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The Break-Up (Combo HD DVD and Standard DVD) [HD DVD]
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Product Description

Universal The Break-up - HD-DVD
Vince Vaughn and JenniferAniston star in the charming and unpredictable comedy The Break-Up. After two years together, Gary and Brookes relationship seems to have taken a comical wrong turn on the way to happily ever after.Get ready for an all-out war of the exes in this fun date movie thats hilarious and heartfelt.

The combined star power of Vince Vaughn (Wedding Crashers, Swingers) and Jennifer Aniston (Bruce Almighty, The Good Girl) makes The Break-Up a high-profile romantic comedy. Gary (Vaughn) and Brooke (Aniston) find that their brittle relationship may have reached the breaking point--but neither is willing to give up the condo they co-own. As their fighting grows increasingly bitter, neither is sure if they're fighting to get out of the relationship or to save it. The Break-Up is an odd combination of realistic scenes that capture the harsh yet human ways that lovers can hurt each other, and broad comic scenes with a more farcical edge. Both types of scenes are entertaining on their own terms--the movie is never boring--but they don't fully mesh, and as a result it's hard to engage emotionally with either Gary or Brooke. But the sterling supporting cast--including Jon Favreau (Wimbledon), Cole Hauser (The Cave), Joey Lauren Adams (Chasing Amy), John Michael Higgins (A Mighty Wind), Justin Long (Dodgeball), Jason Bateman (Arrested Development), Vincent D'Onofrio (Happy Accidents), and the ever-delirious Judy Davis (Husbands and Wives)--give every scene they're in a boost of comic energy. An uneven but enjoyable movie that may suffer from viewers having overly high expectations due to Vaughn and Aniston's celebrity. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • Have a BREAK-DOWN watching this film
    "The Break-UP" sucked,it went on FOREVER,and I can't think of one scene that was funny.Don't bother to buy this DVD.Its a waste of good money.You really start to get tired of Vince Vaughn's humor,and he wrote and produced "THe Break -up,and his entire family was in the movie.Just a big ego trip for him....more info
  • Far better to have loved and lost... than never to haved loved at all!
    Teaming up Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Anniston proves to be a winning combination. This movie is about the story of a couple, Gary and Brooke, who meet at a sports outing under the most interesting of circumstances. They fall in love and go to live together in a condominium they purchase together.

    A relationship that started with great promise soon turns sour and the fighting that takes place between these two individuals makes for rather difficult situations, at times... difficult to watch.

    Neither wants to give up ownership of the condo, so they stay together even though it becomes apparent that they would be better off apart from each other.

    Family and friends suffer the results of the increasingly bitter relationship, at times forcing friends to choose sides at the detriment of either partner. Both actors deliver great performances, but we felt sorry for Jennifer Anniston, who in her private life had a similar break-up that ended in her divorce from Brad Pitt.

    The movie has that rare combination of drama and comedy that makes you laugh at times, but the situations are so real... and painful... that at times we found ourselves saddened by the depth of despair of these two individuals who see their relationship come to an end.

    The filming is done in Chicago and some of the best lines are delivered while the protagonist guides tourists through the Windy City, as the host of a tourism business he runs with his brothers....more info
  • Lame
    This was a lame movie to get in HD, i mean its decent but a complete waste of time to get in HD...more info
  • The Break-Up
    Very good. Movie was good but I thought the ending could have been written better....more info
  • Awful Movie
    They do nothing but fight, bicker and and finally break up. What a waste of film, time and money....more info
  • Generally speaking, Ugh
    I saw this movie after my friend tossed a coin. Too bad it didn't land on tails. This was one of the more gruesome movie watching experiences I have ever had. I write this review as a cautionary good samaritan type deed. Maybe I'll rack up some good karma!

    For starters, this is not a comedy. It's a very serious, very boring, very unpleasant drama. Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston play two live-in lovers who break-up, only the catch is that nobody moves out of their shared condo. They stay and start to make each others' lives a living hell.

    You know a movie is bad when you start making comments halfway through about Aniston's wardrobe (nothing else is worth commenting on), and you wish they would show more of Chicago, where the movie takes place. This film consists primarily of two people arguing repeatedly. A perfectly great cast (Judy Davis, Jason Bateman, Vincent D'Onofrio, etc. ) is totally wasted. There is no humor, no heart, nothing but a very long, drawn-out painfully tedious film. I would have preferred to watch someone read the dictionary for two hours. It was that bad.

    The movie is wildly uneven in tone -- one minute it seems to be striving towards the humorous (and painfully failing), the next moment it seems to be veering towards something dark and twisted, and then back again to the endless bickering.

    I don't know why this movie was given over to general public viewing. I will now find Prime, the other movie we could have seen last night. Anything has to be better than "The Break Up."

    Run, do not walk, from this film.

    End of PSA. ...more info
  • Not a romantic comedy
    Yes, this may have been billed as a romantic comedy in some places, possibly to alert the audience to the fact that Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston are normally more well-known for their comedic roles. Reviewers going to see this expecting a romantic comedy are the ones giving it bad reviews. This is a shockingly serious film, and a side not often shown in romantic films. This shows what happens when the relationship starts to go sour, what happens when you break up, the emotions that surface, and yes the actors do play a good job of it.

    From the baseball game start, to the photos of the relationship showing behind the credits, this is a film full of conflicting emotions. And it's so simple how an argument can go from "why did you only buy me three lemons, when I wanted twelve" to "I hate you, you never do anything, we're through".

    I was left feeling quite sad afterwards, and haven't managed to perk up since. I certainly felt reminded of a lot of my own life in some parts of the film, as many women will, but I must insist it's in no way a date film! I can just imagine a petty argument after viewing of this film.

    It's an alright film to watch and feel sad (just don't watch it on Valentine's Day for god's sake!) but it's lacking a certain something, and I'm still not sure what. It could be potentially not very good to watch if you've just experienced a breakup, but if not, lets laugh at other (beautiful) people's misfortunes shall we?...more info
  • What did you expect?
    It's funny because it's true.

    It's difficult to watch because it's true.

    It rings true get the idea.

    There are basically three categories of negative reviews for "The Break-Up:"

    Misled - "I thought this would be a zany, farcical look at a couple who can't make things work. It wasn't. It was...SAD! I hate this movie for failing to provide the banal escapism I crave."

    Naive - "Incompatible people never stay in relationships. You only ever fall in love with the person who's perfect for you. Furthermore, if people get along well at the start of the relationship, they'll never grow contemptuously familiar, fall out of puppy love, or change at all. I hate this movie because these two never could have gotten together in the first place."

    Lucky - "Based on my past relationship experience, I know that all relationships end amicably and mutually. Even if a relationship has to end, there's no need for vicious mudslinging or manipulation. Men are caring and selfless and women are straightforward and realistic. I know this because I've never been in a fight like those depicted in the movie."

    I used to be lucky. Then I turned 18 and downgraded to naive. Thankfully, I was done with that phase before watching "The Break-Up," because while I was misled about the tone of the movie, I was able to recalibrate my expectations and enjoy it for what it is - a painfully true-to-life look at why relationships fail, and what it looks like when they do.

    Watch this movie for the excellent bar conversation between Vaughn and John Favreau, a contemporary classic in improv dialogue. Watch it for the lemon fight. Watch it for catharsis after a tough break up. Watch it with your partner for the sake of a good laugh at how closely the on-screen hatred mirrors the darkest moments in any couple's story.

    Don't watch it if you want to escape. Or forget. Or kid yourself that love and hate are anything but two sides of the same coin.

    And, for the love of God, don't watch it if you want to stay naive or lucky. Your day will come in time. Try not to rush it....more info
  • Not romantic. Not very funny. Not a good drama...quite depressing.
    This was billed as a romantic comedy yet it's everything but. Aside from a couple of laughs, the movie was upsetting. The only thing I'll say about the ending is this: Want to ruin your day? Go ahead and buy or rent this movie....more info
  • A dazzling screen epic of biblical proportion... NOT!
    There's a reason God created high definition television - So that we all can watch Jennifer Anniston walk around sans pants, as she does in "The Breakup". Forget about buying the ordinary dvd. Here's my advice: Go out and splurge. [...].

    This is all the entertainment you'll ever need in life, trust me. It's a Jennifer Anniston flick where she portrays Jennifer Anniston in yet another "She's really a good girl..." type of movie. Who could ever want anything else?

