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Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium UPGRADE [DVD] [OLD VERSION]
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Product Description

  • Marketing Information:

    The preferred edition of Windows for home desktop and mobile PCs, with features including Windows Media Center and the Aero user interface, Windows Vista Home Premium delivers the productivity and entertainment that you need from your PC at home or on the go.

  • Product Information
  • Software Sub Type: Client
  • Software Name: Windows Vista Home Premium - Upgrade
  • Features & Benefits:

    Get things done more easily and intuitively:

  • Breakthrough design makes your PC easier to use. Integrated search makes it finding the programs and files (including documents, e-mails, photos, and music) you"re looking for super fast
  • Have better protection for your PC and family:

  • With features including Windows Defender and improved Parental Controls, your personal information, your PC, and your family are better protected than in previous versions of Windows
  • Enjoy entertainment a whole new way:

  • The dramatically improved entertainment experience - spanning TV and movies, photos, music, and DVDs - will redefine the way you think about your PC
  • Be productive, entertained, and mobile:

  • Get the most from your mobile PC with simplified power management, easier wireless networking, easier device synchronization and improved Tablet PC support
  • Language Support: English

  • License Information
  • License Type: Product Upgrade
  • License Pricing: Standard
  • License Quantity: 1 User

  • The Windows Vista Home Premium Upgrade DVD-ROM makes finding information, staying connected, and interacting with your PC easier and more secure. Whether you use your PC organizing and sharing photos, watching videos and TV programs, balancing your checkbook, doing homework, or listening to music, Windows Vista Home Premium makes it easy to enjoy your computing time. An ideal operating system for homes with advanced computer needs, Windows Vista Home Premium combines the features of Windows Vista Home Basic with even more impressive and user-friendly capabilities. It will help you use your laptop or desktop PC more effectively as well as enable you to take advantage of cutting-edge digital entertainment experiences--all with the benefit of added security and reliability.

    Windows Sidebar gives you quick access to gadgets like picture slide shows, Windows Media Player controls, or news headlines. You pick the gadgets you want to see in Windows Sidebar. View larger.

    Use Flip 3D to navigate through open windows using the scroll wheel on your mouse. View larger.

    Compare Windows Vista editions.

    Use Instant Search to quickly find the information you need. View larger.

    Windows Vista Aero provides spectacular visual effects such as glass-like interface elements that you can see through.

    The redesigned Windows Media Center in Windows Vista lets you enjoy your media throughout your home, even on your Xbox 360. View larger.
    Update Eligibility
    You can upgrade from your current edition of Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 2000 (including Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Media Center, Windows XP Tablet PC, Windows XP Professional x64, Windows 2000) to a corresponding or better edition of Windows Vista by purchasing and installing this upgrade copy of Windows Vista. Depending on which edition of Windows you are running and the edition of Windows Vista you would like to install, you have two options for the installation process: You can upgrade in-place, which means you can install Windows Vista and retain your applications, files, and settings as they were in your previous edition of Windows or you can do a clean install. If you are currently using Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional x64, you are eligible for an upgrade copy to a corresponding or better edition of Windows Vista, but a clean install is required. For versions of Windows earlier than Windows 2000, upgrade copies are not available. These earlier versions of Windows require you to install a full copy of Windows Vista.

    Breakthrough Windows Vista Experience
    Designed to help you feel confident in your ability to view, find, and organize information and to control your computing experience, all editions of Windows Vista introduce a breakthrough user experience. The visual sophistication of Windows Vista helps streamline your computing experience by refining common window elements so you can better focus on the content on the screen rather than on how to access it. The desktop experience is more informative, intuitive, and helpful. And new tools bring better clarity to the information on your computer, so you can see what your files contain without opening them, find applications and files instantly, navigate efficiently among open windows, and use wizards and dialog boxes more confidently.

    Innovative User Interface
    Windows Vista Home Premium has a new user interface named Windows Aero, which is both efficient and visually stunning. This new interface makes it easier than ever before to find your way around the operating system; it even makes it a snap to accomplish multiple tasks at once by providing a three-dimensional, real-time, animated view of all of your open applications and documents. Additionally, Windows Vista Home Premium helps you quickly find and organize large collections of documents, pictures, movies, videos, and music. By integrating search throughout the operating system, this software helps you quickly find exactly what you are looking for.

