IMF team (Cruise, Ving Rhames, Maggie Q, and another guy) played their parts and looked nice, but in the end, I felt know connection to what they were doing.

    Phillip Seymore Hoffman plays the bad guy, Owen Davian. I read reviews where his performance is praised, yet I found it fleeting. He was only in a few scenes, and not given time to develop as a bad guy. The rest of the cast was fine.

    In this movie, Ethan Hunt is in love and about to get married when he gets drawn back into the field by a self-destructing message. The opening played the catchy, hypnotic theme music, but then the theme all but disappeared by the end of the movie, making me feel like this wasn't a Mission Impossible movie. To me, JJ Abrams under utilized the Mission Impossible theme and this brought the movie down a bit in my eyes.

    The story was simple, but lacked the "cool" factor that John Woo's edition seemed to have. This is an okay movie, and I'll watch the next if there is another one, but I understand now why it didn't rule last summer's boc office....more info
  • Best of the three so far
    Villains are what make the different between a passable action move and a good action movie. Case in point: Quantum of Solace which had one of the lamest villains in recent memory. In the case of MI3 we have one of America's best actors who expanded his range even further with this role. Anyone who was seen him in Boogey Nights, Storytelling and Magnolia knows that this guy can act, but even in a Tom Cruise pic, he OWNS this role and practically owns the movie.

    Anyway, Phillip Seymore Hoffman is awesome and elevates this movie above the previous two that had shaky plots and/or lame direction. The direction in MI3 isn't stellar, but the production looks a lot slicker. Decent acting by all, but again, the villain makes this movie and he's a real unlikable guy who's as cool as a cucumber no matter what's going on around him....more info
  • running out of good ideas
    I was disappointed with this movie.

    Having viewed the previous offerings... I was hoping for the same or better

    Sure there was lots of Tom Cruise adrenaline-pumping action... but the story line
    and plot were somewhat disappointing.

    Lets hope somebody can dream up a better script next time...

    Its not like I want to get rid of the movie... it's not that bad.

    but compared to earlier MI offerings it seemed a bit lame...more info
  • One Mission Too Many
    The stunts weren't as impressive as in the old movies and the entire film ended up being just one enormous cliche. There's an agent who wants to get out of the business to marry the woman he loves, then he is pulled back in and his wife is held hostage. Then, when there is finally a chance for the film to break the mold, so to speak, it ends! Instead of exploring the implications behind the "rabbit's foot" that they'd been chasing, they just call it quits! If you love MI movies, then give it a shot. If not, it probably isn't for you....more info
    In this third installment, Ethant Hunt tries to get hitched, and even his co-worker IMF crew knows that not the kind of life you need when your doing a job like this, but Ethan Hunt believes in honesty and learns that he can't even keep his true secret job from his beloved new wife when the eneny captures her and uses her as leverage to get to Ethan by getting what he wants, which is the Rabbbits Foot, which is a deadly explosive device that could wipe out all human living on the planet.

    Like always its a thrilling and crazy stunt action that makes you grab your seat or book because you know there might be a chance that Ethan Hunt might die this time...I dont think so. LOL

    This mission impossible was a wake up call for Ethan Hunt to get back into the field since he had been off active duty since the last Mission impossible, and was occupied training new IMF recruits, as Ethan has found out, the terrorists and all the other bad guys have changed over the years.

    Great movie, a fine collection to include with MI- 1 and 2!
    Will there be a MI-4?, I hope so! Tom Cruise is starting to show his age!, Better make another movie soon before they start hiding those gray hairs on his head....more info