    It's not that "The Breakup" is unwatchable. It's not. It's cute, in an uninspired sort of way. But I got the impression that in their haste to make a quick buck, the producers of this grade B flick decided to appeal to the younger crowd by presenting characters that the unwashed public could relate to.

    Hence, the Vince Vaughn character. He's a clown who spends his free time playing video games and drinking Bud Light at the local sports bar. Hey, it's art imitating life.

    And the Anniston character... All I can say is: What a dope!

    As for the acting itself, Vaughn seems to fit the bill, although I can't imagine how he personally could ever relate to his character. Anniston is another story. After nearly 20 years on the scene, Anniston's range seems to be nonexistent. Not that she really needs one... After all, Doris Day made a good living in romantic comedies. But at least Day's career was punctuated with better actors, like James Stewart, and better producers, like Alfred Hitchcock.

    Unlike her more flamboyant competitor, Jolie of tabloid fame, Anniston doesn't play the mother of an ancient warrior or a modern day femme fatale a la Tomb Raider. A few more flicks like "The Breakup" and Anniston's career will likely careen over like a lead balloon and land with a crash back into the bizarre world of TV sitcoms.

    What "The Breakup" is not: A dazzling screen epic of biblical proportion. What it is: A fairly predictable B grade movie with decent direction, good editing, and a storyline that's slightly implausible.
    ...more info
  • Badly written or what?
    I was very disappointed with this movie. I felt like i had missed parts of the movie. In fact, i had to watch it 3 times (i worked at the same time) to make sure i didn't miss anything.

    The ending was horrid, it could have been funnier during the fighting, it just lacked substance. ...more info
  • Two solid actors ... one lousy script.
    Vince Vaughn is hilarious as a comedic actor and Jennifer Aniston is as talented as she is beautiful. One would think that this is a recipe for a landmark romantic comedy. As many have said, neither romance nor comedy exists herein. I blame this on a preachy script that is apparently written from a woman's point of view. The story is old, but seldom told: Man spots attractive woman. Woman attracted to man's clever come-on. A fun courtship commences and the relationship progresses. Couple moves in together. Domestic issues anger woman. Woman attempts to remodel man in her ideal image. Friction ensues. Ultimately, the movie culminates in a preachy tone that men need grow up and conform to the more mature domestic wishes of women or risk losing them forever. It seems a little condescending, but it is scary in its realism....more info
  • A pointless waste of time.
    The Break-Up has Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston in the leading roles and their talents carry those roles well. The characters are not over the top but given realistic presentations. Unfortunately, this is where the good points of the movie stop. The story failed to carry any message, it failed to enlighten, it failed to inspire, it simply failed. The audience was merely given the opportunity to see a relationship disintegrate as though we can not see that enough in real life. Gosh, thank you so much. Even the meek attempt made to reconcile is met with a sudden change of heart, but the story fails to adequately develop the basis for this change and so the inevitable ending is reached. The relationship of the characters was a waste of time and my relationship with the movie was a waste of time....more info
  • The Break Up is a cute date movie
    Brooke has reached her limits with slug Gary on their apartment duties.She picks up his clothes,cooks and feels unapreciated.Ya know most guys only dream of having a woman like that and willing to do a little work around the place.I know its stressful barking into microphone at tourists.When Brooke decides that enough is enough she breaks their relationship up and the ride begins.Vincent D'Onofrio is great as the brother and Jon Favreau is good as his buddy.I swear he reminds me of a young Tony Sorprano.There's good scenes,funny scenes and touching scenes that are genuine and heartfelt.To tell you if they get back together or not would ruin it for those who haven't sceen it.I'll keep quiet. Its worth watching expecially to see Jennifer Aniston struting around the apt in the nude{only the back people I know I feel your pain}...more info
  • Not the movie I was expecting; it's substantially better...
    As many have noted already, `The Break-Up' is not your typical romantic comedy. In fact, there is rarely a romantic vibe to be found within its 105 minute timeframe. There's yelling and fighting and humiliation and aggravation and a whole lot of tension, but underneath all of that there beats a heart that is real and raw and overall very, very inviting. It's inviting because it feels true. What I really respect about `The Break-Up' is that it doesn't sugarcoat anything; even the ending is far from your typical Hollywood `happy' ending. As much as this movie is classified a `romantic comedy', and as much as it is about two people presumably in love and as much as it is, at times, very funny, `The Break-Up' is more in the vein of `The Family Stone'; a dramedy with very serious overtones.

    The couple in question is Gary and Brooke. Gary is pretty much an overgrown child who works with his two brothers running a Chicago touring company. Brooke is an aspiring artist who obviously is more well-mannered than Gary and only wishes that he would act his age every once in a while. After a blowout the two of them decide to separate but are inadvertently forced to remain together since neither is willing to give up their condo. Brooke, who still loves Gary, tries her hardest to make him realize he has nothing without her. She turns his friends against him and flaunts her dates in his face and pretty much humiliates him whenever possible. Gary retaliates by treating her friends like garbage and corrupting her dates and standing her up. They react like children, yet when you watch them you see this glimpse into their soul.

    Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are great here. Vaughn is really coming into his own these past couple of years, breaking back into the main stream and becoming a `go-to-guy' in Hollywood. He's likable and funny and charming and very believable. Even though Gary is an overgrown child we still feel affection for him; at times even more so than for Brooke. Aniston does a great job as well with Brooke. She plays her very authentically. She reacts like most women in her position probably would. She loves Gary and wants to be with him; she just wants him to realize he needs to change in order to make things work. She doesn't always go about it the best way but her intentions are pure.

    The supporting cast also help to elevate this movie. Joey Lauren Adams (I love this girl) is sweet and kind and possesses this genuine beauty that draws me to her. Jon Favreau is the most likable of Gary's friends and serves to help Gary see the folly of his way so-to-speak. Cole Hauser and Vincent D'Onofrio do a fine job as Gary's very different brothers and Justin Long is hilarious as Brooke's co-worker. Judy Davis is memorable as Marilyn Dean, Brooke's boss and John Michael Higgins is the supreme scene stealer as Brooke's show-tune-singing brother.

    In the end `The Break-Up' is written with an honesty I didn't expect to come from a `quote-unquote' romantic comedy. The actors all get inside their characters in order to flesh them out for us and deliver their lines with real intensity and believable passion. I highly recommend this film....more info
  • sigh
    Trite, silly story line - and I totally DISLIKE movies that leave you wondering what happens next. After two years of living together, they break up over something totally innocuous? I know it happens, but if he were really as bad as they make him out to be, they wouldn't be in a condo they bought together. This seems to me to be an excuse to make a Jennifer Aniston movie and she doesn't shine in it at all. However, Vince is delightful - but, that doesn't make up for the silliness of this movie. I'm really grateful I rented it with "ONE BOX" and didn't pay to buy it, will never be interested it watching it again....more info
  • It is not a comedy, it's a tragedy...
    It's very unfortunate that a lot of guys are like Vince's character in this realistic movie. Jennifer Aniston is very good and very real....more info
  • Not a feel-good, laugh-riot comedy, but... interesting
    A pretty entertaining, thoughtful movie if you ignore the bouncy/fun art on the DVD box and forget the bouncy/fun marketing campaign when this movie hit theaters a couple of years back. This is not a romantic comedy but rather a drama with some comedy sprinkled in, or- at best- a 50/50 mix of drama and comedy. If you go in knowing that, you won't be put off (as I was until I got into the right groove) by all the intense, shadowy lighting and the intense, pain-laced arguments. Once you know what you're getting, you'll enjoy the well-crafted intensity and the handful of funny moments, too (Jon Favreau is a riot as Vince Vaughn's protective friend).

    The extra features are pretty illuminating, too. That's where we learn that the film's tone was unambiguously intentional on the part of Vince Vaughn and director Peyton Reed, who essentially said, "we hate those brightly lit, goofy romantic comedies that don't have a thread of true complexity in them!" Oh, and for an entertaining lesson in the art of film-making, be sure to watch the Vince Vaughn/Jon Favreau improv sessions, also among the special features. You'll see five or so improvised takes of a conversation in a bar between the two actors, while in character. It's fun to see what responses they come up with on the spur of the moment as each actor takes turns throwing openings and straight lines at the other. In the end, pieces of all the takes were edited together to produce the actual scene in the movie.