    Improved Mobility
    Windows Vista Home Premium makes it easy to take your home computing experience with you wherever you go. For example, the system includes Windows Tablet and Touch Technology that enables you to interact with your Tablet PC-compatible computer with a digital pen or your fingertip instead of having to use a keyboard. Computers that include Windows Vista Home Premium and an auxiliary Windows SideShow display will also allow you to access key data even when your computer is off. You'll even be able to share files between other PCs in your household and to manage your laptop computer settings to more securely connect to your favorite Wi-Fi hotspot.

    More Entertainment Options
    Windows Vista Home Premium has the power to improve every aspect of your digital entertainment experiences, including viewing and sharing photos, video, TV, movies, music, games, and more. For example, you can create your own DVDs and edit your own high-definition movies. The most exciting news, however, is that Windows Vista Home Premium includes all of the Windows Media Center capabilities for turning your PC into an all-in-one home entertainment center so you can enjoy your music, photos, and DVD movies. You can also use Windows Media Center to record and watch your favorite TV shows (even HDTV) and to access new kinds of online entertainment content. You will also be able to connect Windows Vista Home Premium to your Microsoft Xbox 360 to extend your Media Center experience to multiple rooms in your home.

    • User-friendly software combines the features of Windows Vista Home Basic with even more impressive and user-friendly capabilities
    • Features Windows Aero, an efficient and visually stunning interface that makes it easier to accomplish multiple tasks at once by providing a three-dimensional, real-time, animated view of all of your open applications, and documents
    • By integrating search throughout the operating system, helps you quickly find and organize large collections of documents, pictures, movies, videos, and music
    • Includes Windows Tablet and Touch Technology that enables you to interact with your Tablet PC-compatible computer with a digital pen or your fingertip instead of having to use a keyboard
    • Upgrade from your current edition of Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 2000 (including Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Media Center, Windows XP Tablet PC, Windows XP Professional x64, Windows 2000)

    Customer Reviews:

      If you have an older computer, don't buy! Vista Premium will bog it down. If you want this for your business, don't buy! Vista is incompatible with alot of business (and home) software and peripherals (printers, monitors, etc).

      I bought Vista BASIC HOME (not the Premium edition) new on a newer more powerful machine 1.8 Mhz Duo Core and it ran plenty fast and had some nice features but wouldn't take my monitor driver causing it to malfunction, and about half of my non-Microsoft software wouldn't install (Nero Burning, ACT, Home Lawyer, etc). Take note that the PREMIUM EDITION is supposed to actually slow your system down but the Vista BASIC HOME with a new computer ran fast on my new system albeit incompatible with much of my non-microsoft software.

      At any rate, after a day of struggle I sent my computer back to Dell and bought their powerful Vostro 400 2.33 GHz+ at a great deal with $420 off and opted for Windows XP instead. (at dell dot com just select desktops, then business computers, then the gold box at the top of the screen with "smart buys" and select you options). It is better to start with the already powerful 400 than buy a cheaper Vostro 200 and add the better memory and processor later. In all fairness, I feel I should mention the obvious that Gateway and others have great bargains also.

      If your upgrade doesn't work for you, you will have trouble downgrading as MS rigged Vista to make it near impossible to downgrade Home Premium without purchasing another copy of XP Pro (sounds illegal doesn't it!).

      However, if you have a powerful newer home computer with at least 1 MB of RAM (2 MB for Vista Premium) and don't mind replacing much of your incompatible non-microsoft software and possibly peripherals (some drivers not available which may disable your monitor and printer - you can check first at their site for driver downloads for Vista), I think you will like the new Vista in the HOME EDITION once you adapt to it. I had it on the new home computer I sent back and liked it with the exception of not running half of my software and making my monitor (Samsung SynMaster 173P) dysfuntion on occasion because it wouldn't take my driver. Vista is a little prettier and a bit more sophisticated than XP - but it is a little like switching from a powerful good handling sportscar (XP Pro) with a manual shift to a large powerful but lumbering luxury car with an automatic transmission and all the bells and whistles.

      As no manual comes with Vista, I recommend getting a book to avoid alot of head scratching and time searching and winding through Microsofts Help-Option with its sometimes limited explanations.

      THE WORD UPGRADE IS A CONTRADICTION WITH VISTA. It should only be installed on a recent powerful computer and currently should NOT BE INSTALLED on an older computer or on a business machine (software incompatability). However, if you are getting a new machine for your home and want Vista already installed, then check out the unseen cost of buying some new software and if your hardware drivers are available for Vista and look at the Vista Home BASIC edition as it will be faster than the premium. Vista Basic Home has a user and guest account password (unlike XP Basic) and some parental controls.

