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Pentax Optio M20 7MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom
List Price: $199.99

Our Price: $82.95

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Product Description

Meet the PENTAX Optio M20 with so much more than you might expect from a digital-camera at such an afforable price. Outstanding image quality thanks to a 7.0 megapixel CCD, 3X optical SMC PENTAX lens, and an ultra-efficient power management system for up to 700 shots with lithium AA batteries, this is a perfect camera for any occasion! Offering easy capture and easy review with a 115,000 pixel 2.5 inch LCD monitor with 100% field of view, the Optio M20 lets you take high resolution still pictures as well as VGA quality movies. Add 9-point multi auto focus with Spot-focus, Infinity landscape and Auto tracking focus modes or use the Mode palette to choose from a wide selection of Capture modes. It's the top of its class! Storage Media - Approx. 22MB built-in memory, SD memory card removable; we recommend purchasing an Optional 512MB SD or MMC memory card. It will allow you to store a lot more Video and images, as well as take advantage of the camera's high Resolution abilities Lens Features - Type - PENTAX power zoom; Focal Length - 6.3mm - 18.9mm; 35mm Equivalent - 38mm - 114mm; Aperture Range - F3.1 - F5.9; Construction - 6 elements in 5 groups (1 aspherical element); Optical Zoom - 3X; Digital Zoom - 4X; Combined - Approx. 12X USB capability for image transfer with Windows PC or Macintosh computers IMAGELINK print system enabled, providing greater compatibility with snapshot printers / PictBridge compatible Power Source - Two AA Batteries ( Alkaline or rechargeable NiMH ), AC adapter kit (optional) (allows up to 640 shots with optional rechargeable 2500mAh NiMH, up to 220 shots with Alkaline) Unit Dimensions (W x H x D) - 3.5 x 2.3 x 1.0 inches (89 x 60 x 25mm); Weight - 4.2 oz. (120g) without battery and SD memory card, 5.8 oz. (165g) loaded and ready Pentax 1 Year Warranty

  • What's in The Box - Optio M20 / USB Cable I-USB7 / AV Cable I-AVC7(B), Strap O-ST51, Dock Insert O-DI58, (2) AA Alkaline Batteries, Software S-SW58 (CD-ROM)
  • 7 Megapixel for stills up to 3072x2304 resolution or Movie mode at up to 640x480 VGA resolution
  • Bright 2.5 LCD Screen
  • Multimode Electronic-Flash
  • High-quality extended movie captures QuickTime motion JPEG (640 x 480) at 30fps

Customer Reviews:

  • Blurry pictures
    I just bought this camera and love the size and features. The thing I don't like is the quality of the photos. They are blurry and out of focus. I have tried all of the different settings and the only thing that seems to help is to always have the flash on. My 5 year old Cannon that is a 2 MP took much clearer pictures with much less blur. I am going to hold onto the camera through Christmas to see what I can figure out but I may have to return. Too bad because everyhting else about the camera(including price) is great!...more info
  • Amazing camera for the price
    In September, based on last year's Consumer Report recommendations, I purchased both this camera and the Canon S3 for a vacation in Japan. This Pentax was to be my back up. I always carry a second camera. Too many horror stories of ruined vacations. I used this camera for 260 photos and 3 videos. The Canon for 30 photos. Incredibly, other than the excellent S3 zoom feature, no quality difference between the Optio and Canon S3. I did use primarily the auto focus in both. Excellent videos, longer than the S3. Took good low light photos in the Tsujki fish market in early dawn hours, and good outside night photos of lighted buildings in Ginza. Some red eye effect. Awesome pet photos. You can see every strand of hair on my chow chow. This camera is very easy to use, and takes SDHC cards. It replaces a camcorder, with excellent sound quality, and is an excellent photo camera. Original pair of AA batteries died quickly. Lithium replacements are outstanding. No viewfinder makes it more difficult in sunshine. On my return, I ordered two more as Christmas gifts for my adult children. A great gift at a silly list price. Go figure. Final note. I purchased a holster pack fitted at my local camera store, to carry my camera on my belt. Small enough to fit perfectly. Stayed on my belt during the long flight to/from Tokyo. Hugged the seat belt. Barely knew it was there....more info
  • Good, but could be better!
    I bought this camera as a replacement for a Fujifilm FinePix 2800 2.0MP. I noticed at first that the pictures I was taking with the M20 were not quite as sharp as I thought they should be. I thought it was my imagination until I started comparing shots taken with both the Fuji and the M20.
    I took shots of the same subject matter at the same time at max resolution in Auto-mode on both cameras and I was SHOCKED at how bad the Pentax shots were when I did a side-by-side comparison. The Fuji's broad daylight shots were rich in color where the M20's looked as if they were taken on an overcast day. Shadows were present and easily visible on the Fuji's shot but were almost invisible with the M20.
    I have to say that as far as the picture taking capabilities go they don't even compare with the Fuji's.