    So, again, if you don't mind a little nuance and complexity in your comedic dramas (or your dramatic comedies, or whatever you want to call this mixed-up genre), give "The Break-Up" a try. ...more info
  • Not much is funny about "The Break Up"
    After watching this movie on cable recently, I didn't know what to think. Was this supposed to be a "romantic comedy"? If so, maybe I missed something, because I failed to see any real humor in it. If anything, I found it to be rather sad - two people in a relationship suddenly finding all kinds of faults with one another until they decide to call it quits. And oh yeah, they just happen to share a condo together, but neither one of them wants to move out. I guess that was supposed to be the humorous hook in this script, but even that isn't very amusing. The whole story itself was conceived by Vince Vaughn, who I give kudos to for coming up with a pretty good idea. Because Vince was behind it, you would have expected it to be funny - not so. It starts off funny, but somewhere along the line, you stop laughing.

    I just never believed that these two could be a couple in the first place. After all, they had nothing in common. Vince as Gary is in partnership with his two brothers in a Chicago tourism venture, but he is also lazy, sloppy, loud, immature, uncultured and he reverted to his bachelor habits far too quickly for me to believe that he really had any feelings for Brooke (Jennifer Aniston). Brooke is an uptight, prissy, perfectionist-type who works in an art gallery and seems too much of a diva to find Gary to be appealing, not to mention entering into the kind of commitment buying a condo together would take. They are as mismatched as oil and vinegar and I just didn't feel like there was any on-screen chemistry between them. Off-screen, it might have been a different story for Vince and Jen, but that didn't translate well in this film. I found it hard to sympathize with either of their characters. All I saw was a couple constantly arguing, finding different ways to hurt each other's feelings over and over again, and demanding family and friends to take sides in their dispute. It was upsetting, not to mention tiresome. Again, there were some moments that make you laugh, but not enough to label this a comedy. However, I especially liked Judy Davis' role as Marilyn, the fiesty gallery owner and Brooke's boss.

    Like one of the reviewers mentioned, real love means accepting someone for whom they are and not trying to change them, which I thought Brooke wanted to do with Gary. She should have paid more attention to the type of person he was, because I'm quite sure he wasn't hiding those aspects of himself from her. She could have made the decision not to get involved with him. So basically, she knew what she was getting into. It should have been no surprize to her when Gary didn't want to do certain things or behaved in an immature manner. All of the pain they endure could have been avoided if she kept those things in mind.

    I will say, however, that the ending was totally unpredictable and I expected to see something else. This is not a bad movie; it kept me interested from beginning to end. But be warned - don't expect to laugh too much....more info
  • Not funny or deep.
    This movie has real problems. Is it a comedy or a drama? Clearly the first part of the movie is a comedy, though not a good one. And, the latter half of the money is no longer funny, but really lacks any depth or drama. Vince Vaughn is totally miscast in this film, which considering that he wrote it, probably did not leave other options for the lead role. It just made no sense to me why the Jennifer Aniston character would fall in love with the totally obnoxious self-obsessed guy played by Vince Vaughn. The role really needed someone like Owen Wilson who is likable even when he plays a jerk. Vince just does not cut it here. The entire movie is so one sided that it could be retitled, "The Complete Jerk Boyfriend."

    Another problem is that there were so many great supporting actors who were vastly underused, but were probably the best part of the movie. John Michael Higgins is hysterical in his small role as Jennifer Aniston's brother. Judy Davis is wasted in her role as a quirky gallery owner. Who blackmailed her into this role? Vincent D'Onofrio was great, as usual, showing the depth and heart that Vince Vaughn's character could only dream of having. Jason Bateman's role is undefined at best. And, did you know that Ann Margaret is in this film? For maybe one minute actually. The most troublesome character, however, is played by Jon Favreau. For most of the movie he is just a neanderthal friend of Vince Vaughn. Then, he steps completely out of character to give Vince Vaughn maybe the only important heartfelt advice and feeling in the movie. Don't worry though, Mr. Favreau's character goes back to being a complete idiot moments later.

    This movie is a complete mess, sort of like the character Vince Vaughn plays in the movie. A real waste of time....more info
  • Broken
    The smiling and weeping masks of the Greek stage are meant to symbolize the two most basic branches of theatrical art: tragedy and comedy. Although this kind of brutal distinction is hard to endorse in today's age of tragi- and dark comedies, it does serve as a reminder that you should know what you're getting. Screenwriters should know what kind of emotional notes they're trying to strike, and audiences should know, going into a film, what sort of empathies they're expected to give up to the screen.

    "The Break-Up" may have been attempting a tragic-comic tone, but I doubt it. And if it was, it failed miserably. The best dark comedies only work because the darkness itself is meant to be funny, and vice versa. In "The Break-Up," the two elements - the laughable and the lamentable - aren't mixed, they aren't juxtaposed, and they aren't even set up as flipsides of the other. They hardly seem to be aware that the other is even there.

    It's all in the title. Gary (Vince Vaughn) and Brooke (Jennifer Aniston) are breaking up. In fact, they DO break up. (This is not a spoiler. If you protest, I suggest you read the title of the film again.) Most of the movie deals with the reality of a relationship on the skids, but in this case a large part of the tension comes from the fact that neither party is willing to move out of or give up the wonderful condo they found and decorated together. They circle around each other, growling and gnashing their teeth, all while hiding their most vulnerable spots from plain sight. Gary buys a pool table that Brooke steadfastly refused to allow in the domicile. Brooke walks around nude to show Gary what he's missing. Things escalate.

    Break ups, generally speaking, aren't the funniest of things, especially if they're played straight-faced, and this is about as straight-faced as it gets. Some elements are unique (Brooke allows her ambiguously gay brother's accapella group -- the Tone Rangers -- to practice in her room, disrupting Gary's sleep), others are derivative (the Game Night scene where the couple fights over a game of Pictionary comes straight out of an episode of The Simpsons). Most of them are just plain hateful, and I'm talking about every true-to-life yelling match the two get into over the course of the movie.

    Taken as a case study, it may have proven to be a telling (if not a particularly ground-breaking) look at relationship dynamics. But Diirector Peyton Reed, perhaps afraid of being too spot-on, tried to balance out the film's black heart with some sincerely funny side elements. Gary's brothers - the lecherous Lupus (Cole Hauser) and the perpetually awkward Dennis (played ingeniously by Vincent D'Onofrio) - provide moments of relief. So does Gary's best friend, Johnny O (another great performance by Jon Favreau). Jason Bateman has a few wonderful moments as the real estate agent, Riggleman. Even Brooke's boss (the skin-n-bones Judy Davis) and her coworker (Justin Long) offer us a much-needed respite from the break-up's torturous emotional melodrama.

    But it's not enough, really. And more importantly, it's distracting. That was probably the point. These two people are really and truly breaking up, and the movie fails to explain why that's supposed to be entertaining or even interesting. Most of us look away or get up and leave when confronted with a self-destructing relationship. We don't stick around to watch the flames burn themselves out. "The Break-Up" is a tragedy, but it doesn't want to be, and so it entreats us to stay and watch by offering us a few chuckling crumbs. Is it tragic? Absolutely. Is it funny? At times. Is it both things together? Let's just say that when you try to wear two masks at the same time, neither one fits very well....more info
  • The Break-suck
    This movie was pretty bad. Particularly the ending. I have never been to a movie where the whole audience showed such a disgusted recation. The second the credits began to roll at the end, the whole audience in the theater I was at went "OH!" And people walking out were really upset by the ending. I wont say how it ends, for the sake of everyone who will wase 20 something on this film, but just prepare to be disappointed. I don't know about everyone else out there, but I go to a movie to forget about my problems and forget about fighting and bickering. This film brought just that, and it was a very irritating experience....more info
    This movie had its moments, i thought Jennifer Aniston was very good in this. Im usually not a big fan of hers, but I like her in this, granted, I just could not buy that a women so put together and hot would into shlubby Vince Vaughn, the guy looks like Frankenstein. Some of the movie did not jive, like when she gets what she wants from him and her feelings have changed? It just seemed really abrupt, he had come a long ways with what he says to her..they also fight very nasty, I just dont think you can say the things that they say to each other and salvage anything, that's sorta slash and burn, and the end was sorta like..uh, ok..hummm...overall, not a great movie, but like I said Aniston is good and maybe worth a rent from netflix, but i would not buy it..i would not care to watch this again, once was quite enough....more info
  • Is there a negative star rating?
    If there were, I'd give this movie a negative five star. It's horrible. It's not the acting; it's the plot, the script, all the yelling and awkward moments in front of friends, and the ending? I won't give that away, but it not only made no sense, it looked the beginning of another movie, not the ending to this one. Horrible waste of two hours. ...more info
  • Sad...
    Started watching this movie when nothing else was on. Actually found it fascinating, how two people so in love can drift apart. Movie is perhaps a reflection on reality. It has it's funny moments, the ending is somehat poignant. At first they start out trying to make each other jealous and what starts out as a game has serious repercussions for the relationship.
    Watch it,
    ...more info
  • Not what you's a lot better than that.
    This is not a date movie.