      AT PRESENT, WINDOWS XP PRO IS A BETTER OPTION if you are thinking of buying a new machine and UPGRADING TO VISTA IS NOT A PRODUCTIVE OPTION AT ALL for the near future. If want to keep your software working and even have your machine speed up dramatically, I recommend buying a powerful duo core computer (2MB Ram, 2.33 Ghz processor, 160MB+ hard drive) from the business machine menu (as most home machines won't have XP Pro as an option) and having it configured with XP Pro on it. (you can still opt get a high end video card etc as on the home machines even though it is called business). Then a year or so from now consider upgrading in the future to Vista when all the bugs and incompatabilities are worked out knowing that you have a powerful computer that can handle Vista with its heavy resource demands. ...more info
    • This RUINED my computer.
      Windows Vista is ABSOLUTELY horrible. Horrible. I thought Microsoft was great. XP was great. Then Vista ruined everything. How Microsoft could let such a bombshell on this world is totally beyond me. Lets go over the pros of the OS: It looks good (which actually can be emulated on XP, third party publishers who hate Vista like us have found a way to eliminate our last temptation, with free Vista themes for XP). OK, now onto the cons.

      It takes a really long time to install. I installed it way before dinnertime, and it wasn't done until the next day. I think Microsoft is trying to tell us how much money Bill Gates has like this (1 dollar= 1 minute of installation for WV)

      Next, the thing is SO SLOW. I could swear that I would be DEAD by the time this stupid thing loaded something up. Even Firefox was like this.

      Also, I think Aero is a joke. Big freaking deal. You can see through your windows. The only thing that might be good is Windows 3D. How about giving XP users Flip 3D, MS? How about that?

      Probably the biggest part of this stupid OS, however is the fact that it drains SO much memory. When I had Vista, all I had was 20 GB of storage, now I have 45, with more programs installed then when I had Vista. Check out how much it takes to get Vista installed (20 GB)! Now if you think you are going to have any programs to go with that, you're dead wrong, unless you want to be about 20 years older by the time you get an IE window open.

      I owe my computing life to HP, who were kinder then Microsoft, giving me a free recovery disc to pay for the crimes Microsoft has done against my computer. I'm not an MS hater, I'm MS to the end, but if I hadn't gotten XP back, it may have been the end. It may be the end for you if you get Vista. So stick with XP. Please. For the good of humanity....more info
    • needs some work
      I got my Vista via the coupon program late last year.
      I was reluctant to upgrade because of the bad reviews.
      Lately my Dell E1705 is crashing to a blue screen a lot with
      hardware errors, and Dell wants me to reinstall the XP. So I
      figured why not upgrade to Vista and see what happens.
      The upgrade install process didn't take long, about an hour or two,
      and most programs came up working without needing reinstalls. And
      the system is quite stable.
      I have 6 PCs in the house, so I can experiment with one, it works fine
      as a standalone PC, my kids got on the Vista, so far I haven't heard
      any complaints from them about using it, all games seem to work, internet browsing is OK.
      Benchmarks are lower in Vista than XP, I used to get 3600 3Dmark06 for my
      7900GS, now 3400.
      The problems I have are with home netwoking, copying files from Vista
      to XP machines over home network crashes the XP machine, the Vista machine got an error but still functional. The files that got through
      are all corrupted. I never had problems like that going from XP machines
      to XP machines.
      Vista takes a lot of time calculating how much time it will take to copy
      files from PC to USB or the other way, it looks to me like it takes as much time to calculate than it takes to copy the whole thing in XP.
      Vista uses more memory, I am upgrading my RAM to 2GB now that I installed
      I would recommend to run Vista with at least 2Gb Ram and a fast CPU,also a U3 stick for ready boost, turn
      off User Account Control and minimize Windows Search items.
      At some point we have to upgrade to use more RAM, until then, wait.
      Update:I've used Vista for almost 2 months now. No crashes.
      Fairly easy to use, my kids use it, never asked me any questions
      on how to use it.
      Installation takes an hour, no need to reinstall any programs.
      All my programs work, even decade old programs.
      Downside is XP is a really solid product, hard to see any improvement,
      and it uses more RAM and other resources.
      It's a less painful upgrade than previous Windows upgrade

      Why does Apple fantards have to spam Microsoft board?
      Go enjoy iphone with locked SIM card and sealed battery and last gen connection....more info
    • Imagine....there's no VISTA, no problems too (sorry, John)
      I would LIKE to imaging an operating system without problems but alas, I must wait until the NEXT Microsoft offering to attain that blessed state. VISTA was not given the huge sendoff that marked other Operating Systems and for good reason. Little changed in appearance and operation (a few bells and whistles) and the problems are legendary - from crashes to slow processing to almost every quirky problem known to man or beast.