    What I DO like about the camera is the gobs of features that it has. I was floored about the video recording with audio. You're only limited by how much add-in memory you have.

    The face recognition feature is really a plus too.

    If the camera took stills as good as my Fuji I'd give the M20 5 stars all around but it just doesn't make the cut...more info
    Very average camera overall. Good to very good outdoor pictures in daylight. Fair outdoor night time pictures. Fair to average indoor pictures with flash- not sharp and crisp like outdoor daytime pics. Decent battery life. Nice compact size, although a little heavy. Average video with sound. Lots of extra features, although I question how many are really needed or useful. I think there are better 7MP cameras out there, for roughly the same price...Just not impressed overall....more info
  • Don't expect to point and shoot
    I got this for Xmas, and have spent the day playing with it. I was on the verge of returning it, but I've decided to keep it. Here's the trick... The ISO or sensitivity setting determines how sensitive the camera is to light. A high setting is good in very low light or, I guess, if the shutter is opening and closing very quickly. If you let the M20 decide for itself what setting to use then it will choose one that is too high. 200 is probably good for indoors, for example, but the camera will choose 400. This results in a picture with lots of "noise"; dark areas will have spots of light, etc. I think that this is what people are calling blurriness. Choose the sensitivity manually and the pictures are fine. Still, if the 6MP Sony is comparable in price, I'd probably lean toward it....more info
  • Pentax Optio M20 7MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom
    Excellent camera. I am giving it 4 stars only because the alkaline batteries are depleted too quickly. I am now using lithium AA's. They're supposed to last 7 times longer, it they are to be believed....more info
  • "Exactly what I wanted!"
    I bought this for my husband for Christmas. He wanted a digital camera for whilst he was hunting. He wanted a camera that fits in his hand easily, has a large viewing screen and is easy to maneuver. BINGO! This is it! Exactly what he wanted!...more info
  • Great Camera
    I love this camera. The pictures turn out clear and sharp. The camera is easy to use. The software has great options for creativity with your pictures....more info
  • Great buy, great value, great features
    After lots of research I got the Optio M20 for my first digital. It's 7 megapixals and lots of great features, probably more than I need. The pictures are great and the movie option is lots of fun. The only con is adjusting for the shutter lag time. A little advance preparation takes care of that. You won't see a lot of hype for this camera, I don't know why, but you should definitely consider this camera. Oh yeah, it's small enough to fit easily in your pocket and the 2.5 LCD is awesome. ...more info
  • Another low-light champion!!
    You've got to try this camera to know what I'm talking about. Pictures came out clean and rich.Now, let's talk about the blurring issue. In fact there is no such problem because everybody should agree with me that you don't shake your camera immediately before/after you shoot. And even after a shot(in low-light, indoors) you need to give a time to the shutter lag to close. This shutter lag is slow but we are more concerned about picture quality than anything else.My low light pitures are like WOW! When I show them to people they think it's done in daytime. I won't talk much. My dear friend JUST GO AND BUY IT.You can't regret it. Period! ...more info
  • Great color, easy to use
    I have had this camera for over a year and have take about 1000
    photos with it. Almost all in Auto mode. Pictures have great color
    saturation. Focus is good - not significant blurriness except
    on horizon in some distant lanscape shots recently. Perhaps I need to take a close look and clean my lens which I know has caused me bluriness problems in other cameras. Good size and relatively rugged.
    I would definitely buy again....more info