    It's the anti-date movie. If you are in the middle of and/or getting over a break-up of your own, rent or buy this movie, watch it all by yourself, don't answer the phone, put the percoset back in the medicine cabinet, drink a six-pack of wine coolers, go to sleep, wake up hung over, and you will realize that life goes on.

    Quietly uplifiting in a comic-tragic way that is a million times more plausible than the phony and, really, ill-advised reconciliations too many 'romantic' movies try to force feed us.

    It might not make you happy, but the last scene offers grace and hope....more info
  • Break-UP
    Great Movie. Lotsa laughs but also the serious part of a failing relationship....more info
    This is a great rainy Saturday movie. I'm not a big fan of Jennifer Aniston because she is always, well, Jennifer Aniston. But that works for her. The same thing with Vince Vaughn - he's the big goof in comedies and eerily frightening in dramatic vehicles. But, together, they make a nice team with believeable chemistry. They are nicely supported by Jason Batement and Jon Favreau. Vincent D'Onofrio is a chameleon, barely recognizeable as the over-analytical detective in television's "Law & Order: Criminal Intent". The plot here is a lot less violent than "The War Of The Roses", but telling the same story in a more civilized and delightful manner. The ending was perfect, leaving the viewer with the sense that there's room for a sequel. Hopefully, that will never happen, but we can just follow Aniston's real-life workaholic/on-again-off-again romances/friendships/"friends-with-benefits"/booty calls/boyfriends-of-the-week/still trying to get over Brad and Angelina/ saga. ...more info
  • The Unromantic Movie
    Some years back, a disturbing film called Fatal Attraction caused a big sensation by showing the absolute worst-case scenario of marital infidelity. Despite the near tragic climax of the movie, the viewer fails to see that the infidel learned his lesson and, to further obfuscate things, his adultery is overshadowed and practically pardoned by her mental instability. No deep introspection or navel gazing epiphany, just a close call and back to the way things were before. The Break-Up does a similar public service of sorts in demonstrating how bad things can go when people end their problematic relationship and similarly avoids addressing the root causes that created the mess. By the time The Break-Up ends, both partners have grown some, but not enough to make me believe they'll not make the same mistakes again. They have picked up the pieces and tidied up but you get the feeling that when it comes time to build again, it'll be the same old house of cards.
    After a whirlwind dating period turns to co-habitation, the shine fades and things quickly come to a head, thanks to the selfish antics of male stereotype Gary (Vaughn) and his predictable inability to do little more than meet his girlfriend half-way and Jennifer Aniston's Brooke, who makes the fatal error of trying to change someone who is firmly set in his ways, yet another clich¨¦. But, that leads me to the bigger flaw of The Break-Up; using formulaic Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus images, the movie relishes demonstrating how ugly the end of a relationship can be and how fast love can turn to hate, but it never addresses the problem on a deeper level and gets to the heart of the matter. People aren't clich¨¦s and relationships aren't supposed to devolve into little more than glorified roommates who sleep together nor should they feel compelled to "save" what is already terminal. Yet, the movie is chock full of couples sleepwalking through the sad dance of relationship boredom and misses the opportunity to flush out why they willfully allowed themselves to become the soulless zombies they are. All of us have known and/or been in situations where it is clear that things aren't right and yet few ever seem to have the courage, strength, or sense of determination and foresight necessary to pull the plug. Instead, we soldier on despite the profound differences, boredom, frustration, lack of sex, existential angst, and, in some cases, a genuine dislike of each other, purely for some misguided sense of commitment, financial responsibilities, kids, or, the most popular reason; fear of being unattached and alone. And people perpetuate these mistakes in one relationship after another like lab rats that just can't figure out that the cheese comes with an electric shock. The Break-Up, whether intentionally or not, exposes the inherent fraud of lifeless, dispassionate relationships. It reminds us in one uncomfortable moment after another, what happens when the fa?ade is torn away. This movie is the antithesis of romantic and beneath the light humor and the two-dimensional roles, it serves up a cautionary warning for all of those desperate and fearful people who would rather spend nights next to Mr. or Ms. Wrong than rough it alone while keeping up the search. When you chose safety over risk, satisfaction over passion, or banality over excitement and romance you inevitably end with The Break-Up. Happy Valentine's Day.
    ...more info
  • Great movie
    The Break-Up is a highly watchable drama that contains elements of cleaver comedy. Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Anniston put in solid performances in a film that feels strikingly real at times.

    The Break-up does not play out as a light-hearted comedy with a predictable wrap-up in the last five minutes. The Break-Up reveals the very human side of a failed relationship and its potential reconciliation. Yes, there are some very funny scenes. However, as the misalignment of expectations quickly unfolds the movie reveals its true self.

    The Break-up does a more than credible job of displaying many of the aspects of how people deal with conflict and remorse. Many of the situations play all-in-one as funny, sad and realistic.

    The bottom line is that the Break-Up is solid film built with Hollywood money and stars that chooses a route its benefactors rarely allow to be taken. This fact alone makes the movie worth viewing. ...more info
  • Few redeeming features....
    That 'The Break Up' addresses one of the biggest issues of early adult life (that is, the failings and shortcomings of apparently stable relationships) should make it an appealing film. However, whilst normally loathed to pan films as having no merit, this particular flick, in no uncertain terms, lacks any semblance of the hilarity, intrigue or character development implied by its somewhat impressive cast and trailer.

    The trouble is this: There's ample scope for jokes, for insights into failing relationships, and for the potential to bounce back. But the gags are too thin, and too little. They may be mildly amusing to some people, but probably are never going to have you in fits of snorting laughter. The plot is weaker than a Biere Blonde, and follows a tortuous trajectory of irrelevant conversation, ever-annoying mind games and the occasional reference to the main female character's uber-camp brother.

    It's difficult to summarise the plot here, as there isn't one to speak of. However, I'll do my best. Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughan are (for about 10 minutes of the film anyway) a seemingly blissful couple. As the film drags on though, the little nagging annoyances of married life mount up and a Him versus Her conflict over appartment ownership develops, with neither side admitting defeat. Without saying too much, the ending is thoroughly unsatisfying, and is analogous to the overall disappointment this film evokes.

    Herein lies another problem. This film instantly alienates half of a potential audience. Not to dwell too much on stereotypes, it has been strictly designed with the fairer sex in mind, and remorselessly pursues this approach, to the point of severely irritating what I imagine would be an overwhelming majority of male viewers. I do not believe in a the sexual dichotomy of film production - rom coms can weaken even the hardest male heart (see "The Holiday", and, less recently, "Doc Hollywood"), just as women can equally be drawn towards the hardcore testosterone fests that are "The Fast And The Furious" and the James Bond films.

    Some might attempt to defend the film as a poignant reminder of the fragility of relationships and the fallacies that can seep into them. I find this a wholly unsatisfying explanation for the sheer sloth of this movie, for the inexplicably underused comic potential of Vince Vaughan (not to demand he be typecast or anything, but this film is clearly pretending to be funny, so why not actually use this very talented comedian?), and for the "Dinner With Friends"-esque aimlessness of the whole affair.