      As bad as these are, "support" is worse whether it be Gateway, MSFT or your friendly provider. I had problems upon installation; the misnamed "Tech expert" demanded payment up front (my PC is 5 months old) & after a few seconds insisted I had a "corrupted hard drive" OR "bad OS disk". My teenage son said, "Dad, load the drivers" which worked. OF course that was not the end - pretty soon a popup every few seconds tells me Explorer has stopped working. The "expert" (an apparenly self-defined term) had the nerve to tell me it was something "new" (check Google) and then, you guessed it, bad hardware. My son & his buddies solved it rather quickly, restoring from Safe Mode.

      Now it's bombing on Deep Sleep, that infuriating device flaunted by MSFT as their soljution to "Going Green" (allegedly, $69/yr is saved). As one can guess, there are more problems associated with this "feature" than a sex maniac in a girl's locker room. It is not so much the product as the lack of knowledge from our overseas friends who take our calls. Some don't even try to hide the fact that they're simply reading down a list..."Nummer 3, haf you reecent instaw new device?" No, I haf not. LOL ...more info
    • How do I get this thing off of here?
      New laptop came with it installed. (couple of months ago) I WANT IT OFF! If I buy XP and install it will Vista still be doing it's damage in the background or is there really a way to get this off of here?

      Unless forced at gunpoint...don't do it!...more info
    • Not ready for prime time
      Thank god I didn't have to upgrade my own computer with this not ready for prime time OS, instead I used on a text box here at work, where we need to be able to perform tests on different operating systems.

      I've read many of the complaints others have had with Vista, and thankfully, my needs for the OS are so minimal that I haven't had to struggle with the same kinds of issues others have dealt with. My upgrade went fairly smoothly, although it did take forever.

      My beef with Vista (other than the sluggish performance, and the fact that I can't figure out what you really get other than a translucent interface) is that after I installed a new audio driver, that Vista keeps removing it, so that the only way to have audio working is to reinstall the driver, and then wait for Windows to uninstall it with no warning at all.

      How much time and money did MS put into this? Pitiful, pitiful. Even MS apologist/cheerleader, PC Magazine, is starting to admit that this OS is a dog....more info
    • Slow, slow, crashing and freezing: Here is Windows Vista Premium
      After realising that my old PC running on XP was much faster than my newly purchased Acer Pentium D, with 2GB RAM, I doubled the RAM to 4 GB to ... zero effect. Office 2006 further worsens the scenario as you get mad with the fatal "ribbon". If you venture for Windows Vista be ready for a lot of frustration. Better stick to XP as long as possible....more info
    • I really don't see what all the fuss is.
      I'm a huge XP fan (well, XP Pro). I love Linux - especially the Fedora and Ubuntu flavors. Can't say much for Macs (because I haven't goofed around on one since the Classic days - but the commercials make me want to chew my own fist off)... And now we have Vista.

      I waited until now to finally get the Vista upgrade and check it out for myself. I was hesitant to do so sooner because of the overwhelmingly negative or just plain unenthusiastic response to it. Fortunately, I found a way to keep my existing XP Pro operating system, and just install Vista from the upgrade disc on a separate partition, thus mitigating the risk of plunging in headfirst.

      I noticed a few hiccups from the start - like the fact that AVG 8.0 was having trouble installing, or that I couldn't run certain programs from my XP partition for whatever reason. But overall, I feel pretty good about my first Vista experience. I have to say that Aero is just plain sweet - the glass effect is about as cool as it gets. I also activated the 'secret' Administrator account so I didn't have to click through all those nagging security prompts (not that those bother me that much).

      The actual Windows environment has changed, and it seems that some tasks have become a little more long-winded or certain features seem to be a little more buried, but for the most part, it has the same classic Windows feel. I was bummed that I couldn't connect to a domain with Home Premium, but a quick tweak of the registry allowed me to continue enjoying the shared directories on my Linux server (running Samba).