    To describe this film as a Romantic Comedy is a falsification on both parts - it is neither endearing nor amusing. Thoroughly boring, overly drawn out and one of the only films to have genuinely made my concentration lapse halfway through, I would avoid subjecting anyone to this piece. Go and see "The Lakehouse" instead....more info
  • Loved this movie
    I loved this movie. I thought it was funny. I only gave it 4 stars as I thought the ending was weak. I didn't like the alternative ending any better. I thought Jennifer and Vince were funny and had great chemistry....more info
  • Paint by numbers
    Aniston's artiste boss exclaims "this is not Cubism darling, it's paint by numbers!". Exactly. It is what it is - a no surprises solid little date/wife pic that is actually far better than it's cousin You, Me and Dupree. ...more info
  • Drama - Not a comedy.
    I was very surprised by this film. It's the best performance I've seen Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughan ever do in a film on a dramatic level. That being said, I think the first mistake the marketing department and filmmakers made with this movie was call it a "romantic comedy". This is anything but that. This film is a drama with a bit of comedy in it. It's still a drama and probably would've been better received had been sold as that. People were walking in thinking they were seeing a romantic comedy and all they all say was some extremely realistic fight scenes that hit pretty close to home if anyone has been in a love relationship that is combustible. ...more info
  • OK choice if nothing else is available
    "The Break-Up" succeeds as a comedy because there are a few laughs. Not a lot of them, mind you, but they're there. The comedy came from the improvisational skill of the cast, and not from the predictable, flabby script.

    He's a five-star jerk, and she's slightly domineering. Their relationship shouldn't have survived as long as it did, but it lasted long enough for them to buy a condo together. Of course, there has to be a plot device like this, or else one of them would simply pack up and move on, and there wouldn't be a movie. They have to stay in the same condo until it sells, and wouldn't you know it, comedy and drama ensue. Vaughn and Aniston turn in great performances; the supporting cast steals the show. But, all this talent is in service of a pedestrian, predictable script that drags down the entire film. On the bright side, this movie photographs Chicago in an original way, without relying on the hackneyed establishing shots we all know so well.

    Ultimately, the cons outweigh the pros of this movie, but it's still not a bad choice. It won't make you wish you had your hour and 45 minutes back after you watch it, but it's likely you won't remember it a week later either....more info
  • Not a real "break up"
    Much as I adore Aniston and have grown to appreciate Vaughns mighty humor, this film disappointed me - guess I had high expectations. It starts well enough, and Aniston convincingly persuades us that she has more than ample reason to "call it quits". I'm OK with that - I see NO reason she might have 2nd thoughts - we don't see anything redeeming in Vaughn - at least for a while. What bothered me was that Aniston almost immediately began to back track. Her goal became making Vaughn change - the eternal female plight. So what would she have then - a partner that will eventually get back into his old habits while she bemoans becomming Donna Reed. Can't see that happening in this day - especially in a movie. So the film lost reality for me at that point. Its certainly not a romantic comedy - though full of humor - mostly provided by the excellent supporting cast, who almost warrant getting the movie on their own. I'd call it a romantic drama. It does end fairly poignantly, wisely leaving the end open. Not a bad movie, but could have been so much....more info
  • Waste of a good cast!
    I only just saw this film. After all the mediocre reviews when it came to theatres...I wasn't exactly clamboring to see it. But yesterday, it presented itself and we had time to kill... And now I know why it wasn't much of a hit.

    The trailers of the film promised a comedy about breaking up...and showed lots of Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughan...two performers who have a lot of goodwill stored up with the public. YIKES! They used much of it up on this flick. Anyway, all the "funny" stuff was in the trailers. There is very little to laugh at here.

    That would be okay if this were a serious exploration of the death of a relationship, with some lighthearted modern sensibilities. Nope, what we get is a shrill and unlikeable couple who never belonged together in the first place yelling at each other!

    That is the film's biggest (and fatal) flaw. We see the two meet in the opening scene, in a way that was completely unbelievable. Cut to opening credits which show a montage of Vaughn, Aniston and various friends and relatives in a series of still photos. We see that these two became a long-term couple, cuz we see lots of shots of them kissing. Or looking drunk.

    Somehow they buy a condo together, and when the relationship implodes, the battle over the condo is almost as important as anything else...particularly to Vaughan. We simply NEVER see these two together as a happy couple. The very first scene after the credits shows the relationship teetering. Then there is a highly uncomfortable "family dinner" scene, in which Aniston's closeted brother (played by the usually wonderful John Michael Higgins) sings an a capella version of "Owner of A Lonely Heart." Then, the families leave and the two fight, break up, and then they spend the rest of the movie one-upping each other.

    WAR OF THE ROSES, with Michael Douglass and Kathleen Turner, explored similar ground with bitter, brilliant and painfully funny results. Their one-upmanship with each other was far more brutal than the silly pranks Aniston and Vaughan pull. See that movie if you want a true BLACK comedy about breaking up at all costs.

    BREAKING UP, as I said, has tiny laughs every so often. But mostly you watch and shake your head and wonder "why were these two ever a couple and why do I hate Vince Vaughan and Jennifer Aniston so much?" We don't really care what happens to either character. We only see them at their worst. Then end of the film looks for a bittersweetness...which it actually achieves a tiny dose of. But otherwise, the tone of the movie is uneven. It wants to be a wacky romantic comedy...but it misses the romantic part, the comedy part and mostly the wacky part too. (Judy Davis and Justin Long are the funniest parts of the movie, as Aniston's boss and co-worker...sadly, their characters really belong in another movie.) On the other hand, Vincent D'Onofrio is plays Vaughn's inexplicably odd older brother, Jon Favreau plays Vaughn's friend as a complete jerk and Jason Bateman is given nothing to do (and pretty much does that). And Ann Margret shows up pointlessly in one scene as Aniston's mother.

    What a waste of talent. I can't think of a single good reason to see this film. It only gets manages the second star out of sentimental liking for Vaughn, Aniston, Bateman and Judy Davis....more info
  • The Break Up
    A dvd that would be similar to beach reading in the summer.
    Light, easy, amusing....more info
  • Who do you choose??
    If you ask me I choose Jennifer Aniston because I knew she did the right thing. Of course we all have our opinion who we choose. This movie is about Jennifer and Vince had too many agruments and had to give up the place in the end of the movie and I do know that I am on Jennifer's side but what about you?? Who do you choose??!!...more info
  • LOL! / Pulls at the Heart
    You know its great when you laugh at all the funnies, ache at the rough (dramatic) spots, and feel unbelievably nonplussed at the ending! Three, er, Two thumbs up!...more info
  • Not your typical "happily ever after" flick, but still a great film!
    I like Vince Vaughn and I like Jennifer Aniston, so I figured I'd probably enjoy "The Break-Up." However, I really did not expect this movie to be as good as it is. It's excellent!

    As you can probably tell from the title, this film isn't exactly a romantic tale. It's actually a very dark comedy about Gary (Vaughn) and Brooke (Aniston), two very different people who fall in love, move in together, and then decide to split up. Neither of them are willing to vacate their posh Chicago condo, so they're forced to live under the same roof with each other in the wake of their very nasty break-up. Brooke and Gary go to great lengths to torment each other. Gary treats Brooke's friends like outsiders and turns the living room into a pseudo-strip club, while Brooke taunts Gary with her naked body and parades her various dates in front of her ex. Ultimately, both characters are forced to come to terms with their relationship, and the outcome probably isn't what most movie-goers will expect.

    I was very impressed by the performances delivered by Aniston and Vaughn. There are definitely some funny moments in this movie, but the subject matter is actually quite painful, and Aniston and Vaughn do a great job of portraying their characters' heartbreaks. The supporting cast of "The Break-Up" is also outstanding. I especially enjoyed watching Justin Long and Judy Davis play Brooke's crazy co-workers from the art gallery: hilarious!

    "The Break-Up" is a great movie because it's so incredibly realistic. I've personally witnessed many couples deal with the same problems Gary and Brooke have. I'm sure some people will complain that this isn't a traditional "happily ever after" love story, but not all relationships work out in the end. Also, I think the ending to the film can be interpreted in a variety of ways, and either way you look at it, I think Brooke and Gary both wind up happy in the end, which is nice.

    I really enjoyed this film and will definitely watch it again...maybe I'll even buy the DVD!...more info
  • Buy this movie if you're looking to break-up

    After being heralded as "the date movie" to see I bugged my husband until he rented it. Normally he doesn't get the chick flicks but this time I didn't get it either. If you've ever been in a room where your friends who are a couple are fighting and you get that awkward sinking feeling that you want to leave or say something but you can't and you try your best to just ignore it or wish it away? That is the entirety of this movie.

    There is nothing romantic or funny about the way these two act toward one another. Vince Vaughn is a complete jerk who does everything to prove he is a complete sleaze that isn't troubled by emotions of any kind. Jennifer Aniston plays the desperate girl who instead of saying what is on her mind tries all types of mind games to "trick" him into feeling and thinking the way she wants him to. You do not see ANY endearing moments between these two although I was waiting for some reason to illuminate why they were together in the first place and found none.

    This could have been a very quirky and funny movie. Take a look at "Everybody Loves Raymond" which turns dreadful marital fights into something hysterical. However, her shrieks of him being a "prick" while he coaches guys about how easy it is to get into her pants through apple martinis was just completely horrifying and dreadful. If you are looking for an intense drama in order to psychoanalyze all the typical reasons relationships go awry then knock yourself out with this one. If you're like me and wanted a quirky, fun movie that is great for a night out with the one you love STAY AWAY.
    ...more info
  • A let down!
    Another so-so movie for the lovely, talented and Oh-So-Sexy Jennifer Aniston. It's becoming obvious that Ms. Aniston has trouble choosing scripts as well as men. I had high hopes for this film, but it just never peaked. I ended up being bored and feeling sorry that JA was playing second fiddle to another B level leading man. Hell they even gave Mr. Vaughn lead billing over her. Jennifer is a bonefide A list leading lady and if she's going to keep doing romantic films she needs to insist on leading men of her own star stature or else pick a vehicle that she can run with as the solo star. Did she really date that duphus?...more info
  • Friends with Money
    Everyone loves Vince Vaughn but where are the old time studio moguls who would have taken a look at VV on the first day of filming, and told him, look, you're 40 pounds overweight, you're suspended till you lost the extra baggage. As is, he is so swollen up with fat his face has no more expression than the Pillsbury Doughboy. It's like his facial features are being squeezed out. In the epilogue someone comments to him, "You've lost weight!" It must have been filmed months later because he looks completely different, more like himself again. Maybe it wasn't overeating, but steroids? Jon Favreau and Joey Lauren Adams also look like overstuffed caricatures of themselves, while on the other extreme, Jennifer Aniston, Justin Long and Judy Davis all put together don't weigh as much as Vince Vaughn. A couple of time I felt sorry for him, like the one scene where he's lying down and the script calls for him to rise to a sitting position. It's painful to watch and the director had to use a fast forward button to get him up before the reel changed.

    Right now in Sacramento humane zoo workers and the Coast Guard are joining forces to get two errant whales out of the delta. Their pictures are all over the front page of the Chronicle, but in looking quickly at the news-stand today I said to my pal, "Hey look, it's Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau in THE BREAKUP."

    My mistake! Okay, so there must be another version of the movie that explains how Aniston and Vaughn got together in the first place. It just doesn't make sense that he, a pig from hell, would ever attract a woman who's supposed to be a killer saleswoman of contemporary art, a woman who has her pick of every attractive man in Chicago? They keep putting Aniston in movies laid in Chicago, this is the third I've seen in 3 days. I wonder why? Does she scream out "Chicago" to you? (DERAILED came on last night.) We just saw the "LAKE HOUSE" with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. Maybe it should have had Jennifer Aniston tucked into it somewhere, perhaps playing the same part as the Glengarry Glen Ross art saleswoman who can sell even the most unpromising canvas to the next gullible superhunk who waltzes into Marilyn Dean. I must say Justin Long makes this movie worth seeing. You totally believe him as the superfey, punked out receptionist with a heart of gold, the old Goldie Hawn part here turned into a hero for the QUEER EYE generation. He too deserves a whole series of movies, all playing the same role, like Ann Sothern used to be Maisie and Donald O'Connor teamed over and over with Francis the Talking Mule. He's terrific....more info
  • It's so so
    It's worth watching and kind of a funny movie. To be honest I thought it would be much funnier than it was. It's mainly watching the two find new ways to irritate each other, some funny. It's not the greatest movie I've ever seen, but it's not bad. It wasn't very expensive so give it a try you may end up liking it....more info
  • It was just okay
    I expected a lot more funny parts to the movie. It was just okay for me....more info
  • Too Hurtful to Enjoy ... But Realistic ...
    Could you ask for better casting?! I am crazy about Vince Vaughn (truly funny) and Jennifer Antiston (immensely under-rated). Likewise, I adore the supporting-cast: Jason Bateman (such range!), Vincent D'Onofrio (a Hollywood legend!), and Justin Long (the coolest "geek" ever!) So it is easy to see why a "dream cast" to many was "wasted" in this film ...

    As noted by several reviewers here, this film should be recognized as drama with a dash of comedy. You see, I thought this piece may be akin to DeVito's "War of the Roses," which was genuinely dark and funny ... instead, Reed's work evolves from fairly amusing to downright ugly. The unfortunate aspect is that the film is crafted in such a way that the audience cannot revel in the "ugliness." Many directors create "unlikeable" characters so that the audience may enjoy their folly ... but Reed's characters are all too real. They are complex ... they reflect our own complexities ... and thus, their vicious attempts to hurt each other only succeed at making us uncomfortable. And while innovative, it is excruciating. What might be most interesting, is that the "bad decisions" lie with both sexes. I give Reed credit for clearly portraying both sexes as flawed and yet sympathetic.

    Now, I also give Reed credit for this twist on a conventional idea. It was brave to show to likable characters trapped in a bad situation ... one which many of us have experienced. I deeply wish Hollywood would make more such breaks from convention!! Nonetheless, I must admit (like other reviewers here), this film was genuinely unpleasant. It actually hurt to watch it. Of course, it must be noted, that since the film achieved such an emotional response, it actually succeeds. Still, it was difficult to watch.

    An interesting note, Reed shot a different ending from the one you will see when you purchase this film (check the IMDB trivia for this work because I do not want to spoil the film for you). As a result of poor reception by test-audiences, it was scrapped and this new ending shot. It would be interesting to know what you think of this alternate ending. (Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments!!)

    This is a solid work. It is true to life. But it is painful. If you are in the midst of splitting from your partner or if you are newly single, it may not be the right time to watch this film. If you are a huge fan of these actors (as I am), then give this film a try ... but enter the film with the understanding that it is generally mislabeled as a comedy....more info
  • poor Jennifer Aniston
    It's too bad Jennifer Aniston can't find a decent movie or role. This film is just not good. Vince Vaughn's character is so unlikable and Jen's character is quite lovely so this couple never comes off being remotely realistic. It's also very silly that she keeps trying and he keeps being a jerk. ...more info
  • Just like home
    This moivie really hits home.. This sounds like any marriage at times. All couples do go through this same thing whether they break up of not. Did not think it was very funny. Jennifer Anniston is very good in the movie, but she is good in movie that she stars in....more info
  • Vince Vaughn NEVER disappoints! (From a fan)
    Look...everywhere I've read, this movie has gotten mixed to bad reviews for storyline and ending. But I think the one thing everyone can agree on is the superb acting of my man Vince and his counterpart in the film, the beautiful (and talented) Jennifer Aniston. I really never gave her much credit, having only really seen her work in Friends and the Ben Stiller flick 'Along Came Polly'. But she shines in this film. First of all, the camera loves her. I don't think she has one bad frame in the entire movie. And her acting chops actually surprised me this time around. The one scene in her room after the concert (I won't give it away) is poignant and seems "real" and well-acted. I think sometimes you can appreciate how well an actor emotes by seeing the reaction of their co-actors in a scene, and it is visible to me that Vaughn is genuinely moved by her performance and it results in a tender scene that seems unscripted and from a real place. But I digress cuz I'm not trying to sound too sappy...but I really like the film. It's subjectline is a little depressing, but anyone who has ever been in a relationship only to realize it's demise, you will find a way to relate to the characters in the film. Vince Vaughn, as usual, is superb. His comedy, in my opinion, is all his own and no one can touch him when he is on his game. To me, I feel like alot of his funniest lines are his ad-libs, because I don't think anyone else could write such funny quips that he delivers so effortlessly and in such an unrehearsed tone. The guy rocks! He never bores me on-screen, and I love when he shows his more sensitive side onscreen...which is usually quite in contrast to his more jovial and kid-like persona that he indulges in 95% of the time. As his work in other films, he shows he is versatile and can turn on and off his comedic charm whenever he wants in deference to some frailty, vulnerability and real adult emotion. A pleasure to watch. The supporting cast is SUPERB and I highly recommend this film to all. Just keep in mind that although it can be dubbed as a comedy/drama, the line is blurred throughout and the ending doesn't exactly leave you jumping for joy. But that's not what all movies should be about anyways. Just my opinion......more info
  • Break Up the DVD!!
    I believe that it is wrong how the previews showed about every funny part the movie possibly has, which is about 1 minute all put together. This is one of the movies that by seeing the preview and getting expectations than watch the movie and its completely the opposite then anything you thought it would be. I was really disapointed in this movie, I wanted Jen to actually stay with the guy in the end, but instead they chose the 'easy' Hollywood way out. Just a mirror image of the lifestyle of those that don't communicate, don't work hard to keep a relationship together, and probably botch it up the most because they live together with no commitment. If you want to learn how to give up on someone, this is the movie for you....more info
  • only OK
    Gary and Brooke meet at a baseball game one day and hit it off. Soon they find themselves dating and gradually moving into a serious relationship. They both purchase a beautiful condo in Chicago where they live in total bliss for quite some time. After a full day of work, Brooke comes home and rushes to make dinner and clean the house in preparation for a family dinner. When Gary comes home, he plops down on the couch and starts watching television. Brooke gets upset when he hands her a bag of three lemons, when she had originally asked him for twelve. This event sparks a series of fierce shouting matches that lead to the inevitable break up and battle for ownership of the condo.