      I think my impression of Vista is much better than a lot of people's. I also think if you're going to get a new computer, then Vista is totally the way to go, even though XP SP2 (or 3) is still a rock solid OS (and pretty hard to top). I only hope that Microsoft will put out SP2 for Vista before switching gears to Windows 7....more info
    • Exceeded expectations
      Alright - Let me start by saying that this is not a thorough review. I can't give you the ins-and-outs of Vista security or other technical things. What I can tell you is that Vista has been wonderful for me so far. Upgrading was an ABSOLUTE breeze, and the interface is slick and smooth. My wife has a Mac -- and Vista is every bit as fun and functional as her new Macbook.

      Here's what I've found that I love about Vista so far:

      1 - The look and feel. Finally Microsoft is putting some real attention toward asthetics.
      2 - Media Center. If you enjoy music/video the way that I do, then having Media Center is GREAT.
      3 - File searching. Quick and intuitive. Delivers results as promised.
      4 - Security. I know I said I wouldn't touch on this. But I can say that Vista **seems** like Fort Knox. Plenty of prompts (though a bit annoying at times) to make sure that malicious things aren't happening.

      If you are a Joo Schmoe, like me, who really wants an intuitive, slick, functional computer -- you won't be disappointed....more info
    • Great OS after some startup issues.
      I Have found Vista to be a great OS so far. It is extremely fast compared to XP. Programs start in less than a second most of the time. The only problems I have had are some minor driver issues, and any version but Ultimate or Enterprise is not compatible with XP's Dynamic Disks. You have to transfer files to a Basic Disk to use them. If you have 2 or more CPU's they won't be used. This upgrade version can be installed without a previous OS on the drive. You just have to select do not upgrade the first time, then upgrade that installation. Don't Slipstream SP1 as it will probably cause errors....more info
    • Windows Vista is NOT really Compatible wth XP Pro
      Only after the DVD arrived and I began installtion, did I get a Microsoft pop-up advising that my installation of Vista on top of my desktop's XP Pro could not proceed. Being Microsoft, no further information was given. After going through the awful Microsoft "help" telephone line (20 minutes just to take down my product key etc), I was advised by the tech rep that you cannot install Vista Home on top on XP must install Vista with option 2, which erases ALL your current programs and data. Its basically a re-format of your hard drive). If you buy the more expensive "Business Vista" apparently you can install over XP (hmmm).

      Though I had used Vista's "upgrade compatibility" site, NO mention was made of fact, it said everything was a go.

      Secondly, the default DVD in the package is 32 bit...if you want 64 bit (and its definitely preferable), you have to order it and pay at least $10 for the disk.

      Third, there are definitely unresolved networking issues if you have a home network with some older computers that will still be running pre-Vista windows products - XP, 2000 etc. I have been advised that there are no known fixes for this problem, which prevents your pre-Vista computers from seeing files on the Vista computer. (The Vista computer can see the XP computer's files. Note this is about file sharing, not internet connectivity - once you get all the router and firewall settings etc right, you can connect to the internet (well, I was able to, after 6 hours or so of fiddling around)....If MS has a fix, its as usual buried somewhere deep in that morass named MS Help."

      I have Vista on my new laptop..its as good as XP better so far as I can tell...continuing with all the same compatibility headaches and security concerns.

      I would never buy Vista if I didnt have fact, next time its Apple computers for me....more info
    • It will make you wish you kept your old computer
      Words cannot express how much I despise this operating system.

      Everything has been changed. You will spend hours trying to do something simple.

      Norton Anti-virus came loaded. I tried the 2 month trial and ended up getting multiple worms, viruses, downloaders, etc. My computer is continually hijacked in Explorer. In Firefox, it is finally fixed.

      It seems Microsoft cared to sell the very best.

      In what other industry are you FORCED to buy their product?

      They are criminals as far as I'm concerned.

      At this moment, I've lost my taskbar at the bottom of my screen. I have no idea where it went or why. I am not even able to pull up control panel to check things.

      How can Microsoft make Billions in profits yet sell such shoddy products?

      ...more info
    • Don't do it!
      I just bought a new computer with vista on it and half my software will not run. I'm going to return the computer and order one with XP!...more info
    • Tiger?
      Is it just me or am I looking at a clone of Mac's Tiger. Their are the widgets, located at the right, and the same feel as a mac, yet its not.