    It's a simple premise that was ineffectively executed. Although Brooke and Gary's fights were engaging and rang true-to-life, their petty retaliations against one another were unoriginal and not funny. From conducting strip poker matches to bringing home dates to parading around naked after a "Telly Savalas" bikini wax, the couple's situation quickly headed downhill as this once promising comedy transformed into an embittered drama.

    This movie was nowhere near as great as I thought it would be. Quite a disappointment considering the brilliant film legacy created by Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau (who co-starrs with Vince as his meathead friend).
    ...more info
  • Good acting
    Good acting, but the characters portrayed did little to make me like them or to see why I should spend any amount of time with them. Evidently we're seeing them at a point where all the good aspects of their relationship are gone. The story is such that someone needs to be likable in order for me to be concerned about what happens to them. Relatively few of the actors look like they're enjoying themselves any of the time.

    Despite several cinematic values--good acting, good photography, interesting locale--the film delivers its message in a rather heavy-handed way. Also, the title of the film telegraphs its outcome.

    All else aside, my problem with the story that I never saw Anniston and Vaughn having a good time with each other, so why should I care about their break-up? ...more info
  • When Will These Childish Individuals Ever Grow Up?
    This is a movie that could not have been made fifty years ago. Audiences during that era would not take seriously a story about two immature people nearing forty who still don't have their act together. Jennifer Aniston portrays a woman who may even be too old to have children. The Vince Vaughn character plays video games. Needless to add, everything is always about their selfish pleasures. One cannot imagine either individual engaging in a serious discussion about politics or other major issues. Describing them as merely superficial is perhaps being too kind. This movie inadvertently highlights why Western Civilization may be doomed. There are simply far too many couples that behave in this manner. "The Break-Up" might compel you to ask a provocative question: Are things really this bad? Take a chance. It's worth two hours of your time. ...more info
  • Missing the Magic Word
    This film has a good premise unfortunately it never seemed to fulfill it or to offer anything other than another Hollywood view of relationships. This is really unfortunate because this could have been a good film with a variety of messages, instead it simply describes in ever increasing painful detail a failing relationship. This is not surprising because the film at its core describes two self-absorbed individuals who are committed to only two things -- winning and keeping their condo. There is no real committment to each other or to the relationship, which they constantly talk about but never do anything to repair it or to show they really care about the other person. The focus is on winning and when Vaughn finally capitulates Anniston walks away -- having won a pyrhic victory. Thus the moment for the magic word "marriage" comes and goes because this isn't about real love or committment to each other, it is all about ME. The film portrays the modern view of "relationships" which essentially means being "friends with benefits". These modern living arrangements are popular but bear no resemblance to either committment or marriage but this point is totally ignored in this film. These are two people who have a lot of fun together and form a sexual and financial relationhsip but when the downside comes --after several years of fun and frolic -- it collapses -- like so many do in real life -- into a contest of wills. It becomes very obvious that there was never any committment to each other at a personal level, which I presume is why there was no marriage -- just pseudo-adults playing house.

    This film had many opportunities to explore marriage versus relationships, it could have contrasted love and passion, it could have shown that true love is about sacrifice, but none of this was present or even attempted. It was simply a drawn out contest of wills. In essence it was simply the war of the roses lite --i.e. no violence. I gave it two stars solely because the final symbolic scene showing them turning their backs on each other and going their separate ways was well done. This was a sad film that had no point, no message, no love, and no marriage. I wouldn't recommend buying or even renting this film....more info
  • A Realistic Portrayal of the Struggles in a Relationship
    (Spoiler Alert)

    With a title like "The Break-Up", I find it odd that people would expect something other than just that. This movie does a really good job portraying the struggles and heartaches associated with a failing relationship between two people. Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston do an excellent job portraying the characters they were supposed to be. They were believable and real. I don't know if I would exactly call this movie a romance movie, though. Having gone through something similar in my life, I was very grateful to see that the movie industry decided to portray relationships in a much more realistic sense. This movie doesn't have a perfect ending where the two stay together, but it also doesn't have the other extreme where the people cheat on each other or do something horrible that there is no doubt in your mind which way the relationship should go. Life isn't always clear like that. Sometimes relationships just wither and die...and it's not due to dramatic events, but just the small everyday things that we take for granted. This movie brings the viewers into the movie by making them try to figure out what and who they should cheer for, just like the characters in the movie are trying to figure out what they should do with the relationship. Should they stay together or go their own separate ways?

    I really admired that the makers of this movie did not decide to go with the generic happy ending, but the movie still ended on an inspirational note. Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE fan of happy endings, but life isn't always like that and I know that most of the time, when we go to the movies, we want to escape reality, but there seems to have been so much of that lately, that I honestly appreciate the efforts of this movie.

    ...more info
  • More drama then comedy but, very deep
    Before watching the Break up, I thought this movie would be about a bickering recently broken up couple neither of whom want to concede their prized condo but, was I ever wrong. The Condo had minimal importance compared to the life drama of a break up.
    Vince vaughn was portrayed as his usuall sharped tongue wedding crasher character. He's a blue collar sales man who run's a bus touring company with his 2 polish american brothers. Aniston is more of the elitist posh type from an educated rich background. She runs around socialite circles in her art gallery job. This relationship was doomed to fail from the start by their differing backgrounds. Anniston was clearly at fault for instigated the argument that caused the break up. Her prissy demand for attention was uncalled for. Why couldn't she have compromised with Vince Vaughan to have the dishes done later or completely forget about the lemon issue. That type of Bitchyness would drive any man to a break up. If the roles were reversed, how would Jennifer and all you fem's that defend her feel if your hubby demands immediate attention after a hard day at work when you need some alone time that involves reading a romantic novel, doing facial massages, etc. Why did she have to have things done right away when the she new vince just got off a long day at work and neeeded a little bit of time to unwind.
    Anyway Vince was fed up with Jennifer's bickering and was leaning on ending their relationship seeing that jennifer's character was way to uncompromising. on the other hand Jennifer wanted to continue with the relationship and her motive was to employ the female game of pushing a man away in order for him to chase her and apologize. It backfired in this case. I Wonder if this movie was taken from Jenniferand Brad's real life drama.
    Personally I dont blame Vaughan for being uncaring. Any guy with an ounce of pride wouldn't tolerate the "Bitchy" attitude jennifer's character was giving off. He tried to show class at the end but, it was clearly done out of guilt rather then intimate love for Anniston.. Although the movie was marketed as a comedy, it was more of an emotional break up drama. A viewer may not get the type of movie they were expecting but, they will see movie they can relate too in a very real way.
    ...more info
  • Don't be misled
    This is a terrible movie, totally misrepresented on the package as a good date movie. If your idea of a good date movie is to watch people tearing into each other and addicted to the pain, by all means go for it! The whole premise was absurd from the beginning and I couldn't bear to watch the middle of the film. I did watch the ending, just to see how it came out and was sadly disappointed that it sort of trailed off and left me as unsatisfied as the beginning did. No real resolution. I like closure in a movie, and this one simply did not satisfy on any point. A real waste of Jennifer Aniston, and a totally mismatched cast. Yuck!...more info
  • Oh, the Pain!
    Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are a live-together couple with a condo in Chicago, which gets divided in "his"/"her" parts as they are splitting up. The shots of Chicago are great. But the story is supposed to be a comedy and although it shows the actual pain in a break-up of "loving" couples, it is not funny. The pain of being in this film shows in Jen's face though. It was written by Vince Vaughn and it's easy to see now why their real-life romance recently broke up.How could she forgive him for roping her into this film? I love Jen. I really do. And so the film gets 3 stars just to see her. Her anger at him in the break up increases as the film progresses. I believe she realizes it is a very true to life showing of how couples split and she is getting more annoyed at being in the picture in the first place. It's worth seeing to appreciate that part alone (and to watch Jen walk nude in the condo).
    In addition, the DVD has alternate endings you can select! Too bad for him that Vince didn't get an alternate ending with their real-life situation....more info
  • A Cellloid Catastrophe
    Unless your idea of entertainment is to listen to a recording of nails scraping against a blackboard, avoid this movie at all costs. A movie in the dreaded "dramedy" catagory (you know the one, Home Improvement meets cancer-scare), this offering by two normally entertaining actors hits all the wrong notes.

    The basic plot is stupifyingly simple: boy and girl who to all conscious observers seem to have nothing in common, whatdayaknow, break-up! That in and of itself does not a movie make, so the writers and directors pad the film with uncomfortable and poorly acted scenes of yelling, arguments, tantrums, and other assorted ill-advised and sophmoric behavior. Not only are the protagonistics utterly clueless, but their friends are utterly useless, providing unhelplful and ultimately destructive advice; their only purpose seems to provide characters that the principals can rant and rave at and interact with, like a live action video game.

    Some reviewers, bless their hearts, have observed that the film portrays relationships as rather realistic. Well I've just read that Jennifer Anston, who was the real-life "girlfriend" (what?! are we thirteen,- Aniston is 39!!) of Vince Vaugn during filming, just broke up with her British model boyfriend after two months. What a suprise! Perhaps her acting isn't so great after all....more info
  • More chemistry in a Microbiology lab
    What an unsatisfying movie; kept wondering every 15 minutes of the movie whether it would get any better. What a waste of Jennifer Aniston's talents (though this movie proves that she is infinitely better-looking than Angelina Jolie!). No chemistry between Aniston and Vince Vaughn whatsoever. NOT a romantic comedy because it lacks both: romance and comic. If you like Aniston, watch 'Rumor Has It' instead; it is infinitely better than this....more info
  • Yes, it's as bad as its reputation....
    I don't know why, but I decided to watch this one afternoon, despite my general contempt for Hollywood romantic comedies. Well, the contempt just got bigger. This is a wretchingly poor film, one of the most tired, unbelievable (even by abysmally low Hollywood romantic comedy standards), and boring films I've seen in a while.

    First of all, the main story of Vaughn and Aniston getting together and being a full fledged couple is garbage. It's another variation of the overbearing, obnoxious slob (Vaughn, who plays an obnoxious, terminally immature tour guide in Chicago) with a cerebral, intelligent woman who works in an art gallery (Aniston). These two would NEVER get together in real life, much start a real relationship. Opposite may attract, but these two are at the furthest opposite ends of the pole. And at the beginning of the film when Vaughn and Aniston meet, she says she's with someone. Who was this guy? Was he so bad that she would dump him for an overbearing, but charming at first sight, jerk like Vaughn? Well, I've seen some women dump the nicest, most caring guys for completely selfish, immature jerks, and regret it years later, so maybe there's a bit a truth in that. Regardless...

    The dialogue in the film is worse than a made for TV movie. It's badly written, and Vaughn and Anniston can't make the material any better. Vaughn is rather one note in his career, always playing obnoxious, over confident guys like this, and Anniston, as beautiful as she is, is not a particularly good actress. She has limited range. The film seems very long at 90 minutes, and it's ulimately grueling to watch to the end. There's a few laughs (mostly from Anniston's singing brother, but even those are overdone), but overall, it's one of the worst films I've seen in a very long time. ...more info
  • romantic or not...?
    -this movie allows you see the idea for a couple
    in their worst moments of a relationship it makes
    you think before headind in a desaster great laughs
    for vince vaught and great perfomance for jennifer
    aniston....more info
  • Insightful Story About The Aftermath Of A Failed Relationship
    Gary (Vince Vaughn) and Brooke (Jennifer Aniston) are a young couple involved in a failing relationship. Tensions finally erupt one evening when Gary chooses to laze around rather than help Brooke in the kitchen. But after "the break up" they are still living in the same condo because neither of them wants to leave. Brooke goes on several bad dates while Gary tries to return to his wild bachelor days. Eventually, they realize that it is best to leave the condo and go their separate ways.

    The strength of this movie is in it's ability to accurately portray the "little things" that often lead to big problems in a romantic relationship. For instance, Brooke wants to feel appreciated and cared for without having to explain her emotional needs. While Gary thinks she is expecting him to be a "mind reader". There are many scenes like this which most couples will relate to.

    However, I do wish that the characters had been shown to have a more equal number of flaws and good qualities. Instead Brooke usually seems to be a mature, sensible woman while Gary generally comes across as lazy, self-centered and childish. If Gary really is a "typical guy" then I do feel sorry for the women out there. But hopefully most of us are more mature and thoughtful than this dopey, aging frat boy.

    I enjoyed the "alternative ending" included on the DVD and think it was better than the one actually used in the film. But either one was still better than the cheesy "happy ending" that many Hollywood comedies all too often settle for. Just be sure that your own relationship is on solid ground before watching this movie together. If not you may end up with more problems than you started with....more info
  • *Okay Movie*
    I guess I should have expected it to be what it was.The title says it all.I was just expecting more from the movie than what it was.If you are planning on ending a relationship this might be a good movie to watch....more info
  • Surprisingly Literate
    So I turned on HBO last night and "The Break-Up" had just started, and though I don't usually like to watch films unless I see them from the beginning, I had nothing else to do and I was bored. I had low expectations, thinking it was going to be a typical gross-out, Adam Sandler-esque comedy, with fart jokes and lots of T&A. What "The Break-Up" turns out to be is an extremely intelligent, highly dramatic exploration of the dissolution of a relationship. Sure, there are some funny scenes (particularly between Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau), but the comedy comes more out of situation than out of a need to give the audience unsupported, random yuks. Across the board the performances are terrific, with Vaughn and Aniston perfectly calibrating the confusion, hurt, anger and hope that this couple is going through, sometimes simultaneously. I can imagine how anyone hoping for another "Harry and Kumar..." or "Knocked up" would be sorely dissapointed. But if you avoid those types of films as a rule, you should check this one out. It's not an easy film to watch at times -- these people are really in pain -- but you're likely to be pleasantly surprised....more info
  • Funny
    This was a pretty funny movie, and it was kind of a drama to, but more of a comedy. this was a pretty good movie. ...more info
  • Mediocre
    It's not a bad idea: a movie not about how a couple meets and falls in love, but about the demise of their relationship. The problem is the execution. I just never bought that Aniston's character would fall for Vaughn's. Come on, no woman who loves art and works in an art gallery could be with a man who thinks Michelangelo painted the "sixteenth Chapel." And let's not even mention the fact that his character is a fat slob and that Vaughn looks like a mailman. I spent most of the movie hoping she'd get as far away from Vaughn as possible, and the ending (both versions) left me absolutely cold.
    ...more info
  • Art imitates life
    A couple break up and continue to live together in a condo because both refuse to move out. A few funny moments, but overall a flat movie. The lack of chemistry on screen explains why they broke up in reakll life. Just like in the movie, he is a simple every day guy and she is a diva. Didn't hate it, but not great....more info
  • do anyone know who`s the original artist for the song they sang around the table? "prove yourself........"
    please help me!...more info
  • Great movie
    This movie is not only one of the funniest ones ever, but most realistic one about real life couples. I'm a guy and I admit that most of us act that same way as he did in this movie. My wife and I were watching it together, and we were just laughing thoughout the whole thing....more info
  • A great movie A must see
    this movie was eye opener in my relationship. watch it.
    It is worth the watch. Sometimes no matter what you say or do
    they just don't get it......more info