      Cancel, or Allow?...more info
    • Easy, once you work with it
      It took awhile to get used to Vista. It knocked several programs off the air - so to speak. But, eventually things all worked out and it works fine now....more info
    • Solid offering from Microsoft
      I'm a little tired of people bagging on Vista. I've been using it on my Toshiba laptop (dual-core, 1 gb RAM, DVD burner, etc.) and it runs almost perfectly. I was considering putting another gig of RAM in there, but so far I don't need it. Everything runs smoothly, I haven't had any crashes or lock ups, and every piece of software I have installed (common and not so common programs) runs without issue. In fact, the only problem I've had was when I tried to dual boot with Ubuntu 7.04. I like the concept of open source, but basically think Linux sucks. I am very computer literate and have played around with previous Ubuntu releases and Fedora, and have been utterly underwhelmed every time. I have dual booted many, many computers, and this time around, Ubuntu really messed up Vista. I tried repairing the MBR, etc, but just had to forget it and reinstall Vista. So I got to experience a Vista install, too. Smooth, like everything else. Basically, Vista is the standard bearer, so get with it. Service pack 2 should be coming soon, and that might help some people out. Compared to OS (tiger, panther, wildebeest, meercat, whatever they call it now) it's much better and will save you a bundle of money because Microsoft doesn't release a new OS every 16 months like Apple and force you to buy upgrades each time. I will use Windows for the rest of my life, or at least as long as 96% of the world's computers run it....more info
    • Vista is an expensive, sick dog
      Vista makes WindowsMe look good. MS changed almost everything without improving it. I wish I purchased my new PC with XP. The lack of customer empathy MS has demonstrated is shocking. Try uninstalling software! Watch it crawl as you try to open an email while loading a DVD.
      Migrating from XP to Vista reminded me of migrating from a IBM typewriter to a PC. ...more info
    • Hate it...going back to XP
      Vista is horrible. It sucks up free hard-drive space like it's going out of style. After continiously getting the low space error I was able to clear the disk partition to 2.3 gig free and within hours it was down to 1/2 a gig for no reason. While some of it's features are kinda neat it's not worth the hassle. I just bought a copy of XP Pro and will be redoing my OS tonight. Stay away if you have a choice. ...more info
    • Don't waste your money
      As an expert computer user, (started with DOS) I would have to say that this is the worst piece of junk conceived by man. I would give it zero stars if I could. DO NOT down grade your computer with this junk. You will pull your hair out installing it. It will crash. It is much slower than XP. It takes forever to boot. And You Will Be Sorry!!!!!!!! Bill gates will laugh all the way to the bank with your money. The clowns in Redmond WA finally drove me to buy a MAC, and I could not be more pleased with OS X. I hope that this is the beginning of the end for Microjunk....more info
    • Awsome response
      The product was received faster than any other item I have ordered from Amazon in the past and worked without any problems....more info
    • Just a Beta - Unstable, unreliable, unsecure. Do not buy. KEEP Windows XP
      It took me less than a week to have 2 blue screens.

      Huge compatibility problems with WinXP.
      Many of the applications I was using with WinXP, do not work properly, so make sure you have Vista drivers for your old webcam, scanner, printer, etc, or you might need to buy new ones.
      MS Outlook 2002 crashed the system after a few days and sent it into recovery mode, after which Outlook was wiped out and the Norton antivirus did not work anymore.

      Not only that, WMP11 gets the library corrupted at every reboot, Windows Movie Maker has plenty of bugs.

      All in all, I deeply regret the upgrade to Vista

      Microsoft, this is unacceptable!! Get a SP quick! You can not treat your customers this way!
      ...more info
    • Be Careful Before You Upgrade
      After 72 hours I have reinstalled XP on my Lenovo T61. Here's why:

      1. Incompatible with existing software. Too many applications are not compatible with Vista. For example, QuickBooks 2005 wont work with it. So there's another $200 at least to spend.

      2. Network connectivity. Hit the wireless router just fine, and logged into our home-office network just fine. But Vista refused to then see the network, so no file sharing or printer sharing. Hours were required to hunt down the cause and resolve it.

      3. Boot and shutdown speeds. Vista took a 60 second XP boot and doubled it. Ditto for shutting down.

      4. Install size. The Vista install is enormous.

      5. Nothing new. For the money, the most obvious benefit is an interface change. It looks great - slick, professional, crisp. But that was it.
      ...more info